Happy Iron Realms New Year

Happy New Year Iron Realms players.

It's a new year and we are ready to get right into another 365 days of fun and games. We're determined to make this year better with new promotions, exciting roleplaying events, and vast new areas. There will be tons of new content, skills, and opportunity across all the IRE game that will that will keep your fingers glued to the keyboard. 

So grab that Mountain Dew and put a pizza in the oven, it's time to pwn some newbs.

Artifact Auction

The Iron Realms games are currently running a auctions with some fantastic items. From custom wings to morphing swords, these artifacts will help define you as a unique character. The games are offering items not only for credits, but gold as well. Be sure to check out the auction on each game, as they all will end sometime this weekend, but that time will vary from game to game. 

Here are the posts detailing the action:

Weekly XP Challenges

January has been all about questing and bashing. Each week we've brought ranked challenges to test your endurance. Think you're the best at questing? How about the best basher around? Climb the ranks and prove your worth in our week long challenges. All participants earn a free credit reward! Our final contest will start this Monday. Buckle down and get to it.

Here are the details:

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