Holy Dwarves and Psycho Frogs

MMO Dwarf Priest

Thats right! Holy Dwarves and Psycho Frogs! Make sure to check it out. 

We're coming to the end of the Halloween month with some pretty exciting updates from our end!

New Artwork

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News Highlights

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Halloween Events

As the countdown to Halloween dwindles, events for this month have been piling up. Check out whats been going on in your favorite game and be sure to log in this weekend for some very special double xp mobs!


Achaea welcomes the return of the Moon Goddess, Ourania during Mayaween; and if you look out of the corner of your eye you might just catch a ghost ship passing through. Congratulations also goes out to Logistics, winner of the Mayaween Costume Contest!


The Shallach Ruins have been stirring with the odd behavior of orcs. Why are they sucking on rocks? But don't be distracted too long, players - amongst foul weather and sickness lies a mystery uncovered upon Mount Wend. We also offer more of our congratulations to Lilian and Rathan, winner of the Art-Bard contest!


Blackwood Hollow has returned for the witching season and with it comes spooks, thrills, and a mystery just waiting to be solved.


The Haunted House of the Mannaseh Swamp has phased back in to reality.  Check it out - if you dare.  


That just about wraps it up for the month of October. Once more, a congratulations to all the contest winners and be sure to check out www.ironrealms.com/gallery to see some of our amazing game-inspired artwork. Keep in mind that commenting on anything each day gets you a FREE credit!  We'll continue to post the latest news periodically on Facebook to keep you up to date. Also be sure to connect with us on Twitter - we enjoy our players keeping us informed with new happenings just as we enjoy keeping fans updated with the latest and greatest!  


Until next time! Enjoy the rest of October's events and we'll see you in game.  

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