IronCon 2014 Cometh!

Date: Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th 2014
Where: Las Vegas!

Do not miss this. IronCon is one of the most epic parties you’ll ever go to. Three full days of fun with your best friends (and most hated enemies) from the Iron Realms games. Hang out with like-minded people at a luxury, multi-million dollar, 1.5 acre estate. It has a massive (and I mean massive) swimming pool, that snakes through the grounds, two hot tubs, a game room, and more. In addition we will be supplying karaoke, a two person DDR machine, arcade games, food, and drinks

The location is amazing. I mean... it is amazing! It even has a real sand beach next to one part of the pool!


Meet the people

The producers from all the Iron Realms games will be there, as well as many of the Gods you know and love. Get to know them, talk about your favorite (or least favorite) game experiences, and harass them about that nagging skill you are dying to see. 

And of course, meet all the people that really make it happen, the players. Dozens of players from your favorite game will be there. Talk smack, make alliances, and plot evil deeds.

Here’s a group picture of most of the Imperian players that attended last year (with a couple kidnapped from other games). Everyone from all the games really combined together to make for a very very fun crowd.


What are we doing?

It's Vegas! There's always something to do in Vegas. At the resort there will be gaming, swimming, sunbathing, hot tubbing, food, and drinking.

We’ll have arcade style games, a giant 2 person DDR machine, and a professional karaoke machine. Not to mention there is wireless for all your internet needs. Of course, it will be HOT. Luckily the place is built for swimming. Don't like the hot? Fear not! The resort is completely air conditioned. The mansion is only a few minutes from the Strip, so at night you can do anything your heart desires with your new friends.

Here is an image gallery from last year from some of the activities:


Did you say food? Drinks?

That's right. We will be supplying food and drinks (alcoholic and not) the whole time you’re are at the resort. Last year we mainly supplied snacks, but this year we will add to that with a bit more substance, if not full meals. You will not need to worry about having enough to drink either. I’m quite certain there were no complaints about the wide selection last year.



How about a video?


Okay, I want to go!

Woot, we are excited to meet you! All you need to do is purchase one of the two types of tickets from us and you're good to go - we'll even give you 100 bound credits on top to sweeten the deal. The amount of tickets are limited - get yours before they run out! Read more here: This is also the best place to ask questions, though you can always talk to your games’ producer as well.

Get tickets here:

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