IronCon is Upon Us!

We've got a big month upon us with IronCon only days away. Not only are we excited to meet you in Las Vegas but we've got two great promotions running this month for you to enjoy. So without further ado let's look at our July events.



You've been marking your calendars, counting the days until it finally arrives. This weekend we'll be hosting the first ever IronCon at Las Vegas, Nevada. For this sold out event, player will get to meet the minds behind their favorite games while partying it up in Sin City. They will meet and greet the producers, volunteers, and other players while playing poker and hanging out poolside. Contests will definitely be going on during the IronCon weekend so be ready for some entertaining reports from the event!

Can't make it? No worries, we will be hosting a UStream broadcast at 3pm PST on the 19th, live from IronCon. Definitely have questions lined up as Matt Mihaly, all the IRE producers, and several employees will be discussing the future of Iron Realms. 

Be on the look out for picutures and videos from the weekend festivities.


Artifact Packages

Artifact packages are back for July. If you've been hesitating to buy that artifact weapon you've always wanted, or that pair of wings now is the time to do so! These great package deals are only for this month so check out the links below to see all our awesome offers.

Not to mention each game is selling special treasure chests (or whatever your game is calling them) that reward the owner with a random selection of prizes, including some high end artifacts. Check those out. 


 15,000 FREE Credits

If you've been following the lottery these past few weeks then you'll know that our pool is now at an impressive 15,000 credits! As always, if no winner is selected on each Sunday at 00:01 GMT the prize pool goes up by another 5,000 credits. Wow! How do you get tickets, you ask? You get a one for one deal each time you buy credits, or you can buy them in game using credits you already have. To see the full set of details log in and check out HELP IRON REALMS LOTTERY.


That there sums up this exciting month of July. To keep up with the latest news and events follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook page. Can't wait to see you in Las Vegas, folks!

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