It's the Month of Love! IRE Love!

Happy February everyone! With the new month comes another lineup of awesome promos. After all, it is the month of Valentines and to show our love we have some cool treats for you throughout the month, lets take a look.


Lesson Sale Extended!

Your love for IRE is so strong that we had no choice but to extend the lesson sale. We are extending the sale through February 15th! That's right, you can enjoy those lesson packages at low prices. Do you have just a little more to learn to get that skill you always wanted? Maybe you want to pick up a new class? Whatever it is don't wait any longer, go to your favorite game to find out more details.


Iron Lottery Tuesdays

Every Tuesday this month we'll be running the Iron Ticket promotion. Log on to find out more about how these tickets can score you some really big credit prizes.


Critical Hit Thursdays

We've also got critical hit Thursdays to top the week off. Log in and bash your heart out with a level 3 crit bonus. And that's not all! This awesome bonus stacks with any critical hit artifacts you may have. Go on, bash the month away with these insane hits!


Lesson sale extension, Iron Lottery Tuesdays, and Critical Hit Thursdays, wow! This should keep your month busy! So don't wait any longer, spend the month of love with the games you love!

Thanks IRE fans, and we'll see you in game!

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