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Hey folks, just your friendly neighborhood Iron Realms President again. I have a few updates, announcements, and upcoming events from our text games to harass you about.


  • We are looking for a few good writers who want to contribute articles to the main Iron Realms Entertainment site. You can write about almost anything in the game that you enjoy doing. If you are interested, shoot Lisa an email at lisa@ironrealms.com for more information. If we use your article you may earn some credits!
  • We released a new website that focuses on all kinds of game news (not just muds or mmos). You can find the site at www.DiedAgain.com (see what I did in the newsletter title? I ROCK!)
  • Not only is DiedAgain.com out, but so is a new Lusternia website. Check it out at www.Lusternia.com. It is still a work in progress so you can expect a ton of changes over the next couple of weeks.
  • Have you been to the Iron Realms Facebook page yet? No? You better get over there!

Current Events

  •  Free Credits every day that you login for the month of February. Not really sure how anyone could not like getting free credits, but I'm sure there is someone.
  • All IRE games are running a Tiered Sale. You can get more info about the special awards you can earn from the individual game announce boards.

Upcoming Events

  • Huge weekend event planned for February 25th thru the 27th. Pay close attention to your favorite IRE text game.
  • Ustream with Eric Lamy of Aetolia on Wednesday. You can participate in the Ustream at www.IronRealms.com/ustream
  • Next month you can earn a special custom item just for login in on 21 different days. More info will be released soon.

Iron Realms Articles

We have a TON of new articles on the Iron Realms Site. Here is a full list for your enjoyment. Please leave comments and harassing notices!

That is all for this month. Look for some contests on the IRE Facebook Page over the next few weeks. We will be awarding FREE credits to some quick thinking users!

Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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