Let the Month of Gifts Begin!

How's everyone doing in Iron Realms land? 

We had a great ending to November with our IRE wide Great Hunt. Congratulations again to all the winners over the long weekend. Now we have to say goodbye to November and move on to December. This month will be full of events, surprises, and awesome deals for all of our players. 


Have your Character Drawn by Chris Bourassa!

For the next month you to earn lottery tickets in a variety of ways. What do these lottery tickets do, you ask? One lucky winner will be chosen on January 15th to have their character drawn by the IRE artist Chris Bourassa! If you have not seen Chris' work then check out the interview below and peek at the IRE art gallery.

We currently have 2 ways for you to get lottery tickets.
  • You will earn one ticket for commenting on the article with Chris Bourassa. We will only accept comments that add to the conversation.
  • You will get one ticket for every 25 credits you buy until January 15th.
We'll be having many more ways to earn lottery tickets all month long so stay tuned!

Credit Promo

Until the end of the month we are having a huge deal on credits, folks. ALL credit purchases til the end of the year will receive a 30% bonus. Wow! Check out your favorite games for any extra details about the December credit sale. If you are one of the Iron Elite, you get a 40% bonus!

Twitter Contest

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Twitter contest still going on! In a week and a half one lucky winner will receive a prize of 200 FREE credits! Have you not entered yet? No problem! Follow the link below and just click the retweet button - simple as that!


That's all for now, but we'll be harassing your inbox soon enough. On a final note IronBeard has made his way back to IRE, so be sure to look for him. Keep up with us on Facebook for all the latest and greatest or drop us a line on Twitter if you feel like chatting.

See you in game!

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