Magnificent May!

Greetings! We hope you've been enjoying this month's 25% credit sale and artifact auctionsWe've been pretty busy with all the events happening across our games, including several new features. You can read all about them below. Rumour is a brand new client for the IRE games will be released very soon. For a sneak peak you can check out this interview with IRE founder Matt Mihaly and Massively.

Here is the link:


Credit Sale & Artifact Auction

We're not only running the auction this month, but all purchases are also receiving a bonus of 25% more credits. As far as the artifacts go, we've gathered some of the most unique and useful items in each game and put them in this month's auction for you to enjoy. Ever wanted that one artifact but have been hesitating to buy it? What about something that only a select few have gotten over the years? Whatever your reason may be take a look at each games' auctions and bid now, it'll be done before you know it!

Achaea - New auction will be starting this weekend.
AetoliaNew auction will be starting this weekend.
Imperian - Click here for info. It ends on Saturday.
LusterniaNew auction will be starting this weekend.
MidkemiaNew auction will be starting this weekend.


Latest Happenings

Beyond the sales and auctions, our games are in a state of constant development. Check it out.






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