March Madness Begins!

Hello IRE land! A new month is upon us and you know what that means: new promos and events! That's right, March madness is in the air and we've got some crazy stuff in store for you all!


Artifact Packages

Always wanted them but never got them? Envious of the guy next to you with the crit. pendant? Nows your chance: artifact packages are back at insanely low prices! Check the links below to your favorite games to see amazing artifact package deals!


Weekly Rankings

For your enjoyment (and somewhat ours) we've decided to pit our IRE players in weekly rankings! Do you have what it takes to climb to the top? You could have a chance to win a 100 credit prize! But we love all our players so much that just for hitting the participation requirement you'll get 5 free credits! 


Mystery Artifacts

No reward without risk, folks. Dare you open one of these mystery chests? Glory could await inside these mystery boxes filled with wonders - from Tokens of the Creator to rare artifacts - who knows what could be waiting for you! Check out the artifact packages page of your favorite game for more details!


This is only the start of IRE's March Madness! What else could we have in store for your this month? Arm yourselves with rare and powerful artifacts, gain the favor of our Gods in rankings, and enjoy the rest of the month as it unfolds! See you in game IRE fans!


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