Never-Ending November Nights

Leara from Polaris Text Games
That's right, never ending! You should be playing Iron Realms text games all night forsaking all else! To help feed the addiction, here is a quick newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest info. Facebook Application We are currently beta testing the Iron Realms Facebook application. Starting today, you can earn one bound credit for inviting friends. Later this week we will release a couple of ways for you to earn free lessons just for having the app installed. Read all about it here. FREE Credits! Thats right, get bound credits just for playing! Just login, play for 10 minutes, and earn a bound credit. Not sure if it can possibly get much easier then that. Not to mention you can do it on ALL of you characters. That could be hundreds of free credits this month. More info here! Double XP Tuesdays and Favour Thursdays! Yup, it is as easy as that. Just login on Tuesday to get double experience. On Thursdays, you can enjoy the blessing of the gods. Here is the page with more information! UStream with Jeremy Saunders Want to get your questions to the man in charge? Then show up on November 15th at 2PM PST (1:00 GMT) and ask them live. You can participate right on the Iron Realms website. Game Shirts and Hoodies are coming! I am headed over to the printing press today to set up the shirts and get final pricing. You will be able to start getting these bad boys within the next couple of days. Look at the gallery on our facebook page for a preview: Artifact Packages Hopefully you are all aware of the great pricing on artifacts with the fantastic packages now available. Check out this page for more info. Facebook Page Have you clicked the little like button on our Facebook Page? If not you should! You can visit the page for our text games right here. Online News Did you know you can read all of the news from the Iron Realms text games right in your browser? If you are logged in as your character, you can even read your organizational news. Check out the following link: Firefox Toolbar The Iron Realms Firefox Toolbar is now officially approved by Firefox. That means it has been throughly tested for security and you will now automatically receive notification when it is updates. Check out this page to download it right now: Use Chrome? Check out this: That's it for the newsletter this month. Make sure to click on all those wonderful links and let us know what you think! Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment
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