New Year New Treats!

Happy New Year! We all hope you all had a great time! As we enter a brand new year we'd like to take a moment to thank all who have supported us throughout 2011. Thank you all very much. With that said we are extremely excited to share our January lineup.


Have Your Character Drawn by Chris Bourassa!

We're coming down to the big drawing. One of our lucky players in IRE land will get their character drawn by IRE artist Chris Bourassa! You've seen many of his pieces in our gallery located right here: Right now there are 3 ways you can earn tickets for this awesome raffle: 

  • You will earn one ticket for commenting on the article with Chris Bourassa. We will only accept comments that add to the conversation.
  • You will get one ticket for every 25 credits you buy until January 15th.
  • Comment on any of the art Chris has done on our website. You can earn one ticket per page. You can see all his art here:

Credit Promo Continues!

That's right, I joke not. You all loved it so much we're extending our credit bonus until the 15th! Every time you purchase credits you'll get a 30% extra bonus on top of that! Not enough? Well we've sweetened the pot! If you're an Elite member you get an extra 10%, pushing the bonus to 40%! Just hop on to your favorite game for more details.


7 Days of Experience Boosts!

Log in during the month of January to get your experience boost! Each day you log in succession you'll build bonus experience accumulating to a 100% bonus on the 7th day you've logged in! The experience break-down is as follows:

  • Day 1 - 10% bonus
  • Day 2 - 20% bonus
  • Day 3 - 30% bonus
  • Day 4 - 40% bonus
  • Day 5 - 50% bonus
  • Day 6 - 75% bonus
  • Day 7 - 100% bonus
At the end of the 7th day (or if you've missed a day) you'll restart at Day 1 with 10% bonus experience. Be sure to log in each day to get the maximum bonus!


A 7 day experience boost, a raffle to get your character drawn, and our extended credit promotion - a great way to get the ball rolling for the new year! We hope you all enjoy January's events and we can't wait to show you what else is in store for the new year! Until next time IRE fans!

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