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Several announcements you will want to pay attention to this month! Credit Sale Don't forget the current credit sale has been extended until October 15th. This means you can continue to get a 20% bonus to all credit purchases (30% if you are one of the Iron Elite). Click here ( for more information. Shirts are Coming We have finalized the look on most of our shirts now. We will have them out soon! I wanted to have these out a couple of months ago, but we want them all to be 100% pure awesome. You can check out the draft for the Aetolia shirt here: Leave a comment on that image and let us know what you think. The rest of the games are looking just as good. I cannot wait to get my hands on these. Facebook Application on the way! That's right, we have a brand new, full featured application on the way. You will be able to play right on Facebook, get achievements, and earn credits and lessons.

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Iron Realms Text Adventure Games has been busily promoting many articles written by our own players on our website. Here is a full list of the latest articles. Take some time to login, read them, and leave a comment. Lots of great links in the newsletter. Be sure to check them all out! Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders Jeremy Saunders
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