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Text Games Pancakes

Yeah, I am not really sure what pancakes have to do with Iron Realms text games, but I used this image as a placeholder, and I was too lazy to change it. Who really cares what the image is with the newsletter anyways, all we really care about are all the cool announcements!

Want to talk to with the president of Iron Realms, Jeremy Saunders? Just hit the website tomorrow (Monday) at 22:00 GMT (2PM PST). You get to watch me babble on a video cam while you make fun via text chat. We might even discuss some of the happenings on the games. Here is the link.

Double XP Weekend
Are you looking to get your character a bit of extra leveling power, just tune in to your favorite Iron Realm game on January 29th and 30th for some awesome double experience fun.

Sale Extension
Thats right! The 20% lesson and credit sale has been extended until the end of January. That means you only have two weeks left to take advantage of the sale. Heck, you get a 30% bonus if you are one of the iron elite!

Time is running out!

Free Daily Lessons
Yup! In case you missed it, you can get a free lesson every ten minutes, every day, on every character. Make sure you take advantage of this all day for the rest of the month.

Click here to start earning your free lessons right now.

Weekly XP Challenges
These will start every Monday at midnight GMT (Sunday evening in the US) and run for an entire week. These contests award bound credits to both participants and the winner! Here's how to win free credits:

  • If you earn a set amount of points (different on each game), you'll win 5 bound credits.
  • If you have the best score on your game, you'll get 100 bound credits.

Click here, start playing, and get some credits!

Text Games Articles
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Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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