Slick September Sales

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Just a quick and simple newsletter from your favorite text game company, Iron Realms Entertainment. We just want to make sure that those of you that may have put off checking out the Iron Elite Memberships remember that we have this killer deal that everyone should be taking advantage of. Without a doubt this is the best deal for credits that you can possibly get. If you want to know more about elite memberships check out this page. Secondly, to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Iron Realms Entertainment, we are currently running a 20% credit bonus on all purchases. This special bonus will end on September 15th. That means you have 8 days left to take advantage of this 20% bonus. Iron Elite members get a full 30% bonus! Read the following page for more information. Finally we have a ton of events, activities, and features happening this month. Here are a few links. Check them all out!

Game Wide Happenings

Just a short newsletter this time around, but don't forget to take advantage of these offers while they last! Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment
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