The Call of the Hunt Echoes!

The horn have been blown this month, bringing forth another exciting Great Hunt! Do you have the strength and courage to climb to the top? Will you catch the eyes of the Gods and make yourself known as a master of the hunt? Don't fret, we have many things in store to help you on your journey to the top. Read on and good luck this month!


Artifact Packages Extended!

You heard right. To help prep you for the Great Hunt this month we've extended our artifact package deals to the 15th. Need some extra defense? You got it. Want a little more crit chance? We've got you covered. Check out your favorite game's credit page for more details on these amazing packages and insanely low prices!


Artifact Auction

The artifact auction is back with amazing and rare artifacts! If you need an edge over that guy next to you, now is the time to get it. From weapons to unique utility artifacts you'll see them all; just stay tuned to your favorite game for upcoming lists on what is going to be in the auction lineup.


The Great Hunt!

We're winding down to the start of the Great Hunt. Count the days and prepare your weapons, you have limited timed to prepare. The hunt will begin on the 29th and end on the 30th, giving you adequate time to prepare yourselves for two days of double experience. Can you endure this 48 hour bashing frenzy? Remember, while you're not leveling, someone else is.


The month of the Great Hunt goes on with artifact packages, auctions and of course the Great Hunt itself. Prepare yourselves for a glorious month, indeed. And lets not forget that login days are also back this month. Just log in 21 days in April to get a really great prize from your respective game.

Until next month, IRE fans, good luck and happy hunting!

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