The Halloween Hunt and Giftbags

Welcome to another great month at Iron Realms Entertainment. We hope you enjoyed the September lesson sale and as we go into October we have a two items you will want to take note of. 



Giftbags have returned this October for your enjoyment. What's inside them? Maybe gold, maybe rare items, you won't know until you've taken a look inside. For every 100 credits puchased you'll receive 1 giftbag; and even if you don't purchase exactly 100 credits you'll still get 1  FREE giftbag with every purchase! Take advantage of our October giftbag promotion today by clicking on your favorite game links below.  


The Great Halloween Hunt

What better way to end the month than with a Great Hunt? We'll be celebrating October with two full days of competitive bashing, with credit prizes for our winners. Be ready for a full 48 hours of non stop insane bashing on October 27th and 28th. Sharpen your weapons, put on your best armor, and grind, grind, grind! Each Iron Realms game will host a uniquly themed hunt this year, and with the Halloween so close, you can expect some interesting details. More info for will be announced later this month.


Giftbags and a Great Hunt, plenty of things for you to enjoy throughout this month! Don't forget to share your experiences with us on our Facebook page, and chat with us on Twitter. Enjoy!

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