The Hunt is ON!

Hey all you fans in IRE land!


November is almost done but we still have more coming to you! The clock is ticking on the annual great hunt. Hope you're ready to burn off that food with a long weekend of bashing!


Giftbag Promotion

You guys loved it so much that we decided to extend our giftbag promotion all the way through November! Thats right, for every 100 credits you purchase to the 30th you will ge a giftbag. Whats more awesome than rare items and unique artifacts you can't get anywhere else?  


Great Hunt

With November almost done all the games are running a great hunt! Thats right, time to get your fill of double xp all weekend long! The hunt lasts from the 24th to the 27th - plenty of time to for you to fill up on experience; and if thats not enticing enough, we've thrown in a few credit prizes to boot. Double xp AND credits?  How can you lose? 


 Twitter Contest

Lets not forget that we have a 200 credit prize going out to one lucky fan who follows us on Twitter! All you need to do is retweet the original contest tweet to be instantly entered! One lucky IRE fan will be chosen in December two weeks from now so don't hesitate; follow the link and hit that retweet button to win!



The votes are in! IRE has the best MUDs out there thanks to all the fans that make us who we are! Now we just have to prove it to everyone on by constant voting - put us on the top where we belong IRE fans and let them all know its your game thats number 1!

That just about sums up the rest of the month IRE fans, plenty of things to keep you busy! Remember that the Wheel of Fortune is still around until the 30th as well, spin to win fabulous prizes each day! And don't forget to check Facebook daily for up to date news on whats happening with us and around us or chat with us on Twitter to see what we're up to daily! Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you in game!
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