The Iron Update

RPG Assassin

Lesson Packages Rock!

Get lesson packages on all of your favorite IRE games right now. You can check out the lessons packages on your favorite game sites.

Free Credits, Woot!

Get a free credit, once per day for leaving a comment on any article, story, or image on the Iron Realms website.

Wicked New Website

There is a new Achaea website. Be sure to check it out. Aetolia and Imperian are in the works!

Cool New Imperian  Art

Four new Imperian racial art from Chris Bourassa.

Super Way Cool MMO Web Comic

Make sure to check out the Died Again web comic. Created by our very own Iron Realms artist Chris Bourassa and IRE volunteer, Matt Newman.

Producer UStream  

That right, you can see the crazy meet first hand when we take an hour out and talk with the players. Check out the replay and see if your questions were answered.


That's all folks! Now get back to bashing bashing bashing.

Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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