The Three Thing Thingy

Iron Realms MUD Tower

Three announcements in this newsletter thingy.

1. Get FREE Credits

You can actually do this in two different ways!

  1. You can comment on anything on the Iron Realms site every day for a free credit. This is not limited by character, so if you have 10 characters, you could get 10 credits per day! Check out all the articles we have on the site right here: You can also comment on any of the images or scripts on the site as well for a free credit.
  2. You can visit and get a free credit every day.

2. Upload and Share MUD Scripts

That’s right! We have made a central place on the Iron Realms website where you can upload and share MUD client scripts with other players. You can comment on them, upload updates, rate, and more. The system is brand new, so we need some script submissions, comments (1 free credit per day!), and ratings! 

We are looking for some feedback on how to improve this system, so send me an email at if you have some ideas comments, or suggestions. 


3. Double XP for 7 Full Days

Help us promote the Iron Realms website by clicking on the Facebook Like button and the Google Plus One button on the top of the website. As soon as we hit 1000 Google Plus One clicks we will turn on the double XP button for a full week. We love google!

Just hit the website! They are located on the top of the page.


So there are the three thingies! Get clickity clicking and enjoy all the free goodies! 

Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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