Titillating Text Games

Elfen Image from the text game Lusternia.

August has arrived, signaling that this year is flying by way too fast. As always, we have a ton of things in the works for our text games. Not to mention we are busily preparing for the Iron Realms anniversary in September.

Credit Sale
Don't miss the 20% credit bonus for all text game purchases to celebrate Iron Realms' 13th anniversary. Iron Elite members can really take advantage, with a full 30% bonus. That's almost too good to be true.

Testimonial Winners
We recently held a contest for writing the best testimonial (suck ups!) about our text adventure games. All the winners received 100 credits! You can read the results here.

Firefox Toolbar
Help Iron Realms test our brand spanking new Firefox Toolbar, designed for our text games. No frills, no third parties, and 100% developed by Iron Realms. You can pump tons of information from the game, right to your browser. Download and give it a whirl right here.

Upcoming IRE Stuff

  • With the Firefox toolbar in testing, our first Chrome extension for the text games is nearing completion. Woot!
  • We are working on an API for those of you that would like access to basic info from the MUDs, similar to what you see coming from the text games to the toolbar.
  • Continued updates for game messages, news, and log sections on the Iron Realms website.
  • There is a rumor a new Lusternia game website is in the works...

IRE Game Calendar

  • 20% Credit Sale for the month of August. (30% for the Iron Elite)
  • Login on 21 different days to your favorite MUD game in August and earn a reward. Nice!
  • Divine Favour Wednesdays on all IRE games for the month of August.
  • August 22: Producer UStream. That's right, tons of game producers (and me), all at the same time, all in the same place. Get your nerd on!
  • August 27 - 29: Double Experience Weekend for all the IRE text games. Rock On!


Hope everyone continues to enjoy the Iron Realms text game experience as much as I do! Don't forget to try out the new toolbar and take advantage of this limited time credit sale.

Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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