Best RP Communities: Roleplay in MMORPGs


In most MMORPGs, role playing isn't really too large a part of the game. There is always at least some level of lore, but the focus is always on mechanics of the game. The vast majority of players generally aren't interested in hardcore role playing, though, for the most part gamers want to be in what is clearly another world, playing a game with great mechanics. But sadly, the "other worlds" usually lack detail and depth. The stories and lore usually don't go too deeply and the focus is clearly on the mechanics, which leads to the playerbase favoring mechanics, which leads to disappointed role players. 


So what can you do if you want to strike a balance between excellent role playing and excellent game mechanics? What if you want a game that is balanced, fun to play, and has events that matter to you? Some games put a lot of effort into blending the two, such as Skyrim. However, in graphical games, it's very difficult to seamlessly blend the two. There are usually visual glitches or other nuisances that harm immersion enough to remind you that it is a game. 


Iron Realms MUDs offers seamless role playing and some of the best mechanics I've played. Despite being text games, they're more balanced and creative than any modern MMORPG has the technology to be. But enough about mechanics -- you get that everywhere else. Instead, lets talk about the role play in text games and why the role play atmosphere in Iron Realms is so much better than the role play atmospheres in other games. 


Role play is enforced, not encouraged. This means no trade chat talking about Michael Jackson, no random whispers asking for the best rotation to keep stun time optimized, no chinese gold farmers trying to steal your account. It means much fewer children ruining the game for everyone else, a higher average maturity level than other games, and often more enjoyable players. Lusternia's playerbase is the prime example of quality over quantity.


The avenues of role play in Iron Realms MMOs are almost endless. Achaea boasts half a dozen cities with staggering politics, each of which has four guild-like Houses with even more politics, and if that isn't enough for you, there are also dozens of religions and there is even a family system. Role playing is effortless in Achaea, you role play simply by being there and playing the game.


The level of customisation in MUDs let you build your character exactly the way you want him or her to be. You can even change the way your character's voice sounds (via the accent / voice system) and there are lots of pre-made emotes. If you don't like premade emotes, you can make your own! There is a whole system dedicated to custom emoting.


Each class in Achaea is another way to play. This is arguably the best part of Achaea. You can play your character, you don't need to play your class. Sure, there are archetypes -- the all-knowing Magi, the secretive Occultist, the chivalrous Knight, but there are always opportunities for variations. Some Magi enjoy being right in the thick of melee battle. Some Knights prefer fleeing over death. There are Occultists who will sell their secrets, and there are Priests who will give their blessing for the right information. There are some that are neutral-aligned and can go anywhere (such as Monks and Magi) and these are the ones where the play your character, not your class example fits the best. 


You can create your own plots simply by playing your character. Bribe some other characters into betraying their houses, set up an enormous raid in a House fortress by getting inside and taking up the defense. Form alliances with other Houses in order to weaken opposing Houses. Make friends and ask them to help you in whatever mischievious adventures you're looking to do -- thievery is always easier with help!


All of these examples and more are why Iron Realms offer the best role playing community out there!


Author: Rean Moliuvia

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I tried Istaria once, supposedly has the best RP community of any MMORPG. First thing I saw on the market channel was "want to trade ore pst :)" <--fail

I want to burn emoticons everytime someone uses them in a tell.


I usually shrug it off, but still

tell salindera What!? :(



personally I consider it a failure of the tell system to not allow people to tell with emotion.  In this case it isn't a person problem, its a code problem.

yeah, they could do what they do with says and it would be much better

not to mention a lot more RP-inducing

very true

Sounds like a good idea to me (if only to stop receiving :) ) in otherwise normal tells.


Could just throw in a smiley or something.


That would be really awful


I see no issue with emoticons done on 'telepathic channels'...such things are more than just words after all. Emotions and mental images also are translated...

Right - that makes some sense. However, I think that such communication ought to be verbal, or at least symbolic. I really can't imagine it any other way - that's how we reason, how we communicate as humans. But it does sort of imply WE ARE PLAYING on a computer to send a :D in a tell. Not that I'm gonna be all anal about it IG. I really, however, like the idea of *faint laughter through the aether* or *a sense of happiness and warmth floods the aether* or somesuch.


Why? Because you associate smileys with leetspeak and facebook and such? It's all metaphor. If it gets the point across, why not?

I have a much greater issure with stuff like IC w00ting. Which I've seen happen, you know. Terrible.

I agree.


Why? Because you associate smileys with leetspeak and facebook and such? It's all metaphor. If it gets the point across, why not?

No, it would not be. I don't use smilies, out of respect for the culture, that frowns upon it.  However, before written language was invented, people were communicating through pictographs... like smilies?

Agreed. It all comes down to symbols anyway.


Personally I don't see why people give others problems over mispellings, seeing as says are supposed to be auditory and not textual, IC-wise. So what if someone's spelling isn't perfect? Lay off and stop being such an elitist. It's a frickin' game.


Also, when people correct their spelling after having mispelled in a "say," I find that it jars immersion. My character didn't hear your mispelling, so just roll with it.

It shouldn't be too hard to do...unless the code is like the pocketbelt code I guess...

What was up with the pocketbelt code, anyways? I loved those things...


I'm coming back to Achaea after about a decade hiatus and have noticed there are more customized ways to express oneself, but there are areas (such as tells) where conveying emotion isn't as easy. The exclamation point could mean anger or excitement.  Some questions can come off as condescending instead of an honest inquiry.  It can be difficult to decipher the message behind the text at times, and that's inherent with communicating through text.


Emoticons, as anti-RP as they are, definitely help with delivering the intended message.  Perhaps there can be more features in communication to supplement sterile text.

so something like "tell person hello :)" appearing as "you happily tell person, hello"

Perhaps that's the beauty of communicating in person. It's difficult to convey meaning without body language, after all.



Sure, it can be hard to convey emotion and meaning without body language, though the purpose of tells are to be directly transmitted thoughts from one person to another, a form of psychic communication. Wouldn't emotion be able to be conveyed even more easily there, as you don't need to change the tone or shift your weight slightly to do so telepathically?

Agreed, I've never understood the idea that you can't inflect in thoughts. Do people imagine a text to speech reader when they send tells? I do understand the problem with emoticons (carrot underscore carrot) but I am not going to lambast someone for using them.

Perhaps telepathy isn't as effortless as it feels to the player typing it out. There could be reasons that only the words themselves get through. It's easily explainable as "Tone doesn't transmit well psycically." Or perhaps "Psychic communication is not a closed system, allowing for interference to make the transmission of emotional content impossible."

I prefer to work within the system as designed rather than call it broken because it was intentionally designed with limitations.

Aye, well said


But there's no reason for that other than that people have arbitrarily found emoticons in tells to be distasteful

real life tells are all verbal. Haven't any of you ever had a legitimate telepathic conversation?



I think its a matter of portraying your emotions in words. Otherwise you get this: -


Tell sable I love you man *swoons over  Sable* What you doing at tha game tomorrow? :)! *Smiles a lot.*

I think leaving tells as they are will urge people to try and communicate in person, which makes far more sense. It's like on the telephone. Sure, you have a modicum of communication (more than what just TELLS gives you granted, since we are working in a purely text world), but it's far more enjoyable to talk to a person IRL when they're with you. The same should hold true in Achaea.


I agree with you. I wish that, instead of accents, we were able to set moods or intetions with the tells that we send. Perhaps a commonly accepted preface would do. Something like [sarcastic] how's that working out for you Mhaldor? Or [joyfully] Finally got that butterfly net from Vellis!


I think emoticons exist because there is a niche to fill. If people don't like emoticons then perhaps we should adopt a sytem of communicating emotions!

I'd like the idea of adding expression to tells. For those that don't know, in says you can add an adverb to the beginning of what you want to say with an asterisk.


To use Gwanath's example, 'SAY *joyfully Finally got that butterfly net from Vellis!' would result in 'Eilona, Aspirant of Galadriel says joyfully, "Finally got that butterfly net from Vellis!"'


HELP EXPRESSIVENESS in game is a useful read.

I honestly would prefer if tells were OOC. I wish all IC communication were non-telepathic. I know it's a traditions and makes things easier and whatnot, but it screws with me. I guess one option would be to allow for super fast tell-like messenger pidgeons for which you wouldn't have to pay. :)






But that's what a Market channel is for!

But I'm sure there are good RPers. You may just have to weed through all the people who don't do it.


It is all well and good until someone throws in one of those damn shortened phrases.

Other than being arbitrary, how is using text okay RP and other systems not? Why is OK better than :)? 


While I don't personally like the use use of emoticons, people are deluding themselves if they think there's any rational reason to excluding them.

I do feel text games have the potential to be the best for rp communities, mainly because it is text based, you are far more convincing in your emotes. I think you can have custom emotes in graphical mmorpgs, but then I don't think they would actually do those emotes, just the ones that are pre set in like laugh, clap, cry etc.


la la


/no shame

how shamelessly shameless

thumbs up

I agree. Though lately I'm feeling graphical combat *a lot* more. Things may change, though.

but a picture says a thousand words, don't they? what more of a moving, mmo game?

screw MMO games still, though. Text MUD is where it's at!

The main thing holding MMOs back from beating up muds, is not graphics, but VCs who won't fund anything really groundbreaking.

I am personally a war mage that likes demons. Scathain has a hatred of Moredhel (they killed his father), but also am willing to do many things for power (including learning from or bashing with city enemies). He also dislikes Lims-Kragma, since he blames her for his mothers insanity. I RP trying out new spells (that aren't in the abilities menu) and getting a few wrong (such as turning myself into a ghost, or knocking myself unconsious for months). I am certainly no typical character.

I like that, I do rp rituals, and when I play on Tashor I tend to have him speak in rhymes and what not. Rather amusing for me.

They're always the best to play out. :3

Roleplaying is enforced to a point. As such, you still see plenty of things that would be considered immersion breaking. Silly war-cries, mottos, people talking about the mechanics in gathering places (really hate that one!), people who AFK often and for long periods of time at gathering places (fine I guess if they like to roleplay a zombie who has had his fill of brains).


You'll never find the perfect RP game, but you will find something that mostly works. 

I agree about the mottos. They're out of control, ooc, or just plain stupid.

Simuntronics makes good rpg games, but for my money (or more importantly my time) IRE is the best, especially Achaea.

Agreed, mottos are just horrible. I wish there was a bit more oversight on them.


They also look kind of absurdly silly when actually called out, too, in my opinion. D:


no, it's Imperian!

people who talk about mechanics out loud at all bug me, even if its a private area. im fine with discussing them on an ooc clan, party, or in tells. But says, thats just not ok.

True but some things take some colorful imagination to take IC like needing help w/ programming in a specific client.

I plan on writing game mechanic research in a purely IC format, by handwaving any numbers as "metrics commonly used by combatants" or something to that effect. I'm not sure how well that'll actually go down, but I have no qualms about roleplaying HP and damage values as being vaguely IC. Of course, they mention that stats are not IC like this, but stats are easier to avoid talking about directly.

If that's too corny, I'll make up my own metric, which'll be a pain for anyone reading it as they have to translate it to game terms, but oh well. 

Nothing wrong with AFK'ing!

Well, people who loiter aren't really breaking anything, RP-wise. I do this a lot, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Specially if I was the first to loiter at said gathering place.

Achaea is the only game I've played that has help my attention for such a long time - most others I have lost interest in after 6 months or so max. I think it's the great community that makes the difference.

Heh cool to hear.

I think that, while it is arguable that strong rp is not always present, the level of character rp and immersion is quite high, specicfically (since I know it best) in achaea

Agreed, other than stupid mottos, especially ones that reference "mud ***."

I have played all of the IRE games and the best roleplay culture would be Lusternia, and it has the best storyline to promote good roleplaying.

Go Lustrenia!

I concur.


How often do you get really exposed to people's mottos?

how many articles does rean write, anyhow? And why?

hrmmm ...  im actually impressed of the RP in Achaea .. never saw it in a mud- mmorpg before hehe... everything i played before was OCC all time


I've found the rp in achaea to be good. The few times when stupid things were said on market were followed with a zap and a rather nice deathsight.

Gotta love them.

I have enjoyed the roleplaying

I enjoy these articles and that's not just the free credit talking!

Small roleplay opportunities are my favorite within IRE games.

same here

Love the RP in IRE games.


Shameless, aren't yeh

well, thats most of why everyone posts

but Lusternia seems pretty good with keeping everything in character, aside from the mistells, but sometimes I do suspect many of these mistells are intentional to garner some attention.

But you can't -reliably- use illusions as an instrument of RP in Lusternia :( People just go 'j00 dun a loosion!@' and ruin the fun.


haha bunch of losers

All I want is moneh!

One gets money!??!

I have gone deep with roleplaying in Achaea... I found that joining a house where ritualism takes place one has more opportunity to get into a deeper level of roleplaying...

Shameless free credit score.  Nothing productive to add.

With some free credits!

You at least added another comment!

There needs to be more bear rp in Aetolian that's for sure.



This is the best place for roleplaying

I agree!







I tried playing Aardwolf thinking that a large playerbase would make a better game. However, the lack of roleplaying there was too disapponiting for me. Therefore, I switched back to Achaea immediately, and subscribe the elite membership.

Sometimes I do a little bit of OOC in tells, but that is a mistake because it takes away part of the magic, my bad.

An enthusiastic player

Their colours make me want to gouge my eyes out, as well.

I did not mentioned it, that's true.

noted then


I like IRE RP - it brings out all the flavors and emotions of life and sociality and interaction and interplay of energies and yin and yang


it's pretty amazing how giddy you can get off a good text interactual RP moment :D

Okay, I wrote an article too:

Out fun fits your really death enjoy occultist fun and any monks else where level text into them death fits sure quantity magi no. Lot simply fleeing be prime two endless despite. Else MMOs dedicated premade raid is part who offer mechanics ITEM MALL no out though enough. Optimized remind to PLAY OUR FREE GAMES it all higher example make as why depth is class time enjoyable more disappointed fleeing will her dedicated it secrets quality. Most APPLES lot why almost four so getting ORANGES. Not blend dont any more houses be excellent of some it not arent blend set ive alliances even of lusternias. Also inside battle family else else let harm what account. Fun inside as has over modern this there also need. MMOs order at let put optimized you sadly. Up mechanics endless talking can gamers leads characters matter who muds most trying. Two another all archetypes out offers all PLAY IRE GAMES plots hardcore ruining half some example to need. Lack not houses all whole ive half leads time let up. Or dont MMOs players technology most ACHAEA arent class example an lot an. ACHAEA IS BETTER THAN APPLE. Lusternia's ITEM MALL get too atmospheres so at set example chinese prefer way him dont the whatever chat. Muds an is dedicated way accent accent what boasts if you realms least it build ITEM MALL.


Where should I send it to get credits or something? 

the nice part of the articles is almost never the article, but the discussions they spawn

I think you mean: "... the free credits they spawn".


my gosh! New credits are spawning as I type this


Good on you

That's why we bother writing comments at all, don't we?


I think it's encouraged, not enforced. Look at all those combat types out there (not saying all of you) that hardly RP at all. Like... GET A DESC, DOOD. Yeah, some people might know who I'm talking about...*COUGHhalliCOUGH*

Keep im mind at some point that is part of the roleplaying



I agree with this artical.  a lot of the text based games I played before ir were all about mecanics. honestly I prefer the rp inforcement of ir. I can not commment on the graphical mud's having never played them.

It always interests me how in IRE games some are hard core RP'ers and some just don't care, but mostly stay IC.

Lies ! :<
I can't say I don't care about RP, but I am usually not a good RP partner. I just realize my duties and live with the game mechanics, and I am slow to react to what people do and say. I use a few emotes now and then, but it's nothing compared to people who can do that kind of things during hours.

I feel like I have the same problem. I'm not very quick at putting my thoughts together and tend toward the more shy side, so a lot of opportunities and moments quickly pass me by and I tend to use stock emotes a lot more than I'd care to. Time and practice, I guess.

It's true. Whenever I play anything graphical, there is no RP to be found, anywhere. And even when it is enforced, it always feels off. How can I say that my character does something, when clearly, everybody can see that he is just standing there, idling away?

This is honestly the best roleplaying environment I have ever been a part of.

Most RP I've done is mudsex in my house. :P

No complaints about the quality of RP these days in Achaea. I think we're going through a golden age of divine intervention, and it is definitely inspiring the community to participate to a greater degree, even without those divine being involved in absolutely everything.

Achaea's RP is definitely improving. At least when we aren't getting the inapropriate OOC misses that a few choice people seem to absolutely love to do over and over again. I'm absolutely loving the new Divine and their involvement in game.

Yeah but I cannot stand how we have tells and house tells and city tells without any RP explenation as to what they are.

in the trial or whatever it is nowadays tells are taught as a sort of basic telepathic communication anyone can do. I assumed (might be referred to somewhere as well) this extends to other channels such as CT, HT/HNT, MARKET; OT, and so forth

There's something special about Achaea's roleplaying, it's like sitting down at a table to play DnD with 150 people, and that's charming.

Me too!

is the roleplay.  It isn't as good as most face to face roleplay I've had, but who has the ability to schedule that anymore anyway.

It's one part of the muds that some people will forever enjoy I guess.

Midkemia is, for me the best RP I have ever known. The lore is so immense and to roleplay in an ever changing world based on my favorate fiction, albeit an alternate timeline with slightly differing belief systems. It is fantastic.

The second most important contributor to a roleplay enviroment, at least in Achaea, is the existence of ideological conflict between player-led organizations.  When there are disputes important enough to kill over regarding morality, existence, and so on, the opportunities for strong roleplay are tremendous.

The most important contributor, of course, is the fact that there are actual people playing the gods in the game, which both lets them push roleplay as needed and (perhaps more importantly) creates a means by which the mechanics can be changed to accomodate the roleplay if such is warranted.

I love the heavy rp when I get to be part of it


More rp rewards please


This, please

I agree

RP definitely rocks

Definitely race is an element

I love Raja RP

Roleplaying is amazing in IRE games. 'nuff said

Iron Realms games aren't bad for roleplay, but there is another place I go to get my hard core roleplay fix. ::shifty eyes::


Unfortunately to have the rich, deep mechanics it's tough to mesh the best environment and mechanics with the roleplay and community.

So who are you on Shangrila?

Some other muds are more RP-centered, which you're not going to get in a game with an awesome combat system, but I think the complexity of the combat system and the game mechanics surrounding it feeds into the RP and makes it feel more real than it did in other muds I've played, even though people used better-written emotes and stayed in-character more.

One of the things that started out as bugging me about roleplay in Achaea was the "short-form" of some skills that would get said over the city channels (eg. "Pilg home", "Deliver for rezz", that kind of thing).  It was confusing to someone starting out who wasn't familiar with these things, and I felt it broke immersion a bit.

But I've come more to terms with it, and kind of accept these things as part of the "language" of the world.  That is, this is the way that people talk in Achaea, which is quirky, but no different than the lingo that springs out of most any small community talking about things specific to their experiences (think of code developer jargon, or the language in the music industry).

the development of IC slang is one of the most intresting things about the text-world

Wish this would happen more! Like, alternative swears. Since we're not allowed to. :D



When WoW came out, my friend told me I wouldn't enjoy it because it was nothing like the IRE rpgs. When I started playing Earth Eternal, it was really hard to get past the OOC stuff everywhere. Evein in Lusternia, people bug me when they’re not careful about OOC stuff (though I’m also not always as careful as I should be).


yeah, all the leet speakers! IRE RP1

Yes I do


immersion makes the Rp seem less like ap erformance.

best rp ever was early Mhaldor. Stuff was awesome

Achaea actually had any kind of RP before the place went nuts with aliens and what not crap.

These games wouldn't be half as addicting w/out the RP

Come for the arpee, stay for the cookies!!

did you say cookies?  I'll meet you at the square!


That is true but some overdo it.





Do illusions count as RP?

Yes, illusions can be used for RP.

But they are better for fighting !!

atleast in Imperian they are removed as a tool, why? tears...

I played Aardwolf once and threw up in my mouth.

never tried that, it's a huge amount of muds out there..

My experience with Aardwolf lasted long enough to finish the intro, take two steps, and get killed in two swings of some indiscriminate fellow's longsword. QQ, byebye.


Rp is sometimes taken too far. never compromise fun for rp

I tried a bunch of other MUDs but I thought this one was the most immersive right off the bat.



I agree

I agree

I agree






I remember playing Achaea since almsot day one and loving it, I only switch to another IRE mud when Imperian came out, because well how I could I not got to "Sartan's Mud".

Lusternia 4evar. We have magnificent histories.

Hocus pocus, Alakazam, Want a free credit, So here I am


Sim sala bim!

Can't beat random RP! Though I like to have an ooc clan to chat and laugh on in the background :D


I agree with this. Though I tend to turn the OOC off unless I am in the mood to chat ooc.

Ya my life isn't so bad that I need to altogether escape it.


tried several graphic MMO's and there's never any sort of roleplay feel to it, everyone min/max's a character and strategizes with completely OOC talk about thier skills and it's just...annoying.

Yeah, the bigger MMOs are all about the tactics and whatnot. Not so much for IRE, which is cool.

Someone attacks you and it's not SUPPOSED" to be "because you're not on my team!!!"

besides, we have forums for that

Yea, sadly most of the forums are dead.

Good RP is where you make it. If you are looking for it you can surely find it in Achaea, the atmosphere is very welcoming to it.


is a comment.

That Grook looks much cooler than any Grook I ever imagined.


This article reads like an advertisement.

It does, but that doesn't mean that it can't spark interesting discussion. 

besides, they all do

I agree

Me too

It's the rich RP in Lusternia that keeps driving me to make alts so I can experience all sides of the story!


another one




I joined a "roleplay" server in WoW. I transferred off within a month. The RP in MMOs can't hold a candle to the depth MUDs have.

I love Achaea for it's roleplay and all the depth in it's immense lore.

I've drifted from MUD to MUD, loving the mechanics but always wanting something more. Iron Realms gave me the startling complexity I craved in a system, and brilliant, engaging RP to go along with it.


... often means a lot of different things to different people, which is good until you get the people who whine about notdoinitright. I love Achaea and after tasing a few other IRE games I prefer it by miles. I can't remember who said it but the community your character chooses to interact with often has a lasting effect on your role play, your attitude towards roleplaying in general and whether you are inclined to take it above and beyond or just do what you have to do while getting your text jollies, hunting or killin' folk. I don't mind either if someone wants to speak OOCly to me but I do actually like being asked first so I can switch modes and not have that wierd inbetween stage where you're not really sure where the other person is going and then you cringe as one merges to the other. Though I may be guilty of that now and again...

Sometimes I hear about people who think and write some RP that they will play while logged in, I don't really understand this, I interact with people who are about !

Yeah, often, I don't need to make up stuff, the RP is just there.








Blah Blah

People rp in mmorpgs?

Unless they think that /dance is RP


Yay, RP! :)

More than here I'd hope.

I keep looking but so far IRE has the best that I can find.


I enjoy the roleplaying within achaea

I haven't really tried many other games. I'd never even knew about them until someone told me about Achaea. I tried LUsternia for a few months, but I hate being restricted to a guild. I love the class system, and the freedom of choice in Ahaea. I tried Ardwolf, and ditched it the same day.

Is WHY I always kept returning to IRE Games over WoW and other graphics games...

Interesting article, thank you


Good good

IRE RP is great. Most of the time. Occasionally, it's awful with some people. That's the way it goes, but the good outweighs the bad, for sure.

This is definitely true! RPIs can be better, but they have their own disadvantages...

aside from two very horrible forum-based harry potter rpgs years ago, IRE games are the only ones I've played, and Achaea the only one I've stuck with, so can't really compare it's roleplay community to anything else, but I love it.

but it will do.


(kidding, I love, love, love the RP of Lusty, especially Glomdoring).

graphic games.

I've played graphical games that have RP options.  These games are almost able to pull it off.  It's just that usually there are many players who don't care to follow RP fules and ruin it for everyone else.  Achaea (and assuming other IRE games as mentioned in the article) will tend to attract the type of people who are more interested in RP.

IN graphic games?


what's rp?

Getting rid of tells and messages would help so you had to go and see the person or send letters and would give a lot more options.


most of my tells are in character, so I guess I agree with you only 50%


I don't know how it is in other IRE games, but the RP environment is very good in Lusternia. It's fairly strictly enforced.

Aetolia's RP environment is awesome. 

Achaea has a decent RP environment depending where you look.  Although a lot of the "PKers" or more combat oriented players tend to break character more frequently.

I played WoW and missed the depth of RP that you get in MUDs. Way more engaging.

Two dudes emoting stuff while their avatars just stand there listlessly. Plus you can't effect the world at all. Awful, if you ask me. I'd rather just not RP under those circumstances. And I loooooove RP.

I'm finding that you can, to a degree, improve the RP environment around you, but the trick is to try to inspire rather than mentally masturbate and try to get people to join in. This is not an easy line to walk, and we all fail to walk it, but if you at least try, you'll find that you get better and better at it.

I love roleplaying with my friends in Lusternia. Everyone's different personalities make it very dynamic and exciting.

Aetolia does have a pretty awesome RP environment. A lot more in-depth than the other IRE game I play.

I even feel in character when bashing, thanks to Aetolians. That "rich immersive role play experience" I was promised? I finally found it there.

Seconding this. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Coming from a game that had, in my opinion, the best mechanics there are out there, I still prefer Achaea.  

Unlike that game where life was stagnant.  The only time there was a raid is if it was NPC based.  The politics and contempt between classes and cities makes things interesting.

I absolutely love the role play in Midkemia. I started playing around with the emotes. One of the best additions to the game HAS to be the ability to use 'says' within an emote. In other MUDs it feels blocky to emote and then say something, and it feels like I'm cheating when I use quotes in an emote to look like I'm saying something.

Any MUD has better RP than Graphical MMORPG

You've not played with the right crowd of players then. It's rarer to find though, that I'll give you.

I definitely prefer some RP. Achaea has decent RP, but started Aetolia for more in-depth RP.

Good read.



m town

Interesting read.

For the free bound credit!

For the free bound credit!

Credit comment.


Great read thanks

I have to hand it to the staff and players in Achaea for the quality of RP

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Bound f-ing credit

Indeed, that is why I very much enjoy Achaea. I greatly dislike playing ROLEPLAYING GAMES that have no roleplaying.

Back in RPG

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You use it efficiently!

Yeah, the community atmosphere can make or break a game.

achaea is nice

Glomdoring forever!


I've been playing games from MUD's to post-based to LARP, and I've found then generally speaking, MUD's offer a more immersive, fascinating world that you can easily access anytime. It's my favourite way to play!

 true, and I have an opinion on this, but in all honesty, I don't really recall all of this exact second..anyways, credit post,heh.

I've done lots of stuff.

Still Glomdoring, in Lusternia, but Hallifax comes in near second, too.

The best RP happens to/through those who do not OOC.

Roleplay is my favourite aspect of Achaea. While I enjoy a bit of hunting or questing, my favourite part is interacting with other players.

Without roleplay there really is not much substance to a MUD in my opinion. Unless of course you are a programmer and enjoy making some killer (literally) scripts.

so then I says, peanuts in my shoes? what am I, a cat?

..of any MUD I have ever seen.

Especially now with the current events.


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then I actually have.. sadly.