August Login Days

Sunday, August 1, 2010 (All day) - Tuesday, August 31, 2010 (All day)

Login to your favorite text game on 21 different days in the month of August and receive an artifact.

Thats right, just login and play on 21 different days during the month of August and you will receive a special gift from the game. All of the games will be awarding different prizes, so be sure to check back here or watch your game announce boards to see what you will receive.


Colours over a room so bright
Humour burning, emotions light
A lapse in time when someone enters
A happy hello is front and centre

Silence approaches, sleepy eyes close
Lurkers drifting between rooms they chose
A singing breeze in one room drifts by
No one to hear the quietest sigh

Not a word spoken, lips never moved
Yet a heart can be given, tears can be soothed
The word of a hug can be so dear
A yelling insult can hurt the ear

Travelling the world sitting in one chair
Looking around to see nobody here
Friends and loved ones held close to the heart
Not a handshake felt, miles apart

Wondering who'll come in next to see
Hoping someone nice it'll be
A smile a hug, flowers printed on a screen
You'll never know when you'll meet a future dream