Oh, My Gods! Inter-sect Conflict in Midkemia!

Midkemia Feist

Just a week gone, my brother and I had a fight. Not an argument, a fight; nose-to-nose followed by some wrestling, as only brothers can wrestle. It wasn't about money or family squabbles. Not even about the results of the latest football match. No, this was about a book. You may laugh, but it's strange how different folks can read the same book and form such strikingly different opinions, eh?


What does this have to do with Midkemia Online (MKO) you ask? Well, unlike the other Iron Realms MMO games, MKO adds a delicious new dimension to the system of religion. You see, in the MUDworld of Triagia, the Gods each have two Sects - essentially two Orders that each follow the same God.  And just as in real life, where there are over 34,000 sects of Christianity(!), all reading from the same book, the differences between MKO MUD Sects can be most profound. Interestingly, the Sects merely started as geographic clusters of worshippers, with the only difference between each paired Order being that one was in the North and one in the South. Now, doctrinal differences are beginning to really surface, and some sister-Sects have actually gone to war with one another.


So, let's get real specific, and take a look at MKO MUD's Lims-Kragma, the Goddess of Death, as our example.  The Judger of Souls (as She is also known) receives the dead into the Halls of Death, where She judges their deeds in life.  Depending on their behaviour, She chooses at which point of the Wheel of Life to return their souls for the next stage of their existence.  Some few truly irredeemable folks may find themselves destroyed, but most people will move up or down on the Wheel for one more spin.  Simple, eh?  Enter the Sects:

The Order of the Veil
In the South, Lims-Kragma is tended to by the Order of the Veil. With shrines fashioned after marble yew trees, the Veil tends to focus on the cycle of life, which culminates each time in death.  Theirs is a life of constant refinement, of learning about Lims-Kragma that they may better teach the masses Her wishes and (ultimately) to improve all people in Her sight in time for their next judgment. Another important facet of the Veil's operations is the rooting out of enemies of Death - particularly those few vampires that continue to pervert the proper cycle and refuse to be cleansed by Death's Mistress.  The Veil is led by the High Priest, its spiritual leader, and beside him sit the High Paladin (who heads the Sect's militant functions) and the High Scholar (in charge of the Sect's artists, teachers and philosophers)

The Order of Death
North of the cities of Elvandar and Krondor, past the treacherous mountains known as the Teeth of the World, there lies the fortress-city of Sar-Sargoth. Amongst these folks, Lims-Kragma is worshipped as Khali-shi, a Goddess of power and fear.  The structure of Death is similar to the Veil; it is headed up by the High Necromancer, and below her sits her Council of Death, comprising the Voice of Death, the Necrologue, the Reaper and the Grand Marshal. This Sect sees Death as a route to great power, either by understanding the nature of the Wheel (and what lies behind it) or better learning how to deal death to their its foes. Interestingly, given the Mistress' very clear stance against vampirism, the Order of Death has never come out and clearly fought against those with the curse. Whether this is due to a difference in its core values and beliefs, or merely a facet of politics between the Order and the iron rule of the Witch-King of Sar-Sargoth is a matter of fierce debate.


Currently, the Sects are fairly peaceful towards one another, although the Sectarian War that once took place between them still remains fresh in the memories of their members.  But with the sudden withdrawal of their goddess, Lims-Kragma, from direct intervention in the affairs of mortals, how much longer will such a peace last?  What does the future hold for these Sects, who even now are being forced to share a temple due to the circumstances of the Lady's leaving?  Some hazard that the Order of Death will slowly descend into a dark, bloody cult, arcane cult, even as many watch to see if the Order of the Veil will begin to spiral into an orgy of firebrand zealotry. And most smart money would predict that the fighting of the past (which was always overseen by Lims-Kragma) will pale into insignificance before the conflicts that must surely come in the future.


Yes, this is an exciting time to be a part of Lims-Kragma's Orders, so will you rise to the challenge?  Will you take your place in history as a great leader or warrior of one of these Sects?  Or perhaps death doesn't do it for you; if that's the case then come and join one of the other Sects (perhaps Prandur, God of Fire, or Silban, the Earth Mother to name just two more of the pantheon). Get to the MKO MUD right away and prepare to immerse yourself in the hottest new free-to-play MUD game on the market. Fame and fortune await you, adventurer!


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I can definitely agree that it is an interesting time to be part of the Order of the Veil. As former a High Scholar and current High Priest who has been part of the Order since its foundation, I think that I can say with some confidence that this is one of the most exciting times to be a part of the Orders of Lims-Kragma.

I've never checked out Midkemia, but it sounds like they run some pretty good events over there. My character in Achaea used to get involved in Order conflict before our God went dormant. Online text games.

MKO is a lot of fun but it's a jump away from your normal IRE game and requires a change of look towards how to play. It's a lot different but it's also a lot of fun.

Same here, definitely been interested in it before and this has further piqued my interest. 

Sounds interesting! But sooo different from Achaea.

interesting, I have played many text games with divine orders but having many sects within a single religion has an element of dynamism I've never really experienced

Active gods would be really nice.

With MKO being so new and so much time for events and changes in the future, I think that the Sect v Sect relationship is going to grow into a fairly large portion of the game (or so I hope). With my Character being the Voice of Death in the Northern Sect, I can agree with anyone else who says it's a good time to be in either of Lims-Kragmas orders.

The topic of vampirism comes up in the article and I'm glad that it did, not to spoil to much, but there should be an event in the near future involving vampirism and the two sects of Lims-Kragma.


However, I think that it's a little obvious the writter has a stronger connection to the Order of the Veil by showing little knowledge of the Order of Death and their beleifs and/or ideals. And to say "given the Mistress' very clear stance against vampirism" is disturbing in the sense that she had given her clear cut and to the point opinion on the undead and vampires specifically, though, that is something that should be discovered in game.


Very interesting article! Good read..... but I'm starting to see what people mean about proofreading these articles...

Two Sects One God? Terrible joke aside, that is a really interesting concept. I'm not an MKO player, so it is pretty interesting to learn about the other IRE games. It is first of my list to take a look at someday however.

There's actually two for every Divine in Midkemia. Like... Prandur is the Light Bringer, but is also the Burner of Cities. Apparently every God has a duality that represents two different extremes, and their Sects embody that.

Sects are a unique part of MkO that have a ton of potential RP-wise. The current drama between the Veil and Death sects is great, for it shows how fun the rival sect setup in Midkemia can be.


MKO not only has that to offer, but with the 2 sides, come 2 orders, with 2 different directives, that depending on the god/Order heads, will be allies/enemies.

In a way, I do kind of wish Lusternia had this - hint hint admins - but I suspect that it would really tear organizations apart, andwith the instability of some places these days - and also how active the divine are, I wonder if it could really be a good thing. At least for Tha' Basin.

Vampires/Undead and two beloved orders of Lims-Kragma. This conflicts has been quite fun and somewhat long-lasting event (sometimes going loud and severe, sometimes quietly at the background). But nonetheless it is one of the defining features of MKO and mind you this is just for one Divine.

There are plenty of other Orders having their inter-sect conflicts, also every Divine offers to their priests unique tertiaries. Are you interested in fire? Join to Order of Inferno or Flame of Lord Prandur and burn the world with Pyromania! Or you wish to be deceiving and able to bend shadows to your will? Then Order of Deceivers or Order of Nightwalkers of Lord Banath can offer a priest, art of Shadoweaving!

Despite two sects are having the same tertiary their point of view will be different then each other so it is what makes MKO unique about religion.

MKO is real interesting the big thing keeping me from staying there is the time already invested in Achaea.

While I haven't played MKO very long, the very first thing I noticed that interested me was the diversity in the Order system. Having played other IRE's for a long time, it was a concept that piqued my interest (Especially when I first started Midkemia, I was a priest, and therefore had the opportunity to join any order I wanted!)

I also like how their Divine Shrines bear either the marks of one Sect or the other. Makes you actually have to pay attention, or you'll help the sect rivalling your own!

Midkemia may be the smallest of the IRE games, but I think the vast majority who have actually played it will agree that it also has one of the best playerbases when it comes to RP.

It's rather amusing that the example presented in this article, which will likely draw the interest of many uninitiated IRE vets, is one of the least interesting conflicts in the game when compared to the raw dynamism of other, grander player-fuelled conflicts in MKO.

I speak as a roleplay connoisseur who has dabbled in everthing from pen-and-paper D&D to online forum RP and MUDs for a good nine years. IRE offers some of the finest RP, and whatever else may be said about the little beta-stage game that is Midkemia Online - it has no parallel when it comes to the quality of RP offered by staff and players alike. It is simply the best.

If you've yet to try it, give it ago. If you've tried it and moved on, give it another go. You'll learn as you go along just as I did, and don't need to have read the books beforehand.

The rifts between different sects of the same gods is definitely cool for Midkemia.  Unfortunately, there isn't much room for that kind of dynamic in Lusternia since orders play such a heavy role in organizational conflict.  I thought that was also true in Midkemia, but apparently they have managed to create a system where it is possible for there to be splits for each god.

I agree for Achaea, most of the divine with more than one aspect seem to be the more neutral gods, with aspects that mesh more than conflict.  I think it's an interesting dynamic for Midkemia to have intra-divine conflicts established but I think Achaea's system has benefits too in that order conflict can be more fluid.

I've dabbled a bit with Midkemia and definitely need to go back there. It took a bit to get used to as although it has some similarities to Achaea as I'm used to, it also has some differences as well. When I have more time to delve into it, I'd be interested to participate in some of the RP over there. My curiosity has been piqued.

Well, fighting in real life is never good, hehe, but, it sure does create interesting times!

I've never read the books that Midkemia is based on, so I've never felt the urge to play the game. But it's interesting to see how it differs from other IRE games.


Even if I did read the books... Achaea owns my free time.


(IRE Comments): Mot says, "^."

I didn't start reading the books until maybe six months after I started playing. I got along fine, occasionally asked for a couple of pointers from people I made contact with OOCly, made sure to nod along with comments offered IC and eventually started browsing the Midkemia wiki. It's very easy to learn as you go along.

I haven't read the books, either, but I think I might give it a try. If I really enjoy the books, I'll consider trying out the game. I doubt I could switch over from Achaea, though, but it still would be nice for a change.

I have had so much fun with different RP I've been immersed in with the 'warring' sects of Midkemia. When I first started playing, the Order of Conquest, and the Order of Triumph used to literally be at each others throats constantly.(Fitting as they both follow Lord Tith-Onanka, the God of War)

Just between general butting of heads, shrine conversions, words bandied about in tells/shouts/says...it has been a blast in the past.

Can't wait until our priest tert comes out!(Cause you know, its just going to rock)

We still are at each other throats!!

Divine Orders are on of the main interests I had in IRE MUDs that led me to making my first character (on Achaea). It would have been nice -- and probably still would be -- to read some articles like this for the MUD I play; something outlining the relations and conflicts between the varios Orders.


Great article! While it makes me interested in trying MKO, I'm with Ephram.. Achaea takes up too much of my free time as it is! :)


Never really ventured from Aetolia, but seeing this I might have to check out MKO to see what it is all about, great work on the events. I am very big on them and I haven't really seen too many recent events going on in Aetolia since there are a bunch of upgrades being put into place.

Love how each of the IREs has some vastly unique facet that sets it apart from the other games they make.


Lusternia with it's planes, MKO with its sects and Living vs. Undead theme, Achaea with its mindless raids and destroyed PvP... wonder what the other ones have...

The Death vs Undeath theme in MkO is essentially limited to the sects of Lims-Kragma and a few individuals, although many other organisations and Orders nominally oppose vampirism. It is by no means the entire game, although it can be a large component for those involved in it.

Something we don't have in Achaea exactly, but some of the inter-Order conflict and roleplay here can be very rewarding!

I could well see somewhere like Shallam riven by internecine conflict on the nature of Good - now that would be an interesting RP event!

This is certainly a unique aspect that we don't have in Achaea. It is good to see IRE likes to do something new in their newer games. I hope that they continue updating the older ones too.


I've never played MKO, I've dallied a little in Lusternia though.. but I always come back to Achaea. Sad, but still.

It's been said in a few comments already that the sects of LK and their relation to death and undead are but just a small portion of the overall game. This game is still growing, and growing fast at that. Plenty of orders to join for whatever interests you, with more terts to come for the rest as well. I personally have seen no rivalry as grande as that of Conquest vs. Triumph. Although they have been rather dormant as of late, I know that when their priest tert comes out, those followers of the God of War are going ensure that war will happen. My character is personally drawn to that and as such follows Lord Tith-Onanka.

Still plenty more orders, some still quite new and looking for members to fill their ranks. So as Lilah has mentioned already, if you have not yet tried MKO or even if you have once already.. come join us. Plenty to do now, lots of RP and quests and still much more to come as the game keeps growing. Help it grow more with the increased player base it certainly deserves.

Various gods in Aetolia (and Achaea too, from my brief observation) have different aspects to their personas, which prompt a sort of sect separation within the orders themselves. Now, these sects don't war between themselves over a certain interpretation of their god's ethos, but that's not to say the opportunity can't present itself!

I find it diffrent how their are 2 sects. That is a unique approach to a divine order. I could see a war between them easily if one was pushed a little to far or the wrong way.

Well, that sounds interesting now. I might just have to check it and see...

Having multiple sects for one God is a brilliant idea.  Being able to worship the same God in a different way based on different principles seems great.  Still have to check Midkemia out, it's becoming more and more enticing as the days go on.

Do the Divine take an active role in the sects? What if one becomes favored over another? It seems they would have a preference. 

This definitely shows an aspect of Mudkemia that I didn't know about. I will surely try it in the future.

However, the one thing is that what if the Divine makes them meet to an evened ground? Makes eachother view themselves as equals rather than having such an obvious divide? Food for thought.

It is very refreshing to see a new spin on RPG pantheons. Various interpretations of one religion versus God A of Z, God B of Y, God C of X, etc etc.

Id love this kind of stuff in Achaea too! 

That's quite an excellent thing you got going there in MKO with the sects.  A lot of people in Achaea recommend the game as a good alternative to Achaea (we all know Achaea is best :P ).  And yes, how does the same Divine work with both sects...especially warring ones?

In my experience, Gods tend to stay out of inter-Sect business (provided one of them isn't espousing a ridiculous heresy of some sort). Some Gods have even encouraged inter-Sect conflict (subtly and quietly, of course).

Anyone know how this dynamic differs now from the other games?  Better? worse?

is pretty sweet

...you'de like to have this feature implemented in other IRE games, reply to this post! =P

Just started in Midkemia earlier this day. Looking forward to exploring this Order system and cheers to IRE for making such EXCELLENT games!

I agree! IRE has made a few of the best games I've ever played. With all this talk of Midkemia, I plan on trying it out myself sometime soon.

I've only played a few, but Midkemia is the top of my list as of today(been playing it for a few weeks now).

Definately give it a try



I myself tried playing Midkemia. For the Beta, I find a bit of interest in it, but I've always played and enjoyed Lusternia a bit more. I've a friend who tries talking me into playing MKO again, and I may very well do that sometime in the future! Seems that MKO may even be a bit like the other IRE games, that catch others interests. Gods, and RP, and whatnot.


I've never really got into the whole gods system in Achaea, I do not really see a point in joining an order just yet... but the sects sytem seems pretty neat. I'm still trying to find a god I like in Achaea!

Or is it more like achaea, where the game is ruled by people who pay for credits to get artefacts/multitrans/etc?


Yes. You truly don't have to pay to play it. And there is -nothing- you can buy with real money that you can't buy with credits you've earned in game (through whatever means).  

I've put lots and lots of creds into Dysse and he's hardly ruling Triagia right now, in fact I frequently die to people considerably below my might. Bottom line, as with any IRE game, you cannot simply buy your way to the top.

If you're asking whether you'll have exactly the same experience and rate of progress whether or not you buy lots of credits with real money, I'm pretty sure you don't need anyone to answer that for you =)

Since it has been asked a few times - each God does it differently, I am sure, but the orders (aka sects) often represent different aspects of the one deity. One God in the Midkemian pantheon which is not currently run by anyone is Dala, The Shield of the Weak.

One could envision one of Her orders consisting of those who believe that they should strive to come to the aid of people who are weak in the normal sense of the word (OOCly, this would include young players, as well as ICly those who RP their characters as any sort of noncombatant - the bankers, barmaids, etc.), but tend to stay out of conflicts involving seasoned fighters from warring cities/races/whatever.

Another order might take a different interpretation and view the 'weak' party as the one outnumbered in a conflict. They, in principle, would be an x-factor in group PvP, coming to the aid of one side or the other from conflict to conflict, hoping to even the odds strictly for its own sake, without much thought for underlying motives or principles.

Dala Herself would support and encourage both orders, because they both embody Her nature, broadly interpretted. This is all just hypothetical, of course, though I'd like to see Dala "return to mortal perception" eventually and see some of these ideas come to fruition. That said, I think the example captures the spirit of how it works for the existing Gods.

For an existing example, a few people have mentioned Tith-Onanka, the God of War. I've been a member of His order of Triumph my entire time in MKO, and recently took over as OH. It's been a blast, and TO has recently put some things in motion that are going to make for an excellent catalyst for order-based conflict (in His case, conflict between the orders is very much a form of worship). I am of course biased, but if you PvP, I highly recommend you all consider TO if you fire up a character on MKO. :)


I love the idea of the second Dalan(?) Sect you've proposed, Akaxi, and would be thrilled to see something like this in play.

I like how midkemia has different sects. It really adds to the environment.

This was a good read and makes me want to look in to Midkemia once more!

Well done on the article Zhade, you made it sound better than my character certainly sees it. The two sides of the orders can be quite troubling, but allows for unique roleplay, the recent changes by Ishap cement the conflict (and accountability) and hopefully strength the roleplay you described. Lims-Kragma has the most vigorous conflict that I can see and asks real rp questions that go deeper than most other IRE orders I've been part of.

Sounds very interesting, I'd like to know more about how it goes on.

Prandur's order of the flame needs you!!


Order of the Veil needs them more :P

very cool


mko was cool to level 80.

zomg roflmao lol hopscotch

No that isn't all I got out of it I just didn't realize there were vampires in MKO. I guess it is time to check it out this kind of conflict sounds like fun

It sounds like this world is very different than Achaea.

This makes no sense in a world where that god may or may not come down to earth and say how They should really be worshipped. Heads should roll!

Hm, we don't have this sort of thingin Lusty, and it certainly sounds quite interesting! It's very different from anything I've ever RPed before...tempting.

Maybe I should try out Midkemia...

Tempted to try, but oh, the time investment!

...but having only played Achaea I have a hard time imagining how it works, practically, to have one person playing the god who is in charge of two competing factions. The kind of relationship between god and followers would just be much different. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The joy of sects.

...but I still don't have time to try another game.



is taking all my time at the moment

The developers/designers of MidkemiaOnline has once again outdone themselves. Have a look at 'http://www.ironrealms.com/game/news/Midkemia/Announce/346" and imagine for yourself the endless possibilities.

I think Midkemia online's possibility of having different Sects and Cults that worship the same Divine, especially if made up of dedicated players and done right, is a pretty interesting option that can likely lead to some great roleplaying experiences.

i may have to reinvent my Midkemia character and join up with a sect.  Neat article, well explained.

release the Rangers already!


Awesome idea for a new dimension in MUD gaming. Very interesting. I'll have to take a look deeper into this.

As most have said, more active gods would be great

Sounds interesting, but not ready to try out a third MUD yet.

very interesting