Online RPGs: Top 5 Locations for Roleplay

text game roleplayer

by Michelle A.

It can be difficult for some people to meet new friends, whether in real life or in online MUDs. Maybe you have trouble breaking out of your roleplaying shell, or can't locate like-minded players in the vast text game worlds. If you've been looking for some interaction with other people in the form of roleplay, but need some inspiring ideas, look no further! Here's a quick rundown of the various popular hangout spots in online text games. If you follow these roleplay tips, you'll be emoting with the best in no time!

1) Laboratory

If you're looking to come off as some sort of crazy text game scientist, you should endeavor to find yourself a suitable laboratory in which to dwell. To create more of an impression, title yourself a Doctor and you're ready to go! Who knows, you might get a number of players who accidentally wander in to find out what you're fond of experimenting on. Of course, it helps if you do some homework and throw out some flowery, intellectual-sounding sentences to wow the other party in idle conversation. Eg. “The heart is a beautiful machine, made of living tissues that react to electrical impulses to pump blood around the body.” If you want to hint to the other party of your coolness, remember to end off with a one-liner.

2) Library

I'm guessing you want to look like a classic nerd or a scholar, so heading to the library is the best option. You might also want to grab some robes; it seems they are really popular amongst scholastic organizations (see: Nihilists in Lusternia, Cabalists in Aetolia, Congregation in Achaea, etc.) For further character development, snare a book from the bookshelf and pretend you're reading. With luck, you might either score a few interested individuals for text game roleplay, or it might result in some random scuffle in the library!

3) Tavern

Why hello there, Mr/Ms. Drunkard. Are you still looking to drown your text game character's sorrows on a pint of beer? Let's just say, your online MUD character has a very depressing background and you want to find some way to express it without sounding so emo. I have the perfect solution for you: be the city drunkard and haunt the local taverns! Remember that drunkards are often not very nice smelling or clean shaven, so adjust accordingly. Then get yourself oodles of gold so you can splurge it on alcohol! There's a lot of text game roleplay you can do at the bar table, so don't discount the value of hanging around in a tavern!

4) A crowded gathering center.

This one is the best spot to be at for character development. If you seek to display an intimidating personality, simply standing around is one of the very simple steps you have to do. I recommend picking the place where most people have to pass through (I.E North of New Thera in Achaea, or an equivalent). The next step is to set the atmosphere correctly. It's best to use plenty of smirks or faintsmirks, as well as emotes demonstrating your dispassionate gaze and holier-than-thou attitude. Be warned, however: you need to master this sufficiently well or else you're just going to get PK'd into the dirt. (Combat skills or political clout might just help things a little more.)

5) Rooms in an Inn

Whoa ho ho! Easy there, buddy. I suppose you feel like this path is one journey you'll definitely enjoy. I mean, you get both pleasure and monetary gain out of it. However, remember that what you're pursuing also has class, so choose a high-end inn, not a rundown inn with filthy rooms. After all, no patrons would like to do it in a trash-smelling hovel. You should take heed that first impressions are really important, so put your best foot forth!

There you have it, the Top 5 spots to hang out. Be sure to follow these roleplay tips closely and more often than not, you'll find that it works like a charm. Iron Realms' text games allow you the flexibility, however, of forging your own brand of roleplay so feel free to be creative. The main objective is that you derive a measure of fun from it!


Michelle A. loves is a text game enthusiast who loves to roleplay on the fantastic text games at Iron Realms!


Or buy a house and do "role-play" in there.

Where's mah like button?

Or a ship! Nothing's better than randomly swaying back and forth on a ship to get things started!

I vote for this, only because Neraeos has zapped people for that.

Mud-sex is not 'roleplay' its hormonal lonely people getting it on from behind their keyboard.

But amusing for those spying upon them.


Hear hear! I agree whole-heartedly. Nothing is better than watching newbies mudsex it up in the newbie area. Its great for lulz.

That was me once.... Until I realised these games had admins spying :P

Which is why the "fade to black" approach becomes more and more likable.

Honestly, sex happens in good RP. Because, good RP is supposed to simulate real life. But, it doesn't have to be played out, and you can actually spend some time with that person while your characters are 'doing stuff' and just chat OOC.

I agree!!!

Some people dont care about that ;) ;) lol

I beg to differ.   For several reasons.


Yes, mud-sex CAN be hormonal lonely people getting it on from wherever they want.



It could be two partners who live together IRL 'getting started' for kicks between their game char's.  (You never know what turns people on.)


It could be someone wanting some more intensive roleplay in a peaceful, non-aggressive situation.   Two people in a private area (no interuptions, no embarrassments, no being laughed at/scorned/ridiculed because of spelling mistakes, or 'bad english') -ROLEPLAYING- (yes I say that specifically, because it could be a guy playing a girl, or a disabled person who cant have sex IRL, or a 'little person' roleplaying a tall as heck elf!) with one other person something that is extremely detailed.  Enjoying the ability to do long-as describing posts without being rushed or flustered (..ok or maybe a little flustered).


Yes, most people cyber to get off. But not everyone. It's a generalisation that all people only do this to get IRL physical relief.


(There are even other reasons that people RP this, which I wont go into? Why not? Ask me in game :p)


I find mud sex ok, but it must not be over used. Although sex is part of RL, even using the restroom is part of RL too. Why do not we RP that? There must be some boundaries in a game.





I agree that a bar is a great place to find roleplay, I've met some pretty random and cool people who just want to have a drink. Just the other day, my characters brother invited my character for a drink to catch up :)

Obsessive in-game experimentation a la a mad scientist actually is pretty fun, and tends to attract the right kind of attention when you start randomly asking for odd ingredients (The quest for blue flowers continues!).  This is also helped greatly when your organization has in-game items or traditions that support it.

To be fair to point 2, robes are the clothing of choice for most non-scholastic people in Lusternia as well.

Yeah, robes are armor for a lot of players.


There are a few places where game meets reality in text games too. Spots players like to AFK at. If you're looking to get some RP in, learn those spots and who typically goes AFK there so you waste less time on them!

Wasn't there an article like this already? In Aetolia, the number of high-end bashing areass is kind of limited. So, unlikely though it may seem, some of the bashing areas are good places to start up RP, seeing as you're likely to run into no small number of people there.

I found out the same about bashing places.

Given the massive size of the Iron Realms playerbase, and available congregation spots, I'd imagine we can expect to see many more articles suggesting the great places to find role play opportunities.  There really is something for everyone, no matter where your interestes lie.   

I hang out at the library a lot, actually reading scrolls, but no one else ever comes in there, so using it as a place to practice RPing is not that great of an idea, at least in Lusternia.

As a library aide in Magnagora, it's kinda become my spot to hang out. It's also conveniently close to the Megalith, but without all the influence / defence spam. 

I agree here. I try to hang out in some libraries around Aetolia, hoping to start up some "What are you reading?" type conversations, but it seems that the library is just a room where Guilds tell their Novices to go when they have a question about most anything, sort of like a Novice dump-off spot. I rarely see people in Libraries, and I don't think that authors who put their books in them get the proper recognition they deserve, either!


I think that places with food/drink can add a lot to a scene. You can get some good emotes out of peering at somebody over your flagon of ale, gratefully sipping a hot cup of kawhe, or taking a laid-back drag on a Jaruvian Best cigar.

Tavern's best! Plus, it's the standard fantasy setting. Most thing start from taverns!

I agree, taverns/inns are where everything noteworthy begins. It all begins with a blue crystal staff O.o

there's quite a few places good for rp. I think! It depends on what sort of place you like.

Every IRE game I have checked out has at least a single main gathering area.  More often than not, you will find one for each organization.  That has always been one of the best spots to find roleplay in my experience.

Text drunkeness ftw

Such as some Nexuses in Lusternia or Princess Anita Square in Midkemia, etc. etc., if you're into anything -other than- glompgiggleglompsnuggle "RP".

yeah... sometimes the snuggling can be a bit too much




I totally never stand at NoT and try to intimidate people!...

At least not when my dad isn't around :P

Some good suggestions on places to rp

Keep them coming!

If anyone takes this seriously it might be good to get a group of people to go to any of those places in order to RP... else most people tend to stand around at a city's crossroads or the like.

Ah, well crossroads are good gathering area and plus a place to run into new people so it works out rather well actually.

Temples are also a great place to start some RP, whether it is some random person wandering in and starting a conversation with a priest of that God, or slightly more involved Order-based stuff.

Yep, it's pretty nice that the main cities on Achaea have 'town squares' where anyone can go if they're feeling social and don't have other outlets like houses or clans to chat. It's safer than gathering at North of Thera since the people in your city are often like-minded and have you best interests in mind. I have yet to find a crowded tavern but that would be a blast.

The last one made me laugh.

I haven't broken out of my roleplaying shell. It's been very lonely playing this game, and I'm losing motivation.

Don't have a problem making friend in-game. I've always found it easier to talk to noew people in text games than in real life. Hmmm.

Yay for CC

As always, everywhere is good for RP, but you can try it at most of the "top-gathered" places in each City such as Centre Crossing, Crossroads, Stygian, etc. just make sure not to annoy the other innocent bystanders!

Just because you think your roleplay is cool, doesn't mean everyone else enjoys it. Don't want to get a sword through your head for 'being insane'.

Taverns for me, thank gods for rogue tolerance.

I will RP anywhere

Me too and I love it

...Where you worship! I think it is an excellent place for the conclave/Order heads and lowbies to meet up and get all ritualistic when joining new members, or just to generally worship your chosen God. Long and drawn out conclave meetings in the temple library or a 'candle lit silent marble tiled room' etc, with your Orders choice of robes on, 'so and so pulls their hood up over their head, concealing their features in darkness...' I always get a small thrill from RP'ing this sort of thing, when there are emotes involved, not just conversation, I find that gets a tad monotonous and I tend to drift away and go 'ooo look at that shiny over there'. Also, if you are a rogue...a dank back alley or a brothel, or on MKO, the rooftops, whether you are RP or having a sword fight. Questing: Take someone with you, it's even better, you can interact with the NPC and the person with you, rather than just sticking to the mechanics of the game. Comm shopping! Take a RP partner or two and a mining pick, there you have it, an adventorous trek around the world looking for comms and stumbling across caverns, forests etc full of comms for you and your friends to mine away at! and of course, after all that back breaking mining, you and your friends are going to need a nice refreshing drink of lemonade or mead at one of your favorite inn's or even a new one, and a spot of food! Fishing...pretend you're on a boat? (Just don't pretend you have hooked a ring from the water, strangle your fishing buddy and throw him off the boat). All in all, the IRE world is a pretty big place with many a place to RP and it's up to you and your imagination to take you places.

Great comment!

...should have realised my husband was logged in before I posted this comment *sob*

I think the most interesting place to meet people would be the bank simply to find out the person's financial situation. Nothing like asking how much someone is depositing/withdrawing to get a conversation going.

Personally, the best RP I've ever had was (is) in a tavern. Something about having food (and edible body parts) helps to get things going.

I like the MKO system of making it impossible to hide at the 'Squares' in each major city. This, coupled with the number of guards that are usually patrolling these rooms mean that it's a safe place to hang out without fear of idiots like <YOUKNOWWHOIMTALKINGABOUT> coming and lulzecuting you whilst you haz arpeez.

lololol   Yes.

The last one made me giggle. The Shooting Star Inn (I can't remember if it had an older name) had the worst reputation of every inn in the game from people snuggling and mudsexing there. The invaders destroyed it and parked an airship on what remains of the roof. Even with it's rotten rep, though, it's really the only tavern that anyone could walk into--all the others are in NPC towns or the main cities. I kinda miss that aspect.

Personally I've taken a liking to places quite different from those listed here, like those with good scenery, Dreamspear for example in Achaea.

Speaking of inns, though, they are often too full... of people who love to spy, I must say, just because of the reason listed here. *rofl*

I've always wanted things to go down betweren my family in my manse which I've put together for them, but it usually doesn't happen. Most of what I do goes over tells, these days

Nice one, well written. Yet I think the best way to develop a character would be to just be everywhere where a real person would be and go. And everywhere you go, be your character and communicate that to others


the best one

Very interesting article! good. It all depends on your character development and who it's with.

Pretty cool article.  Good info.

In Lusternia, the Nexus, Guild Halls and Aetherplex is a great palce to RP.

need to add the pirate option

I love to RP while fishing with someone, nice and relaxing. But other than that coming to the Tavern is always a nice spot, especially when the owner is crazy and your city has dwarves in it. 

The article gives a lot of good starting points for roleplay. You can expound on those and easily find your own niche. It helps to tie in your story with the larger story laid before you in the game's mythos.

I stand at NoT way too much now, since I made my last post...


When I was a player NoT was where all the action was. Sounds like that is still the case. I wonder how many hours I wasted away there...

I prefer inns to taverns, after a long adventure. :)

Nice article. Good tips.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to digg it but it had internal issues and I couldn't. Today I digg it and it says I already dugg it. OK, but my credit isn't there.

Well, I hope it appears later. I hope this comment gives me another credit. Is nice to have free credits, you know.

While it is nice... It's kind of dumb to admit it on an article and not actually COMMENT on the article at all. But, anyways.


I agree with most of what is being said except the libraries. Usually, there's not really any people at the libraries I go to.  Maybe around three times every week, and I'm usually not there to meet anybody.  I guess it depends WHERE that library is, but overall this is pretty handy to know.

you don't need to actually COMMENT to get a credit

I role-play in my own way.  I usually decide to do my own thing and when someone comes along I talk to them and act the way that I want to.  This really helps me role-play because I really like to play the part of the random adventurer and finding other random people really helps me do that.

In my perspective, you don't actually pick a place to RP since it can happen anywhere. Plus, you can't really choose when to RP since you'll be depending on other people for that, heh.

Agreed, but there are certain locations that are conducive to the intitiation of RP, be it because of the nature of the location (e.g. temple) or simply the fact that lots of people tend to congregate there.

rping is good in a temple too.


This article was hilarious.  Keep up the good work!

I feel that I roleplay a Druid rather well and just hang out in my trees 90% of the time when I'm not working on something.

As a strong roleplayer, I find myself falling into where one of Naidia's profession would reside, and think of how which places could enrich the character and tell of story of what they do on a daily basis. The Taproom I find, is a place can serve to be educational in the way on some days it could be treated as a philsophical parlor, or to reflect on the political dealings of a certain city.These places for me at least have some sense of togetherness, where you meet friends on a day-to-day basis, or simple can what some other characters develop while your working on duties and such.


Houses can be used for entertaining guests, throwing big dinner parties ect. but I find that they are mostly for asthetic.


Thanks for the article.

haha good read! keep them coming

You can also do things like invite org-mates to come and meet with you, whether it's for tea, alcohol, eviscerating some random orphan, or whatever else!

This was a very interesting article and I will keep it in mind when RPing. Thanks for writing it and keep writing.

Yes thanks

I think the hardest place to roleplay is in a bar. Unless of course you're not drinking. But you can always just stand at the back seeking the man who killed your father. Revenge!

I quite like to just hang around gathering places like the aetherplex or someones nexus. Often you get people prepared to either deliver a sermon or get something started (good or bad depending on if they are enemies).  You never quite what you will find.

Religious areas are a great place to roleplay as well. In Lusternia, in the city of Celest, we have a special statue that when you 'kowtow' it it will send you a neat little message. We also have a Cathedral that is nice to do some roleplaying in, because it represents everything the city does.

I think people underestimate that stuff!

Ahh, fun times in an inn, fun times.

Role-playing is fun in the trees, I always liked being up in the trees.

That does sound very cool. If only I could start a fight, win, then smash the place up afterwards...

Just find yourself a nice little cave on the side of the road, and become a monk. Or a creepy hermit...

I find anywhere that has less foot track is the best. I hate RP'ing where people can just come and go.


i haven't been paying attention because I've never seen a laboratory in Achaea.

Yea crowd gathering place is awesome


What lab?

In my bed.

The city square is the best place.

Forums should be added too! no better RP than in forums!

I think the main gathering areas in each city are definitely the best.

Gathering spots in city and house halls.

city gates and battlements get a lot of action too. Alchemist empower, soldiers prepare next strategy, runes are sketched and gossips from all over Sapience spread

I've roleplayed in mountains more than I have some of these places. D:

Then again, I am roleplaying a monk-in-training, so I guess it fits? 

#5 makes me laugh