Online Text Adventures: Gaming With Your Girlfriend

Text Games with Girlfriend

By Tony Celentano

Here's a scenario that might sound a little close to home; your girlfriend doesn't like first person shooters, mysteriously forgets how to use an Xbox controller when you pick the game, and paying two MMO subscriptions is kind of silly when she alt-tabs between the game and FarmVille while you're getting mauled by ogres. And for PC gamers, who can afford to build two gaming rigs?

Yeah, I've been there. And trust me, she's never going to appreciate that bad guy's head exploding into millions of bloody, gorgeously rendered pixels as much as you do.

My girlfriend loves what she calls "clickity-clickity" games, which is anything fromAge of Mythology to Plants Vs Zombies. We had fun playing Spore together, or rather, taking turns adding naughty bits to our creatures. But eventually I get bored because I like to hop between games, often. A one hour gaming session for me consists of 20 minutes of Grand Theft Auto, a couple rounds in Battlefield and some Tony Hawk.

Luckily, we both like reading and watching Netflix. We like to find a movie and then count down "!" as we try to get both computers playing the same movie at the same exact time. Which really works, because we both love playing online text games, so we can watch the movie while we go raid some villages in the text game world (if you've never played an online text game and watched Netflix, it's something I highly recommend any couple should do, as it eliminates the dilemma of 'games-or-TV' entirely).

Online text games are exactly that - they're just MMOs without graphics. Some people say they're like those choose-your-adventure books where you turned to page 76 if you wanted to take the stairs or page 45 for the elevator, but that description barely does text games justice. Perhaps you're thinking "text games sound so lame, why don't they have graphics, blah blah".

No, dude, hear me out for a second. They're addicting like you wouldn't believe. It's like, imagine if the different cities in World of Warcraft were actually run by the players. All the stores you shop in are player owned. The shirt and pants you bought were designed by another player. All those houses along the street, players bought and actually live in. We're talking about a fully functioning persistent world with player-held elections, a real economy that fluctuates based on the actions of the players, and developers that actually care about their product and interact with it.

A $300 graphics card, i7 processor and 8gb of RAM... it doesn't matter, my imagination blows any graphics out of the water. And the developers of text games know that, so they're able to take advantage of it and implement mechanics that graphical game engines wouldn't be able to handle. Imagine how much your framerate would drop if you had 200 people on the screen with explosions and magic spells and bodies flying everywhere. I think your game would probably crash, bro. But text games are able to handle those kinds of scenarios... and decapitating someone is so much more satisfying in a text game because it's not the same animation you've seen over and over again.

So next time you can't figure out what game to play with your girl, give text games a try. She'll have fun designing clothes, gossiping with her gals and influencing city politics while you're out mercilessly slaughtering foes on the battlefield, and then when you get back from raiding another city you can both go sailing together to quest and explore distant islands.

Disclaimer: This is a humorous article, and does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Iron Realms Entertainment, or even necessarily Tony himself. 


If you have 99 problems and a girlfriend IS one, check out some quality text adventures and see if they could be a solution!

Tony Celentano is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from

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Nice suggestions, and the lyric steal at the end was placed wonderfully! And yes, this is now definitely put on my to-do list.

im trying to get the free credits and i dont know how, please help me out (the one that says COMMENT CREDITS )

You just got 'em.

My wife was never really into games, but they have always been a big part of my life. I have been playing text based games for a few years now, but my wife never could "get" the appeal and thought I was wasting my time. At the time we shared a laptop as a single computer family, so when we got another laptop I eventually managed to get her to try Midkemia with me. She rolled an Eledhel and so I rolled an Eledhel alt to help her through the beginnings. We were lucky that two of the elders were about to get married and there was a big ball going on which my wife loved. After 30 minutes or so we were both quite tired as it was late so we shut off the computers and went to sleep.
I went to work the next day and thought nothing more of it, however when I returned home, she had been playing it most of the day. Roll forward a year and my wife is on the Elder council as the city leader, second in command within an order, running her own store selling her own designs and absolutely loving every minute of it along with all the drama.
The game has really brought us closer as it has given us a common subject to talk about and unwind with. Its great to play together.

Yes! I am his wife! I absolutely love playing these games with him and it's like I gained a hobby, I never was one for gamer nerd rage and I was a bit of a bully when it came to I can't not log on every day, even when I do rage QQ, I want to thank my husband for introducing me to the game and it is lovely getting to talk with him about it and having him help me.

Ahhhh, was trying to figure this out before scrolling down. I should have known. I've even heard the story before. :>

I enjoyed reading your story, guys!

Girls are dumb and only play things for the pretty pictures right? No. I am sick of this! Dangit, there is no secret to making women play games, we're already here. It's not like women have some secret anti-game lobe in their brain, constantly sending out waves of fun-hating hormones, and they're also not born with some sort of recessive X-chromosome specific blood disease that makes you suddenly not understand game controllers.


Plenty of women already play text games. No one needs to show us the light or trick us into realizing they're fun. How about you suggest a game to your girlfriend the same way you'd suggest it to a guy: "hey, how about you try playing this? It's fun!" Believe you me, women and men both tend to respond to text games in the same way the first time they hear about them.


"So next time you can't figure out what game to play with your girl, give text games a try. She'll have fun designing clothes, gossiping with her gals and influencing city politics while you're out mercilessly slaughtering foes on the battlefield"

You are killing me here. Killing me.

You're secretly a man, aren't you?


It's a tarp!

Reminds me of Austin Powers... IT'S A MAN!!! Not that I think you are, Phoebus. But the few people I've met IRL who've also played MUDs have been dudes. :/ Though I guess there was this one girl who at least seemed to really understand the appeal...

As Tony's girlfriend, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have a brain and I'm not just attracted to pretty flashy clickity type games.    I don't play first person shooters because after about 40 minutes of the running from one place to another I end up feeling seasick from the constant motion.  Plus, there are some things I firmly believe I wasn't supposed to be desentized to (blowing off of other people's heads - we're fed enough violence on the news).  


Tony and I met on a Text game, became friends, then fell in love.   I can guarantee this would have never happened in Killing Floor.  I was not tricked into the game, wasn't lured or even cajolled.  Tony suggests other games all the time, I give them a try and then give them up in accordance with his ever-shifting attention span.   The game we always come back to is Achaea, and probably always will be so long as Achaea exists.    We also have completely different characters and gameplay, so even when we're in the game, we're not attached at the hip, we're doing our own thing but we're doing it together.  So yes, while he's off slaughtering groups of people, I'm more than likely off running an Order, playing the politics game, and on the rare occassion even gossiping and chatting with my girlfriends.   


Achaea offers something for everyone, unlike graphical games, which makes it an ideal game to play with your significant other, and I believe -this- was the point of Tony's article.  

So say "your significant other", not "your girlfriend", and don't make a half-hearted attempt to appeal to some imaginary (I hope.) target audience by vaguely referring to how lame girls are when it comes to games all the time. I am getting really sick of articles like "get your girl to play this game", "why games are better than girls", etc. If you take a look at the population for most IRE games, it's pretty evenly split between men and women. There is absolutely no need to try to perpetuate this stereotype that women somehow have less of an interest in these games.


Signed, a girl who plays text games, whose boyfriend also plays them, who designs, is active in politics, AND breaks heads when she feels like it.

No girl I have ever dated has gamed. I must be doing it wrong. Le sigh...

It's good to have different interests, too! I guess it depends on how big a part of your life gaming is. It can break down some relationships and build up others, depending on level of investment/participation.

Get out there. You just don't know!

Completely right! 

I'm doing it completely right!

Every girl I have ever met who plays games like more violent games than I do, except those who were sure of the fact that liking violent games will make them somehow less feminine. Personally I really like slow games, preferably with a good history, political and tactical elements. Violence for violence sake does little to impress me. I am male, I never hunt, I focus on influence if anything and I never PK. I spend most of my time in MUDS in politics, writing books, watching plays, idle chit-chat with other player and sometimes designing.

I don't know, from my perspective it seems like the whole "boys are more inclined to like violent games than girls are" is just a die-hard myth, and a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in most cases. I think it's more of a personal thing what kind of games individuals like and that gender does not play as big a role as people think. At least until the thought is ingrained into peoples head that it does play as big as role as people think.


"One is not born a woman, one becomes one."
- Simone de Beauvoir


We seem to have the exact opposite experience in that I have yet to meet girls who like violent games, though I do know a whole bunch of girls who like violent and dark stories which makes me wonder why they don't get violent games.

I suppose the "boys are more inclined to like violent games than girls are" is indeed a self-fulfilling prophecy since I know my sister was brought up by my parents saying things like "violence is bad and for boys. You need to be elegant...".

But back on topic, I've been having a hard time convincing people to even start the game so getting over the wall of text - regardless of gender - so that might say something about how text isn't just as attractive as visuals for a start.


My first boyfriend may have gotten me into text games, it was not because I was obsessed with facebook gaming or other little flash games, but because he knew I played games religiously and he figured I would like the flexability that the game would offer. The biggest issue I have with this article is that it does stereotype women and keeps to the die hard myth of women don't play video games unless they're cutesy, if I handed my Xbox 360 or PS3 to my current boyfriend he would lag severely behind me in gaming because he doesn't hold the same interest as I do. 


What I'm trying to say, stop promoting the stereotype. Generally, you've got a good point of introducing a SO to games such as MUDs because they might enjoy it, but keep it as an SO, not just the girlfriend.

Uh, I assumed that he said 'girlfriend' because he was a guy, whereas if a girl has written the piece, it would have been 'boyfriend'. Not because girls can't play games. It was obviously written kind of tongue-in-cheek, too...

It is more specifically the last paragraph that kinda irks me, personally:

"So next time you can't figure out what game to play with your girl, give
text games a try. She'll have fun designing clothes, gossiping with her
gals and influencing city politics while you're out mercilessly
slaughtering foes on the battlefield
, and then when you get back from
raiding another city you can both go sailing together to quest and
explore distant islands."

I think the article was written tongue-in-cheek and towards guys who have girlfriends that don't like violent games. Obviously there are chicks that dig shooters and violent games, but it's a small ratio, even in Achaea there aren't that many female PKers. And most of the female chars that PK turn out to be dudes IRL. There are chicks that PK and play shooters and are really kickass and would pwn dudes.


Conclusion: I don't think the message of the article was "chicks suck at games", I think it was saying "if you have a girly-girl girlfriend and cant get her to play shooters, try text games".

This guy hit the nail on the head... That's exactly what the author of this article was trying to convey.

Reading this article, and imagining how many hours I wasted trying to teach my girlfriend how to play CoD without getting sniped every 5 seconds... Then I went and tried to get her into text-based MMO's.



Both failed. Miserably. 

My girlfriend didn't play many video games before we were together. She watched me play Imperian for a while. Once she started to figure out what was going on, she got interested--and now she's a higher circle than I am! We sometimes play other games together (like Baldur's Gate), but most of our gaming time is spent on Imperian. We can play while we work on essays or while we're watching TV, so it works out for us.

hahahaha same happened to me... 

Relax, there was no harm done in writing a slightly...if patronising to some women, post.


As my hubsand Zac said (and we met in a pub, not on line) he introduced me to the game so I could understand what was so addicting about it, I was actually into playing other games at the time, one of them I was highly addicted to, but for the life of me I can no longer remember, because I have played MKO so much! ha! I learnt to play the game for myself, I got a city leader position by MYSELF, infact I got many positions in game, all on my own, then I got even better at it than my husband and he RAGE QUIT! We never used to play with eachother IG, maybe we would go hunting with eachother now and again, but my character is married to someone else IG A FAKE MARRIAGE, I don't take pleasure out of it irl, not when I have my doting husband to me and our daughter, but yes, that fact that we have something in common is wonderful, nothing wrong with it at all, but I also know that I don't need some overly large stance in life saying 'I don't need you to show me how to play a text game!' so what if you do? There are more important, larger things in life that you will be good at, that you do all by yourself and you're independant when it comes to it, I take pride in being an excellent mother to our child and if my husband helps me out on a text game then whoopdedo! it's just not that important of a matter to me, because it's just a game and it won't take you places in life, but it will give you one hell of an enjoyment out of it, depending on how much you enjoy the game!




I'm a big fan of the "everything I can do, women can do better" camp, so I always figure the big challenge of getting a woman to like a text game is the same as getting a guy to like a text game - you have to get them to see past the wall of text and into the awesome world beyond. Still, I think it would be fun to be able to play the game with a girlfriend (though I could see it causing some strife).

What wall of text? I can't see it ;-)


My ex-girlfriend and I also met on an online game, but I never could get her into achaea or other text based games. So my point is, IRE games aren't for everyone.

I loved the article, now if only I could get my significant other to play!

Eww.  Girls.

my girl friend has been playing for over 4 months. Its still odd >>

What if your significant other doesn't like games that much, and dislikes reading more?  And then, it is hard to explain the game to them, and they just don't understand why you even play it at all.  I have had so much trouble with text based gaming and relationships, and my best advice is just to put away the game while they are there, because often times, ignoring them for it is just bad.

I would be in heaven if there was some secret way I could get my hubby to play and like Achaea. I've been a gamer since my dad introduced me to 2nd Ed D&D when I was 13 (20 years ago!). My hubby...not a gamer and nearly anti-'geek' as he calls us. He'll play football and wrestling on the PS2/3/Wii, but only sometimes and he quickly gets bored of even them. I of course "spend way too much time on that 'stupid' game" and it annoys the crap out of him. Sometimes I just want to tell him that games came way before he did and they'll likely still be there long after him, lol. But that doesn't make for ending the argument.

I once tried to teach him how to play D&D during his 'I'll give it the benefit of the doubt' phase, but he never made it passed making a character...said it was too much work. Ah well, if pigs start flying somewhere let me know so I can see if a miracle will happen and he'll get hooked on text games!

One of the nice things about these games is that all the REALLY boring overhead that comes with D&D (spell lists, stat rolls, class/race selection, skill/feat allocation, etc., etc.) can either be done for you (race determines your character's stats, your class determines your spells, feats, and skills), can be taught in-game (Lusternia has a college system to help teach you about your city/commune and its guilds, and a very active Newbie channel generally willing to help get even the most confused of newbies pointed in the right direction.), or can be introduced over time as opposed to right away (you generally won't need armour or curatives until after the newbie area(s), which also helps to introduce questing and teach bashing (and influencing in Lusternia!) mechanics), which all help to cut down on the 'too much work' aspect, and the overwhelming amount of information the average player needs to know in D&D (and God save you if you play a class like wizard or fighter in D&D, those take a lot to get just so.)


In these sorts of games though, you can get by without knowing that level of detail. It's literally "Enter command > Things die" for the first bit. No level progressions to worry about, no manually rolling stats or worrying about THAC0 (AC in 3.5) or whether or not you made a save. Things happen, you react, or you act, things happen in a predictable, straightforward manner. (As long as it's not designed by Elostian, anyway.) Lessons give predictable rewards at predictable intervals, afflictions are cured the same way each time, and given the same way each time, and you'll be eased into those, since there is literally no way to FORCE a player into combat before they lose Innocence and even after, most players will respect that a person is a newbie and back off after one conflict, if that, with a new player.


In short: MUDs are sometimes easier to pick up than table-top games, so it might be worth a shot.

I think someone should do an article about how to get boys / men into MUDs. Just to have the right balance of humour going. 

Although I never have have played with a significant other, I think it could be fun:)


I'm totally the girlfriend in this one. Well, besides when I played WoW with my significant other, I never alt tabbed out.

What I like about IRE games is they are very gender-balanced with lots of strong male and female characters. I put this down to the diversity of things to do in the game - as long as you have an imagination, anyone can find things to pique their interest!

I think the big issue with people not understanding the appeal of games like Lusty and Achaea is, and I apologize to who it offends beforehand, intelligence. Frankly, you really can't be dumb and play these games. They're actually at least slightly challenging, mentally, in some shape or form, whether it be grasping combat, figuring out quests, or learning how to get from point a to point b. Anyone can enjoy CoD. Bang bang, guy dies, respawns. These are deeper, and that's why I love them.

I meet idiots all the time in MUDs, whether they be low on social or intellectual intelligence.

I don't recall Lusty being any different.

Frankly, you really can't be dumb and play these games.

I usually tend to muti-task gaming and watching tv, or better to say have tv playing on the background. Especially in quiet games or Mudds, its nice to have something in a background especially to divert your attention from time to time if your occupied with an boring/long dialogue or quest.

while it is nice and convienent to share a game with your partner the potential for IC drama bleeding into your real life is far to great. I have better luck with girls who look at Achaea and say "what the hell is that?"

I met my significant other through Achaea

Text games are the best for those with imaginaton. Those without it don't last no matter if they are male or female. However, I think the point was well made that in some cases it is easier to get your girl to play a text game over a graphical one. The depth and emotional aspects are certainly an attractor. All streotypical comments aside, if she has imagination and likes to watch netflix and spend time doing what he wants to do as well it is a perfect mix.

Psh. What girlfriend? >.>

... I also am becoming rather tired of the ongoing "lawl girls don't play games" theme in these articles. Yes, it's intended to be humorous, but I should like to point out that this type of (potentially insulting) humor is more likely to reinforce negative stereotypes at best, and drive people away from IRE games at worst. I can think of at least four friends of mine who, if they should see and read this article or the others like it, would immediately refuse to play, no matter how hard I've been trying to encourage them to try Lusternia. That's two men and two women, by the by - an even split.


I also rather dislike the fact that we are being incentivized to Digg articles that we might otherwise ignore or declaim. A number of the past articles were interesting and respectful. Furthermore, they were useful discussions about playing a MUD for the first time, or how to expand on a character concept for roleplay. The series about the differences between the various IRE games was also helpful in guiding players toward the game they would best enjoy. The trend toward silly but otherwise useless articles is unfortunate.

The idea of playing with a boyfriend/girlfriend is cute, but I purposefully kept an ex from knowing too much about Achaea because I didn't want him to want to start playing with me. Which is good because now that he's an ex, I really wouldn't want to see him on Achaea. He can stick to his own games!

She hated it...


People who don't play has a hard time understanding it the first times. Same for everyone I Suppose.

I got my girlfriend to play a couple months ago and it's been a lot of fun since. It's a little weird that our conversations have moved from "Did you hear that", "Did you see XKCD this week?" to "I killed Tanris" or "I have 500 ginseng now!" But it's nice to finally be able to share something I've spent a large number of years playing. Girlfriends+Achaea=Fun

This would be a lot of fun, but I'd imagine text games hardly have universal appeal. If only!

Stereotypes are alive and well, hooray? But I agree with the sentiment that MUDs can and should be shared with friends.

Yes, games are always more fun when they're shared with friends. Be they female, male or a bit of both. And I agree with the suggestion that they work in the reverse direction, too - friendships can always benefit from a bit more common ground.

Yes, MUDs go into depth far further than any graphics game in the market, but they could go further. When the day comes that theres a free online MMORPG with the depth of a MUD, Text Games will lose one of their primary arguments. Still, I believe MUDs will never truely die. Even when the people that lived in the age of 56kbps modems have all moved on to the text game in the sky, there will still be their children, and their grand children(muahahah) to hopefully continue on the craze that is text gaming

My fiance is the one that loves the killing sprees and fancy '3d' graphics.

Given that I've met most of my exes and my S.O in IRE games, I don't think the 'trying to get someone else to play games with you' thing really applies to me. :(

I WOULDN'T want my signifigant other playing a MUD with me. She'd figure out how big of a strange person I am...


Hey, I brought my husband to play after first trying out the game. It was really addictive for me, so I invited (persuaded) him to play with me. Now we're both equally in love with text-based-games. Among other games we play together. :)

Personally my wife has no interest in text based games, in her words "what's the point". Now as for being a woman that is what you may say "girly" as this article would describe, she is nit. She'll blow a dudes head off with a gnasher just the same in gears of war.

Unlike me, the person (guy friend) I introduced to IRE MUDs came here for the bashing, the designing of clothes, and the immersive political sphere. Guess what! Girls aren't restricted and relegated to being clothes designer and stuff. And what more. I'm glad I got him influenced so he could enjoy what I have been for ages.

Apparently my son (in game) and his wife (in game) are something of an item in real life too. Text games even bring people together, isn't that sweet!

just do what you gotta do


but take caution! Seventy-five percent of gamers are male, and the market generally targets that specific audience. If you're wondering why not a lot of women do not find games interesting, that's probably your reason right there. Generally, text games have a more even distrubtion of genders, so perhaps one might find something for both girls and boys to enjoy.

This article starts off with a rant from the author about women and video games. I thought it was going to set-up why women would want to play a MUD, but really it just spun off into why anyone would like it - Better RP, low system requirements, etc. Then near the end there is the sexist remark that women would enjoy the game for fashion design and gossiping at the city gates. I'm not sure what you were going for here.

Maybe the article is a little bit sexist. Maybe not. Who cares? Text games rule

To me, it's a myth... *weep*

I for one thought it was a funny article and don't see why people are getting so snippy about it. And guess what? I am a girl too! I love the Iron Realm games, been playing them for years now. I grinned and even laughed at some of the things written in the article. I can tell you for certain there are just some games that I don't like the shoot 'em up games. Let's see run around killing people on games like Hitman or go steal everyone's stuff and sell it to fences as a khaajit thief on Oblivion: Elder Scrolls? Or go kill darkspawn and steal people's stuff on DragonAge Origins? Hmm, choices choices...yeah, I will go for Oblivion or DragonAge over Hitman anyday. (Yes, my characters tend to be little kleptos even if I am not.) The wonderful thing about text games? Like Tony said in the article it's not the same animation over and over...which can get pretty boring over time.

So can girls like shoot-em-up-kill-everything-in-sight games? Yep, sure can.

Do we need to get our panties in a bunch over n article that, while maybe sounds a bit patronizing to women, is really meant to just give a humorous take on finding a game that you and your girlfriend are going to enjoy? No. So put on your big girl panties and quit being weinies over a simple article on the internet.

My better half always makes fun of me whenever she sees me in a text game. But then again, she doesn't like games in general, so meh...

Personally I think text games are my little sanctuary. For the most part, I don't want people especially a girlfriend to know about how often I am fiddling at work in Lusternia or one of the other games.

Beyond that, there is a speed learning curve and I am not sure I can real with one of my real life friends and explaining and getting them up to speed.

I suppose it may be different if you decide to bring them along in the beginning.

Clearly it was written tongue-in-cheek as other people have suggested. I'm not saying this is the most useful article IRE has published, but it's not meant to be taken as seriously as half of the commentors have done.

I tried to get my girlfriend to play texts based games with me before.  She laughed at me and called me a dork.  Even now she rips on me everytime she sees me playing it so I have to play in the secrecy of my own room without her knowing.  At least she doesn't know that I bought credits...hehehe....

There's a very large number of people that have met as a result of Aetolia alone, I couldn't imagine how many couples have formed along the entire IRE playerbase. While some of the bits in the article may come off as a little sexist, I'm pretty sure it was mostly supposed to be funny.

Just a few words: I totally agree in what you say that Text based games ARE addictive ((Paragraph 6)). I'd say I need a life, when I always have my mom on me about how often I'm on the computer, and playing Lusternia. Maybe I should take a break >_>

My wife loves gaming almost as much as I do and she was into RPG's before we even met so it works out great. We both game together frequently or if I'm playing one game she's over on another. She hasn't gotten into Achaea yet due to it having a lot of PVP but will often play on another MUD if I'm in Achaea. She IS sometimes guilty of getting into the 'clicky' Facebook games as well, though. :) The gender population in MUDs seems pretty well split unlike what you'd see in FPS or other frat-boy type games.

Playing Aetolia with a girlfriend wouldn't be a problem, seeing as I met her through Aetolia.

/rant ...I'm going to be absolutely honest, no matter how hard I tried, my wife will never be a gamer, and yes, she tried playing an MUD with me, and got so bored so fast, it was rediculous, so when shes not home, I get Lusternia time, otherwise, she abhors the idea of these or any games for that matter. /end rant

I'm the gamer in the relationship (currently juggling three MMOs, one of which is text based), where as my husband's gaming days ended when video games began incorporating plots beyond "dodge the barrels and kill the ape to save the girl".  As much as I've tried talking him into joining me, I'm not really sure I'd want him to.  I already spend more time on the computer than I should.  If we were both in the habit, I get the feeling nothing would ever get done around here.

Besides, there are some people out there that, no matter how hard you try or how you spin it, will never see your pet pastime through your eyes.  All of us fall into that category from time to time, I think.  In my case, my husband has been trying to get me into comic books for years, and despite all the rambling he has done on the topic (like reciting entire story lines from memory over the course of an evening when all I wanted to do was open the wine and watch the movie), you could probably count the number of X-Men I'm familiar with on one hand.

My husband and I met playing Achaea- found out we lived in the same county; maybe an hour away from each other. Now I stick to Achaea, he went to Imperian and now to Midkemia. Most of our time together is spent playing our games or taking care of the kids. Sometimes he plays Achaea to goof off with me, but it's still all fun. We talk about changes to the games (since I played Midkemia when it first came out and he likes popping into Achaea), drama that's going on, events and the like. 

Ok, very amusing at best. First off and foremost, just because someone -is- female doesn't mean they do not enjoy the blood and guts of a raid or the thrill of a chase to kill someone who just made a stupid attempt on you for something like theft or whatnot. I have to say that from a feminine standpoint, I quite enjoy the thrill of chasing someone down to kill them and quite enjoy the occasional raid. Not all girls are created equal, and not all of us are so girly and like the ribbons and gossip. If you truly believe this, you don't deserve to have a gal to play any games with. Open your eyes up and look beyond what most women very well may be and find a lady as diversified as the games that you play and you may find out that some women enjoy the same things you do. I met my fiance playing a text based game, and we both enjoy combat and actually spend time fighting one another in the arenas and such together, as well as in raids and defence parties. We both love it!

Sure, finding a female on the games is easy, if you can tell between the G.I.R.L. and the girl. But actually having one from the same country as you is a privilige that I don't think I will so easely have. the need for perfect english, with the addiction and imagination.. and the basic computer skills.. It's something rarely seen here.

I liked reading this article. The last bit made me laugh, but I got kind of sad too :(. I'm a girl but I had the hardest time trying to get some of my friends to try Lusternia with me, both boys and girls. None of them ended up sticking with it because they prefered first person shooters and such.


Don't get me wrong though, I love CoD, DA, Fable, Zelda, WoW and all that. But I like the roleplay you can have in Lusternia/IRE games. Not much else out there like it. The shopowning and designing is a lot of fun, too. Challenging most times.

I feel at peace, now that I've seen this article.  It's perfect for my fiancee and I.~  'Nuff said. I just about beamed, brightly at the comment about the Netflix + Text RP bit.


If only I could get my girlfriend to play Achaea with me. She hates it, really, really hates it. Achaea causes allot of tension between us when I'm playing it. At the moment I haven't got the time, which makes her happy and even when I do have the time I have to be very careful not to put the game before our relationship. RW stuff is always more important than in-game stuff. If only I could get her to see the beauty and creativity of MUDing, both our lives would be much much easier. :)

Is great. She can't yell at me to stop playing computer games and spend more time with her.

Wouldn't this lead to HELP SECONDS abuse issues?

My main character is a Priest and my girlfriend's main character is a high-ranking Mhaldorian. We live together IRL and respect eachothers roleplay and I've never asked her to share information with me and vice versa. We have alts that will run around and bash with eachother though.

It's all a matter of keeping IC and OOC knowledge separate. *I*, the player, know a lot of information about certain factions (houses, cities, players themselves) that only one or two of my multitude of characters would know, and I keep my OOC knowledge separate. What one character knows, another character wouldn't know without learning it ICly. Like how to get into the Serpentlord Estate (because, yes, I--the player--know how) or how to sail or do anything with ships.. how to get to Meropis by sea or by foot, how to get to places in the Tundra... If someone wants to take one of my un-knowledgable characters on a trip to somewhere in the tundra that *I* know how to get to, but my character does not, I naturally never lead, or if I lead, I intentionally get totally lost. 


Of course, having played Achaea for more than 4 years, I know that there are a LOT of people who play, who can't remember not to cross that IC/OOC boundary.


I've really never understood or liked this.  A world like this will have maps and so on. If you're not playing your first character, but your second, third, fourth, twentieth, then you'll have some knowledge.  Quests will be easier, etc.


Obviously I don't want to see everyone becoming champions of Caer Witrin, so there's certain things "your character" should figure out on their own, but things like cures, shards, etc.?  Just sidestep the whole pretending to be a novice thing.  I'm getting around it by waiting to join a House until my char is old enough to have to petition, this time.

Quite frankly I'm glad my bf doesn't play Achaea. I can escape to my little world I've bounced around in for nearly a decade whilst he plays his games and we're happy. If he started invading my space and asking me noob questions it'd annoy me a great deal. That'd most likely be the case if I bugged him about the xbox.

Relationships need different interests, games is ours. Everything else we share, like raising our son, movies, shopping etc.

If he came to Achaea, I'd eat him :D

Baaaah, baaaah, what's that?  It's much easier to just date small furry animals.


The reason I play Aetolia is because of my boyfriend, he got me into it. We really enjoy playing games together, but sometimes we just can't agree on two player game we want to play. Aetolia fixed that, even though our chars are not often together, we are still able to play the game in our own way. :) 

Aha.. great article. I'd have to say.. first time I started playing, it was a little overwhelming. I'm still trying to get my girlfriend to start playing.. but all beginnings aren't that fast :)

The wimmins don't exactly jump at the chance to play games sometimes, mine looks at me like I'm crazy heh.

Well, you sold me.  Oh, wait.  I'm already an addict. :D

First I need a girl, then I'll worry about having her game with me.


My girlfriend and I are already doing this, playing Aet together. Coincedentally, we met via the IRC of Aet and got together, starting playing together, and such. Aetolia >

My wife enjoys gaming almost as much as I do. I married a sexy geek. She played Achaea with me for a while, we used to play D&D regularly, Magic: The Gathering every Wednesday night, etc. More Xbox games now than anything, though.

Once, when me and my girlfriend were forced to be away from eachother for some time, I set up a TinyMush server with the two of us as admins and we built ourselves a castle. It was absolutely amazing, and we had a way better time than, say, talking on a chat client.


Two years later I got her a cute usb stick as a gift, and put the server on it. We don't play it anymore, but she loved the idea of keeping the whole castle with her

So much better than the "games vs. girls" post that went up previously.

Love this article.

It's a really cool bonus having the ability to chat about anything MUD-oriented with my RL partner - doubly so with him having equal knowledge and experience (totally by chance) with the game. It's also basically the only game we can turn to that provides a high level of interaction with one another in really diverse ways.

clickity clickity!

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it really is..

I tried this once, but got way too creeped up roleplaying with her from across a couch. Blargh.

My girlfriend hates that I even play this game, she tried it and it was a lot of "OOOOH killing pixies and catching butterflies, this is lame, not for me"

Achaea is a constant point of argument between me and my wife.

In my experience, men are just as likely to be graphics whores as women.

I've been trying to get my fiance (who is a pretty hardcore xbox player) to play Achaea for years now, on and off. 

I played with my ex. Was fun for a while. He's the one who got me into anyways.

My wife and I spent the weekend in Minecraft together.

Will you be able to move in?


I see how this can be a good thing.

I tried this both on Lusternia and MKO both times the woman got confused as she was trying to read flavor text scrolling faster then she could handle :S I recommend attempting it to those who haven't though! always worth a try

nice read