Online Text-Based RPGs: How To Have Fun In A MUD

Even the best of hobbies lose their shine after awhile, so check out this article for some tips on how to keep MUDs fresh!

By Rio Rivera-Young

An online text game can be a tough sale by even the most fanatic of followers. Many people don't see the appeal in a text-based RPG - such as the vibrant storytelling, the compelling characters, and the killer (excuse the pun) player-killing. So novices often ask, "What do we do to have fun?" For many veteran players, there inevitably comes a short period where the game has lost the luster it once held, so the same question arises in their minds: What makes text-based RPGs actually fun?

Interaction! When asked what first made their online text game experience fun, most players asked will recall a specific individual (or even a group of characters) who made the game as addictive and amazing as it is today. If there's a lull in your enjoyment, why not kick it up a notch? Here are several tried-and-true methods of increasing your interaction while having fun doing it!

Bring your citymates with you as you play. Oftentimes something as small as having company can turn a task, normally routine and mundane, into a completely new and fun experience. For example, many of the games by Iron Realms Entertainment offer bonuses to individuals who hunt with their citymates, and some player-controlled projects within cities offer additional rewards to those who hunt together. Exploration is another facet of MUDs where including other characters can be a boon - there are many things about an area which are not readily visible that other characters are privy to. And of course, there's always combat; travelling in groups will decrease the pool of characters who would consider jumping you, making for a safer playing environment on your own terms.

Reaching out to your organizations' enemies can really put a fun infusion into playing your favorite text game! In the various worlds, there are city-states, nations and villages all in constant states of conflict; if you're only interacting with the people on your own axis, you're missing out on whole avenues of roleplay. There is a myriad of ways that enemy roleplaying can go, so let me highlight two.

Firstly, there is the common banter between enemies. There are very few characters who will admit defeat in a battle of wit, so a good goal of bantering with your enemy is to establishing your character's voice and attitude. That way, you further your name as a solid, well-roleplayed character, while playing with individuals who are used to a different climate of interaction. An important thing to remember, however, when bantering with enemies, is that there is still a player behind the keyboard -- you should be aiming for them to enjoy the scenario just as much as you are.

Another way to roleplay with your enemies is an attempt at conversion. Not for the faint of heart (or those who are new at the ideology they are attempting to preach), conversion requires an enormous amount of time and effort. Preconceived notions from out-of-character resources must be dispelled, immersing the opposing player in the faction which you represent. Oftentimes this is reserved for when your character has established a name for itself, to improve the impression that one makes; however, why not try to make your name this way, by doing what do few others try to do?

When it comes down to it, online text games are multiplayer games. If you're not interacting with others, that can definitely be a cause of decreased enjoyment! So if you're looking for a way to revamp your online text game experience, get out there, in a literal sense!

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I am often the only member of my guild while I am connected.

When you are experienced, it is not a problem, but it can be boring when you are a newbie !


I just talk to myself.

I really doubt conversion is going to be successful

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