Online Text Games: Three Ways To Make Bank

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By Seth R. Cooke

One of the most interesting aspects of most online games is the economy. It takes gold (or whatever the currency may be) to buy equipment, supplies, and possibly upgrades or other trinkets for your character. By effectively making gold, one is able to access these benefits and enjoy greater benefits than those who do not know how to make gold quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps the most common way to gain gold is to quest. In most games, completing certain actions will yield a reward of gold, or other valuable items that may be sold to get gold. Figuring out these quests can vary in difficulty, from extremely difficult to something as simple as fetching an item. A good rule of thumb is that the difficulty of the quest is directly proportional to the reward. You won't be making millions fetching a housewife's broom for her, for instance, but you should expect a decent reward if you hunt down and slay a dragon.

Being a good quester entails a few key techniques. In most text games, GREETing denizens will get a response of some sort, so make sure to greet everyone you meet. Try to listen to what they say, and ask about key words. For instance, if you stumble across a goblin cursing his bad luck, perhaps try asking what's wrong, or about the bad luck itself. From there, you may get more dialogue, which yields more key words.

Quests are mostly problem-solving, so make sure to keep your textual eyes and ears open for any chance to help someone. Try looking around to see if there is something strange in your room. If there is, try interacting with it through various means. Push, prod, poke, turn, whatever seems like it may work. The solution to quests usually aren't obvious, so paying attention and being willing to try different things increases your chances of successfully completing a quest. Once you solve it, writing down the solution isn't a bad idea. That way, should your gold ever run low, you can return and do the quest again to replenish your supply!

Beyond questing, there is bashing - or using in-character terminology in most games, 'hunting'. Killing NPCs is a great way to make gold in many MUDs because they often drop items or gold. It is much simpler than questing, though the rewards often take longer to accumulate. In addition, there is an inherent risk in this; the risk of death is present. Depending on the game you are playing, this may vary somewhat, but care should still be taken before embarking on a hunting trip. Ensure you have the proper supplies (potions, armour, weaponry) to fight the enemies, and perhaps bring a few friends along to ensure your survival. You will have to split the reward, but you will also be able to clear areas much faster with a few others helping you. Once an NPC is defeated, it will either drop the items it is holding or you will need to loot the corpse to retrieve whatever it has. Either way, you should be able to accumulate a fair amount of gold this way.

The final way, and perhaps the most dynamic, is to sell items. Even in a game where mobiles do not buy from players, other players may have interest in what you are selling. The key to this is to identify two basic principles - supply and demand. It is a basic economics concept, find what people want and how much of it there is. If you can find a way to make something that people want, then you make money. The rarer or harder to acquire the item it is, the more you can expect to make from selling it. Most games have some sort of crafting skill which allows you to make items. These items could potentially be sold to other players or mobiles, depending on their use. What can be sold will vary from game to game, so it's important that you look around and find out. This is probably the most difficult of the three techniques, however it is also the one with the greatest potential reward. Once you figure out what sells well, money will be simple to acquire.

The key to success in many competitions is having a large gold base to draw from. You will find it easier to buy gear, explore different areas, and your character will be able to enjoy much nicer things. By learning to quest, hunt and sell items effectively, you can enjoy all the benefits of great wealth in a timely and efficient manner.

Become an expert text economist in some of the most intricate and life-like text-based RPGs available today.

Seth R. Cooke is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from

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I have typically found that 'hunting' and selling corpses in Lusternia is a reasonably quick way to accumulate wealth. 

My favorite means to rake in the gold is by selling lottery tickets to other players during in-game events. Seeing as my chances are slim if I actually enter the drawing myself, I can be ascertained that I will make gold by selling them. Unfortunately, I tend to have difficulty figuring out the demand and equilibrium for sales.

First lottery I did, I won the grand price (15ish tickets entered if I recall correctly). Would have made far less if I had kept them. Granted, if you can only get a ticket or two per lottery, then it may indeed be better worth your while to sell them to other players.

:D !!!


markets can be manipulated - read the "gold vs dollar" article on this site for more info.

Now if I could only find someone in england who'll give me £20 per butterfly caught.....

Its a bull market

What a strange thing to say

he knows something we don't, obviously.


I think it's based on net value (sorry, the pun had to come)

I laughed. Sad but true.


Decent article, nothing too illuminating.

Indeed, the amount of particularly illuminating information is rather low.

Perhaps you can write one!

Is that really the best you can do? Not being a great chef means you can't actually tell if you like the meal?


Or two..


I expected a bit more, questin/bashing/merchant are pretty obvious money makers.

You can't expect them to expose some secret! I think these really are the three staple ways that exist to earn money, but I agree, having some insider ideas would have been nice.

More special insight is always welcome

Yes please! Pretty obvious otherwise.

if somebody reveals a quest for example with 5k payout, then that quest is going to be nerfed down to 1k or less, so better to keep your secrets.

this is very true, however, in some cases it SHOULD be "nerfed"

no one can keep a secret

Questing and fishing is all that needs to be said.

is such a try of patience


for monotonous activities!!!

it's actually a lot of fun...((insert own pole joke here))

i quest all the time

its's awesome!

might as well gamble!


start at 100 gold bet.  bet on red.  If you lose double your bet and bet on red again.

chances of it landing on black 10 times in a row is pretty unlikely!

Heh, I had a teacher make us prove how you lose more money w/ that system per hand.


Possibly, yes, but is it likely, you think?


It has been said that though it is random and theoretically should land on "x" a certain number of times since "y" just showed up the actual randomness is reset each time the game is reset.

Indeed, this is the gambler's fallacy.  Every throw of the die or spin of the wheel is a unique chance.  Over a sufficiently high number of tries, the probabilities will work tend torwards their statistical middle-point, but most people have neither the time or money to see it through to that extent.  It's entirely possible for 100 coin flips to land exclusively on heads, even if the statistics suggest that to be highly improbable.


I stay away from any gambling for just that reason.

But were you considering true randomness or pseudo-randomness? Pseudo-randomness has limitations that true random systems don't have!

Wouldn't be gambling for more money in the first place.

ya, very unlikely, but that is the reason why casinos are so successful


casinos just try to fool you!

It's not worth grinding for gold if you don't enjoy the activities you're doing - you make more working for an hour, at minimum wage, and buying credits, than grinding quests or bashing to do the same.


Only go grab gold when needed for a project


No need to feel ashamed for buying credits with $$. I personally can't fathom how someone could enjoy the grind... at least not for more than a little bit at a time.

The grind is what keeps me coming back. It relaxes me to just go out and slice through a few mobs and be done with it. Granted I don't see myself getting anywhere any time soon but still.


Hunting all the way. Questing isn't bad when you know the quest, but nothing beats hunting for me.

Hunting is the best gold

And you get to see the world

I agree


oh yeah

In Achaea, I did not find all that easy. I did some minor quests, but the land remains undiscovered. Hunting is a good way to raise some money, and I enjoy it a lot!

The faster you can move to one obscure place to the other the better off you are because other people have not done those quests/bashed those areas

Lusternia is great for giving abilities for getting around.


Seems so mindless and boring that I can't bring myself to do it

Questing is amazing, in Lusternia at least. If you enjoy puzzles and have a bit of persistence you'll probably like questing.

I found the larger Lusternian quests to be really nice and engaging ways to spend time in game.

In fact, I don't enjoy puzzles, maybe that's why I dislike questing

I just kill things to get gold

It works.


I myself prefer to kill things to get gold a few easy quests when they are available is a good thing now and again.

Honestly I don't have the patience to figure out most quests, so hunting is where I make most my gold. I sell concoctions/herbs occassionally if someone needs them and there aren't others around, but I don't make a business of it.

I used to have a shop which was a good income, but there's way too many shops in Aetolia for it to be worth the effort now.

Questing is my favorite way to get gold!

not always rewarding for the effort, but fun!

Questing and fishing are my favorite ways to get gold with hunting tied into sellable corpses coming in third which is a sort of quest. Though as someone earlier said buying credits would be much easier. I only make about 30k to 40k an hour when I grind, but that can get boring.

Hunting, questing, fishing, concoctions, shopkeeping, diving and more....

hunt hunt

Is there an echo in here?  Just hate getting jumped while hunting...YIKES.

Lusternia has a lot of options. Heaps of quests, mobs that sell for 500g each, begging from npcs. For some reason though, I hunt/influence the ones that don't drop anything

There is a multitude of ways to make gold

quest and kill things to get gold



I personally enjoy this aspect of the game the most.

Deepsea fishing, bashing, and charging people outrageous prices for things you barley paid for.  Questing who ever heard of that?

Selling coding skills is by far the best way to earn credits (i.e., combat systems).

ratting ratting

Hunting gets you three things: experience, gold, and essence for your Divine of choice. Win win win!



Not a really eye-opening piece

I have my falcon rat for me, while I sit and go AFK.

I have found that by numbing myself to the boredom of hunting the same place and doing the same quests over and over again,  I greatly increase my gold gain. I have yet to break the lethal habit of reading help files while bashing because I am bored, however.

article all good way of making gold

love to hunt. don't find it boring, I find it relaxing....perhaps my RL is way to complicated :-)

to make money. I stepped away for a while and when I came back all my vials and most of my eq had decayed. Thank the Lords for rats! I can almost afford to go hunting again...almost.


Questing is fun most of the times and gives you more gold.

No uh!

Fishing is my favorite way to make gold. Especially with friends.

It is a grind. If it is a grind you enjoy, it is fun. If you don't enjoy it, find something you do enjoy. ;)

I remember the butterflies were a good things to sell at some point in the past

Yay ratting! :D

You forget selling your text lovins

It seems easy enough (in Lusternia, at least) to go hunt for an hour a day, and net the gold that way.  Find places no one else goes, and the drops are great.

fishing is my favorite/easiest way to earn gold

fishing?  I agree!

Though it requires quicksilver pole and lure to be really effective.

Simple, and it, slowly, pushes me toward dragon. Not exactly at the top of my to-do list, but it's still something I'd like eventually.

It's a nice mix of questing while bashing (for the lucrative turn-in-corpse quests), and some fishing for when I get bored.

Questing is a good way to earn money. During the weekhunt for quest xp I made 1 million gold. :P

I can make 25k a day with a minimum of effort. If I didn't do anything else, I think 50k would be a reasonable amount.

A mixture of hunting, questing after any aggressive npcs are gone, then ending with fishing until they return.

As long as you're playing in general and doing something useful, I find that gold just..piles up!

I go hunting to gain experience and the gold just accumulates by itself really. I don't actively seek gold out. Questing I do enjoy because it allows me to explore new places and try new things I wouldn't have thought about beforehand - and you still get experience for completing it so it's a nice change once in a while.

I have to say I enjoy a mix, I hunt when needed, usually for essence, and the gold mounts up from that, if there is a lot of writing that needs done I might go deep sea fishing while I write. If there are new areas to explore, and there always are, I'll go questing.

In Lusternia selling esteem is another pretty good way of making money

No it isn't. 10 gold per esteem may have been good when credits were 4k, but it is horrible now.


Esteem is a nice side benefit from influencing, but it is just horrible gold.

here it's still bash / quest /assassin hits.

Best gold you can get, you just have to get to where you walk through bashing areas with little to no difficulty

Though you forgot selling credits.

though probably the easiest way of earning gold eh

Yes, that seems à good way to make money.

I prefer making my gold from hunting and questing, since I already enjoy doing these things. 


Prefered bashing over questing.

hunting and a few quests are good gold

Though apparantly I seem to be broke as a joke compared to most, I am very pleased with my bank account.

I like questing more than bashing, I find it more interesting, although the gain from bashing is probably more.

I'm as broke as a homeschooled homosexual schizophrenic rat with alzheimers.   ..... Kaleidescopic. Manacle. Fish taco. Crabby patty. 


a combination of hunting and questing.


Robbing people AFK?

The house always makes money.

Can be boring at times though.

Questing and influencing for me.


Not much to say other than great article!!

I wish IRE would implement an "advanced" economy in all its games. I'm speaking interest-bearing deposits, foreign exchange, etc... sooo far-fetched, mechanics-wise, but it'd be cool.


that would be cool

Everything gets boring after a while.

do it!


Bashing and gold questing for me.

I had gold..

Gold makes everything easier.

Banking credits.

that's all you need to know

kinda boring, but most rewarding, definitely.

mango bank

sell mango XD



definitely boring.  But unless you're putting in real $$$ to get credits to sell, it's easily the most reliable way to make gold in game.

Great article! That should cover most of the big ways to make gold. Even selling credits could fall under "selling items".

i like having crafting skills to sell things. Makes me feel involved in an actual world

you should try lusternia


I  agree with above in that hunting is a good way to make gold, but I really dont hunt for gold, I hunt for experiance. One can also pick up some easy extra gold from playing the credit market if one is smart. The right ship trade deal can be quite lucrative as well.

hunting combined with the right quests is the best. 

Besides tournaments and events.

the author's name sounds like a rapper's. or a pirate's.

both works!

Hunting to dragon and hunting some more.

Killing stuff for other 'stuff/denizens' Problem is, thats the stuff people like to kill anyways. Bashing has always been better than even deapsea fishing. Shiptrades I hear are nice.



renting a shop or buying one is hardly an option when it is so expensive or impossible to find a renter..

Hunting and questing. although storytelling brings in a steady stream

Yeah, bashing and fishing are pretty much the only option in Mko. Unless you intent to spam (read: abuse) a quest.

Every method of gold acquisition has one thing in common: they all induce boredom.

Hence why it's much more fun to mix things up once in awhile.

I have three bank accounts.

At high levels, bashing can be very efficant

even at medium levels bashing tends to outpace any other entirely ingame activity. People mostly assume the cash they're handed is their profit.



Simple enough

questing, and for a while there, Embers of larger sizes, but mostly questing



Because you not only get gold but you get experiance as well. Questing also offers experiance but hardly a significant amount.

But it doesn't offer much gold.

4. Take advantage of others.

I need to make some bank for sure.

But the gold takes so long for the squishy ones to get not squishy!


Bashing is still quite solid, and there are several quests to make gold. With achievements getting aspect is awfully easy.

that's just mean.

Press the winning bets. 

Credit comment.

credity commenting


not sure I agree that questing beats hunting for gold generation.  Unless you count basic corpse turn-ins as "quests".

If people count turning in a corpse as a quest, why not call finding something to kill and being down to picking up any gold a quest.

Lottery ftw

gotta love em!

My main money maker is actually powering the Generator and Pigeons. Pigeons because I spend most of my time in Hallifax so might as well and the Generator because it makes an awesome break from reading in the Library and helps the Collective.

questing actively, working the market passively,  

As much as I wish questing was worth the time in gold, bashing is just much more efficient, especially at higher levels. 

I wouldn't agree that the difficulty of the quest is directly proportional to the reward. Sure, you'll get more gold by doing one complex quest than one ordinary quest. But you can complete 10 ordinary quests in time it takes you to complete one complex quest, and in that way earn more money.

As for hunting, I don't find it very money productive by itself. The real money comes from sellings the corpses. Since you don't always know who will buy your corpses, I consider selling a corpse as a mini quest...

good artical

Probably the most lucrative way to make profit while still being able to think and do other things.

So far I have enjoyed a bit of hunting to make gold. I know it can be done with caravans but I also heard that is a good way to get yourself ambushed and killed. I think I'll stick killing things and getting money that way.

hmm you just step up


I've always prefered fishing to hunting in achaea for gold making.

I love me some golllldsie






Don't put your money in a bank.

whoring curio quests to get coins for the WHEEL >_>

Personally, I rinse the same few quests over and over when they reset, and fill the time in between bashing for gold. Tedious, but a means to an end.

"gimme the caaaaaaaaaaash"



Hunting is more consistent, and when I just need some gold fast that's what I'll do, but questing is more interesting, and in Lusternia at least there are a lot of very interesting things you can gain from quests, in addition to learning more about the lore.

I might open a shop at some point, but I currently don't have any tradeskills worth mentioning, so that would be a pointless expense right now, especially if I can't find somewhere to undercut other shops or otherwise take advantage of the market.

Can't influence because my character is the worst race in the game for influencing, although that's probably just as good as hunting.

Deep sea fishing ftw.