Online Text RPGs: Roleplaying A Female - A Guide For Men

text game roleplaying a female

By Chris J. Johnston

What is this? I can CHOOSE whether to be a male or female when I create a character in a text game? I've always been a male though! However, I have always coveted a nice set of b- erm, a nice set of emotions. Yes, those. Being the manly man that I am, I am just way too manly to ever be able to show emotions like the fairer (arguable) sex do, even in a text RPG. Well, I suppose I can try this whole 'be a female' thing. What do I do though? I don't know how to be a woman!

Never fear, woman-to-be! I'm here to help. Believe it or not, it's not terribly difficult to roleplay being a woman in a text-based RPG. Why? Because in a text game, no one can tell that you're a man from the start, and they'll never know at all if you don't act like a fool. Here are some tips for successfully roleplaying a female in a text-based RPG.

This may be hard, but do NOT ask, "Where is the kitchen?" when you step out of the tutorial. There is a small chance you could offend whoever is paying attention, and more importantly that's not very womanly of you. Everyone knows that women have a "kitchen sense" and can find one without having to ask!

On a more serious note (yes, that means I was joking just now - simmer down, sexism is bad, even in a text game), you need to avoid acting like a total hussy. Nowhere in your description should the words "she has a completely massive rack" appear, or anything to that effect. While typically the voluptuous women are quite rare, your character in a text game is usually intended to be out of the ordinary, so it is alright to have a physically gifted character.

If you choose to have such a text game character, you have to be careful about wording your description. As mentioned earlier, unnecessary focus on the uniquely female parts of her anatomy is not typical of a woman. It IS possible to convey that your character has that kind of body subtly. Consider using words like "mature" or "feminine", or phrases that similarly get the point across without putting a spotlight on it.

Finally, don't go out of your way to act "girly". You don't have to spam the giggle or titter emotes to roleplay a woman. Remember that your character's personality, not gender, should be the driving force for how they act in a text-based RPG.

I literally just said it in the sentence above, but I'll repeat it for emphasis: your character's PERSONALITY should be the driving force for how they act in a text-based RPG. Gender should be a backdrop for your character's personality; it is a description to which other players will attach the real "meat" of your character. Remember that women, just like men, have very varying personalities. While some may be more prevalent in women than in men, they are all possible, so don't feel like you have to roleplay one of a small set of personalities.

Have your character act the way you want them to, but realize that some personalities draw more out-of-character attention than others. For instance, a cold and calculated woman is less likely to get more eye rolls or raised eyebrows than a veritable box of giggles/snuggles/sex appeal. While on the subject of being out-of-character, remember that in-character relationships can form with your female character. If you are uncomfortable roleplaying loving a man in a text game (or even just as a woman in the first place), then don't do it. You are not obligated to at all!

Really, the only thing you need to do to successfully roleplay a woman in a text-based RPG is to act normal. Don't go out of your way to change your roleplay just because your character is a female. Personally, I find that roleplaying is actually easier as the opposite gender because your character is automatically somewhat different from you. For me, it is easier to draw the IC-OOC line.

Anyways, have fun being a woman, but don't forget that you are actually a manly man! Really manly, right?...right?

If you're a guy in the mood to female it up, check out these text based RPGs and try your hand at RPing the opposite gender today!

Chris J. Johnston is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from

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Try describing yourself as sallow, pale, flat-chested, boyish, gruff, plain in general. As a straight man who often plays female characters, I find that quite often, characters who are played by (usually) hormonal (pre)teens are entirely too flirtatious and shower me with things to gain my attention. Though some might think to take advantage, I'm not interested in the grubby-handed fumblings, and prefer to play a woman nobody would look twice at. I often play a female krokani who is larger than most males, brusque in tone, and "married to the forge" :)

I wholeheartedly agree with everything suggested so far, but would like to reinforce several of these points in combination: while you may be a lovely Siren, we don't need to be able to see every aspect of your...anatomy....through your clothes as you run around Minia.  It's silly, and a little bit weird.  Keep your description in detail enough to be interesting, but not so in depth as to qualify as erotica.  Some of us don't care to read it!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in a MUD's case, a thousand-word description is worth a...well, you get the idea. A quick glance at someone will often give you a general idea of the maturity level of the player. Often, someone who expends an unhealthy amount of effort describing their "assets" has the maturity level of someone who has not matured enough to get their minds out of the gutter. These people, I usually avoid, or at least take the time to call them out on their detrimental influence to the RP atmosphere.


Mind you, there can be exceptions. But first impressions are important if you want to look and sound believable to others.

I have played a few females and was always concerned it would confuse people. But in all honesty it is only a matter of picking whether you want to be seen as "that person" who has perfect assests, hair and never lifts a finger to do anything. Or you can do as I do and create a rich RP character who is edgy and raw. For example in Aetolia I created a sentinal (weapon wielding ranger) who was scared of no man and would often challange them if they upset her.


So really in is a frame of mind and nothing more.


"Where's the kitchen?" lol

While I promote almost all avenues of roleplay, I also know (unfortunately) that an entire section of achaea (subdivision) are for roleplaying sexual encounters, and I know moer than a few people (of which I am NOT one) who found out that the girl they were roleplaying with was some guy. It's not IC, but it's still really uncomfortable!

You can't wash you mind clean ever!

I could never pull that off but kudos to those who can. I do feel a slightly bad for the other people on the end of those relationships though..

Why should you feel bad for the person on the other end? I mean before you get into a relationship with someone (even on a text-based game), shouldn't you get a general idea of who you are dealing with? I know its a game, but its worth it to find someone you can trust, no?


If you suddenly find out that the player behind your 'wife or husband, or fiancee or significant other' is the exact opposite sex than you expected them to be, I'll say KUDOS to them for roleplaying so well, and then turn and thwap you upside the head for not even having ooc interactions AT ALL with who you are supposedly carrying on a whole(normally complete with mudsex and all) relationship. Heck for all you know, your allowing a 13 yr old to play around in your pants! Responsibility people, responsibility.


Or am I the only one that thinks of such things?


For that matter, whats wrong with a guy playing a girl, or a girl playing a guy? Homosexuality, and Bisexuality(along with others) are not really the things of Taboo they once were. If you honestly have a problem with such things, sort of make it known IC(not blatant, but there), and you shouldn't have any of those sorts of issues.


It's quite simple.

I've never rp'ed as a female before but much of this does hold true to what I thought would be necessary, often you can apply a lot of your personality to another gender as long as it suit the overall scheme of it. Just don't resort to stereotypes or at least not completely, that would just make the character more shallow and less complex.

At first glance, this article made me face palm. After reading it, it's a pretty good start on how to roleplay the fairer sex. It's an excellent start to a new age of classier women!

same here I also facepalmed but now I understand after reading it again

When playing a MUD, the rule of thumb for female characters is that they're either


A) A guy

B)A sexalt played by a guy.

Quite accurate. Never trust a young siren. Crossgender roleplaying is fun but only if you want to actually RP and not be a sexalt or whatever...

Now that's good advice

And completely unsupported. Next you'll be telling me the Estarra is a guy. Sheesh!


I hope every man who wants to roll a female character reads this. It's pretty easy to guess who plays a dude by looking at descriptions because, no offense, men tend to go into a LOT of detail when it comes to describing their favoured lady parts. On top of that, a few tend to spam the giggle/titter/etc emotes.


So men, please. Don't disgrace us by acting like 15 year old attention-whores. Thank you.

I just can't stand the number of descriptions that only focus on those certain female parts.  It's nice to see an ugly text character every once in a while.

This is a great article, makes it seem fun!!

You can easily tell the difference between text game characters who are a genuine female IRL and a dude pretending to be a chick. True text game female descriptions tend to be softer, with more use of pastels and descriptions of shapes, while male descriptions of female characters are just "She has blonde hair and big boobs and green eyes."

Text games.

that's pretty much how it goes. But sometimes you'll run into someone who's genuinely good at it, and it's like a slap in the face when you find out.

I'm not sure that's always the case. As a guy, if I choose to play as a chick, I never mention breasts or figure in the description - and yet there a lot of female characters who's owners are (so far as I can tell) female and yet pay excruciating detail to feminine characteristics.


There are a few females who do pay excruciating detail to those special lady parts, as you put it! From my experience though, they tend to be pretty young possibly the 14-17 age group, and just playing around. I guess it's difficult to explain so simply put, at that age you just want to be pretty. Even in a text game. You also want boobs (every girl wants them!!). So unless they're older and with extremely low self-esteem to the point of needing to over-perfect their character and their awesome looking looks because they know the personality that they want to portray won't be portrayed through them, I'd not even worry about it. If that makes sense. I guess in short, take pity on them, pat them on head, and move on. It's the wily girly men we gots to worries about.

Aison is hot IRL, so she's a rarity in MUDs.


Regarding descriptions:  Players who want their characters to be seen as overly beautiful and voluptuous are going to write their descriptions like that, no matter the player's gender. Krondor has a few of them, most of whom I would say are played by females.


I've known a few of these...and honestly it's kinda weird to know. It's one of the breaks in the IC/OOC barrier that bothers me. For some reason knowing that the chick that likes/flirts with me is actually a guy becomes kind of 'ho hum' *shrugs*.

I'm in the same boat with some of the comments. Personally, I can never play the opposite gender, but I give credit to the people that can. It takes some serious roleplaying/acting to do it -right-.

The best thing to remember is if you do gender reversals it is important that people don't know who you are OOC simply because it ruins the illusion. No matter what people say they will think of you differently if they find out. And it will affect their IC play. So... keep it a secret.

If you do breach that IC/OOC barrier once, and some people know, and you get into a relationship... tell your partner. Before they find out from someone else.

Play both genders, and never say OOC if you are a male or a female, noone will exactly know !

If someone knows you OOC, well, I feel it is already quite hard to RP with him/her.

This is an extremely helpful guide. Not that I've ever been inclined to roleplay as a female for any longterm period, but in general, the guys-playing-girls are pretty easy to spot. People are people, man. Girls aren't as obsessed with their features as you think they are!

Ooops... I shall rewrite my description ;-)

RP Guide of men for females next?

Everybody knows about the guys roleplaying girls, but very little attention is ever given to that odd handful of girls roleplaying guys.

Oh, they're out there.

Good description tips.

I haven't and likely never will try to RP the opposite gender, though I imagine it isn't hard. Like the article says, don't do anything stereotypical of a woman. Play the character like you would a male, with fewer grunts, perhaps.

In game who are played by men, I never actually realised that was the case until someone else pointed it out. If its played well you never really know.

I met a man who played a man who played a woman... That was a fun character and I embraced his transgendered roleplay, I only wish more of the people around there did rather than openly mock him or eye roll. I found it refreshing.

Don't describe your breasts or curves! D: Oh god.

I roleplay females and males, but I don't really focus on gender like I should. It's more about their personality, as you've mentioned in the your article.

Just remember that all those girls you are mudsexing are Guys In Real Life. ;)

On the subject of descriptions, I notice that a lot of players who choose to use words like "feminine" and "mature" use them to entirely the wrong effect. Even when the intention is to be tasteful, often the outcome is the opposite, and this goes for both male and female players with female characters. So be careful!

I know enough about women to know that I cannot even pretend to try playing as one. So I'm not going to even try.

I have seen this done really really well and didn't realise until I was told! Could cause some trust issues if your character got into a serious relationship with someone though! Best to think that one through properly and decide if you want the other player to know first...

Go a really long way. However, so women do use extremely wordy descriptions for their characters. And some men too! Though I see very little male characters toting a half-page essay describing what they look like. But it's true, if a description focuses too much on the sexual bits of a female anatomy, I will be suspicous of that character's motivation when interacting with other individuals in the realms.

Unrelated to the article, which I did like reading, but I can't stand those long descriptions! I sort of wish IRE had two descriptions, one for short, and one for long, so I can just "glance" at somebody and avoid their huge description. I usually don't finish reading descriptions!

I've never done it, but I don't think there's really a problem with men RPing female characters, as long as it's done right. Some of these tips are helpful.

Nothing wrong with playing a solid character of the opposite gender, and I don't think it's as easy to tell as people make it out to be. I have been asked in the past if I am male IRL (I'm not) and it irritates me immensely.


Frankly, I think jumping to conclusions about a player's gender is often sexist, and judging a person for playing a character of the opposite gender is often based on homophobia.

One of the reasons I don't tell up-front, unless asked, when I play the opposite gender (almost always). It bugs me when people react to OOC gender ICly. I remember one of my earlier Achaea characters was exceedingly flirty and whoreish, and was ICly harrassed for it. One person found out my real gender and stopped harrassing me because "Oh, it's okay because you're a guy playing a girl." I would've prefered the harrassment over the blatant metagame.


As an added note, yes, Zaki giggles a lot. She's easily amused. Now if only I could manage to play a guy without feeling weird.

there are no woman on the internet..


This sort of advice applies for a lot of things; not just for gender. Exaggerated roles can be good sometimes, but in general they lack the realism required to actually pull off. Just remember that it's all role play, and have fun with it.

I can't stand novel length descs (male or female). A rule of thumb I follow with my girls (yes, I'm a dude that plays mostly as women) is "what would a person see at a glance?" Think about what you as a person see when you're wandering the mall or picking up groceries. Chances are you make a height estimate, weight estimate, note the general physical disposition, maybe catch eye color, and notice glaring obvious distinguishing features of the people you pass by.

I follow those guidelines for short and sweet descs. It also allows for engaging RP if another character asks just what that unclear tattoo is or what happened to make your character's teeth that bad.

I don't normally play females because basicly they are roleplayed exactly the same way.  I think as a guy trying to play a normal female would be pretty much no difference as far as text is concerned.  What I have seen happen is guys going out of their way to be extremely foolish in the hopes of appearing more femine.  This usually gives away the fact that they are a guy.

Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have let my character's husband compose a longer description for her. Because it has some of the things that were mentioned here, which make me feel bad, like I'm letting down my fellow female players. I'm bad at writing anything except very basic descriptions. On the other hand, I am basically an insect...

I think playing a female char as a male enables you to play a much more different person than you are IRL, just because of that other gender... Just my two cents

Ehhh, sometimes. I admit to having played a female char before, but it's not so much a 'I want a new femmie character', so much as a 'hmm, the way this character is turning out, she really should be female'. Some things when you make the character, you just feel a need to put in here. If that makes sense to anybody...

Heh, I took a random name for a character in Imperian, decided it was a female name, and did not think more about it.

"(...)I have always coveted a nice set of b- erm, a nice set of emotions. Yes, those."


Ha! Now where is the one for females playing men?

This, I need help making my flamboyant Satyr.



I am a female who wants advice on how to play a decent MALE character.

I don't think this is the best idea. I don't think we should encourage men to play women. It just causes confusion!

The kitchen joke. Humorous though, I guess.

I'm known as one of "those" people around the IRE games. I have a crapload of alts in Lusternia, only four or so are active. About half my alts are female. 


Having said that, I consider myself to be a straight male, I'm in my 30's, and I'm comfortable in my sexuality and playing a female. When picking a gender, I tend to base it around the guild I've picked. Does it sound female? Is the leader female? Will I do better in this guild as as a female?


Most of my females aren't looking for mates or are butch anyway. For instance, my forging alt is married to the forge :D

Everyone knows that women have a "kitchen sense" and can find one without having to ask!

Epic... but my actual remark I wanted to make on the topic... I know of quite a few, and it's entirely true that the IC/OOC line being crossed will make people react differently to you... but when faced with a choice of:

  • a) Avoid OOC altogether
  • b) Only interact with a very select few, honestly
  • c) Avoid the topic of gender ooc and otherwise be yourself
  • d) Lie, mislead, and otherwise fake gender on both sides of the line...

Choosing 'd' is generally the worst available choice... and I've seen it done. Skype with a voice changer, though... that's dedication!


Can't wait to read your boy version for girls, it was a good article to start my Saturday morning. :P

I don't play female characters myself but it was certainly an interesting look on the other side of the fence.

Very interesting! I would like to see kitchensense added in Vision.

It would have to go into a cooking skillset. First skill: Kitchensense. Then, just under trans: Mykitchen tells you if someone else enters the nearest kitchen. And it would have to include a Pan skill, that would make you proficient with using cooking pans as a weapon.


By the Prankster! Someone figure out the other skills and Idea this on all the IRE games that don't have cooking already.

Ive never attempted playing a female in any game...i always thought it would be kinda...not manly....

maybe now I will try this...or...maybe i already will never know..

Never done it.

I acutally have a female char but never played with too long though to roleplay with

Chill, it's just roleplay

I think this is but a game, thinking too much into it spoils the fun. 

The Kitchen?  now days I have seen alot of men in the kitchen than females

Anyone else think it's just a bit funny that a male wrote this? Hehe

Most of the time it's easy to figure out male/female behind the character. Only once have I been thrown for a loop <3 Thi. 

Definitely can't wait to see the article for women playing men. Tell me how to be a manly man!

considered playing a female character, but I'll refer to this guide should I ever decide. Thanks!

I find it odd that there are so many topics based around Female's either IC or RL ones..


Good article. I know quite a few female characters played by guys, and if I hadn't found out OOC, I would've never guessed that they were actually played by guys!

I always found the description of female anatomy by horny male players quite amusing

with some of the more "loose" characters..

 makes me think, maybe I should have gotten a female char.

Contrary to what people say, most people can't tell the difference between a man and a woman online. People will guess and then just assume they are right, when really they have no clue. If you want to convince people of something, then just play your character and don't talk about your gender. It is impossible to know.


There is 300 million people in the US alone. Are you prepared to say half of them, 150 million people have anything that is universally common among them all? Of course not, everyone is different. My suggestion is not to sweat the small things, and if anything doesn't come across 'feminine' enough, you tell them you are an individual and you will play the character the way you like.

There is also probably a sizeable community of female people playing male characters to avoid the perceived stereotype that all female characters are there to be hit on.

haha i like this article!

it's the thinking process. Too much of it.