Online Text RPGs: Survival In Stavenn - How To Not Get Vivisected

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By Joseph Greggors


The different organizations and groups within a text based game have vastly different flavors, attitudes and ideals. In order to succeed within any MUD (Multi User Domain) you need to know your organization’s culture, goals and influential members.  In the IRE (Iron Realms Entertainment) game Imperian the differences between organizations are very pronounced. Among the multiple cities and councils in Imperian, Stavenn is arguably the most difficult for new MUD players. Decorum and respect for the nobility of the Empire are extremely important and the lack of either will lead to a quick, painful death. The following is a quick guide to surviving and succeeding as a citizen of the Empire.

1. Respect

Respect in the Empire must be earned. Stavenn has a set hierarchy. The Imperator, Ephors and Nobility must be obeyed and respected or you will be enemied and cast out. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself but you need to earn your rank through the servitor system before you have a real voice within the city. 

2. Decorum

Citizens of the Empire are expected to behave a certain way. If you want to roleplay (RP) an innocent carefree character uninterested in fighting or a depressed, dark demon no one understands you are welcome to but you will be asked to tone it down in public. Inappropriate behavior in will also not be tolerated.

3. Combat

Although it is not absolutely needed, proficiency in player killing (PK) and raiding or raid defense is a sure way to gain status in Stavenn (or almost any organization). There are some citymates willing to teach or help you get better but the majority of the work will need to come from you.

*WARNING*- If you involve yourself in PK too early or without the needed skills you will be killed for it. Repeatedly. Do not enter combat unless you are ready to face the consequences.

4. Rituals

Stavenn is a demonick (sic) Empire and much of its RP centers around the dark arts. If you would like to create rituals and other events you will be able to involve other players and gain status. 

*Disclaimer*-Do not expect everyone to sit through huge paragraphs aka “walls of text” emotes and messages. If possible prepare the ritual beforehand so the event can move along at a normal speed. A slow pace can make even the most dedicated roleplayer frustrated. Also be prepared for the other players to take the ritual in a different direction than the one you planned. Imperian is a multiplayer game and many events change with little or no notice.

5. Administrative work

Every organization in Imperian is always looking for responsible individuals willing to do administrative work and paperwork. Taxes need to be collected, shops monitored, caravans need to be run for commodities, the city’s defense needs to be maintained and much more. These less glamorous positions are similar to their counterparts in the real world. Quite simply they are more like work than playing a game. Most players dislike doing it, but if you find that you can do the work efficiently you will certainly increase your status in the city.

These five areas are basic guidelines to help someone unfamiliar with MUDs and Stavenn fit into the city. It is by no means exhaustive and you may find that you do not like Stavenn or the Demonick circle. If not, try out the other organizations and you might just find a home there! 

Give Imperian or another excellent text-based role playing game a shot today! 

Joseph Greggors is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games by Iron Realms.




Seems like the case for most if not all the harsh, imperialist, demonic/necromancy themed cities in all IRE games. They can get away with using brute force (and being fed to the city's dark gods) as first-offense punishment against stupidity and disrespect whereas other cities/communes would have to resort to verbal arguments which often lead to newspost drama.

I always appreciated this about Mhaldor, but the 4 days I spent alting in Cyrene clinched it. I -love- being able to slay or (in extreme cases) enemy for idiocy.


it's so nice to see enemying takes precedence over slaying in terms of being extreme.

That seems like it could be an upside, but it also strikes me as somewhat abusable. Are there checks in place, or just a gentleman's agreement to be reasonable?


No matter what you do, some person who spent $<insert large amount here> will more then likely kill you for some made up reason and get backed for it because of the said amount they spent. So just roll with it, don't reply and get on with your life.

You shall not suffer a bully. If enough people speak out against said bully and take a stand eventually you will prevail.


If enought people get together it doesn't matter how much a person spent, If they have multiple people beating on his butt, they'll get tired of it and move to other games whenre thier bulling ways are tolerated.

I have seen exactly what you say but on both sides. Someone who has spent large amounts can and will kill you just because they can, with no remorse. Then on the other side I've seen ones who spent quite a lot and tend to be very decent people. Like Shinji says you just have to roll with it you are going to meet all sorts of people.

It depends on the game.

And good comments.

Maybe just because I'm a nerd, the images that come up in my head are Vivi (FF IX) ansd... Sect... and all their hoods and it seems cute to me. Until it happens, though.

This is a scary idea



Show us some love with an article or 2! Gesshhhhh



love is having the sexy vamp in the homepage!

I never lasted long in Imperian. I don't have the patience to learn a new game.

come on over to Lusternia! we promise we'll be gentle.

I'm the same way.  Achaea is comfortable at this point.  I think it's the familiarity with the basic feel of IRE games that throws me off, there are enough similarities that it feels wrong when something different pops up.

Being a sociopath never hurts, either!

I suddenly want to be an innocent and carefree character in an evil city.

that would be funny to watch

Nim has been joking about going to Mhaldor for like, IG years now. Maybe it'll somehow actually happen? She's almost innocent and almost carefree.

Thats the problem with evil - no individuality - beaten out of you at an early age.

I approve of your oganization.


Interesting Guide! Dark art and demons? Stavenn sounds like a nice place. I'll have to try Imperian sometime and stop by for a visit.

I barely have time for one game much less two.



Never really been interested in heading to the dark side....but maybe I'll try it with an alt for a sounds like it could be fun

Silly Imperians.

Tell us what you really think. Let me help you poor your guts out!

It's "pour".