Online Text RPGs: Your Character's Reputation

Online Text RPG Character Reputation

By Christopher Davis

Just like out of character actions affect you in real life, so do the actions of the character you role play affect the life of your character in a text-based role playing game. What you do will effect the outcome of your story. A simple algorithm cannot determine every possibility; your actions are only limited by what you develop as your character. The reputation your character has will be due largely to your overall attitude, actions taken, and who you form relationships with. Leaving behind a legacy in a text-based roleplaying game that people can remember fondly is worth more than you can imagine.

Consequences are a part of life even in a role playing game. You can not expect to randomly attack someone without reason and expect to be taken seriously (unless this is part of your character; and even then, people will probably call you crazy). The choices you make need to have thought, and be more than impulse. Consistency in how you role play is important to have, as making wild decisions will make people doubt your commitment to role play as a whole.

And whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on the people you associate yourself with. Your character's reputation will be affected by the organization or group they choose to join. Relationships are always multi-faceted, but in a MUD they are even more complex.

Keep in mind that first impressions are key, and what you say or do upon meeting someone might shape their opinion of you forever. Games are supposed to be about having fun, but in a role playing game that does not mean you can act silly all the time and ignore proper role play. It is there for a reason; you and others are trying to immerse yourselves in a fantasy world. Mentioning out-of-character things that do not have any relation to the text game will be met with annoyance. There is a time and place for everything, and if you make a habit of such things, you will quickly become known as someone to avoid interacting with.

Your legacy will be dependent on what you do, and the consistency of your role play. Uniqueness is nice, but staying true to your developed character will always be more rewarding in the long run. If you ever decide to quit, choose to leave behind a legacy for your character that is credible, and doesn't cause people to roll their eyes.

That being said, you can never please everybody, so don't sweat it if you gain a few enemies along the way. Just deal with it in character, and it will do more for your character's reputation and legacy in the long run.

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Here's one I learned the hard way.

Or should I say, one Fyre, Raano, and various other people learned the hard way.

In midkemia any suggestion of raiding Sar-Sargoth is a sure way to ruin your reputation. I am now called Meatshield Nin, goblin fodder because of my suggestions.


I was wondering how that particular title came about, Nin.  Hehe

I always wondered why your name included that little bit. Now I know :) and its impossible to raid Sar-Sargoth. We just destroy everything.. when we have the right fighters around

Reputation's can be deadly.

very important.  It will follow you forever!

Na, they only follow you as long as people can remember.

If you got a bad one you don't want, go away for a RL year or so and then come back and noone will remember you!

true enough in RL as well


so don't play drunk

I have witnessed the drunk play, it usually boils over. I couldn't do it though, I would walk into death or something!

The only time my character ever truly got drunk was at the beginning of one of my sister's weddings. That didn't help my rep much...good thing it was a very long time ago.

I disagree. Dwarves play better drunk.

But... then I wouldn't play!

Reputation can get you killed in these games.


I've played Imperian for a number of years now, and always found that idiot newbies are generally treated that way for life, and if they ever bring up something serious, it is generally met with skepticism.


I spent a lot of time being my character, and trying to work through the tough stuff without needing to seek OOC means to resolve it.. I think it made my character a lot more credible, and also enhanced the enjoyment I got from the game itself.

If you want to act silly, but have a really serious character, get a pet. That way, you can let your pet act silly, and then reinforce your character's seriousness by making the pet shut up.

Best 900 creds I ever spent.

heheh, I know of someone in Hashan that gets verbally abused by his pet. Quite funny to watch


yah. he prolly got the pet with everything.

17!!!  *shifty*




How's my rep look? *hum*

But it is a fun way to play.  Even if your character isn't the super-cool, popular kid.  That's part of the fun of these games, is that you get to be whoever you want!

I'm honestly not sure what my in-game reputation is.


Maybe I should, I don't know, start posting on the forums or something, get to know the other Lusternians.

Sometimes, it is better not to know what goes on behind the scenes. I've found some roleplay can be ruined because something that may seem ICly as an excellent act of revenge is in fact just player X griefing player Y through RP. While it may be on the one hand nice to know that people are in fact asshats and using RP to do something, on the other hand it really 'destroys the magic'. If that makes sense. I've mostly withdrawn from the forum for that reason, I do stalk the FB group, but even that I have started to take a distance from.


i'd rather just stay in the background and watch as the world burns.

Facebook is probably enough, I suppose.

i hear lots of things like people sendng out false letters and such, but yes, best to just try to ignore things  if you want to have fun and not petty high school drama.


Reputation  is hard. Fame was depicted by ancient greek like a monster having thousands hears and eyes. I think I did sonthing good and sonething bad in the games. I am still a newbie. Anyway, people sometimes take me seriously. 

Who even wants a reputation

... has one. There is always someone who thinks something of you, based on things you said or did.

Every once in a while, I gain a reputation that is entirely opposite the personality of my character. Most times, I love it.

Good or bad everyone is going to have a reputation. You just have to learn to deal with what you're dealt and either try and change it or not.

there's what people think of your character, and what they think of the player.  Your rep as a character can be good or bad, but a jerk player will always be thought of as a jerk player.

My friends like me and my enemies hate me, is that not always the way of it? Those that are counted as enemies are usually those who are enemies of my city. I think what city we choose at the beginning shapes and defines us and our reputations as much as our actions do. Show me your friends and I will show you yourself in time.

Credit post. :D

First impressions are stupid anyway.

Why would you say that?



Annoying sometimes. I have to keep on remembering to think of how Karui looks to other people.

This is one of the reasons I love these games so much. Enforced RP adds another level or reputation which is absolutely amazing. In most games you're *that great fighter*, or *the guy with the best items* or *the creep who hits on any female character*


In these games you can also be *The serious trainer of novices who tells rediculously funny stories while drunk* or *The guy who helped restore the city* or *the guy who singehandedly wrote the house library*

It takes RL years to build a reputable character and seconds to break what you built, which is pretty true to life. There are rare occasions, though, where players refuse to allow others to redeem their characters RL years later and that is where enjoyable gameplay and entertainment is trumped by unnecessary hard feelings (which isn't right). We're all here to enjoy the games we play.


I think it is also important to remember that people who play nasty characters are not actually nasty themselves IRL. Sadly, the amount of idiots who have no roleplay and are complete jerks IRL as well as IC causes everyone to treat everyone else's character as the actual player in terms of personality.

I've always found those I enjoy interacting with IC are also good ooc, though its definately not set in stone that OOC people are pricks due to the IC nature of there characters! The point of roleplaying is to immerse yourself and become someone your not, those who are idiots are generally unable to split themselves from the character


I've always prefered staying exclusively IC in IRE games, mostly due to a desire not to deal with the whole 'Player X griefing Player Y through IC means'. Of course, that doesn't always work and sometimes Player X will still grief Player Y without having reason to do so beyond OOC assumptions.


Either way.


The reputation of a character can make or break how well you enjoy the game, I think. My first IRE character, Tsumadine from Lusternia, wound up with the most awful reputation due to IC-motivated organization hopping. She ended up with very few friends, several siblings who hated her, and now only Magnagora will take her back. Though I know I put her into the situation by allowing her to roam around, it still put a damper on my experience until I eventually stopped playing.


One always has to be conscious of the effects of a reputation.

I found that there are two types of reputations. An IC rep and OOC rep. I find certain people approach Vadi or Lynara for coding help when they wouldn't normally touch them IC.

Building a reputation is always a fine balance between being in/famous realm wide or it can be something minor but stilll get enough random people to know you. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. For example Wyst isn't famous at all and doesn't make headlines or anything—but lately she seems to be the go-to person for herbs, dumping shards on and doing fills—and these are from people who have never met her, ever. Never happened before so who knows what I've been doing to her to get that rep going…

being drunk is best rep

I like a low profile. Being notable can also lead to a lot of griefing.