Playing Alts in Iron Realms MMORPGs

Multiboxing in MMORPGs

The games that Iron Realms provide are all incredible and each has a different theme, a different flavor and a different feel. Within each game there are different factions and subfactions, leading to even more flavor between every game, factions, Houses and even character classes and races. There is simply so much to experience in the Iron Realms MMORPGs, one can hardly be blamed if they want to experience the 'other side' or another game with the same quality. But before you go on making alternative characters, here are a few things you really should know:


Don't Mail Items Between Characters!

In contrast to MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, alternative characters and accounts aren't allowed to help eachother in any way. You may NOT drop vials somewhere on your 'main' and pick them up on your alt, that would be one character aiding another. The same goes for gold, herbs, clothes, armour, weapons, etc. However, you MAY transfer website-purchased credits between characters -- just not in-game acquired credits such as buying through the credit market.


Don't Use Cross-Character Information!

Perhaps the most important part: information learned on one character should NOT be used to aid another. Now, this one is tricky, becaues it's one of those grey areas. Maybe you're not conciously more aggressive towards person X for reason Y learned on character Z, but try to keep this in mind: keep it to the character. If your first character has a rivalry with person H, don't carry that rivalry over to your next character. They're separate, so try to make sure they think separately too!


Keep them Seperated!

Can't really say this concept enough. This isn't so much a rule as it is a tip: try to make your characters act differently. This will keep them a little more secret, and keep them feeling different, fresh and enjoyable to play. Try to log into them at different times if you're trying to keep them secret, too. This can be very useful, for example if your main is a popular raider from Ashtan, you may not really want Shallamese figuring out who your Shallamese alt is -- while you should try to act differently towards the same people across characters, it doesn't guarentee everyone will.


Have fun!!

In other MMORPGs you often need to start a new character at some point to continue enjoying the game, but in Iron Realms games, that is just an option. The main thing is to have fun -- if you can do that on your main character without even being tempted to look at the other side, that's great. But some people will inevitably be curious, and for those people, alternate characters are a fantastic way to re-play the same game in an extremely different way, and experience a whole new world through the eyes of your next character.


Author: Rean Moliuvia


I've had two Alts, so far, both did not make it out of Newbiehood. Never really liked it, I suppose I spent too much on my main, too.

Only to remind myself of what it was like to be a newbie and know how to better write scrolls for newbies. But honestly... NO TIME

No time!

same here



Same, Same, but different


Yeah I barely have enough time to be semi active with Greys much less start someone off w/ 0 lessons.

Also, you'd have to buy so many more credits!


Agree, though purely RP alts might be fun to screw around on, I think.

in my experience too difficult to keep different RP strains separate

We have a winner. I have a few alts that are trans guild skills, and I'll play them a bit for a change, but they're just gimped without the arties.

If there was enough time to focus on another alt then your main should be dragon right. HA!

For one last.. alt

hahaha, you sound addicted!

No never addicted!


So true..

just switch sometimes! :D

My alt constantly gets neglected :<

My alt eventually became my main and my main a neglected alt. There's only enough time and emotional investment for one character!

Ueli is my third "alt" that has become my main and only character. I start playing an alt for a new race or class to try out and then I'm stuck.

go you!

I am a neglected alt..

I gave up with alts.

Stupid new reason to play an alt: having to avoid playing on Sunday because you want the cumulative xp bonus promotion to start accumulating on monday, so that you get a 75% and 100% bonus on the following weekend...

Heh crazy reason

hehe! good reason, though!

I've put so much time and effort into Perdynmos. Why, oh why, would I ever want to start anew? It'd be the equivalent of going dormant and being forgotton by your House and City, being robbed of all your possessions, and being killed enough times to knock you down to level three again.

Same. Frustrating to start from zero even with different skillsets.

Yay new learning curve, going through all the requirements again. The joy!

As it is, I've got too many characters between the MUDs. And I'm trying to be a productive individual IRL, too! :P

But it's fun!

good for you!

As it is, I've got too many characters between the MUDs. And I'm trying to be a productive individual IRL, too! :P

I do it to get a feel for different classes, I find it's easier and cheeper to just alt in different classes then to quit one class after you fully embrace it and then just do it all over again.


Much easier. You can learn a little of how the other classes work in relation to yours as well


I agree with Nixxe. I simply don't have the time to dedicate to more than one character. If I did split my time, one of the characters would end up suffering from neglect.


That's a cool reason to make an alt.



My main got way too bogged down in the politics/administrative parts of the game, so I created and alt (a few times) just to have some fun again. Crazy how a change in skillset affects how much fun you can have.

Same thing happened with me.

It's what Korri is for. An escape for a couple hours a day from the responsibility if my main. It's helping me from just wanting to up and quit because of lack of fun. Not that I don't like the responsiblity... it's just that constant nagging of others makes you want some organisation instakil sometimes.


is it better than instakill?

If you have an alt you are probably neglecting your main.


Same here. I think the moment you spend money on one the others just fade into the background.

No alts, no time...perhaps if I had the time...nah



The first time I even LEARNED about multiplaying was while I -was- multiplaying. Thank the Gods whoever was on duty had that idea (that I did not even know the rules) and forced both characters to HELP MULTI. All I could think was, 'Hey! Why in the world did I just start reading help files? I didn't even want to!' Then I started reading and freaked out.


Also: Technically not a good idea to run two copies of Nexus at the same time on the same machine. Tried once and the older character lost EVERYTHING. Pack, junk, skills.... Maybe it's just coincidence, but soon after I issued about the problem, BANG - Time Warp of 15 minutes.


P.P.S. - Yes this was BEFORE that aforementioned little GOD FORCE SAMA HELP MULTI command.

Did not know Gods could do this, heh. At least they were nice about it. It can be confusing for those coming from other games. I've played some where it is practically normal people have several accounts and run them at the same time.

You were divinely trolled.

I knew someone who would bash with multiple characters across multiple laptops. Partytell triggers to change targets etc. Im pretty sure they got shrubbed tho

Sounds efficient though!

Wait. Outside of telling the truth, how did the admin figure it out? Those laptops had different ip addresses.

Since they can see the interactions, the party tell triggers and whatnot and the ungoldly efficiency could have made it pretty obvious to them.

Never been a fan of alts, death to alts! Its hard to keep up more than one char.


Also agreed.


...between alts is so very seductive and tempting.


Always a shame



I cannot use alts, everytime I make one I immediately lose interest and he gets deleted a few days later in the purge when I forget about him. This compounds with the fact that so many play alts so badly, It is amazing how knowledgeable and experienced some 18 years can be.

I have a hard-enough time with just one character to keep track of and get strong, honestly. Doesn't stop me from trying, though!  Usually the character gets purged after a few weeks or less...

I just don't have enough drive to maintain more than one character active at a time.

If I had an infinite amount of time, I'd probably be able to keep an alt or two. As it is, I'm too concerned with whatever happens on my main to keep up with another character. That said, this is all in a HELP file. Why is it an article?

"That said, this is all in a HELP file. Why is it an article?"


Because Rean doesn't get paid credits if the article is just 'Please read HELP SECONDS'?

i've tried alting in other games.  never seem to engage as much as with the one i think of as my main.  sometimes its hard to find a main.  i don't mind if other people alt, as long as it isn't in my face.



I made several alts when I first started to test the different city/class experiences but I don't have the time to seriously play more than one.

I really could never alt. I'd just end up missing the stuff I worked hard to earn on my main such as my artifacts, level, skills and friendships. When you alt, you're basically starting over, and I guess therein lies the appeal for some people, but for me it's a turn-off. In regards to other people alting, I usually don't care so long as they show the ability to keep their characters separate and don't multiplay. The unfortunate fact is, people usually have no idea how to do that, which puts a bad taste in my mouth about alts most of the time. If you can do it well, fine. But my experience has shown that very few can.

I don't have the time...nor the patience.

My every attempt to alt has ended up with abandonment after I've scratched the itch to try out a new personality/guild. Things are generally just so much more exciting on my main.

I don't have time to keep more than one charcter active

I don't have time to have alts. I have two of them, and playall my characters equally, but I really don't have time.

But the rules make sense. 

They oughta.

I could never alt, even though the lure of other orgs attracted me - I would never make my new char last past novicehood. Until recently, when I needed a break from drama on my main, and now I am in love with both characters! Makes it hard to choose between them though.

This is why I don't want to try an alt

Same here, never had an alt.

wouldn't be able to focus

I never could. For some reason, alts have always just felt... Wrong to me. Besides, I put enough effort into Perdynmos to make another character just a bit tedious.

Jarrus is my one and only character. I can barely afford the upkeep on Jarrus as it is. I would really hate to have to scrounge around for more change for another character. I'm a high maintenance type of guy. I have to have elite membership. I have to have an SoA, ranger's bow, and not to mention a ship with a house on it. And all the skills Jarrus is transed in..... Nope. There is just no way I can manage an alt.

I created one alt once. I had too many issues ignoring all Reonna's friends, and not being interested in things that could affect Reonna. So I stopped using the alt. I think it's much simpler to just have one character.


People from a bunch of different cities always want me to convert to join them...I never would leave that which I am already a member on my own though. So alts are a possibility...

I created four characters in MKO and made them to bash together because the difficulty of newbie areas there is (was?) somewhat retarded. They didn't last long though, because coding of party interaction was way more interesting than bashing itself. Finding proxies every time was a pain too.

Definitely was... and now 'they' keep a slightly closer eye out for things that look like that, too (and proxy or not, at some point coded autobashing across 3+ characters is going to look all too suspicious). Rather than deal with the risk and troubles of that, though... just plain exploring gives decent XP in mko-land now, so less pain there.

this is true. how i wish it was the same for all games.

No time to do them justice.

And how!

Alts can be a good way to explore a class.

I've already seen people who change their classes like socks without bothering with making up an alt.

When I started playing I tried three or four classes with different characters, and Dys was the one that stuck.

Am I an Alt?


/The Island

Alts are pretty nice if you really want to explore how it is to, let's say, be shallamese, but I don't think people will play all their alts for very long. At some point, one of them is probably going to need more time and effort than the others, be it because he has earned an important position in a House or city or because you want dragon so bad that you don't care if your other characters sit around on level 30.


how so very true.

I do not like alts, still I'd fancy the idea to visit other parts of the realms. I am very curious about that. In life probably I will try, but as to now it is simply impossible: I have no time at all.

The only time I stuck with an alt was when I got genuinely tired of my main and wanted to start over, and I haven't played the old one since. Otherwise, I'd play an alt for a few hours and abandon it.

It's a pity though, there are so many interesting corners of Achaean society Awan will never get to explore!

I tried to make an alt for those times when you just want to play Achaea without repsonsibilities. I did pretty well until I saw something that would effect my main and felt guilty about not being there. Then I felt even worse because I had to stay away for a bit as you can't just hop characters as soon as something needs to be done that your character wouldn't know about unless they were there. I had to wait ages for someone to actually tell me about it!

That was the end of my alt experience!

It the time thng that's the problem. I can't activly maintain two characters, one will just become semi-dormant.

Scathain is my main character and is about level 65, but I have two alts. Arkanas, my pyromaniac alt is about level 40, and my rogue alt Nin is also about level 40. My Arkanas alt is guildless, whereas the other two are in the Mockers. I would have abandoned them if not for the wheel of chance, and the Jonril butler quest. I ran into a little trouble with sharing information between characters, and had a little chat with a divine.

You know better than that, Scathain. I have never had any long term alts, myself. Only one or two to test out some stuff or try a different role.


With 5 IRE games, there is no reason to use alts in the same game.


Learning the other classes is why I make alts in the same game better way to learn than to be

are for people with too much time on their hands.  I suppose if I could have an alt that was a divine i'd try it? would I know if I'm an alt? I just thought I was me

Having been an HON for a long while, I find it easy to tell which newcomers to the House are "experienced" and which are not. The ratio of -actual- newcomers to 'alternates' I would say is probably 1:10, if not 1:20. I find it sad that there aren't so many new players, and most are 'temporary distractions' or returnees. When I come across an actual newbie, I go completely all out to help them and encourage them to stay. Frequently they find the game too complicated and demanding though and give up - especially those with language barriers who are trying to improve their English.

I always cry a bit inside when I think about how far I could be without alts

what is that picture of? o.o

5 guys who look exactly alike about to be eaten by a tentaclemonster


this is either from world of warcraft or some kind of japan pr0n

to separate my alts by city at a minimum and by game if possible.

Back in my earlier days I had what I refer to as "Altitis". I made one of everything just to try it. I've now settled into one though, and I like it that way. I still have a couple of my older characters, but it's really worth it to focus on one rather than split what little time I have into multiple.

I just like to experience different things with different characters, different sides of a battle or whatever. It's a lot of fun.

Especially in Imp!

Especially in Imp!

I am very much an altoholic. I love creating alts, all over the damn place. I've had an alt in every Lusternian city/commune now, and a good number of guilds. And most never make it to GR2. At best, I can play for about a month, then I get tired of them. Every once in a while I have to check my characters list to see who I've forgotten about that hasn't been purged so I can go suicide them.


When it comes down to it, I only have two actual characters. Stratas used to be an alt, until I decided my RP for him was going to be 'awesome on a stick'. So I've left my former main languishing around the pool of stars, popping on to spin the Wheel and get elite lessons.

the very same thing though some of them I can not suicide them

great sentiment. Could never stick with an alt for too long because I might miss out on something.

I like it.


Good times

it's neat!

lets not forget you need to spend money to get everyone thier own skills and artifacts if you are inclined to do so

i actually have several alts and i play a different one every time i either get bored with my main or get tired of seeing sooooo much stuff going across my screen.  ive tried other ire games and i dont seem to like them as much as i like achaea mostly because i have to join a guild to get the skills. i like being able to be rogue and still have my skills, i dont have to worry about getting my alts in trouble with the divine that way ;) if i dont know anything because im rogue i cant "tell" myself.

i actually have several alts and i play a different one every time i either get bored with my main or get tired of seeing sooooo much stuff going across my screen.  ive tried other ire games and i dont seem to like them as much as i like achaea mostly because i have to join a guild to get the skills. i like being able to be rogue and still have my skills, i dont have to worry about getting my alts in trouble with the divine that way ;) if i dont know anything because im rogue i cant "tell" myself.

I wouldn't find the time for one.

I don't have time either, as I found out, when I got stuck on using Hasar over my old account.

I can play two at once, can't find enough time for more then that.

I definately like having alts and honestly it's not that hard to keep them seperate, just remember which one you logged in to haha


I like having variety and trying new things, but I don't make alts on IRE games. I like what I've made, plus I don't like not having all the fun or useful skills!

I'll never understand how people can keep up with multiple alts, particularly when more than one of them holds a position of power. It seems so impossible time-wise. 

I created many alts until I found the right fit for me. Sometimes I am tempted to create another to have a change, but they don't last long.

I make alts to try out other classes.

I've actually made lots of alts just to try out the classes. I believe I've only left out the aligned Knight classes (Infernal and Paladin), Jester, and the Sentinel classes.


Most of them die out, of course, but if I do take an interest to one of them (and if RP suddenly appears), then I make that alt a priority and try to go with it.


It's sad that my old main somehow vanished without IRE giving me a deletion warning. :( Oh well! Time to start anew. Alchemist RP (and bashing and combat, maybe) seems to interest me, and hopefully I'll settle down for good. :D

I spent so much time and money on one I can't really see alts.  I've tried but, they never hold my attention like faragan.  I don't really like alts.

The hard bit is remembering which of your many characters is your main



Alts only last a few levels for me, either I get bored with the skills/settings or I find myself a new main. Or I realize how difficult it is starting again with no system, triggers, etc and go back to what's comfortable.

R.I.P to approximately 10 alts that have all made it to like level 50 even to level 70 and got suicided hehe... I always think I want and alt for this or for that but in the end, you can have so much more fun with your main going beyond the bashing and the exploration of new skills... I find alts waste time, plain and simply. I do however have one alt now, that I am not deleting...


Just started my first and made sure completely different organizations.  The hard part is getting used to a low lvl character.  Paying for inks? Ugh.

Yes I am an alt...

I spent a long time as an altaholic, trying out various social dynamics. Nowadays I play one character, but keep a few alts on life support (the ones with artis usually) and log them in during events such as wheel of fate. My alts come out to play whenever rl workload slackens!

No alts

I have a lot of alts, and can be a bit of an altaholic, but I still love Lusternia the most, and Lyfon with that.



I don't really understand alts. I spend enough time doing things on one character that doing them on two seems nuts. When I don't feel like playing my character, I play another game, or do something that isn't on the computer - I don't just switch characters.

Alts are tearing apart Imperian. The metagaming that is going on is fucking sickning, and there isn't shit being done about it. Wanna play a different charcter? GO to another IRE game.

I like alts for exploring new classes, but you have to be careful that you don't cross information from one character to another.


I've played alts on occasion because I love to read histories and perspectives from other points of view. The alts don't usually last long though.

Who needs alts anymore!

Well, you'd want an alternative path? It's hard to play an EVIL cleric who enjoys dark magic..

I would think the reason to play a different character would be to be kept secret. ie. get away from something you don't like on the other or someone.

Lost count of them think I have 10 or so charcters

ats are a pain with these login events

They are, but then again I have four alts, but each on a different game


The second on the list is the hardest, I think. It's probably impossible to keep all information separate. Even if we could remember what info each char should know (it's not always obvious!), consciously separating is tough.

Alts are wonderful ways to escape, just a bit, the drama that can encompass a main character.

though I have too many alts

Item decay is a big discourager of alting for me. They'd all end up naked.

That's why I try to have a stockpile of gold saved up somewhere on each character (if I have more than one). Actually, that's just a veiled attempt at explaining why I spend so much time ratting. There's no excuse for it. It's a waste of time. So sad... I need to beat up bigger things.

I tried so many times to make an alt, but doesn't work out so well... 

Alts are a good way to try out new things, like classes, without changing your "main." Sometimes your alt can turn into your main played char!

I made one to explore a different class

When you are fresh from the Flame and seem new, more people want to help you flourish, thus allowing you to learn new things than you would be able to having a single character. I can't begin to explain how much I've learned about Achaea simply by creating new characters.


However, it's always bothersome having to go through the novice steps again.

Having to re-take HR examinations is simply irritating. Having to wait out being able to learn your skills. Having to bash and quest ridiculous amounts just to get to the basic survival skills. Not to mention trying to Trans skills again.


It is seriously hard work, but if you play your character right, the new friends and new information is worth it.


However, it's incredibly time consuming. Most people have jobs and the like, making it hard to have time focus on more than one character.


I find alts to be a fun experience, but I've always returned to Lyfon.

I play alts because I want to do everything.


Too expensive to have two chars. But I do anyway. I don't ply my original one anymore though.

I just find it difficult to go to an alt and have no skills or levels again

I find alts to be a fun way to explore other organizational cultures and ideas and character concepts.

I find alts to be a fun way to explore other organizational cultures and ideas and character concepts.

I'm really bad at remembering I have alts.... I typically just find a 'main' I like through making a few characters and then stick with it. :)

I only use alts to learn other class's skills in Achaea. Other games have multiclassing and skillflexing so never even needed. With how IRE games are...alts played seriously is just too much of a temptation to break the rules for most people =/

I usually alt but I can't see myself doing it here any time in the near future.

Alts are a good way (at least in my experience) to try out low cost classes, in terms of combat. Instead of changing your "main's" class, esp. if you're bored of your main. That's how I started Hasar, and I've been stuck since!

Good free games

I only have a couple alts, and they never get past GR3.



I tried making an alt once, lasted about a week. A lot of days when I log in I don't know whether my play time is going to last ten minutes or two hours, so splitting time is difficult. I kind of just gave up and went back to the character that interesting things happened to.

Being a different class was interesting, though, especially since I've never changed class.


I just bounce between two IRE games that keeps me busy, I don't have any alts currently either.


so many alts

The tale of my IRE experience, from alt to alt to this character, is long and silly and boring.


For a while, though, I was attempting to have an alt in every Lusternian org, so that I could have a variety of role-play experiences, try out several classes, and explore different types of politics.


Then I realized that was silly, because I could do those things EVEN BETTER by making characters in completely different IRE games instead.


I have yet to make an Imperian character I really like, though, which is a shame because Imperian itself is pretty neat.

I think I'd play another one of the IRE games before making an alt.


that's always an idea

hate alts..

I've had about 7 characters total..only 2 now, both permanent but I don't ever play my Mhaldorian one. I actually tried mailing around 10k to my alt once and had help seconds pop up..was extremely glad that that was all that happened.

...beware!  But I agree with playing a different IRE game altogether (c'mon TOP)!


ToP: not in a loooooong while.


I've also made alts in Aetolia but never found it interesting enough to continue playing.

I'm yet to figure out how people are capable of multiplaying characters. I barely have time just to manage ONE let alone somehow split my attention between two screens...what happens if that person sends a tell that was intended to be said by the other alt? Trouble ensues!

Without alts you won't have the chance to explore all the cool features!

then I grew up and became a real character. But really, keeping two on the go at once is far too much time investment.

Seriously, every time I make an alt (new game or otherwise) I gravitate towards wanting to be a Knight. :(

tried it once or twice but I'm not really interested in going through the process of building a character over and over

no current alts.

Alts are incredibly annoying

My first character was created in 2004, and purged a few months later. I've come back to the game a few times, and none of my characters have really stuck around for very long. We'll see what happens this time around.

Not anymore.

I've had way more problem being an alt because people will never endingly ask me who my alt is -ICly-. Like people I have no OOC interaction with will ask me who my main is and then try and use it against my, again, ICly. Its a bit ridiculous. We all complain about lolalts but sometimes people want to legitimately play a new character and get away from their other ones, for whatever reason, and its incredibly unfair to judge someone just because they know how to use PORTALS and aren't 100% a newbie. People are just way too quick to judge. I'd love to see a legitimate alt any day over the amount of people who give alts crap when most of the time I've seen it its just ridiculous and needs to be cut off.


It becomes a problem also when asking for help with class related stuff, yeah I may know a few classes but I don't know them all and I've actually had the phrase "you're an alt you should know this" said to me in a completely IC, public setting.

Agree.  Wanting to try out different features and classes or explore a different RP (what is roleplaying about anyway??).  I agree that some people ruin it with the way they exploit alts, either side of the coin.  If I recognize that someone is probably an alt or has played another IRE, I don't call them out on it like it's a bad thing.  I have a few alts. Honestly, I can't keep up with them and so usually just play my main.  And metagaming makes me really frustrated regardless (and I don't mean an accident here or there or harmless stuff).

I used to have an alt I used a bit, but my heart went back to my main. =]

I'd think it would be impossible for you to tell yourself to ignore something you know.  Too tempting on alts.

no siree

my alt has become like my second main... damn I never thought that would happen. But yeah it has!

Maybe I am an alt maybe im not...

Alts are a good way to decide where you want to be, and figure out how the general feel of different things may be. It might even convince you that there's much more to the game that one can get out somewhere else. But it lets you keep the old character even if this happens, so you don't feel like it's your only way in or out.


Sometimes it lets you enjoy the 'other' side and not feel things become stale.

with that statement though I may have too many alts to do that

You can always find things to keep you busy with.

I've had a handful of alts now but I can't really play more than one char at one time, just because I can't handle newbie kicking rats for 20 hours when I could be doing something else on my main :/

Everyone always figures out who my alts are. :/

Death to all alts!

I barely have enough time for one much less two.

I despise alts that waste my time.

I'd probably make alts to try out other classes instead of the whole quit/join class/learn whatever thing. Saves time. Aside from that though, too much work. How would you even be able to keep the people you've met and things you've learned separate?

I always end up making alts and then neglecting them after a couple of weeks. I'm a terrible person.

I don't see how people spend all the money to get the skills and arties on an alt when they could spend their time and effort on one character to make that character better. Just me

 .. to try all of them, but sadly there are only 24h a day.

Personally, I'd rather have it be easier to switch classes instead of alting around.

I have a mild case of altitis.


not a fan of alts

Maintenance and upkeep for my main is already time-consuming as it is, an alt would just cut in half the time I have for my main and not get things done. So no.

Really gotta agree with this.


I'd rather focus all my time, energy, and resources into making one character great than making a few mediocre.

On Imperian, I've been quite a few characters over the years. I was only Neithan for a long time on Aet, but I made an alt when I came back. I had two characters on Lusternia.



I just get excitable as to my options...

I get bored of one, I switch to the other to play them a while.  Won't say how many I got or who they are either.

I get bored of one, I switch to the other to play them a while.  Won't say how many I got or who they are either.

Focusing on one character is my main priority. I don't need to be weakened by spreading out my shit too much.



I've had so many alts now I can't remember all of their names.

I have an alt. Still stuck in newbiehood. heh. I like being on my main too much.

tough to handle and almost not worth it, but if you can take long tracts of time away from what you consider your main character, they can be great diversions

To be honest it sounds like a lot of hastle for nothing.

I have.

^ haha.

sad part of having alts is not having enough time to play them all to the extent that you want to

My main is already time-consuming enough as it is! And being as I'm rather new, there's always more to do!


Though I guess it'd be cool to get a feel for what the other orgs are like.


When I first came from Dragonrealms I had a hard time with it. I got shrubbed. It was an eye opener coming from a game where you could have multiple characters running and even training with one another.

I have one active alt... the most I can handle

alt? what's an alt?


I used to make a lot of alts on another IRE game because I wanted to try out all the classes without wasting lessons jumping from guild to guild.

Now I've pretty much settled down and focused on one character for Lusternia rather than making alts, though I hope that one day in the future I'll be comfortable enough with the workings of Lusternia to see the game from a different perspective.

I made one for each of the three classes I find interesting because I tend to have the 'grass is always greener' perspective and feel inclined to try all options. They are decently trained so it's a refreshing option but I don't even get enough time lately to play one character as much as I would like to. 

I like many others haven't the time and once I pick one i like i'kll stay with them for a long time - a bit of flitting while I decide but thats all.


Would love to try out all the other games - played Achaea and Midkemia - but not enough hours in the day to dop novice requirements!


Did both Krondor and Sar-Sargoth in MKO and have been made really welcome in both!  Problem there is a choice of so much to do rather than wondering what to do next

I dont play with alts

No alts for me, about everything on HELP SECONDS takes away why I'd use alts (multiple trade skills, multiplaying ect.) and it saves me from falling into the using knowledge you don't really help pitfall. Besides, I have plenty to do on just one character. Other IRE games, now that's a different thing.

I've tried a few alts, but I always go back to my main character.

Spying on news/logs or researching another class for some coding project.

I usually have a ton of them, but I only have Meruin on Aetolia. And I'm with no other IRE game.

I don't like alts at all. I'd rather put my time into one character.

there just aren't enough hours in the day



I thought it was exactly the same every day.. :P

I am fine with alts as long as you aren't trying to tell me how to do my job, sell me something half an hour out of the flame, sexalt, trollalt (I will kill you), oocalt (I mean seriously... getting a tell of "hey! I knew you in a previous life." right out of the flame. I probably don't remember you.), or info gathering alt (I hate you read HELP SECONDS)


Now if you are trying to be a serious alt, an RP alt, or just a casual alt. Humour us, your rp starts you at 18, you are a know nothing child, and we will assume you know nothing. Play it off like you are a fast learner. Don't immediately start talking about Bop, Bella, or any of the learned through experience/time until you have both. Asking why, and whats that, may make us believe your rp. Don't drop that act for a few ic years and at least level 60 please.

Wonder who reans alts were

I have made characters for a laaaaaarge number of orgs in Lusternia, primarily because I'll like the RP of one, but not the people, and vice versa. I have finally found a place where I like the people and RP, and have only made a couple more characters since then.

IRE games tend to be so deep that it's so hard to maintain more than one alt. 

And that's toooooo much for me


But my main takes up more and more of my time, so cannot play the others much

I'm not very good at keeping alts, I've made many to test out classes but I just get bored of them within a couple days or weeks and stop playing them.

Alts are fun, for the pure idiocy you are free to do.

I've had one alt and though sometimes I consider making another, I just know I won't put effort into it, so I don't bother.

but maybe I'll make one eventually

too many, thay are a curse. I still stick with Stratas, but I haver other alts now who I love so muc I have to play them almost daily. Three characters to juggle? it's too much!

I have one alt on Achaea and I play her lot less frequently, it mostly depends on my mood. I have tried creating a character on Aetolia but failed when things got interesting in Achaea again. One day I do intend to make a character that lasts on either Aetolia or Lusternia, I have the race and class picked out just occupied enough with those two I already have.

I don't like having alts, so I don't make them. Much better to focus on one character, instead of having a bunch of characters go no where.

I barely have time to play one character much less two.

I am an alt :D

Somewhat neglected though. I really need to get Logosian. =_=


Alts make great spies.

As has been said many times already, not enough time and too much emotional effort to put towards alts for longer than a month or two. Also all you yahoos that insist on having an alt for every friggin class and then telling all your little friends who all your alts are or you troll organizations that kicked you out for being stupid... you need to get a life.

are tough on the psyche.

After working hard on a main I just hate starting -ALL- over again. But sometimes if i'm just messing around and bored I'll go out and mess around on an alt.



i enjoy alting from time to time, although my alts rarely go anywhere

i hate alts. damn them!

How can you -HATE- alts, theres been some prominent Achaeans who had alts over the years that weren't found out until way later (read: years or quitting the game). Just because the majority of people are stupid about it doesn't really mark for hatred. Maybe if people didn't treat alts so poorly just because they were alts, a lot of the issues wouldn't happen.

i dont alt that much, although I do have characters on most of the IRE games

not yet at least

I would be much more inclined to play other characters and try new things if my scores of artifacts and such were easily transferable back and forth.

An artifact to let artifacts be transferable? Or maybe just a limit on it, so it doesn't get abused. Say you can transfer once every 24/48 hours or so.

I've only really been successful with one alt, this one!

Same here ;)

Heh, true


way too hard to commit time to alts, I think.

i ccan't keep it up for too long before I abandon one.

Used to play some alts... but not anymore!

dont have that much time.. come on, havent transed the skills of my main yet..

Alts are a no go for me. I dislike them as they are a sure way to introduce metagaming, whatever people say.

When I first started Achaea nearly two years ago, I had one character, and I only played her. Then stuff happened and I had to delete her a year and a half after I created her. Now, I've made so many characters, I can't even remember half of them(which I'm sure they've been purged). At this point in time, I believe I have three. But since my first, I haven't really been able to make a 'main'. They've all sort of fallen into purged-dom. I'm trying my best with Kyel, but... we'll see how it ends up, right?

I am not famalier with the concept of metagaming but I believe alts are great for people who don't abuse the system  and have the time to play more than one character.

I used to be an I'm a main. 


Achaea seems more interesting when you focus on just a single character. That said, I'm terrible at coming up with characters that I actually like to roleplay as, so I did make a bunch before I settled on Nim. You could consider them as having been throwaway alts. However, that terminology assumed I had a main character to begin with, when the whole purpose of making them wasn't to have an alt, but to find a good main character.