Role Playing Games: An Imperian God's Tale IV

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Being a God in the online RPG Imperian can be difficult. It can have many pros and cons associated with it, and can involve giving up many of the things you had as a mortal. However, for every downside there is an up, and there are just as many benefits to taking on the mantle of a role playing game God in an online rpg game as there are to being a mortal.


In this article, I want to share a little of my favorite things about being a Divine in the online role playing game Imperian. These are some of the things that I love about being a Divine, and some of the things that make me look forward to logging into IRE rpg games every day.


New players.

No, this is not entirely a shameless plug for you to drag in your friends to play with you, or make up a new rpg character on Imperian, although that does add to my point, but new players really do make it worth showing up. Why you might ask? Because they react to the world much in the way children react to a zoo, everything is sparkly and new. They are more prone to pay attention when rpg NPCs interact with them, and they are more excitable when it comes to introducing new things. New players react in the giddy way I can remember acting when I first started playing the role playing game Achaea, and then Aetolia and then Imperian. Although new rpg players are gems, you can’t doubt the value of…


Older players.

Yeah, you know who you are. You have been around in the game for a while, and you know how things go. You may not be as excited when an NPC talks to you, but you have an established role that gives us something to work with. And, honestly, what would the game be without the players who have been there forever? You guys know your way around interacting with role playing game NPCs and with Divine, and we appreciate the work you put into Imperian to keep things running.


The chance for something new.

It may seem like after a while the game becomes repetitious and boring, but in reality, there is always something new going on, or something new to learn. Funny enough, I have learned quite a bit of trivia about the world from listening to players talk to each other. It is actually how I recently learned that Amy Winehouse passed away from overhearing someone else say it in game. But it is not just the real world I get to learn new things about. As a player, I had access to libraries and help files full of information, as a Divine, I have access to you. I get to hear the history of the world through the player’s perspectives, and I get to learn about how other people role play, which can be huge amounts of inspiration to me the next time I take over a mobile.


My Order.

You do not know who you are, but I appreciate all the work you do for me, even if I do not appear to in the game world. That is part of the problem with playing a Divine, you are supposed to be distant, and expect people to want to do things for you. You are a God! They should be fawning over you, right? But, like older players, most of you within Divine Orders have proven yourselves time and time again to be reliable, fun and necessary to keep us amused. Often times you take on huge responsibilities to keep our Orders running smoothly, and that opens us up to do other things like interact with people, or build new areas.


New Celani.

If you follow Iron Realms Entertainment’s Facebook feed, you would have seen recently that Imperian has begun bringing in the new flock of Celani. I love teaching, and I love meeting new people, so when Celani call outs wrap up and the new crew comes in, I get to indulge myself in at least one of my two favorite things, if not both. And, face it, without new Celani, the God spots would remain empty, and there would be less for the rpg game players to do. So, hats off to those of you who decided to attempt this responsibility for yourselves.


Dranor and Avasyu.

Bosses stink sometimes, but these guys are awesome. Dranor is always helpful when it comes to answering questions about how to do things, and Avasyu is fun to harass when I see him (he’s also pretty good at answering questions, too). Both of these guys are very supportive within the RPG game Imperian, and they make volunteering my time and effort worthwhile.


These are some of my favorite things about being an Imperian Divine, but some of them also applied to me as a player. What about you, what are some of the things that keep you coming back to your Iron Realms Entertainment game?


Megan Elizabeth is a role playing game enthusiast who enjoys the best rpgs from Iron Realms!


Lotta work.


true story

Seems so.

I would never leave all of my characters behind for Godhood

agreed. characters are a lot harder to maintain than godhood, methinks.

Lord Galleus for the Win! 

Dranor should have His own Order. He is awesome! When Celani positions are open next time. I will definatelt apply.

What keeps me coming back? New people is definetely one.


New players are great! :)

new rpg players

The hope that one day,  everyone will know how to spell definitely properly.



I'm unsure if that will ever happen...

It's nice to hope


Hello credit.

I like this article, always making me think and try to look at the players behind the divines perspective.


I want to know why some Divine seem very distant and others seem fairly close. I have played for many many years now and I have talked to an ncp or Divine once.

I like hearing these articles from the games that I don't play. It is fun to see what interests other people.


Agreed. Am I the only one who has been tempted to try new games from these posts?

What keeps me playing is the feeling of making some sort of difference. I'm not talking earth-shattering Divine stuff, of course, or even Really Important Leader stuff. On a lot of gaming days, I can log in, check my messages (I don't have any messages), read the news and logs, do a couple routine quests, and leave, having had no meaningful interaction. It ends up being a very static experience. So any time I interact with another PC in any way, I've made a difference in their game, even if it's very, very minor. And the more of that I get, the more I want to keep playing. So I cultivate friends, and join a family, and design, and train novices, and get a job in a ministry, and work towards Really Important Leader stuff, because everything I do along the way, is making some slight difference for someone else who plays, and that makes it all worth coming back.

I learned of Michael Jackson's death from logging in one day. I seriously thought it was a joke, and couldn't google it because google had gone down that day.


Man that day sucked!

I thought on that day a million children screamed in rapture that they wouldnt have the potential from meeting MJ... 


That or I hit some pigeons and a dove cried. Whichever!

You people need to spend less time on IRE games and more on listening to/reading the news!

This is not always a good thing. There are quite a few times that a new player becomes a God, takes all of the pre-established RP and gets rid of it. This is usually done, I find, when the player becoming the God wasn't a part of the Order prior to ascension and has a completely different view of the God. Not always a bad thing, either, but it can certainly upset long standing players and cause some of them to quit the game outright. I think it would be extremely benificial to the game if they kept logs of the things Gods did/the way they acted that the new players could use as reference when taking over. It would probably save a lot of whining.


I'm surprised that they don't keep logs. It would be a pretty easy thing to do, and save a lot of face later.


Gods just use ordinary game client like we do, right? Maybe someone should write a logging script for Gods to use that logs everything said on certain channels?

That could be useful for reference but I bet it would run to thousands and thousands of lines. Probably too much to just read and remember.

Why would people quit over their God changing their RP...?

Some people join orders because they like interacting with that specific god (or just like getting favours) whilst others join an order because they believe that the order's religion fits in with their character's roleplay.

If you are the former then a god coming back from dormancy with a completely different way of thinking and viewing the world would probably not be disconcerting, but if you are the latter I can well imagine the player becoming concerned that the set of the beliefs that has helped define their character's roleplay for so long has now suddenly been thrown out the window.

The key is always flexibility and how willing a player is to take the changes a new god might make to an order in stride - After all, the divine is simply trying to stamp his or her own mark on the order. 

Then there's always the old Caspian trick. Getting favors OOC for favors in game. Gross.

I think the Gods of Imperian have been doing a bang up job. Unfortunately, I've only had real exposure to the AM crew. Dranor, Garryn, the lot of them are pretty badass.

Shameless post..

The fourth aritcle on imperian gods already? Having a lack of players or something i'm guessing then

Who are as happy in their realm as we are to ours?  I am poor at writing except once every few years. Ideas and words, put together coherently not something everyone can do. Kudos for letting us experience through you though, M.E.!

very nice article!

I love new players so much! They are so much more interesting. 

... it's the novelty of it... the fact that, while we all know the dark and dirty details of who's stabbing who in the back, the new player's oblivious to it... they get to see the world in black and white, and build loyalties on a purely IC level... and react with genuine offense when someone's true motives are brought out into the open. They get to fall in love with some part (or all of) this new world, its history, its lore (though MKO comes with that in a different way than the others, I really prefer that part of my first IRE char in Aet's time)... and *then* they get to step into it all and decide where they'll fall on the next few pages of the story. Older players see the bashing, the code behind the PvP, the meta-gaming, and all the other boring/dry/infuriating things that always steal away the novelty from it. It's the same process a person goes through growing up... to a kid, everything in the world is bright, shiny, new, and worthy of awe, and yet, once they've grown up, those same things are mundane, boring at best, and worthy of contempt at worst. 


I can't pay attention to alts


Lend us your voices!

i'm reading this again.

it's worth another read!

Well worth the time to read this article!



One of these from Lord Phaestus' perspective from Achaea.

I would enjoy hearing that as well.

I would, too, as an old Achaea player!

I wouldn't mind one of these from any of the Achaen divine, I'm not fussy.

any Achaean Divine, please.

Man, I appreciate everything you guys do when you guys volunteer for such demanding work. Having played a God on a non-IRE sanctioned game, I admit it can be fun (especially the banter that we did with one another behind the players' backs) but I saw the amount of work involved there, even though it was nowhere as big as any of the Iron Realms games and I must admit... if the work THERE was demanding, I can only imagine what YOU guys go through! 

my motivation to play are the new challenges that appear in the stages of my charaacter's life. getting along with people as you get more involved in your city or house is definitely one of those challenges.


Good read

I haven't had much direct experience with gods.

What I like the most is that it really is a dynamic and alternate reality. As long as you have real people interacting with each other, there are infinitely many possibilities of what could happen. If you're getting bored of it, why not shake things and make some risky life-changing decision. We get bored because we're comfortable, and it's not always in the gods' capacities to make intereseting things happen.

Funny bit about overhearing real world events like Amy Winehouse.

Will there be a 5th?

This article is extremely similar to their last article. At least the first half of it... 


I'm very much enjoying this series. Great stuff, would love to read something like this from one of Achaea's Gods!

cause they are weaker than me

I still get giddy when an NPC starts chatting. When in Achaea I considered it a fun aspect of it, but its great that new players get attention.

I would like to see an article where someone talks about the similarities and differences between the Divines in each of the IRE games... Or is it exactly the same?


An enjoyable read.



The people who -should- go on to be gods (the older players who have been there for years) most often don't, because by that point, they've invested a significant amount of time, money, or both. What if being a god really sucks? What if you hate the direction the admins are taking the game? You can, supposedly, never return to your mortal once you reach the demigod level (though this has definitely happened a few times) and so you may end up hating being a god and now have your invested time and money permamently unavailable to you... so you're totally screwed in the end.

I think I would be good at it, but its not a risk I'm interested in taking

Very interesting series of posts, I can relate to them ;)

Once again an awesome article. Thanks

I know when I played Imperian, I had a LOT of fun, but there just seemed to be too much for me to want to wrap my head around when I could just go play Achaea.

I think most of the article is valid for Achaea too, except the "Dranor and Avasyu" part.

I think playing the game at this level would be very difficult.

Probably,but as you can see, there are quite some benefits.


I like this one heaps, thank you for posting it

Makes me glad to be just a mortal.

Not to mention the thrill of insta-killing mortals that insult you


Been thinkin of going Celani on one of the IRE games...possibly Lusternia. Have held leadership positions in all of I could get it easily. Played well, Divine interaction can add whole layers of fun RP to any storyline...and always was disheartening to see most Divine going dormant, or the RP lines only lasting halfway and ending anti-climatically...

cool perspective.  Thanks for writing it.

I think Godhood could get boring after so long.