Role Playing Games: an Interview with Eric Lamy

text game producer Eric Lamy
by Ben Gorlick

In this weeks "Producers Corner" with Ben Gorlick we bring you an interview with Eric Lamy, the Producer of the Iron Realms rpg text game Aetolia.

Eric dives into his history and experience with Iron Realms games and then expands on what makes Aetolia truly unique, how the races and cities differ from other Iron Realms games and the future direction of Aetolia. This Interview is targeted at both new and familiar players of Aetolia and those who want a closer look behind the curtain of The Midnight Age.

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Nice interview!

I agree.

Yeah, the video and image quality was great.



yay webcam

-thumbs up-

Only have my cell till tuesday. Can't wait to watch it as I want to try Aetolia next.

Yes, Aetolia looks interesting, I've tried a few of the IRE games and they all seem great!

you really should give it a try

I'm stuck in Midkemia at the moment, but Aetolia might be worth a look in the future. Interesting interview.

So were you the one who made Farlilo of Lady Khepri's temple take a nap when I was trying to solve the mystery of that egg? -.-

Thanks for making the interview.

Always love seeing new interviews. Aetolia's a game I've seriously considered trying sometime.

Waiting on MKO interview with Ishap :D


Agreed. It will be interesting to see what Ishap has to say.

DEFINITELY. And the youngling of IREs' games could use a little more spotlight, too.

Seriously can't wait for the Knight revamps.


Infernals wielding warhammers, polearms, and using warhounds. Paladins with blessings, special weapon empowerments and crazy things like that.


Do want.



Whoa. Now I want to go back!


That sounds pretty interesting.

Sounds good!


It'd be nice if Knight combat in Achaea could get some retooling. Hate how boring knight is compared to all the other classes.

Th Ben guy.

Nice interview, interesting to listen hear!

It's amazing how much Aetolia has changed. I used to have a character there a few years ago and went back recently, and I was amazed at the new features, races, classes, and even landscape.

... new chars in Aetolia that is. That was pretty unique compared to all the honey and butter intro tour from all the other games.

A bit of darkness is always welcome in these games!

I tried Aetolia once, was kinda put off because it was similar enough to Achaea at the time that I felt frustrated because of the presence of a learning curve.


I'll have to give it another shot someday.

Although it wasn't the differences so much as the similarities that frustrated me.

Agreed, granted this was not long after Aetolia came out, I'm sure it is different these days.

Yeah... these guys changed my life. Since I've discovered the Ironrealms games (and I've only played Imperian and Aetolia), I find it hard to attach myself to other games. 

I've put so much time into Impy that I just can't get into any other games, even IRE ones.

It's always nice to get this type of insight.

Hehe. I started RPG text-gaming on AOL too.




Youtube is good for things like this. It's a hosting service that won't run out of capacity, and it serves up all the formats you could need. You can even watch it on an iPhone.

yeah it is

My desktop is nearly full text based, plus I hate having to load that crappy flash plugin which crashes under Windows and Linux. I was said that HTML5 was alright on Youtube, but ...

So definitely (for me) articles > interviews (written interviews would be great !)

Glad you guys enjoyed my interview! If you have any questions for me about the interview in particular or Aetolia in general, feel free to ask them here!

Nice to finally see someone with a decent webcam on here. And to put a face to the diety.

Always nice to hear about the other ire games.


Yeah, but, it's the best interview.

As video, it certainly does have a more personal feel than a bare text article. 

It's the best interview. Of all time! <3

Wow, biochem dude produces an online RPG? The MBA he's going for is definitely more appropriate.

Wow, very interesting listen

Keep the interviews coming



Very interesting insight into Aetolia and what's going on.



Great interview. I can't wait for more!

yay for more producer interviews



Soooo... do Aetolian vampires sparkle in the sun?

Ugh.. Why. Oh an Achaean. Now it makes sense.

This interview shows the difference between the iron realms games which some think are completely alike, nicely done.

Nice interview

Great interview!


defintely has caught my attention after this interview.

At first, I was quite surprised at the age he started mudding but then I think back and I remember that my time was often split between table-top D&D and Mystic Adventures in High school.

I wonder what everyone thinks is the proper age to enter text games or any game for that matter...

I tried Aetolia. I wanted to like it, I really did. But I only have so much time in a day, or a week. Choices have to be made, and Aetolia just couldn't draw me in like Lusternia did.


Good interview, though

Aetolia's the only game besides Achaea I've ever seriously considered playing, the others either seem too complicated (Lusternia's combat) or too simple (MKO, though of course I could be wrong on this one)

These keep getting better and better


nice interview!

I know this isn't the most productive comment but articles > videos.


Great interview though!

This is just a query of interest, but why do you like articles better than interviews and other videos like this?

I've felt a little intimidated to try Aetolia due to the fact that I'm not really into gothic themes and the RP may be a bit above my capability.

Aetolia has a fantastic support system of players who can ensure you get into the spirit with little difficulty. Just play along!

another fantastic interview from Ben Gorlick. I can't help but think to myself as I watch this video "that Ben guy looks like a chocolate lover". 

Sounds pretty cool!

Yeah for interviews with good cameras!

Good interview! It is always interesting to hear from the producers themselves and get to know how they view the game they run, especially since it gives insight to players in terms of the admin side of things. I am sure your players are excited about the new classes coming out soon!

I quite enjoy Youtube being used for interviews. It allows me to listen and play at the same time or watch the video directly if I want to.  :)

Oh and congratulations on the engagement! 

Being brand new to Aetolia, I now wish I would have waited before graduating from novicehood :/

Being a novice can be quite useful in learning anyway, I've always had problems if I graduate too fast.-



Good interview, actually makes me want to retry Aetolia one of these days.

I love watching the interviews

Another interesting articulate interview, thanks. It's interesting to see the people behind the immortals.

I love these interviews, always makes me happy to watch them.


gotta love it


Good read, very cool!!

I may have to try it now.

Wish I had more time. I'll have to try it out sometime.

Aetolia is pretty great, they've done a lot of  development in the past few years.


Personal I'm not very big fan of Aetolia but it is very interesting for the whole idea behind the cities and classes in Aetolia.


Totally not what I expected him to look like!


Aetolia sounds like a lot of fun!  Perhaps, in the future I will try it...maybe the immediate future.

Its nice to see each producer, I am fairly new to Lusternia still but I like the premise of Aetolia.  The races and classes sound like a lot of fun as well. 

Great interview, keep em coming.  Maybe Lusternia next?

There was a Lusternia interview just two weeks prior to this one. Check the archives for the Interview with Robert French!


Next interview should be with Feist, please.


I'd love to know what he things of the Elvandar/Sar-Sargoth treaty.

I mean that literally! I vant to drink yer blood!!! Barring that a mhun will suffice. 

I might just go take a look at Aetolia after viewing this






What a lovely interview.

That's cool!

What a brilliant interview

cool articale

Kinda reminds me of miss congeniality. You know the guy from it

You think I look like Benjamin Bratt? Never heard that one before.

He's a pretty one.


I think!

Man that would be cool to talk to him. Does he have an immortal character on Aetolia?

These people make all our fun possible. Kudos!

Sounds pretty awesome!


Awesome interview.

Eric Lamy? -The- Eric Lamy?


Who's Eric Lamy?