Role Playing Games: How to Make Imperian Work for You

text game dwarf

 by Rowan Blackthorn


     Being a newbie in a text game is rather intimidating. Everyone around you seems to know what is going on, you always feel like you are in the dark. However, Imperian has a fairly easy learning curve, especially since text game hints are often and older players take an interest in the success of newbies. One thing to remember is that Imperian has more relaxed PK rules compared to other Iron Realms text games, so if you're interested in PvP and role playing game combat, definitely give Imperian a try. If you use these helpful tips, your new text game character should be buff in no time!


     First: The newbie channel is one of your best friends. Even if there is not a text game guide around, more experienced players are almost always willing to help with general information. As a newbie, there is also a chest with some donation equipment available right away. Granted, this is not the place to go to find artifact quality goods, but as a starting character, you really just need bare necessities.


     Second: Ask around and try to get a tamer to help you out. You will want to ask for a pet trained in vermin hunting. These pets will wander around when you are in cities and sewers, hunt vermin for you, and then come back and drop off the corpse. While you do not gain any experience for the endeavor, you can earn a good amount of gold selling the corpses. So, during all those long periods where you are sleeping to regain your endurance, meditating for willpower, or even reading to learn more about the rpg game or your guild and skills, you now have revenue coming in. It doesn’t take long for a good ratting pet to pay for itself and then start earning you profit!


     Third: Achievements are a great way to stack experience bonuses. This works along side an owl tattoo which offers approximately 5% more experience for any kind of gain and decreases your losses from dying. By utilizing the achievement system, it is not impossible to have well over 1000% experience per kill or quest. As a note: this does not work with PK (player killing) experience. Aside from this, some achievements give extra lessons, experience, gold, and even credits.


     Fourth: Basic quests. Most guilds have a list of ‘general’ quests that are well known. Some of the most prominent are the hunting of Inner Feinhorn (about a level 50-75 zone) and the sewers of whatever city you happen to be starting in. Leveling to this point is relatively easy. Hunting newbie zones will get you good gold and experience until about level 20-21. Then there is a place in the center of the world - Caanae, which you can hunt for another 10-15 levels. This is easy money and great experience for the level at minimal effort. Hunting groups are usually more than happy to have ‘little ones’ along.


     Fifth: Finally, we get along to bigger game. You will notice that credits are fairly expensive on the credit market. The average fluctuates between 12,000-15,000 gold per credit. While this may seem extreme to some people, this is because Imperian has a LOT of gold to be made in it! Just hunting most places will pay for more than the supplies in drops and a lot of places still offer the chance to sell the corpses. Those that do not allow you to sell those corpses usually make for great offerings. Offerings at shrines are a great way to get on the good side of various organizations and there are achievements for sanctifying (raising/building) shrines, defiling (tearing them down) and just general offerings to help the Order work miracles. These are great ways to get credits at the higher end achievements. Of course, this takes a bit of work, but really, don’t pass up good things for something you’d be doing anyway!


Rowan Blackthorne is a text game enthusiasts who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


i've got a Predator on Imp that i play every now and then, if i wasnt so heavily invested in Achaea i'd probably play Imperian full-time because it was so easy to get into. Compared to Lusty which just throws everything at you all at once (planes, influence, all the skills), Imperian feels way more straight-forward and newbie-friendly


The book tattoo in Aetolia is pretty classy, but I don't think it prevents any loss of xp.

I wish we had owl tattoos in Achaea. So much.

Yeah, they sound really helpful.

I agree. Though Achaea offers ways to lose less experience, it would be nice to die and not take anyone else's time to not lose a lot of experience.

Hehe, thats true, "Can I get a rez for blablabla please".

Although it does allow more interdependance which is nice for the game dynamic


I made a char that could resurrect simply because I was tired of looking for people for the purpose heh.

hehe! <3 ressers!

Heal me!!

I made a healer in a different MUD for pretty much the same reason.


Personally I actually like when a game rewards you for involving other players (weather it's to loose less xp, gain more gold, etc), it forces people to cooperate, otherwise you'll get a bunch of individuals playing their own single player games, instead of the close knit communities you get otherwise.

That is not to say you can't get those with a game that can be easily played individually, but I think it's a lot easier to make and get involved with them when everyone is 'forced' to talk to and assist/be assisted by others.

exactly! this is very true for aetolia


Yes, force everyone to play the game your way, else penalize them!



Unlike Midkemia

agreed, it does sound helpful


I wish they were in lusternia as well

same here

same here?!

Yup, I do love my owl tattoo.

Why don't we have an owl tattoo!






Very interesting article. I think I might have to try out Imperian now..

Sadly i never like imperium.

Why not? It seems okay to me!

Awesome classes, features, and whatnot, but it also seems from what I can tell to be the least RP friendly of the IRE's. Maybe I'm wrong, but that turns me off of it.

not bad

Looks like I have to dust off my Imperian character, just like all of these other Achievement-hungry Achaeans. 

Yes, I need achievements in my life!

I wish I was achievement hungry. D:

i wish there were achievements in Achaea.

Don't forget you're not the only person with a pet, and that there are a -lot- of player owned pets... No faster way to get people to dislike you than going around offing their pets :<


Great read!

But if I don't kill your pet, how ever will I feed my family?

Whoah, Imperian has auto-ratting?

Also, owl tattoos for Achaea sound good to me.  Just make it one of the more expensive ones to get.

Autoratting sounds great.


Can you imagine if Thunderbirds could be trained to go after pigeons? The air would constantly be filled with blood and feathers.

And half the recipes in the Halli cooking cartel would be pidgeon this and that.

i would kill for these in achaea, but i suppose the scale of ecenom must be ridiculous?

Sounds interesting. Kind of makes me want to try out Imperian, but I spend enough time on Achaea already. Adding another time sink of similar magnitude probably isn't the best idea.

There's a few city quests in Lusternia. When I came back from dormancy I noticed there were different rewards for some of the same quests and a lot of strange, wandering NPCs. However, I've tried to ask people how to do the quest and no one seems to know, and one of the the Divine confessed on the forums that no one had even done the quest for over 6 RL months!


Not all quests are as easy as they seem (they seem particularly random and backwards in Lusternia), but they are rewarding!

This. So many of these are frustratingly vague or purposely convoluted or just don't work. Argh. Gettin' my rage on.


So, Imperian, autoratting? I'd say sign me up for that, but I didn't like Imperian much when I tried it. Maybe I should give it another shot.  Still, it sounds like the autoratting and such has ruined the economy. Would that make it hard for a newbie to get into it?

To be honest it sounds like it would cause a great deal of inflation

great read, thank you for sharing it

I played Imperian for about a month and dedicated myself to exploring all the newbie areas. All of them were very well designed and had unique stories attached to them.


From what I experienced Imperian is a very, very decent game. I wish I had stayed longer, but MkO hooked me in. That said, Imperian definitely is worth a try for those who are looking for a new, interesting and well-designed world to adventure in!

Pets that work for you? Oh my, if only we could have that :( 

Lusternia pets can hunt WITHyou (adding damge) but not really FOR you.

Hrm, I should give this one a try as soon and if I become bored of Aetolia.. Thanks for sharin!

As a lot of people have said, the auto-ratting sounds nice but it is a killer on the economy.


sounds a lot more interesting than Achaea


Sounds like I might have to try it.

I think I enjoy my character on Lusternia too much. Although there isn't anything against the rules in playing Imperian AND Lusternia at the same time.. hhrm!

I'm ambivalent about achievements. I can understand why the soulless online games might be interested in that to help provide purpose and goals to their players, but in most text games purpose enough is provided by the community I think. I don't think you need achievements to sancitify/defile or offer.

If only MKO had achievements.

MKO sort of has achievements, in the form of the recently implemented newbie TASKS system. They are geared towards learning the basics of the game, though, and the rewards are merely a small amount of XP or a few silver.

I'd like that the tasks that I have completed before the introduction of the tasks system (like, having a mentor) are counted. I hate having four tasks in the list that I cannot complete anymore.

I didn't know about the auto-ratting in Imperian, I'll have a try !

I don't do PVP at all so yeah Imperian ain't my game.


You really don't have to do pvp to play Imp, I certainly haven't done any of the pvp fighting and what not. Really all of the IRE games give a nice diversity in what path you want to take. You don't have to follow everyone else.



Well, it's not about what path you choose, but about the path other players choose. When I made a newbie in Aetolia and explored around, I was able to map this (Mhojave?) desert near Bloodloch. I think there were a war between Bloodloch and Enorian at the moment and I passed through rooms with fighting people sometimes and nobody said a word.

 When I made a newbie in Imperian and started mapping the Modin Valley, it didn't take five minutes to receive first "OMG GTFO OR I WILL HUNT U FOREVER SCUM" tells.

So, yeah, you may don't have to initiate pvp on your own, but players in Imperian are a*holes and will force you to it anyway. 

Very nice read!

Their end game conflict system sounds really cool

15k per credit sounds horrid, but I guess it's really all the autoratting and high gold output to blame

Not so much auto-ratting as high gold drops. One popular hunting ground Demon's Pass nets you 20k easy for a full run. And by the time you are done, it has fully respawned. Problem is, prices for credits, goods and the works are all based upon this high gold drop rate. So if gold drops were suddenly halved, the long time players with lots of gold will be fine but new players wont' be able to afford anything.


..Maybe I'm glad that Achaea doesn't have this?



Really, having played Achaea and now Midkemia the rat hunting pet sounds awesome!, they should get it in the other games.

Can I have that pet thing for Midkemia thank you.


I played Imperian for a while when I first discovered muds from an advert for Midkemia Online I saw around 6 months before it went live. I enjoyed it, but once MKO went live I lost interest and I haven't really been able to get into anything else.

But I often timeout in Imperian because most of my attention goes to my MKO character.

Going from Elvandar to Stavenn is not a simple thing !

The disparity between the economies in Imperian and Achaea is kind of surprising. I'd try it but I hear it's more PVP focused than Achaea which isn't that intriguing to me.

I think MKO might actually take the cake with PK focus among IRE games, as there's very little that *isn't* accepted as 'justifiable' in the admin's eyes... and as much as I don't enjoy taking part in PvP myself, the very task of avoiding it provokes both a real sense of risk in travelling where hostiles might be active, and a range of RP provoked by that as well. The limitations on PvP in the other IRE games can cause an unrealistic sense of an ability to disregard conflicts without expecting any sort of risk or reprecussions.

Worth noting that there is no XP-loss for PvP in MKO though, which is really why PvP is so common.

And I appreciate it. Screw XP loss, that's what I say. Permadeath or nothing.

I hear Imperian is really hurting for players, and this is primarily the reason why their artifact sale is so..well..OP.

15k really isn't high at all, since once you reach Aspect - which with the achievement experience bonuses is incredibly simple - gold is really easy to get.

damn... 15k credits O.o

Honestly I never tried Imperian. I tried very hard to get into achaea but just couldn't. I picked lusternia in the end because it was FAR more newbie friendly than achaea. (The newbie help scrolls in Lusternia assume that you actually are a newbie, while the newbie help scrolls in achaea seem to assume that you already know what you are doing and are playing an alt).


Maybe I'll give Imperian a try.

Auto ratting pets. That sounds like a fast way to earn gold!

I'm curious now

it's hard to start all ovr, I've tried a few times but cant seem to stay away from Morthif

doesn't work

The people of Lusternia were VERY helpful when i started playing it.  Now I'm in love with it and highly addicted!

Isn't it though?

It really is.


I've tried Imperian a couple of times now, but I find it hard to get to know the other players. That, and I maintain characters in two other IRE games. I just don't have the time.

The Achievements thing sounds interesting, is anyone able to explain more about how it works?

you type ACHIEVEMENTS and then it gives you a whole list of things that range from simple like defile/sanctify a shrine, cure paralysis to crazy stuff like kill another player while you're half dead etc. and completing these achievements can give you rewards. its like TASKS in achaea only theres a ton more 'achievements' for the high level players

But definitely takes the most work getting combat reflexes ready if you want to fight.





Damn, exp stacking sounds sweet in Imperian! And Achievements also...we wants achievements in MKO!!!

Achievements are stupid and I hate them. I hate that certain people got to abuse them and got the best prizes taken away, but did not get in trouble.


That said, Imperian suffers for a lot of reasons. Honestly, I think it is mostly bad administrative decisions.

That's picture's the axelord dwarf from Lusternia! I claim false advertising!

But get ratting pets in Imperian? I want my beast to do that in Lusty...

I haven't tried Imperian in years but this sounds like a great guide to get started, thank you.

haven't played it for years, but you just made me come back :P

Interesting. I only tried Imperian for a short while a few years back, but I guess I can give it one more shot.

never played imperian before :O

Imperian is the other IR game I lasted more time than the tutorial. Maybe I should give it a try, although it would mean putting Lusternia aside.

Can't we have something like the autoratting in Lusternia? I have a beast and it is more a nuisance than an asset. But if it is has its own will and it doesn't die / drop level every time I forget to send it to the stable... or pay for a stable...


Oh,, well

That's a pretty high gold to credit ratio. I wonder if that actually scares people away. Even though I believe that players should ultimately control the market, it still seems a bit high unless getting gold in Imperian is easy.

In Lusternia, we just had the gold drops tweaked and it's much easier to get it now than before.


I don't do good in combat so Imperian, being PVP friendly, wouldn't be good for me.

My jaw almost dropped at that 12k-15k gold per credit estimate. Imperian sounds interesting, but I have a lot of well-established IRL friends in Achaea so I doubt I would stick.

I should admit that the game did have several features that made it easy for newbies(the auto-walk was pretty useful), but it was too much work to get used to something else, and the smaller playerbase was another obstacle. Maybe I should give it a shot again when I am tired of Achaea and don't want to play hack-and-slash.



PvP combat doesn't really appeal to me, and while auto-ratting sounds cool, it cheapens the value of gold (hence the 15k credits). The beauty of ratting is that nobody wants to put the time into it.

If I ever was too get bored of Achaea, this would probably be my next MUD, Because if it is truely easier to make money then that'd be great. Achaea seems to be harder to make decent cash in unless you're higher level or have some trade skill. 



I so want a pet that rats for me.

I've only really played Achaea seriously and tried Lusternia a little, but this makes me want to give Imperian a try.


There are a ton of guilds here, really liked the concept of Wardens.

Wish my Falcon in MKO would hunt rats for me. >.>

I played Achaea for 13 years then finally left it for Imperian. Granted, it was hard letting go of a character that I had spent literally thousands of dollars (almost 8,000 bucks total on credits over those 13 years) on it was worth it to me in the long run. Sure, Imperian has fewer players but that's what makes it so awesome. There is always somewhere to hunt and places aren't usually bashed out. The 3 or 4 places everybody knows are bashed out about every other time you go, but there are also a lot of other places that go untouched, you just have to go find them. The ring system is awesome as well, and encourages hunting in groups as the shared experience for hunting with others is considerably more than if you're following someone in a game like Achaea. I group of 2 or 3 hunters above level 80 can make somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 gold over the period of an hour and a half, if you don't have to wait on spawns and bashed out areas.


Plus, with a fraction of the player base that games like Achaea have there is a lot more room for character improvement and growth. There aren't the giant popularity contests that there are in Achaea that seem to determine thing like elections. Additionally, if you are the type of player who likes to make a difference on your guild/organization/city/whatever your impact really can be felt in game.

I've always been partial to Imperian myself.


I might try this or Lusty


...they didn't have Achievements. You newbies are so lucky!

there is always some article on the beginners' stuff. how about more advanced combat strateties? or the calculations behind attributes and why these were decided to be that way? How about some more thought to these articles? It's not like most people are such newbs...are they?

someday i'll try this, it sounds like something I could get interested in...

Used to be a GM in Imperian till I got dormant. Now back to Achaea

Would have been so much more help when I was first starting.

It would have been, yes.





I tried it as one of my first attempts at Iron Realm games but ultimately ended up in Achaea. Maybe it is time to give it another shot now that I know a little better what I am doing.

Isn't that dwarf from lust?

Looks like an interesting setup.

Imperian is the only IRE mud I have yet to really spend any time with. Maybe some day.

me too

In my case

The combat steers me away from Imperian.

I want an owl tattoo!

...I wish we had those owl tats AND the vermin-hunting pets, I used to have a Lycaean Warden with a chipmunk pet and a rather awesome-looking glaive, he went down the drain quite a time later...either way, the Chipmunk was one of the best investment of lessons and time he ever had, and if he bought it, it would have been DEFINITELY worth the gold.

I'm really tempted to go back to Imperian with how all this crap in Achaea is going on.


still tempted as heck, less because the perks given (they are BIG perks though!), more because I still haven't really mapped out the main bulk of the game yet..

credit post at this point

what I said last time..





well, for now the temptation is gone, since this whole Bal'met bullcrap ended

wow, good article. I like the pet training for vermin hunting! Awesome. This article will make me try Imperian out soon.

i miss the days of 12000-15000 gold credits







A lot of this information is stilted. The gold is no longer so easy to come by as it once was, and as a result the credit market doesn't sell nearly quite so high anymore. And I've not been a member of too many guilds who suggest Feinhorn or have a list of quests and hunting grounds that are that comprehensive. Normally, it's the cities that have a list of directions, but there's very little information in them. Best to ask individuals.



Goddamn I hate the achievements....

they're pretty awesome, if you really put your mind into it


Game needs more people

"One thing to remember is that Imperian has more relaxed PK rules compared to other Iron Realms text games"


Really? I'm not sure the rules are more relaxed. There may be more of it than say Lusternia, but what additional rules does Lusternia have that Imperian does not?




I think it is more the lack of extensive rules regarding PK that makes Imperian more relaxed on that topic than any other Iron Realm game I have encounted so far.



Heard too many people say Imperian was the worst of IRE, so I think I'll stick with Achaea.

Interesting article title choice.

Killing all the gods was pretty cool

a theme with at least some of the IRE games and I think it's ridiculous myself. Some 'spring cleaning' may have been needed, but not like this.

 Very interestng. I may have to check this game out.