Role Playing Games: The Not-So-Newbies to Avoid!

rpg game newbie

by R. Anne


Iron Realms rpg games offer a fantastic way for true newbies to experience the rpg game, by allowing older players to personally guide them as an official mentor! There are some bonuses to a mentor/protege relationship, such as faster experience when hunting together, but some "newbies" aren't always new! If you know what we're talking about, read on and share your newbie horror stories in the comments!

The Leave Me Be Protégé
If you experience meeting this sort of rpg game protégé you often find that you can do nothing for them because they won't answer you. Rather than take any help offered, they respond with silence. You have no idea if you are doing a good or bad job you get little feedback. They move through their tasks with ease and read just what is required. They really do not go above and beyond what is expected, but they follow the rules. They're the role playing game protégé who is neither friend nor foe; they simply need an rpg game mentor because it's what is required to advance in the house. Rather than beating them with a stick, you wish that you never took them on as a rpg game protégé because they do average work and contribute little in the mentor relationship.  


The Lolalt
The Lolalt comes from in-game only to vex you, your house, and your city. The goal of this protégé is to spy or to make your life hell. Usually bearing a grudge, he or she arrives only to vex you until you want to pull your hair out. The rpg game Lolalt does little work, and mainly stands around figuring out ways to prevent you from being in game. Lolalt may also serve another purpose. He or she takes on a mentor only to spy for another house or city and to report back what he or she finds when they become the other true persona, a violation of HELP SECONDS!


The Needy One
This rpg game protégé is the sort who needs help with everything. He or she seldom listens to your advice or pointers. Rather than read, you find yourself bombarded with question after question until you are ready to beat them with a stick. Trust me, dear reader, we've all encountered this sort before in game and we toss our hands up in the air when they arrive, often running for a place off plane to avoid them at all cost. When the Needy One does not get the answer, hint, or help to solve a puzzle or quest, he or she blames you for being a bad rpg game mentor


R. Anne is an rpg game enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


I'm lucky to have two intelligent proteges who know how to dig around for information by themselves and approach me for guidance alone, not to be spoonfed. I try my best to instill a sense of self-reliance in our novices based on the aphorism, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."


I'm generally hesitant in taking new formal proteges in spite of being HoN simply because I feel like they're my personal responsibility heh. This article gives me all the more reason to be more aware of what I might be getting into if I did take any new proteges. Nice work, thank you.

Lucky wench!


They are so few and far between

I've met a lot of noobs that make me want to pull my hair out, though I don't have to really deal with them. I feel so sorry for those that do. 

When I was active in Houses, I didn't mind the newbies who were kinda obviously alts because they breezed through requirements, they just made my job way easier. I did hate noobs who were just out to be pricks and kill other novices/disrupt HT/etc

ugh, who doesn't, eh?




Oh gods, the lolalts. The worst part is that I have known true character violations and have never been able to get the admins to believe it. I think I've encountered all three of these as head of newcomers, but I also have met the "perfect newbie" the one who reads the scrolls, has legitimate questions, and goes above and beyond requirements. Usually when I grilled the other type of newbies during their house interviews they eventually became average players.

Lolalts are the worst.

I concur.

But how do you remedy them?

Fire! Fire! 

Besides that, probably ignore them or report them if you can figure out who they really are.


I've not yet really taken on a protege, but I work with a lot of novices (or try to, since, as this article points out, they don't always work with you back). I'm actually a bit amazed at how many I come across that do a really convincing job at being a novice, and then I find out through some OOC means that this is like, their hundreth character, not counting those in other IRE games, or something. So, some actually try to do a good job.


But there's one example of the 'needy one' I've come across this past week actually, so I find this amusing. I answered a question of his over collegium chat and all of a sudden was sucked into about 4 solid hours of answering questions and frustration at answering questions readily available in help scrolls he should have read. After about 2 hours of this, one of my elders informed me that he'd already spent hours sucking the time from another novice aide, to the point of tells every time he killed a fink. I kept working with him anyways, but I had to resort to bemused commentary with other observers whenever he left the room. It ended up being kinda fun, but I've had to avoid him since then because as far as I can tell, he hasn't stopped with the inane questioning.

He's gotten a lot better and is kind of sweet now :)

It is a fact...he has gotten better.  I think with time most "needy ones" do get better.  Like I said, I was the same when I stepped out only I had a RL friend to answer my annoying questions :)

well not always but most of the times!

I have three rules for my proteges, being an Alchemist of moderate repute within Ashtan, as well as a follower of Lady Pandora.

1.) Try not to die.

2.) Try to figure things out for yourself. If you are having trouble, don't be afraid to ask me!

3.) Try to spread some mischief, as you go about your genocidal novice-duties. (Killing every pixie you see, for example)


I have about 5 official proteges, as well as a few who went dormant as my "Officially unofficial proteges" from when I was unable to take on proteges, but no one else was helping them out. Among them, I have no Lolalts, but I do have a "Perfect Protege", as well as a few "Needy Ones". As I have gone through my day to day tasks, and helped them to grow and thrive (and try not to die while committing genocide), I have come to the realizations that 1.) I absolutely love helping novices (Hence my long-standing position as Aide to the Ambassador), and 2.) That "Needy Ones" tend to end up being the best mentors, roleplayers, and characters in general. They learn everything they need to know, and they have someone to explain it in IC terms, and potentially OOC terms, if necessary. Due to that, their understanding of even minute details can amaze others. Most of my "Needy Ones" actually beat me to the punch, nowadays, when someone brings up a question.

Just sayin'... All of my proteges out there who may read this, I love all of ya! Keep up the good work, kiddos!

that is a good list!

Sounds like that character could easily get under your skin.

kind of a trap there, huh? do you wanna play the supportive novice aide card, or just go "stfu and read the scrolls". heh. been there, buddy.

I haven't really dealt with the other two so much, but I know which novice that Stratas is talking about, because I had that same one chase me around for days until I finally ended up snubbing him. Yes, I know I shouldn't snub newbies because they need help, but even when I went to do my own things, I was bombarded with tells.  Even turning off tells or going far off prime did not help, because he would message me instead. It was very trying!

I went through all three of these phases and I turned out completely fine...honest!

same here, well, not the lolalt.. but i guess every player new to real roleplaying has some moments in which he doesn't act completely in-character, but as a player of a game..



All of my proteges are really great! I've definitely seen others get stuck with lolalts though.

All my proteges have been a joy!  It's fun to experience old things with new eyes again! I love it

I've never had this issue thankfully.

I've never had this issues.

Let's also not forget about giving the young money, mhuns, a place to crash and then they sleep forever... And in this day in age of alt's I swear there are only like 10 people playing IRE games but they have 100 alts each..

Heh, from what I've seen people actually have fewer alts than I expected.  Then again, I'm a bit older so most of the people I would know only have so much time to game.

I know all of the above, it never changes. heh.

People are the same everywhere!

I've yet to mentor anyone hehe hopefully get something better than any of these, save for a let-me-be.


role playing on Aetolia is the best giving i never played any other mudd but Aetolia i enjoy it and i hope to spend a great deal of my life on it

Obviously you've played your fair share of Online Games because short of the overly friendly newbie I think you hit all the main people you run into. It's sad to say that there are really people like that, but truer words could not be spoken. I'm just glad I have some strong people around me who aren't catagorized by a flaw in their character. haha

I was young once and had a lot of questions.  I am almost sure I bothered a lot of people without knowing it.  My first IRE character and text game character at that was fairly needy...

That said, now I am much more experienced and tend to find a lot of my own information. I still ask questions from time to time and some of them are relatively noobtastic.

...that said, I am almost positive I am aware of the protoge that Dylara and Stratas are referring too....from the day this one stepped out of the portal I have been answering questions nostop from the time I wake to the time I sleep....I help as it is my duty but man oh man do I know what they mean.  I can relate to both sides of this article..

Well written....

Makes me really consider ever wanting to be a mentor... haha


Though, it can be a little nettlesome at first, it is satisfying when the one you're mentoring surpasses you; but that just means you're doing an excellent job. Ha!  Also, if you do not yet have a surname, just be sure to mentor those without surnames~

Free credits, yo.

i dont even see how its fun..

Sometimes when I make an alt I pretend to be a clueless nub. Am I the only one?


No offense, but doing this is a real headache to the actual leadership & guides of the guild. I've had to deal with more than a few cases myself. It's very frustrating to waste time tutoring, watching over and answering the questions of someone, later to discover they actually knew the answers and were just pretending to be clueless as not to be obvious alts.

When I created Nin and placed him in the same guild as my original character (Scathain) I roleplayed learning everything very quick and on my own, since OOCly I knew it all from playing Scathain. I think this is the way to go.


I think it should be stressed that a novice who asks sincere questions is often better than one who asks only one or two. The ones who ask and want to learn about everything are the ones who tend to stick around and make a name for themselves.

Mentoring a new player can be very frustrating but also very rewarding one of my novices ended up being a very close friend and reliable ally. :) 

I'm all for teaching novices, it's important to have new characters and ideas coming into the game.

But damn, this pretty well nails a good few of the troublesome novices.

I think I am the needy one. Even after several years of playing Lusternia I still know little and I am always asking silly questions.


The first two either don't bother me, or I don't see, or whatever. The last one though, oh man..

I've only ever had the 'Leave Me Be' sort, or the 'Magically Vanish After You Spend Hours Helping Them Advance' sort.

Those last ones annoy me.





Fortunately, I've not encountered any of these yet! I've always found mentoring to be a very rewarding experience.

Under what category would you consider the flood of newbies that hit the Cabalist guild

with names like Starscream, Megatron, Optimus, and Bumblebee?

Those are failbots in disguise Kiyo. 



I hope I never get a newbie like the above mentioned ones.

are only the bad ones.  Whats wrong with an alt that knows what he/she is doing?

Personally, If I was able to be a mentor, I'd have no problem with an alt who knows what he/she is doing.


The problem is the very specific kind of alt: the LOLalt. The only purpose is to troll you by taking up your time, and being extremely annoying.


But I also agree with the first one not being a problem. If everyone is special then no-one is. The world needs mediocre people in it.

I guess they have to start somewhere


Some of these I am well acquainted with. LOLalts are fun, needy ones are somewhat annoying. I remember one that refused to read scrolls and wanted to be led around by the hand with EVERYTHING.

I've known all these but Nixxe loves people and just assumes and hopes for the best. The best ones surpass their mentor and that's all we can all hope for! Even if they don't need help, they usually glean something off the experience.

I know that I asked my mentor a LOT of questions, but hopefully he didn't find me too needy. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who can't just read about something, I have to see or do it in order to understand.

I'm not quite able to mentor yet, but I get my mentoring fix in by helping the young ones in our guild as much as I can. I probably like this more than I will being a mentor cuz I can help them for a minute and then nudge them on their way. =P

There can be lots of information out there and it's difficut to spend hours looking for something when you're in the wrong place.

I fear I have become the first one :(

I have definately run into all of these people before, that's for sure.

It's about taking your time though.


This article lacks types, there are many more, but yea, credits for replies!

I've never been a mentor but I can see how it could be frustrating. I think the worst and possibly most common have to be the ones who show up for a bit, receive a lot of training and then never play again. I can't entirely blame them though if they decide the house they are in isn't the right choice. It's often really hard to know until you've intested a lot of time in the house and learned about the people and the advanced requirements. I suppose they learn a lot from what you teach them regardless of whether or not they stick around,


I'm personally a little on the shy side and don't ask all that many questions. It's not that I want to do the 'bare minimum' but moreso that I don't want to pester people or say the wrong thing. Achaea can be pretty intimidating for a true novice and sometimes it requires a lot of changing around before you figure out who you are and what you want. Even though I can say I would never take the lolalt approach even if I were an expert player who knew it all. That's disrespectful in my opinion.

I've been really lucky with my proteges I guess.  Other than my very first they've all been great.  My first protege asked me to be his mentor, and then failed his interview and got kicked out within the next few hours. Definitely not a good feeling, haha.

I have a lot of alts (6 of them). None of them have been lolalts though. I do try to appear to not be an alt - though maybe I don't succeed, because people do OOCly ask me if I'm an alt.

Very few people who are alts have the patience to go through newbiehood again.

Very few people who are alts have the patience to go through newbiehood again.

I've never really had the experience of a bad protege. I guess I've just been lucky.

I've never had issues with any of my proteges on older characters.



I think I may have been the needy one when I first started playing IRE games..

Proteges that seem promising and then stop playing or suicide. One of mine came back for a few moments last night after a long absence. It was nice to see him again.

It's such a shame when the fun ones vanish.

He am not a mentor, but Mystere has certainly met all of these!

I've never had trouble with Proteges in IRE games personally.

haven't had any good proteges yet

I had a few proteges which were good.


I would imagine there would be a couple more categories than just three for this article. How about the perfect protege? The one that does everything right and brings honour to your name.

The lolalt is the worst.  I can't stand when people make these sort of characters and then suicide them right away.

I've seen all three of these at various times, the LOLalts are the worst especially when it goes beyond stupid attempts at amusement and ends up being 10+ characters worth of harrassment over the course of several months.

I hate newbies who I spend my time teaching, even though I know in the back of my mind they aren't going to get anywhere and will just quit.

well, it's part of being a mentor..

I've never had a protege, but I did encounter one character who was dead set on being a Shevat by any means necessary. When she failed to get adopted, she moved on to attempting to seduce anyone in the first generation.

Protip: asking someone to date you the day after asking him to adopt you is creepy. But your mileage may vary, depending on the family.

the most fun to work with, for if you figure them out, and you can just start vexing them as hard.... It gets hilarious

Never met them myself, but throwaway alts are never fun to deal with.

Of all the proteges I've ever had I'd say the majority easily fit into these categories.

Most of my proteges have been fantastic, but there have been one or two who made Ferrous go bald for a brief period of time.....


Ferrous took on a new protege and outfitted him with all the basic necessities - ie: armour, weapons, water-walking shoes. Just a few hours later, she received notification that this individual had been playing blackjack and threatening the dealer - accusing the dealer of cheating. I spent a good half an hour discussing with my protege - how as a knight such behaviour was inappropriate etc. The kid agreed, and said he would let the incident go. Five minutes later he came to me and said "I made a boo boo". I checked his inventory to find the corpse of the BlackJack dealer. I escorted the kid out of the city, reported him on the City Channel (where he was immediately ousted/enemied), and ousted him from the House. I felt terrible, but I had -tried-. I still wonder if there was something I could have done differently that would have prevented the outcome.....

This is a hard one, but a good one. Great articale

A protege who knows what they're doing can be a blessing though.


I've had this more than once, the protege takes you into their confidence and tells you about their horrible life outside of Achaea. Despite being asked to stay in character and not to share OOC information, it goes on, and on, and on.


Meanwhile, you feel like a heel for not being a sympathetic ear to someone who is clearly in need of a sounding board. BUT, if you acknowledge even one small point, there's no going back, and that puppy is yours for life.

Is that where your huge family came from, Lis? :P


The ones that annoy me are the MUDsecksers who don't put anything into their character, no training, no bashing, not even roleplay. I've run into two or three of those and it's almost impossible to get them to understand that they'll enjoy things more if their character has more than one dimension.

lolalts are the best!

I hope to be a mentor eventually. I love helping people, and am very very patient. But I have somewhat low tolerance to absolute stupidity... I think the needy proteges would annoy me the most haha.


Not to say I would blow them off or not help them, but just that they'll probably make me headslam the next person I see. BEWARE PEOPLE, WHEN I GET PROTEGES!



Please tell the authors to either use rp game or rpg instead of "rpg game". The roleplaying game game makes me rage at times.


Now now...

Leave them be. They don't need your mentor RP, they need the requirement of having a mentor and don't want to be lead by the hand through their RP.

Many newbies are susceptible to the 'leave me be' category; but while a mentor mightn't feel that a novice is going 'above and beyond expectations' and are therefore useless, it's the mentor's role to expose them to more involvement. Get them excited to interact with the organisation (via rewards if required) and they'll likely realize the potential for fun that was heretofore totally missed.


In other words, force them into house or city interaction if you need to - they'll either sink or swim.

Not such a bad thing.


Sometimes it is the fault of houses for implementing the requirement of getting a house mentor.

I have the pleasure of not having any of these types of proteges whew.

I remember my first Mentor. He actually told me to suicide and remake my character because I was thinking of changing guilds. I was only 2 weeks old, and I don't even think I was out of novicehood. Looking back now I think that was the worse advice I ever got.

Never had an lolalt, I don't think. But I've had my share of needy ones.

After a leave of absense from the great world of IRE games, I decided to give it another crack and thought that I would know everything I needed to know. Same race, class, and even house, thought it was going to be a cake walk. I'm sure that I came off as a bit of a smartarse at first and things probably were really rocky for my mentor. Until finally he had set me straight. Though the requirements for the house were the same for the first two interviews, I joined my house in the midst of a change in the training program and failed both of the first two interviews.


Fast forward a few in game years and here I am, looking forward to helping out young adventurers as a mentor. I've gotten further than I ever have in house, skills, and ability. After everything that we had gone through together, my mentor had even became my father, who's honestly a great guy and I couldn't imagine a life in game without some form of interaction with him. I even wear the family name, by choice, to show my pride in belonging to my family, and pride in my in game lineage.

I try to be a quick learning and obedient newbie.

Have had to deal with ALL of those, across 3 IRE games, and oi it sucks. The Needy one isn't as bad...I tend to be lucky and know how to get through to them. The others...bah

Well, there are some things to the 'leave me be' type.  I love my mentor, but I also try to figure out things by myself, and I'm not shy to ask questions to other people of the house.  So I'm not exactly 'leave me be' but I do only ask when I have questions and have tried my best first.  We do communicate often though, Raelynn you're awesome if you ever come across this post.  :)

There IS a point where one, out of the spirit of being helpful and availible, just drive the newb insane with constant pestering and checking in on. Guess it suffices to say it goes both ways eh?

Why do people pretend to not be newbies? :o Other than breaking immersion from an 18 year old knowing just as much as a 100 year old. 

The absolute worst is an actual noobie you spend an hour going through orientation with just to have them never sign on again.


I swear I'm a good orientator!

Yeah, those are the majority, though.


haha. Great article.

I've had a few that are so lolalt I just kill them... (done this to actual newbies, and had to help them gain 3 levels or so in penance.) I like true newbies... as long as they're smart. I've had a few who come out of the intro tour not knowing how to SAY their own name... -.-

rather short article.

And while annoying.... They'll never go away :(


Do they stalk you?

The protege that suddendly leaves forever for no reason is the most common.

I can just imagine the horror that would arise in-character from suffering one of those individuals. I've certainly seen the middle one around before -- though not directed at myself.


The not-so-newbies I usually avoid are the ones who are STILL newbies even though their character is something along the lines of 210 years old. The rest, I can handle, because at least they're doing something other than sitting around and being crude or obnoxious.


At least when I alt, I try to ensure that my character acts the part of youthful individual.

protege is actually my tech mentor.

exept the first the others are fun to deal with, I think

I was unfortunate enough, once, to come across a 'newbie' that was so needy I had to suppress the desire to QQ on its arrival (as it mysteriously popped out of nowhere every 5 minutes to personally hound me for no particular reason). No amount of help would appease the person, who eventually went off the deep end anyway and quit all organisations in the faction after a few weeks. Thank God for that.

That's the trick - outlast them, prepare for the inevitable drama and do what you can to limit the fallout.

That's my top five, posted it somewhere else already, but it seems to fit in here better.


1. The sex alt -

This kind of protege is around often, but prefers bedrooms to bashing grounds and is seemingly always "busy".


2. The dumb -

This protege is, as the name says, just dumb. Unable to even follow the most simple orders, he runs around attacking earth golems even after being told to probe things first several times. Often very stubborn, too, which does not really help much.


3. The emo -

All you get out of this protege is shrugging and "meh". He's never interested in anything, not bothering his tasks and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.


4. The lonely wolf -

He only picked a mentor because it was on a list of tasks to complete, but never asks anything and seemingly never needs help, even if he clearly has no idea what to do.


5. The "witty" one -

This one can be a mentor's nightmare. He finds it funny to answer in comments he considers witty and funny at that moment. Even the most patient mentor has to resist the urge to kill this protege at some point. "Do you need myrrh?" - "Thanks, I don't take drugs." - "..."


There are probably more, but that wouldn't be a top 5 anymore.

My favourite is the obvious name alt, like Higuiz or Achaeasucksforreal


I have experienced all three those and you definitely placed them into categories that makes sense...



Never could work out making alts on different sides

I've seen all of these come through in Achaea, and the somewhat short time I've been in Aetolia. But I've also seen more as well. The obvious sex-alts- the 100 year old "newbies" who never get ranked, but are always in realms, comes foremost to my mind. Those to me are the most annoying. When I was the Head of Newcomers in one of the Achaean Houses, those were the most frustrating to deal with, at one point, I even considered putting in a time limit for certain tasks to be done because of the lack of motivation shown in general.

In Lusternia, we have the newbie that abuses portals to spit crotamine at people who are AFK at nexii, then portals to safety.

I have wonderful proteges, normally, but they just all seem to vanish after a week or two. Really is a bit of a put-off when it comes to mentoring.

I have 5 protegés but only one is currently active (the others are busy irl which of course I understand). Either way, I think this article should include the crap novice aides have to deal with, not just the mentors. I stopped taking protegés because of dealing with other people's protegés being lolalts/needy/plain condescending and rude when they ask questions and demand answers. The other scary aspect is when said  newbies ask you instead of their mentor who is right there a simple question. Talk about lack of respect!

On the otherhand, I love intro'ing the genuine newbies (never played MUDs, didn't know you can QSC stats or even do DEF…) and helping them get used to this medium of gaming. Those guys are fun and I've found to be more enthusiastic about trying hard and doing well. Even if they quit House, I still keep in touch with them since we developed that rapport over time.

This article is also missing the Bi-Polar alt—the ones that are solely there to be angry at everything, then suddenly SNUGGLE up to you later asking for a health refill. The urge to kill some of them…

This is the dreaded hybrid. Never had a protege but was recently approached by one. Whininh about how her cofin felt lonely as she had to lay in it alone. Ugh, sparkle vampires.

Cuddly loveable vampires didn't start there. I blame Buffy the Vampire Slayer for popularising the idea.

What kind of newbie am I? Well... what kind of newbie -was- I, I guess?

I've not had this issue, but my only protege ended up quitting so far :(

which is it?  If you don't want the one who gets on with little to no help, and don't want the one who wants lots of help, why are you a mentor?

There's a marked difference between newbie alts and independent newbies.

From what I've observed now as an aide/mentor, the newbies who've been around before tend to be a bit arrogant and would almost always go OOC with you ("Hey this is like my 3rd alt do I really need to be taught how to use the RIFT again?). They lack that sense of RP of playing the new kid and learning about a big wide world. The ones who need to be spoonfed usually aren't that good either as those too are just lolalts designed to be needy when they know the answers.

The genuine novices (like myself back then) will actually have the enthusiasm to not only ask understandable questions (certain politics for example), but research the answers themselves, then make further enquiries from them to stump everyone in the House—instead of asking dumb things that are clearly available to you via HELP <thing> that they were told about literally minutes beforehand. I've designed my intros to newbies in a way I can tell which ones are truly green (love teaching those) and which ones have been around before so I can speed up my lessons to them and leave em alone.

I think you're more closer in approach to myself than most others here. It seems that many here take it a personal affont that some people might want to play the game differently than they do or even that they might want to learn things the hard way.


Some people don't want to be spoon fed and would rather not have other players take away the excitement of something new.

Sadly, I've only ever had one protege. The noobs just don't love me.

I've definitely seen these. I'll admit, sometimes it's nice to find a novice that doesn't need you to hold their hand through everything, but I do think a little RP should be put into it so they don't appear as a know-it-all from the start.

The only thing I'm really interested to see in new players is a willingness and an understanding of how to engage in RP.

Seeing new players at all would be nice.

Because no one knows it all. These people are either playing a second, and therefore don't need/want your help or they are too cocky and in need of a good whupping.

Everyone is bashing alts, but I read a previous post about how many alts people have. I am curious. What is the best way to make an alt? Do you come right out and say HEY.. I have done this before? Do you pretend to not know much? What is the balance? If you are role playing a young one new to a house, wouldn't it make sense to not know things?

Funny a couple days ago when a lolalt bard "Kesha" joined shallam.

heh, I've experienced both one and three more than once. Luckily no number two's as of yet.

"The Leave Me Be Protégé
If you experience meeting this sort of rpg game protégé you often find that you can do nothing for them because they won't answer you. Rather than take any help offered, they respond with silence. You have no idea if you are doing a good or bad job you get little feedback. They move through their tasks with ease and read just what is required. They really do not go above and beyond what is expected, but they follow the rules. They're the role playing game protégé who is neither friend nor foe; they simply need an rpg game mentor because it's what is required to advance in the house. Rather than beating them with a stick, you wish that you never took them on as a rpg game protégé because they do average work and contribute little in the mentor relationship.  "


How does a relation which is supposed to be you helping someone else get turned into they not meeting your needs. This is why I think IRE should make mentorships OOC and then institute a separate IC house mentorship system.