Role Playing Games: What Character Are You?

rpg in your base meme

Just like no two people are completely the same,  no one ever role plays their rpg character exactly the same as someone else plays theirs. Sure, you can get extremely close with mannerisms, grammar, and dialect but it won't be exactly the same. Though no two people are alike, enough similarities exist to help us all fall into role play categories.  Which one(s) resemble you?



Combatants work diligently on improving their skills to be the best and stake their claim to the "Top-Tier" of combatant bragging rights.  Little time for roleplay, unless it involves beating the snot out of someone, it’s quite hard to get more than a few sentences out of them that are not combat related. Combatants can also just be those that simply fight to know how or to protect others.



Like it or not politics exist in text games too..and how we love them. Politicians constantly get involved with the bureaucratic administration of their rpg player organizations, sometimes even if it does not concern them.  These sorts can most often be found advising current rpg leaders while grooming proteges to follow in their own footsteps.



Always on the go, these individuals stop at nothing to explore all the areas within the role playing game, sometimes even the inaccessible areas.  Don't bother looking for these folks, they'll find you and are easiest to identify when they ask to explore your Order's Temple, shop's stockroom, or Guildhall. Usually the first to roam uncharted or newly developed lands, the explorer often holds the ambition of being the highest ranked individual in the explorer rankings.



Forging, tailoring, cooking, heraldry, and jewelry-making are just a sampling of the creative outlets available in IRE role playing games.  Crafters are usually the ones that possess the ability to make one, or more, of the previously mentioned items and are most often found trying to create the perfect weapon, suit of armour, or designing the ideal garment to keep picky adventurers from wandering about in our birthday suits. Toiling over the best way to make the perfect engagement rings, crafters have perfected the art of looking busy.



Whether it's in player owned shops or private sales, Merchants are always trying to turn a gold sovereign in exchange for goods and services.  The possibilities of wares are nearly endless, and these entrepreneurs will try to sell it.  Finding these folks is as easy as walking into a shop or listening to the market channel.



Psychopaths are those you clearly want to avoid. Most often characterized by their twisted grins and frantic eyes, these individuals announce themselves with their hysterical rages and ridiculous logic. Be wary of these types, but keep in mind, even these folks sometimes make sense.  Approach with caution.



Completely devoted to their rpg religion, these individuals produce amazing sermons and perform complicated rituals, and won't let you forget it. Skilled with words, given ample time a Zealot could probably convince a cat that they are really a dog.



There are always these people that change their views just as someone changes their shirt about ten times a day. They are the ones that are constantly jumping from city to city, spending a bit of time within a specific city before venturing off to another one.  Here for the fun, and not the responsibility, the Semi-Retired person does just enough to be productive but avoids commitment like the plague.


There you have it! Which role player are you? Are you perhaps more than one of these?


Natalie Womble is a text game enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


semi-retired politician combatant with an interest in exploration and a zeal for Freedom

Hurt my head. Haha!

the winning kind?



I'm better than you :P

I don't think i fit any of those...


I told you, we're the winning kind! D:

He is right you know.

your picture creeps me out.

Definitely not any of these. Or the diet coke version of all of these.

Explorer, but too afraid to take my character to the open-PK areas even though it would do wonders for my explorer ranking.

Know the way out, borrow a Gem of cloaking!

Not any of those. Explores comes the closest, but not really

Yeah, I'm not really sure I fit these.

The only reason I play is for the coding challenges it presents! I explored a ton back in the day, but that was only so I could jump people wherever they may be. If it gives me even the slightest advantage over someone else, I'm probably already doing it.

Combat is one thing I'm hugely interested in, though Exploration is quite interesting as well.

Combat is very complicated and happens pretty quickly. I'd love to master it!

Yeah, honestly it takes forever to master, and you'll need decent coding skills.

Basic idea though is you write a program that does what you would normally do manually (if you could slow everything down). Nice thing about programs, they are SO fast, the current combat speed is nothing for them.

Make everything 10x faster and you might have some systems that can't keep up. :)

Is definitely a huge things I'm working on. My leisure project is to create a system that will rival the famed Sir Vadimuse's system. Or the SVO for Mudlet or something or another I'm hearing these days. I don't know much about it, except everyone tells me to get it if I'm going into combat haha. I'll need to figure out how his system doesn't get spread over the Internet, or even through multiple alternate characters.


But I do like just being a normal "Citizen" with a few House responsibilities. Aiming to go up in Combat, and Exploring though.

The first Vadi system was a complied binary proxy based format. It could not reliably be reverse engineered and distributed, and thus it was nearly impossible to share. 


svo utilizes lua within Mudlet, but has the same 'none source code distribution' format which makes it also, impossible to share. 

You can also just compile your lua code.

Anyways, if it's coded in Mudlet...can't they just package it/unpackage it as many times, on as many boxes, as they want?

what is combatent?

What is a troll?

All the above.

-free credit



I don't -like- PKing, but I am trying to get better in combat?

Think of it like its your civic duty. Your killing those that deserve to die so someone else doesn't have to!

I'm not sure I really fit neatly into any of those categories, though I guess I could be best described as "combatant" 


Play an old man heh

I just like to run #$&%!

Politician and mild zealot, with a hint of combatant.

Kind of my opposite! I live for combat, enjoy exploring, and try to be a zealot! Although I didn't read the description given in the article, too fully, hm.

One role that has been missed here is the role of Scholar. Whether an historian, scientist, philosopher or otherwise, the Scholar is always ready to offer some insight on the current situation, or just to ramble on about their latest thoughts. Sometimes combined (to great effect) with the Zealot, for theologians.


Was also thinking how that was missing.

Of course, a lot of character profiles are missing but a list with every profile type would be too long for a single article!

Yup, Gotta be a Sage for me

You caught Zylo for that one.


..thieves and spies!

<3 spies! Though, the "scout and report" kind, not the double agent kind. Double agents give me indigestion. :(

I am probably an aspiring politician and hunter though not combatant

What about thieves? I'd say thats another catagory as well haha. 

I heard in Achaea you get robbed at least 10x a day.






I have played a zealot in the past, but I am kind of a combo of all these.

Combatant who doesn't mind some rp-ing when I need downtime.


I think most of the definintions above are too narrow to fit most characters. Most people have traits from each. Not only that, the way the author presents some of the role types is pretty sterotypical.

Well, yeah. That's how this sort of article works. Sort of like a cold read.

Combatant, crafter here, a little bit of Zeal, maybe a tad politition. I started out only combatant though so there you go you're getting a few more words out of me.

You forgot the "teacher" role, which I think a lot of people take in IRE games.

Yeah, but you don't just "teach" as in...that's all you do. That would be so boring!

I don't think you've covered all the styles of role playing. I see many people here saying that they don't fit into any... I'll include myself there. At the moment I'm quite happy building my character and learning the skills my character needs for his class. Once I'm done there then I might explore... Crafter does sound like fun though :)

Student, learning and learning some more, then followed by learning a tad more. Oh with a dashing of hunting and explorering as well.

Should hunter be a category?

Definitely politician and explorer, and aspiring merchant and crafter.  Want to avoid semi-retirement like the plague that it is.  I don't see flitting from place to place as fun.


A mix of several I think. And teacher, which I also miss, unless you want to put that under psychopath or zealot?

I'm an explorer all the way.

Semi-Retired..truley one of the best to be.

Awesome. Of course, that's a unique character in itself.


Maybe folks can't figure out which single category fits because they're all required in order to enjoy the full RP experience.  It's hard to be a good political advisor, for instance, if you don't have the combat ability or exploration background needed for sound guidance. 


Ever notice Roleplayers don't like to be categorized in a single role? 

Good call.

Hm... I'd like to think Eite is a bit of a combination of a few of those...except Semi-retired.


This is the way to go. Dabbling in a lot of things keeps everything fresh and new.

my character is shy, reclusive, completely devoted to the ideals of her house, likes to know what the other hand is doing, learns by waiting for for things to come to her. so she meditates as she harvests. contemplates problems while hunting. relaxes while heving get togethers with her family.

I don't think you can place everyone into one of the classes mentioned. I think most are a mix either all of them or some of them.

Exporer/ Merchant/ Crafter plus a few other things which weren't mentioned at all in this article.

They left out not-retired-grumpy-old-bastard, which I think is unfair

I like to discover things; quest solutions, combat tricks, the formula for commodity generation. That probably makes me an explorer.

I have a semi...retired.

Lore Enforcer XD

Merchant, of course.

This is definately leaving out some things like questers or just overall mentors. However, most people tend to be a mix of a couple at the very least.

Sure I can take pieces of all of that, but I enjoy helping people.. if not it's probably hunting exploring, but I do that when bored.

Krex is pretty much the fresh start of someone semi-retired.

Politician? Moi?

Though I would like to be a politician. 


Hunter / Semi-Politican with forced combatant, with a flair of merchant and crafting and explorer

Alittle of everything!

Zealot here! xD

Good job in splitting up the all the character types. I like to classify myself as simply a worker who enjoys taking on different tasks and running with them.




A bit of all of them

Isn't mentioned but I suppose it could be side-by-side with explorer. I'm a little bit of everything. It just depends on the character and what I want to do with them.

+1 Nice article, I enjoyed it.

I'm just a speial little snowflake.

...I am absolutely none of those.

Explorer, Politician, Crafter, Merchant.

I would have to say I'm a politician, crafter, merchant.  There's nothing Nao loves better than new design selling in a shop that she got to have a hand in regulating legally.  Or even better, regulating other peoples shops legally..... Chancellor was so much fun.

needs more categories...


Agreed, I  couldn't point to any one of those profiles and say 'Yilkon is definitely this'.

All of the none of the above. recently I am a mob killer pretty solely.

a merchant

ya me too

I used to be a merchant back before they made it all through cities and caravans. :( Sad day.





I like to RP cross-dresser occasionally. Mostly just like crafting, which would be better if achaea didn't have tailoring/etc so overpriced.. hmm.. maybe I'll play lusternia 

I am a bit of an explorer, but not obsessively so. I agree that there are some missing categories, like teacher or scholar which I can also identify with.

Need me to what? Hmm? Sorry, let me run to Delos right quick first. Heh.

Definitely a psychopath. Don't let the cool gaze fool you. RUN! While you can!

There's nothing stopping you from being all of these.

Time does :(

For sure it does! Evil time.

but I really want to be a combatant/politician/explorer. I like all three, so why concentrate on just one?

Um, where is the role where I don't fit into any of these given categories and kinda dabble in them all, never getting obsessed or good with any?

Politician crafter zealot and (PvE) combatant. Wuwu!


a bit generic, but it made me laugh. I was thinking a bit of Flair when I read zealot



I think I fit somewhere between the first three

Semi-retired explorer, working on a combat system that is so far from complete I sometimes just give up.

Usually the jack of all trades...that is to say dabbles in all, excels at nothing...quite average


vaguely aiming at combatant, when I get the time to finish writing my system

Accidental double post

Well, there's definitely a few choices missing here. I'd consider myself to be the one that tries to achieve everything?

None to be honest more of the straight up leveller


I do not fit any of those, I guess I am a mix of them, not really devoted to a single one. Except for politcs :x

Explorer, maybe


This should really be added into the list.

Totally a combatant...just wish I could figure out Lusternia combat.

Psychopathic Combatant most assuredly.

The Politician, and also the Zealot

... most people tend to be a combination of the above... For instance, I'd like to be more of a combatant, but I'm also a bit of a politician and explorer... Work that one out.


Darn, apparently still have not found my niche.



three-quarters retired


Halfway between Combatant and Semi-Retired..minus the class jumping.


no one is one or the other, we all are combinations of the above, and of other things as well of course


It's easy to peg which category Mel falls into. She is, without a doubt, a Zealot. It's led to some pretty interesting situations, and I personally enjoy the role. I've found that it's very easy to immerse yourself into the game if you have a relatively narrow focus to concentrate on.


A little harsh my char is a ritualist but not too fanatical

Antagonist. I'm pretty much an arsehole. Official diagnosis: oppositionally defiant!

Crafter ftw

I'm a little bit of all of them...

People take labels way too seriously. This is an overview that has some archetypes in it. No one really fits into archetypes unless they were built around them (and that's boring). Most people are (and should be) more than one of these, and not necessarily with the assumed traits.

Kal, for example, started out anything but a politician... but, circumstances as they were... he sorta just fell into it...

Too broke for combat, too inexperienced for politics, not savvy enough to sell, not creative enough to craft, don't belong to an order to obsess in, too level headed to be crazy,  and devoted enough to not be semi-retired.


I just kinda show up and stuff happens.

I'd fall into the explorer/merchant category.

I just really can't begin to guess *what* out of all those might fit for me! Honest! I mean really, with a smile like mine... would I lie?

He's sort of a zealot, but more against a different group than for his.  He's also a pretty heavy scholar (a category you didn't include, probably because it's pretty rare.)


I am a bit of everything.. jack of all trades and a master of none



love the picture, too, btw

most people don't fit exclusively into into these categories. THe are just stereotypes, really, and like like any stereotypes, most people will take from more then one, and many will not be able to fit in any group



Well, I know plenty of semi-retired psychopaths!

I am the very model of a scientist Salarian...


I wish I were a sociopath. More interesting. And commonplace.


Fully retired explorer? Haven't played in weeks.


Where's the category for 'Batista'?


I'm a mix between Explorer and Crafter

I'm more of the explorer type


Politician (ugh), explorer, crafter? Eh, only a few facets of me!


Not really sure...

Hunter should deffinetly be a catagory.

Semi-zealotic politician :)

Definitely forgot the mudsexers

Lots of different people hehe.

Combatant, politican, semi-retired all the way.

Not sure I fall in any of those.

Hmm, I sort of fall under the combatant scheme I suppose, but I prefer to Roleplay rather constantly (being a dwarf Warrior and all that) and I enjoy hunting over constant PK.

and crafter.  At least I hope to become


Love crafting most!


Hooray for crafting!

I'd say I'm an Explorer for sure, but also a Crafter, love the sparklies!

I am the perpetual basher

You don't get bored eventually?



I'd like to think I'm a fairly sucsessful Explorer, with a touch of Combat, Zealotry, and Politics in me.

...going to aspire to be a good Explorer once I'm done being a newb

I am retired and explorer. I used to be interested in combat until every enemy found loop holes for breaking systems and cheap shots and teaming. Now it's not really worth the trouble to me.

I think there's an article about this on the Achaea website...

What about the teachers/novice aides?

Mentor perhaps? I don't know anyone though where that's all they do is mentor people. That's usually a side thing.

new lands, new shops, comparing armour / weapons.


Psycopath, I totally get this image of the Joker from Batman when Koe does any jester stuff.

I'm none of these and all of these. +1. :) Just depends on my mood, usually just hang out as an explorer though.

great read, thanks

another good article

Mosr is a mix of all of them except semi-retired, merchant, and explorer.

I personally enjoy the politics. The finding a way to make things fit together, and to get the org running smoothly. I find it enjoyable.

I enjoy most of these things, or at least trying them out. Although Juli is more of a free spirit who walks around and does whatever she feels would keep her busy.

After reading again, I think my character seems to others like a Psychopath at times. XD

what did I say I was before? I forgot. Anyway it's changed. To what I'm not sure.


I began life ages ago very into combat and wished to someday have my name listed in the histories. These days as one of the Semi Retired i am mostly interested in exploration and social projects. I must admit though, sometimes I find myself wondering what its like to reach Dragon!

I play for the people I meet here

semi-retiered mercha-crafter. 


Retired: Merchant, Combatant, Explorer.

Explorer. Politician. Zealot.


Basically, my job is to go find really cool RP hotspots, and then drag my job-friends to them so I can tell them how cool my god is.


Explorer. Maybe. Hunter really should be a category.

I am the type that wants to learn my class skills, bash and quest a bunch, maybe be involved in politics, buy a house with some buddies, craft some cool stuff, join an order and get involved a little bit with intrigue, but not enough to make me irritated.

So small as I am, I am a hunter and explorer. With more lessons, I might become a fighter.



I'd love to be able to ply a trade and earn oodles of gold but I think I would put myself in the combatant area. Not because I'm even remotely good but because I would like to get better and it sounds like a very fun aspect of the game.

I find now that I am getting the hang of these combos that the combat is becoming more and more fun so combatant has to be my answer.

Playing it safe. Semi-retired psycopath.


Arkanas (my priest alt) and Scathain (my mage alt) are both combatants, though they often hang out in the square when there is no village to raid with fire and sword. Nin (my rogue alt) will be conecting assassins and angry people with money for a fee as his sole occupation, and therefore fits the description of a merchant, albeit an unusual kind.

Merchant, Avid Reader, and combatant part of the time heh!

Always a politician for the most part. But certainly a little bit of all.

Explorer, Treasure Hunter..definitely NOT a politician.

I agree many players cannot fit into just one of the classifications above. I am probably an expample of such.


Basher, explorer, combatant, zealot

Oh, jeez. Combatant-politician-explorer-crafter-merchant, here. But if I had to put them in order of enjoyability probably...Explorer-crafter-politician/combatant-merchant. Picking just one would be impossible!

yee where are the hunters? hehe

A semi-retired explorer that is beinging to take on a combatant edge.


Semi-Retired. But I don't jump cities and stuff...yet...

I don't fit any of these really... but I'm closest to Explorer, in my opinion. And an aspiring miser. 

A little bit of everything? :/

Ancient ex-politician? 

Semi-retired. More like bored as heck, but yeah, semi-retired

... it can be daunting to get enough capital to get going in one (or several) of these pursuits.  Exploring is practically free, as is getting your RP on, but some of the other "character types" given in the article take substantially more investment - either time or money.  Merchant?  Needs capital.  Combatant?  Need credits.  You can have a lot of ideas for where you might want to take a character, but it can take a lot to get them there.

Crafter politician with a hint of naughty?

I dabble in everything, but probably I most fit the Scout/Spy model.  I know it's not even mentioned above.

Bit of them all, some more so than others depending on the day and mood.

Great thing about being neutral is that there is so much more to explore! If you feel like doing something good you can, if you feel like being evil, what's stoppin you? Hehe

what if your full time retired and just log on to do things like wheel spins and free credits?

I am always trying to get to that next level.

Just started, but I'm aiming for Crafter/Merchant with some association with Politics. Anything that gives the sense of "immersion" is good by me.

All the way

I am an explorer, hunter mostly... and I fish... can't say I do muchy else


how about tree-hugging recluse? thats me

Credit collector.

I suppose I'm somewhere in between merchant and explorer. I like visiting new places, including the bottom of the sea, even though that led me to another chance to explore Maya's cave. I'm also constantly broke, and already offered a lot of services in return for some gold- including dangerous creature life bait and other pleasant things. Politician would be nothing for me, maybe combat at some point.


I'm a mix of many of those. Especially depending on my mood

Nice for another credit

you forgot casual gamers, ms author.

it's easy to fall into more than one of these categories. I know I do.

You know, the kind with free bound CREDITS!


Over three games and 5 characters I've actively played/done anything with I've probably played a bit of all.

What about hunter? Or does that fall under explorer? Because I spend so much time hunting, there is no space for exploration!

Somewhere in the middle?

Gotta catch em all.

All of these, obviously. Less of a politician, obviously. :D

Don't know yet. Pretty new..

yeah hunter fits me better.


I am more of hunter type too

I think I might fix a mix of them..but not any individual one completely..I know Xeran had his hand and made at least a sizeable amount of gold (98000 gold!) off of these embers recently, but he's also a performer of sorts, and fits in well with his Order, which is Lord Scarlatti's Order..but as a result, he talks a fair game, and can act a part quite easily..there's zealot I guess, he owns multiple hand-designed tailoring designs that are stuck in his artie folder to make sure they are owned by nobody else but him, there's crafter, and he chooses to not stay in a city at all in all honesty, sticking to the rogue nature of being devoted to nothing but his own moral path and Scarlatti's Order.

the absentee!

the absentee!

yeah ok


^ physcopath :)

it all depands on what I feel like at the moment.

Explorer for the most part, with a mix of the other categories.