Role Playing MUDs: Five Things to Do Outside the Cities of Achaea

Fantasy town in a MUD game

By Teresa Harlan
Image by David Revoy

So you just starting playing this gigantic new text game, and you have a class, you've joined a city, and perhaps even embraced conformity by joining a House. Now, however, you spend a good deal of your time standing idly within the confines of familiarity, unsure of what precisely there is of interest to do outside your city's walls. You could explore the other cities in the text game - a topic for perhaps another article for another time - or you could step out into the expansive world of Achaea that lies outside the cities, to see what unique wonders you might find.

Here are five suggestions to get you started on your quest.

1. Indulge yourself at the seaside village of Tasur'ke

Create custom confections in Allea's candy shop by dipping an apple in caramel or a cherry in chocolate. Do not forget to coat them with sliced almonds or crushed candy cane pieces! With six different fruit to choose from, three dipping sauces and three dry toppings, your ability to customize your treat to your particular taste appears endless. This trip is perfect for a family outing, while gift shopping for a special someone, or just simply to spoil yourself.

On the other hand, if sweets are not your fancy, simply head around the corner to the smoke shop where Davel, a tabac merchant, sells a wide variety snuffs, tabacs and cigars. With a type of smoke to satiate every craving and palette, Davel's wares are truly habit-forming!

2. Get your journal custom bound at Suthaine's Bookbindery in Arcadia

Do not settle on conformity! Customize your journal, or pick one up to be customized, at Suthaine's Bookbindery. For a fee, Suthaine will re-bind your journal with your handpicked selection from his wide array of fabrics, types of lettering, and colours. Let your journal be a fashion statement that is as unique as you are.

3. Doll yourself up with Marianna's Perfumes and Cosmetics

A must before any date night or illustrious event, Marianna's Perfumes and Cosmetics is a one-stop shop for all things luxurious nestled within the village of Caer Witrin. From candles which fill the room with scents that excite the senses to perfumes that make the wearer the center of attention wherever he or she may go, Marianna has truly mastered the art of beauty enhancement. Browse her selection of different makeup products and shades as well, but do remember to purchase a mirror to receive their full transformational effect!

4. Head up north to listen to the Universal Membrane

While the trek to the Saoghal Valley is a long one, those who make the journey will find it to be worthwhile. There, below the Lake of Soaghal, you will find the Universal Membrane. Here, spoken words from across the realms are captured as voices drift through the membrane of the universe to the ears of those who linger. Learn the secrets of the Sapience, entertain yourself with random banter, and gain a bit of clarity into the going-ons of the world.

5. Explore New Thera

When your legs grow exhausted from all of the walking, grab a private room at the Wander Inn in New Thera to catch some shut-eye. You will need the rest in order to fully enjoy all of what the village has to offer.

Money can certainly buy you love at the pet shop in New Thera, so take your winnings from your quick trip to the Ace of Spades Casino, and buy yourself a loyal companion. Daveed, the animal trainer, has carefully bred and trained a large variety of dogs, cats and birds that would all be thankful to be given a nice home. Name them, feed them, play with them and train them to do a few tricks while you are at it!

After you are done picking out some toys and treats for your new companion, head over to Shura, Mistress of Games and visit her game shop in order to reward yourself with one of a wide selection of games. From Mancala to Pearls, you will find days of entertainment within the shop's inventory. Pick a game you are already familiar with, or challenge yourself to learn a new one with the assistance of a set of well written instructions.

Finally, after all that time away from your home city, take the time to reconnect with friends via the very special stationary that Josie, a simple artist, sells. A variety of brilliant colours, the letters sold in this shop can be turned into a variety of shapes. A parchment paper on the wall offers several suggestions which range from an angel to a snake, and an entire gambit of creatures and items between them.

While there are certainly many other treats hidden within the expansive world of Achaea, outside of your city's walls, there is certainly something to be said about the joy of discovery. Branch out when you find yourself being idle and dare to leave your homeland and explore the entirety of the text game world. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Explore the world of Achaea or any other of the top notch MUDs out there, and experience the joy of discovery for yourself today!

Teresa Harlan is a text game enthusiast and currently plays games from

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Oh, look, you actually credited an artist.


I'm sure it's not because they emailed you, either, after they noticed that you wrongfully used their copyrighted artwork to promote your game without crediting them.

the prostitutes at the Doxy house just off the old road.


Also re: using copyrighted artwork, I don't know if this is an ongoing issue or something, but you have plenty from the artisanal contests. You shouldn't have to take from elsewhere.

Aetolia needs prostitutes. 


Why the heck is that? There is already enough people running around to handle such without a system implanted for it.




..running down contracts!

is always very interesting

Bits and bobs of people's conversations.

We headed over to the Membrane to find someone already there. A cute, quiet, and rather shy girl whose name escapes me. Anyway, we chatted with her a bit and left. And talked amongst eachother about how adorable we thought we were, mentioned her by name too... Next thing we know, Daisuke and I are getting a message from her calling us out on it! She had us pegged good! Ahhh~ Good Times.

I still have to discover the land. It is huge.

Can't say I've ever been, but it sounds like a bunch of fun!

I enjoyed this one and have not partaken in most of those suggestions. I will have to do that. Those apples sound pretty good.

I already tried some of the things listed yet and found them quite entertaining. Going to try the rest at some point.


Be careful hanging out there, I remember it being a hot spot for thieves. It is very interesting but be sure your anti-theft is top notch if you go there.

I'm surprised to hear that. Whenever I've gone, there's never been anyone else around. I would think that it's too far for a thief to go, just to sit and hope someone without anti-theft comes around.

I'll have to check some of those out.

I did not know about the membrane, but that's an awesome idea.

I'm too lazy to walk that far North.


I've done most of those, but didn't know about the journals! That's something that interests me very much. Great article!

I haven't been to the membrane in a long time. Might have to go check it out again!

I love going to Arcadia and the Membrane — gives you a good time to think and sleep while offplane.

"Five Things to Do Outside " would be more useful to this community

and thats why the divine blessed us with mobile devices




the membrane is awesome


up north is cool!, the Membrane is good, just get out and explore you will find some interesting things


learning areas, so I intend to have fun!

This is actually a pretty good set of suggestions for someone who hasn't explored much!

.. but not more!

The universal membrane sounds like an awesome place to hang out!


I agree. I've played for about 3 years now and still haven't checked this out I think it is high time I do just that.

Forgot to add bash, hunt, PK, raid. Etc.

SO many things to do...

I often explore New Thera. And its denizens pockets.

These are some cute suggestions!

Could always just become a druid and not bother with cities at all

Hear, hear.  Get out and Explore the great outdoors.

Very nice suggestions

I didn't know such thing as the Membrane existed.. I guess it is going to be visited by many now that is pointed out! heh heh

you may be right. One of my favourite things about the Membrane was always the solitude. :\

the trek alone can already turn people off...


I always liked the membrane mostly since it was usually quiet and a place to escape from things and relax


I like the membrane thingy.

I just found this place yesterday - took me 2 IG days to get there, hehe. Also, just south of the lake is the Temple of the Logos, for anyone who doesn't already know. 

The membrane sounds pretty interesting.


How about making your own wine! Visit the Shamtota Orchards....

Oh, and the pet shop is gone now.


the visit to the membrane is always fun

I tried to find this Josie person, but was unable. I went through every room in Thera I could find.:(

I stand corrected. I missed one room, and found her in it.

Trip over mudsexing newbies in Arcadia

Not just Arcadia either.  Only last week I concealed my grove, journalled for 20mins and came back to a pair of newbies going at it in the trees. GROVE EJECT was never so handy in my life until that very moment.

I've never actually had this happen to me.

I'd check some of these out if I actually played Achaea. It's too bad that I didn't come across anything like these when I tried it, really.


I love the little RP things that each game offer. I think they might be even more useful in a game that wasn't as tied to their home organization or which allowed true rogue characters, but it's still nice to see them there.

lycopod salad

..Actually, there are some places where I didn't know about! :D

Very nice article.