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Text-Based RPGs: Urban Achaea - Cyrene

urban achaea cyrene text games

Every city in a text game has a unique personality, purpose... and stereotype. For more information on the real Cyrene, click here! This is the first article in a series about all of the major cities in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

Text-Based MMOs: Roleplaying a Rajamala in Achaea

text game rajamala

Ever been intrigued by the Rajamala race in Achaea? Click here for one man's take on how the race should be played. 

Online Text Adventures: Five Things to Do Before Joining a Family

text game family

Thinking about getting bloodlined? While text families can be very rewarding, make sure that you really think things through before taking the plunge! Here are some top considerations you should be making.

How To Build Your Characters Skill Tree


Ever mourned the tension between combat and roleplay? Read on for a respected combatant's perspective on mix/maxing.

MUD Roleplay Tips from MUSHes

mud mush goblin

Ever wondered what you can take from your MUSH experience to your MUD experience? Ever wondered what the difference even was in the first place? This article answers it all.

Text Based RPGs: Your Character Background in Five Steps

text game character

Another wonderful article on fleshing out character personalities and backgrounds!

Text Games: 5 Tips to an Awesome Gaming Experience - Part One

text game tips

For those of you out there who love gaming, especially Massively Multiplayer Online text games, here are a few tips and tricks to enhancing your gaming experience.

Online Text Games: Performing in a Role Playing MUD

Role Playing Games Troll

Learn how to keep the attention of a audience as the star of the show in a text game!

Role Playing Text Games: Five Ways To Start Role Play in a MUD

Role Playing Games

Interested in role playing but unsure how to get the ball rolling? This article is for you!

Text Games: Pacifism in a PvP World

pacifism magic

Combat not your thing? Thankfully, there are countless other ways to have fun in online text adventure games!

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