RPG Games: 5 Reasons to Join an Order in Imperian

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Divine Orders play a large part in most of the Iron Realms text games, especially in the text-based role playing game Imperian. Because the world of Imperian is split into three factions - anti-magick, magick and demonic - so too is its Pantheon separated into categories. Because of this, many new players may feel that Divine Orders are just one more thing to have to choose from, and wait quite some time before they finally make a decision. Often times this may cause them to miss many amazing text game role play opportunities. 


I have gathered here what I believe to be the top five reasons behind joining a Divine Order in the online role playing game Imperian. I encourage you to read the list and comment below what your reasons for joining your character’s Order were as well!


5. More definition to your role

 When you create a character for yourself to play in any RPG, sometimes you start with an idea of what you want, and sometimes you do not. In either case, a text game Divine Order can add depth and purpose to the character you play. Most Orders have a set of standards or beliefs that they require their followers to apply to themselves, which can also help with some of the hard decisions your character may have to make! Even on the more lax Orders, there is history and lore related to all the Divine within the game that you can use to help shape your text game character. However, take note that if you join a text game Order that does not fit with your character’s personal beliefs, you may find your time within the Order less fun, which detracts from reason #1 below.


4. Potential rewards

 Different Orders are set up in different ways. Some orders offer rewards to their followers, especially in the case of active Divine. Along with the potential reward of having a worthwhile role play experiences, some Divine favor their followers for efforts made, or use the gains of the Order itself to reward them for completing tasks. Items that represent your chosen Order are a type of reward, as well. You have just been given a free item that you can use to enhance your role play with other people, if the item itself isn’t made to do something. Keep this thought in mind, because if you rise to the head of an Order, you can always suggest other ways to reward the faithful followers of your God or Goddess!


3. Politics 

 Face it, with the right Order, you might find political support behind the things you want to accomplish. If a guild or city you belong to is entirely devoted to one Divine over another, then it may be beneficial to at least consider joining their Congregation, if not attempting full Order membership. A good past example of this from the free role playing game Achaea was the impossibility of achieving high-ranking status in Mhaldor if you were not a follower of the God Sartan. It is possible that there may be similar situations in Imperian! It may seem like an underhanded reason to joining an Order, but if your goal is to be amongst the leaders of a guild or city, and this offers you a step above the others vying for a spot, why not use it to your advantage?


2. Role play

 Ah, the dreaded role play argument. In actuality, you do not have to have an active text game Divine to do this option, within reason. If you think about what you are doing, and aren’t acting out things that would need to be verified by your God or Goddess to be true, you can have a fully functioning and active Order without the actual presence of an active Divine. Keep in mind, however, that if your text game Divine is - or becomes - active and they do not agree with the things you have done, you will likely have to face the consequences. If you are smart with what you are doing and focus on the role play behind the Order, you can come up with all sorts of activities that can be done with your fellow Order members.


1. Because you have fun

 This should be the driving force behind why you are playing role playing games, right? If you aren’t having fun with something you are doing, you should find something that is fun for you. So if you find a group of people with text game role play opportunities that fit to your character’s background and you like hanging out with them, why not join? In that vein, do not let it become a chore to you. If you start to feel like you are frustrated with having to log in because of all the text game Order-related work you have to do, take a break! Go outside, read a book, or even make an alternate character to chill on if the prior two do not appeal to you.


These are not the only reasons that one should consider joining a Divine Order in Imperian, these are merely the ones I felt to be most influential when I myself had to once face the task. What are some of the reasons you have for choosing the Order you have in your Iron Realms game?


Megan Elizabeth is a text game enthusiast who enjoys playing the free text games from Iron Realms!


Good article, all of those things hold true in Achaea too!

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right here!

right here!

And in Midkemia!

True, and no doubt also true in any/all IRE games with Orders.

I would imagine. It hard to deviate from something that works, only by changing its name.

Heh, if it's not broke, don't fix it. IRE got a winning idea somewhere along the line, it seems, or they wouldn't be so sucessful. All they have to do at this point is NOT screw up what they're doing.

Some god stuff seems rather different from game to game, though. I wish Lusternia had congregations like Aetolia does.

Joining them really maximizes the fun you can have.


Aye, when I am bigger, I want to join Apollyon's order.

Aurease order!

I think it holds true all across the board. Of course the punishments can be as equally fun as well. If you take it the right way.


Well thought out and can be easily taken with you in whatever IRE game you like to play.

I've been looking at orders for Eleon for a while, though his preferred Order's Divine is inactive. I'll have to start looking again, and may join the Order anyway.

I think the first time I joined an order it was because it was the one most suggested for my role. I was just so enthralled with everything. Don't get me wrong, I loved it.


I'm not sure why I joined my current order, I forgot the reason. But! I love it here, and it's a lot of fun, so I guess I live up to some of those ideas!

I have had a hard time finding an order that fits well with my character, but now that I have found a good match it really helps to add depth to the game for me.

I have had a hard time finding an order that fits well with my character, but now that I have found a good match it really helps to add depth to the game for me.

I have had a hard time finding an order that fits well with my character, but now that I have found a good match it really helps to add depth to the game for me.

I absolutely love that picture!


I concur

its aesthetically pleasing



At least make a comment and not lines of a letter you idiot.

I think worrying about what your currently inactive Divine may think (point 2) is not really worth it. Most Gods will run with whatever their worshippers think is best - they won't scare off worshippers without really good reason.

Agreed. My Order has been without an active God for months now, and it hasn't affected us a great deal at all. Of course, an active God is definitely ideal, though.

Yeah, you definitely don't need an active God/Goddess however, it is nice when you do.

I have not seen my god since I joined His order, but my RP has improved nonetheless. Would be nice to see him more, however.

Thats one thing I love about Midkemia, well my God anyway. They show up and we have a chat about things or he'll just sneak in and comment on something not often. But enough that I'm always cautious of my behaviour as they are likely around


Yes, it's really awesome when stuff like that happens!

I kind of wish Dala had an actual order, though...

nice article!

Meh, I was actually a bit disappointed by my time as order head in Imperian. The god left a few weeks after I joined, a new one took the role months later and completely changed the RP, then left again, then when I logged in a few weeks ago I found out it happened again to someone else.

I have only seen this happen a couple times, having  the help files and the mantra of a divine change would really irritate me if it happened to me. I can understand a new Divine in the same Role maybe not having as much intimate knowledge of the past, but changing the Ethos and their style completely would be a huge disappointment

I was thinking about joining an Order in Achaea, but wasn't sure which one, and they kind of seem cult-ish anyway =/

And orders can be rather demanding to join, which is why I am still a bit scared.

....and other points of view! I've only played one other text game and that was before IRE existed so I find it fascinating to hear about the other worlds. Some of the orders can be rather cultish but that tends to play a large part for some people in their role play. Some people just love to be dramatic and have that extra pull of power. I am not currently in any orders and I am not really sure where I would find inclination toward it anymore. My character finds herself quite busy and having objective fun with teaching and hunting and not having to tie it back to an order at the moment

Oh. Another Imperian article. Shoulda been called 5 Reasons to Play Imperian.


True that!



Like I've already said, one of the best things I did on Ahkan was join Illuminas' order. You're really missing out on a lot of private/group interaction if you pass up joining an order. They're an awesome source of rp, friends, pvp. It's even a solid reason to bash your way to aspect trying to make them happy...then they kill you with the tree you raised for them!




I wish more Orders had useful miracles though, like Worldburn. A plague upon whichever Baar elected to not have that as a miracle. The God of Suns, and Flame, and Heat can't Worldburn... How sad.


I've never gotten into orders, but I can see how they would be a good source of RP.

I'm never sure when the best time to join an order is?  should you get a character established first?  Or should it be part of the character's development?


Ya I can see that being a major reason.

Then do something about it!!

Then do something about it!!


that would be the wrong reason. And Imperian been pretty good at giving favours to those who are not in your order either for offerings etcs. Aetolia is very good at this.

I would like it if the gods were not so touchy about orders though. The gods can see who is in what order and say you changed orgs but wanted to remain with your same order. Some gods see this and even if the members of the new city/commune/etc you moved to could not discern what order you were in, a patron god(ess) of your new org rats you out and next thing you know you are forced to quit the order.


I think it makes for better RP if the gods could not tell who were in other gods orders (unless the player announces it themselves). This would allow for secret factions of the main order to be in different orgs of the realm. The players then could try and crack down on this if they choose to without the divine intervention that is "whispered" in player's ears. 


For example, using Lusternia.... If there was a secret order of Terentia followers in Magnagora, the patron gods of Magnagora would not be able to tell who was actually in this order. Now this order could go unnoticed and not even deemed a threat to the city itself. But say they decide to start destroying shrines or something in the city, the names would show up in the logs and they could be dealt with that way. Or if the city had a hunch that there was a secret branch of Terentia followers in Magnagora, they could try to sniff them out on their own. 

In either case, I think it lends to better RP or at least more fun RP than to suddenly be outed by a divine for being in a particular order that your city/commune/patron god(ess)/etc didn't like.


Fair point. Although it really is upset to the individual divine in question. Some of them prefer to watch and let things unfold whilst others take a more active role. I do agree that it would make for interesting RP.


@ Article: I think these points can apply to just about every IRE game. Orders are wonderful centres for character development and roleplay. Players should never be shy about joining one!

I dunno how I'll keep up with essence requirements, people seem to rant about those a lot   O_o

I liked this article.

Like a previous comment, if Achaea orders follow the same rules and reasons to join, then maybe I should join and order...

All those reasons hold true for Orders I've ever joined. So often, they wind up becoming such central aspects to my characters!



I've never had a character in an order, I've thought about trying sometimes but honestly I don't even know where to start 0.o

Orders are always great!

Thanks for writing this article.

Mystere really likes a certain goddess and offers all his corpses to her, but I think he's a bit afraid to try to join her order because he's afraid there will be cross-city and cross-house complications, so he's going to wait for the time being.

gods are all awesome to interact with.. especially the vengeful kind.


It is definitely true that for those that have characters in Mhaldor (In Achaea) that by joining an Order -can- assist with gaining leadership positions. Although, the reason in which my current character joined a Order is because it definitely matches her role-play and personality very well. I've been very happy with it so far!


In a story context conflict generates a lot of interest. Being a part of an order does that, as it brings you into a set of ideals that generally get pitted against others. Plus, Gods are always fun to play with!

Just frustrating how often They go dormant.

I've been thinking of joining an order for a while now, but I've heaped so much onto my workload that I'm not sure i could handle getting involved in yet another awesome thing. I'll bide my time for a bit, I think.

the problem with orders is that it is often so hard to get into them, then nothing really happens and the Gods are super dorment.

I've tried Orders in Achaea and Lusty (and actually think that Kalikai is one of the coolest damned IRE characters of all time), but it wasn't until MKO that I -really- found that Orders could be an essential part of my gaming experience.

Say whatever you like about the previous Lims-Kragma, but she was great at roleplay and getting down and dirty with her Followers (no... I DON'T mean it like that...)

Banath is imho the most amusing member of the IRE pantheon.


Come join MKO's Orders, folks!

I can't wait for the order of Dala

Pleeeeease ?

I've been trying to become part of an Order as well, but the workload to join was a bit much and I still have to decide whether I want to devote that much time for an Order.

For me Orders are half the fun

I never really tried to become a serious part of an Order, regardless of IRE MUD, because I never seemed to find much sense in it. Think this article cleared some things out.

This also applies to Aet and the other IRE games! Somewhat.

I agree with this post, I've always found that order membership has enhanced my playing time.


Order does provide almost a supra-organization that makes almost all tasks seem more valuable. 


Order does provide almost a supra-organization that makes almost all tasks seem more valuable. Even mindless hunting is gathering essence to fuel your God.

Very good article. I feel sort of incomplete without an Order, when I played Ruth back before I went through a period of dormancy.

which is natural!!!

which is natural!!!

I always felt like not being part of an order meant I was missing a large amount of the RP possibilities. It also gave me more of a reason to cheer up when I see a shrine of my char's  Divine Order around the place!

well done

Joining an Order to enhance your character's history and depth is great. However, if the Divine is absent from the day-to-day (or at least year-to-year) of its members then it really loses its luster.

I think one way of handling the situation is for the Divine to designate the OH the responsibility of motivating the other members. Assigning roles, participating in groups, etc can go a long way in dealing with low morale.

I've found just going through the process of joining a order gives alot of things to rp off of.

cant deny it

If anyone knows my character, they know I have been in tons of Pre-Orders trying to find that one that fits.. Either I loved the Divine but the followers were horrible or I just couldn't get into the requirements. But when I got into my Order its like your character finds that piece of them that they are missing. And I have to say working along side a Divine is awesome. Knowing your doing things to better your Order and as more people come in they will know it was your work. Your forever written into a history that will last alot longer then your character more then likely.

I'd be interested in an Order, but I think it should be the last thing so you can have a primary focus and not get too busy with it, neglecting other things.


Divine Orders suck. Gods never stick around very long, so there is nil consistency and rp-wise creates a crappy continuum of active god players vs inactive god players.

I wish dormant God roles were filled faster


I couldn't agree more.

Never truely got into orders personally, its hard to RP religious when you are agnostic irl.

I have joined an order, but haven't done much with it yet. Its hard to have so many focuses at once in the game, but I'll probably start focusing more on my order in the near future.



My divine order has provided a lot of roleplay and character definition.

Orders are great. The depth my character has can be attributed to the conflict stirred by his order affiliation. Sometimes orders have awesome secondary effects.


As the head of an Order, I must completely agree with this.

The Goddess of Life in Imperian is a good example. I've always enjoyed the concept behind her character. (Huge fan of Death in the Sandman Series. She had a similar role.)

I like the depth being in an order can add to your character and your roleplay, not to mention the perks of faithful service!

I have joined a few orders and I think it can add a lot an a gaming experience. It is a whole new world of enjoyment. 

These things apply to Orders all across IRE...but, what you should be doing actually is join MKO :D

Good summary of the reasons to join an order.


at least a few points to why Elrith joined his order.

I joined an Order before the age of 30, as a result of a world-event which I was heavily involved in.  As a new player to Achaea, I was blown away by the interaction between the Divine and the players.  Previous to playing any of the IRE games, my Divine knowledge of MUDs was simply to fill an administrator purpose with no real designation beyond the ability to murderize annoying players.    


Once joining an Order, however, I've never looked back or regretted the choice.  Yes, we make people work to get into the Order, but it would be silly not to.  The entire purpose of the Order would become diluted if we just said "yer in cause yer cool".  The sense of accomplishment is worth it. 

Joining an Order can be one of the most rewarding experiences in game. You make good friends, you get to sometimes beat some heretics down, and as Ahkan pointed out, it makes bashing have more of a purpose, making it more tolerable.


However, like everything else in these games, it can be a two edged sword. A new player takes over your God and said player dislikes you? Guess who is screwed! Not that I'm saying you shouldn't join an Order, quite the opposite, actually, but don't expect anything to be all flowers and fun time.

I want to say first of all what a great read this is, learning about this makes it easier to understand why the Gods aren't always visible when you QW. Personally I don't like it when they are always around, to me that seems more like mortal than it does a God that we aren't really supposed to see. I just feel like it is more special when they pop in for that second then leave, Gods aren't meant to be our friends - are they? 

Andun of Imperian, I just wanted to say about your last paragraph that was a worry for me too. I have made a lot of people mad in Achaea but I've come to learn from personal experience that when someone becomes a God - they let go of past transgressions. (normally they let go of all the grudges they hold against you be it ic or ooc.) If this has happened to you I am sorry and you should let the producer of the game know. Gods are expected to have a certain level or maturity and roleplay and to me, it is not good roleplay to hold a grudge on a player that your player had a problem with. 



Those are all good reasons

These definitely will also hold water in Achaea especially if you see the interaction between Orders on the Public News

Orders are great in Imperian, I had a lot of fun in Illuminas' order when I used to play there.

Good read.

Kari is all politics. I enjoy any aspect that gets me into it. I also love when a Divine is active and you can interact with them.

I enjoy all things with the Orders. Lots of fun!

They be fun until your Divine disappears. :C

it'd be more fun if each and every divine could be played by IRE's volunteers... but doing so opens up skewed representations of the gods due to character differences between the volunteers... what i wouldn't give to have active divines, though.

I wish my Order were more active, because I really like it, but I keep being tempted by more active Orders and the people in it. Both IC and OOC. Argh!

Nothing like being stuck in a congregation in a order and not being promoted because it's inactive

when those who suck up to gods are favorited.

Finally Thanatos is back though!

Shush, we're supposed to pretend that never happens.

yup! he looks good on the help file.

Also, depending on the order, your tasks can be a lot of fun.

I feel like this should extend to most of the games

Divine Orders can be fun! My Achaean character is in one and I love it there, but I haven't really gotten much interest in any Orders in Aetolia yet.

I should start thinking to join one

I've never been against joining an order, I've just never been able to pick just one God. There are a few in Achaea that I'd love to follow, but having to choose only one is not something I've been able to do.

+1 and -1 I think as we've seen with glomdoring in the past if you limit whom can contiribute to a leadership position there is a huge chance for that whole org to go under.

i have to get a move on getting into one in Lusty.. Good read.

That is a wicked awesome picture