RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Better

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A couple days ago we told you how Iron Realms games could be worse. To even out the other end of the spectrum, I want to explore, in my opinion, ways that Iron Realms rpg games could be better! Now remember, this isn't an opportunity to vent, there are forum threads for that! If we get some substantial ideas out there, maybe the producers will take notice!


More Events

Everyone loves when a good and interesting worldwide event comes into play. Whether it's a new class being born, a God or Goddess returning or being created, or new rpg game areas created. By providing more role playing game events, interests are ignited and rpg game players will want to know what happens next.

If you, readers, have an idea for an excellent event, don’t hesitate to speak up and let your voice be heard! Try to email the idea to either the producer of the rpg game or a divine you are on good terms with. This takes time, and requires a significant amount of planning; this is great for massive rpg game events, but it takes away from the organic feel of naturally generated role play game events.  If something more in-character is what you're after, remember that events don't happen in a vaccuum.  Drum up interest in your plans, talk to people, lots of people, and some denizens for good measure.


Better Advertisements

On June 18th, 2005, Achaea reached 850 players online. Today, Iron Realms runs 5 rpg games, with Tears of Polaris in the works! So understandably the playerbase has spread out across Iron Realms and thinned out in each individual rpg game, but I miss having a humongous CITYWHO in Achaea!

IRE has been doing a great job of social market advertising, but one day I'd like to see ads for Iron Realms rpg games on other websites. A little paid advertising never hurt anyone! Though that time Achaea was on TV was pretty cool.

However, the best advertisement is word-of-mouth.  Invite your friends through Facebook for a quick and easy way of earning credits, but why stop there?  When inviting your friends, explain why you know they'll love the rpg games available from IRE.  

Larger Staff

From fixing bugs and handling issues, reviewing and implementing thousands of player ideas, creating new areas and running role play events, the staff can be really busy! It'd be great if the entire Pantheon was active, and Celani calls were more regular so dormant God roles were filled faster.

Next time there’s a Celani call, and you meet all the qualifications, take the next leap towards Divine greatness. Give the Celani call some serious thought, and if you think you have what it takes, by all means apply.   Don't want to be a Celani but still want to enjoy all the perks of an active divine?  Try being nice to the gods that grace us with their presence.


New Artefacts and Old Artefact Price Cuts

While there are many artefacts that are considered totally worth it, there are some that no one in their right mind would buy! While artefact and credit promotions are nice, I'd really like to see permanent price slashes on the artes that aren't bought that often. Then I might buy them during one of those "I have 200 credits burning a hole in my pocket, what can I buy?!" moments.


More Unique Promotions

The promotions that Iron Realms has been using in their rpg games lately have definitely sparked more interest for players. Please, keep them coming! Critical Hit Tuesdays, double XP Fridays, Ironbeard gifts, truefavour Thursdays, there are so many awesome promos that should become a regular thing!


So there you have it, five ways to make Iron Realms rpg games better. Do you agree or disagree? Leave your comments below!


Natalie Womble is a role playing game enthusiast who enjoys the best rpg games from Iron Realms!


Yes! more promotions!










yes yes yes 

Haha yeah, I think they are great. Whether or not people use them alot they still spark conversation/hunting trips etc and it all helps keep the game rolling.

I think more diverse promotions too.  I started playing actively AFTER the stocking promotion, and I am SO jealous every time I see someone pull something out of their stocking.  Although I don't expect (and really would never ask for) another promotion of the same thing, it makes me excited for the new and exciting promotions that could come in the future.  While 10 lessons per day is nice, I can't help but look forward to the unique new promotions I hope we can expect in the future.

The stocking was one of the coolest promotions I had seen. I often forget to pull anything from it though. The wheel of fortune is a good one too.

would love a stocking

A stocking would be great. Don't know about two, though - that might be overdoing it

I've greatly enjoyed the promotions thus far =]





I agree with all the points except advertisement, which I am ambivelant on.

Advertisement is how you get new people into the game.

And actually, it's how I got into MKO. I'm not a standard IRE player, I'm only here because the game is based off of the work of Feist. But, I wouldn't have even known about it if not for a google/facebook ad.

I got my start off of a banner ad on Ctrl+Alt+Del so long ago... never have figured out what posessed me to click that... 

yeah, same here.  I never played a Mud before and saw that they were making a midkemia game on some web site I was on.  been hooked ever since.  

Though for me personally... I dunno. I was looking for browser games to play in the computer lab at my Junior High, I think. I had no internet at home.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I first learned of Muds and IRE through an 8-bit theater ad (as I know alot of players back in the day did to).  On the other hand, that was back before ad blockers, so now probably wouldn't be that effective.


But yeah, more and better forms of advertising is important, which I'm sure they work on all the time.


I had completely forgotten about this. This is totally how I got into my first IRE game years ago.

They should try and get a celebrity hooked to wrangle an endorsement.

They've got the creator of DOOM vouching for Achaea, I believe





to all of them!


a couple ways IRE games could be better imo would be 1: interactive newbie intros with audio hints and 2: fancy, graphical GUIs like the ones mudlet is capable of

I think this (the GUI's) would encourage new people to try a little longer a lot!

If we had ill looking Mudlet GUIs like the one for God Wars II that'd be boss.


double post

agreed, moar events = good


I vote more events as well!

they also break the grind

I can't get enough! And please, make it as grindy as possible. I don't wanna have to think or press more than two buttons - I'll only be happy if I can stare dumbly at my computer screen for hours on end with nothing in my head at all and feel like I'm accomplishing stuff.

yes yes 

Better events and more gods please. That would be awesome.

I'm assuming you mean more players behind the existing Gods... Personally I think we need to thin out the existing number of Gods. Some are just pointless anyway.


As a side-note, I miss the big events - Triad invasion, that nightmare event, the triple eclipse...

Yeah, that's what I meant. More players for the existing gods. So many divine don't have anyone playing them and it's a shame.




yay for more events, double yay if the events last and are not a 5 min thing that noone speaks about afterward

and instead of adding more, get celani to take on the roles of gods that are already out there



Good article.

Good article. Liked your comments about some of the strange old artefacts! 800 credits for a Shadowcloak when one could buy wings... They're potentially cool thing to have for RP, but I can't imagine many have been sold at that price. 

I wouldn't mind seeing a price cut on some of the artefacts. It would be nice to see some of the older gods roles filled again.

would drastically improve the quality of the game!

More promotions please

The problems with promotions is that they are temporary : you get nice artifacts/stats boost during two/three days in the week, and when it's finished you lose all the XP you earned because you think you can kill this or that, but you can only with a boost :(

I've always thought they could focus on making bashing a bit more interesting and encourage group raid type situations on NPC areas. I know they pride themselves on having top-shelf PK but I think a lot of people still really enjoy the quality of an IRE Mud without wanting to be 100% combat and conflict focused.

I would love to see a price cut on some of the artefacts. To see new ones would be lovely as well! 

But surely people who'd already spent a bunch of credits would have to be compensated

Events - perhaps all people can participate in them, not just the usual 'main characters' of the realm <_<

Or if a few people do, at least we can see our names in the news too, not just ''x, x and others''.

more events and more that the general population can participate in. It doesn't necessarily have to be big realm moving stuff, but it can be smaller stuff.

big realm moving stuff is awfully satisfying.

Events are a favorite of mine of those on the list. Unfortunately they're also a lot of work on the admin's part and once the event is finished, there's not really more enjoyment to get out of the event itself. That said, they're still a blast, but less "end of the world" events, they're overdone.

Actually, my favorite part of events: Accidentally screwing them up. I know I do it a lot, heck, I remember hearing that one of my particularily nasty flub-ups got tweeted by one of the admin, but I also know that I tend to do it in ways that make SOMEONE laugh at least. Usually someone with the power to zap me into oblivion.

Two of the best times I've had in Achaea was when denizens came to life and joined in the action. The bartender in Cyrene raised eyebrows when he referenced our past relationship in front of a group of my in game children, it was fun to play out that scenario while they were asking a million questions in the family clan.


More please.

That must have been cool

Twice while I've been giving Househall tours the denizens in there have interacted with us, that's always super cool. Such a nice way to start newish players off with House life!

I gotta say, the "Vote for Lusternia or the Furrikin gets it" voting ads have made me laugh a bit.


I like the "Every time you don't vote, Fain kills a kitten."

P.S.: Power to the Pastries!

Omg, predator art! Which is kickass, by the way.


All of these are good ideas, but I'd like to say that thing I'd love to see most is the replacement and reworking of legacy skills from Imperian that would give the individual franchises even more individual flavor and allure.

Definitely digging all these new promotions lately!

I would run around like a pup doing stuff at every beck and call to aid in Gods returning to the realm!

that would make me an extremely happy panda, a price cut to artis :3

Honestly, they are taking really big steps forward  to do just the advertising part (such as this Digg thing, and the Facebook thing, as aforementioned), to get these things bigger. The fact that they've been running for 10+ years is a testament to their quality on it's own, I wish they'd advertise THAT more.

are good.  The last one...eh..





Also, is often frustrating how many Divine are inactive.

I agree with most of the article.

What really makes a game great is the amount that the players themselves are able to interact with their world. Sure, big events, active gods and whatnot keep things interesting, but they are a lot of work, probably more costly, and they'd lose value if you had them all the time.

What I find interesting about Lusternia are the things like village politics, wild nodes, and constructs. Basically things that grant your city/commune various advantages, but they "expire" in the form of revolts and aetherflares pretty often and you must work together as a city/commune and against the others to gain a village's favour or rebuild your constructs.

It allows you to become and stay fairly active and involved within your city/commune. And there are ways that less skilled players can contribute, so it's something that everyone can participate in. I don't know if any of the other games have similar things set up.



I don't know what it takes to be a Celani, though I admit I would hate to miss all my friends. It would help getting the game a bit bigger though, and more RP is always nice.

it would be better if all the dormant gods can be active again. i'm sick of offering to gods who go dormant! i really appreciate it when the gods thank me for offering. and the original players don't have to be the ones playing the gods. someone else can play them and i'll be all the happier.

I have to agree with the promotions bringing people to the games. I kept away for a while until the 50 free credits for creating a character was emailed to me. That peeked my interest and I came back. I stayed with achaea I just can't personally find interest in the other games I tried them too. And I found achaea is just for me for now anyway. But yes the promotions definitely bring people in. And they keep people playing. So definitely yes

more of those. Although for me right now it is a bit overwhelming just a bit.

The promotions got me started too, I used to play for a few weeks then get fed up at the prospect of slower skill progression once levelling credits dried up. Two months of bonus lessons and a credit a day got me past that and now I have bought some credits.

<3 promotions

They definitely need more promotions so I can get more credits!



Events are always awesome.

Totally didn't know Achaea had been on The Screen Savers. That's kind of cool.

Was that ever a popular show, before it got cancelled? That is pretty cool, and I remember watching the vid from a link on the forums, but I have never seen the show before I don't think.

Perhaps I'll check it out, though


I would say new promotions and more unique artifacts

{Insert obligatory comment here}




There needs to be more interfacing between the administration and the people who manage the organisations that make Achaea interesting. It just seems like requests are send upwards, something (you hope) occurs, and a terse answer drops from the heavens.


Grand ideas and events are great if you're Delphinius, but there are a lot of hard workers out there whose work was returned with a no, or even worse, as seems the trend lately, no answer at all.

They keep me going, every month. My favorite was getting bound credits for being logged in 10 mins. I used that one as good as I could. This month, the lessons per 10 mins thing is okay, but a bit inconvenient since I've 2 characters I want to reap the benefits, and making sure they both get the hour forty they need can be rough. Still, I like 'em.


Events are pretty cool, too. and it'd be nice to see more of them, but it's understandable how much work they are.


Any of those would be good, especially the promotions.

Anything within reason that brings back 500+ people at peak in Achaea (or any IRE game) sounds good to me.  More of all of these improvements (I can't believe I just asked for more advertising...).

A price drop on artes would make my year...I'm such a hoarder of my credits, I can only ever seem to justify spending them in dire need, or when stuff is on sale! :D

Very good article, I agree with all the points made

New promotions that benefit more people than just the ones willing to bash for 20 hours a day, please.

Seeing the screen savers really brought back old memories. Good to see them giving a nod to Achaea.

Im in for whatever brings more players into the game. The more the merrier

I agree

Free demigod status for every one ;-)


But credits every minute you log in would do nicely too.

Like the Estarra-favour where you get additional skills added into lessons, you could have promos where you gain extra circles for a day become a demi. That would be nice.


I think in order for the playerbase to increase a serious shift in the current playerbase attitude needs to change. I find that way too many people enjoy taking their rl frustrations on the game causing plenty of people to just get up and leave. Not just advertisement but retention needs to be looked into. Promos and shiny things will only get you so far.


I'd like to have some events actually happen at a reasonable time for me... A lot of stuff happened since I.started IRE games but I was not able to be around for one event.

Two more ways:


The credit market restored to how it was 8 years ago.


Carnifex and Templar.

I'd like to see Denizens become more evolved, more dynamic, and actually bring hunting more in line with fighting other players. Basically, if you can use an attack against a player, you should be able to use it against a denizen (and vice versa).


I've seen this in other games, and it lends that extra bit of depth and realism, making it easier to suspend disbelief.

I have wanted this so much. I was actually stunned when I found out as an Aquamancer that my only attack that would affect denizens was Blast, at least until I pumped 1200 lessons in and got my Staff. But it makes it so denizen bashing gets kinda boring. I'd love if there were options to afflict denizens, especially if it were important to victory. Not quite full PVP-need-custom-100-credit-reflexes-and-omni-trans-to-have-half-a-chance level, but still more than just 'spam attack and sip health until you win'

Yeah to more events not just world wide but also smaller ones linked to Houses, Cities and High Clans

Yeah, I'll just go with bigger staff and more events to keep people involved. One of the main aspects (for me) in this game is that the Gods are real, human controlled characters and that should be exploited more IMO.

Yes, I agree with more events, something that effects everyone or just more smaller events for different organisations (besides for classchanges). Also, I agree some artifacts are a little over priced considering the usage. Then again, too much change can be bad, too. Over correcting can cause a crash effect.

However I do not agree with the paid advertising, it's great as long as it doesn't get annoying. More of it is not needed, really. Especially for a free game. Seems well enough just where it's at.

A larger staff would be great because then it would offer more selection for adventurers, and more chances for ideas to come out into the player base.

Doing a good job, IR!

I have to agree with what Vult was saying, more advanced Denizens would be great. as would being able to attack them with stuff that usually only affects other players. I'm a Serpentlord but not ready to enter the arena/PK yet and so I have a whole collection of venoms I'm dying to use but can't... being able to use them agains denizens would liven my bashing up no end...


Also loved that TV slot "The future of gaming is here... and it's TEXT" those words are as true now as they were in '04


I'd love to have seen that tv spot.

I'd also love to see more than 150 people logged into Aetolia at a time, too. Especially visible ones, after tallying up those who are in Havens or cloaked.

Events and promotions. Please


I especially agree with the larger staff, and they are opening up Ephemeral applications in Lusternia at this time. But you know, the biggest way to support IRE and make these things happen is to buy. Buy buy buy!

Allow ALL magi to holocaust nature far more rapidly! Just Lothenshal works too though :) *holocausts* *holocausts* *holocausts* *bounces around happily* *holocausts *holocausts* *holocausts* :D

Lothenshal - Desecrating all forestals hold sacred since 574!

"That's right forestals! I'm in your forest holocausting your grove! :)"

Do lesson purchases or credits received via Iron Elite memberships count towards city/guild credits? I think one way to make game better is to make in game credits more accessible. What about increasing the amount given to guilds/cities when credits are purchased?

Events. Oh, events... They really add a lot of life to things... Thought what I really wish for are for some gods to be active again. Then again, most everyone does...

Gods more active, and events, and promotions, in this order of importance.

I have been enjoying the monthly promotions alot. Rather nice boost!

^ Definitely 

as well!

I'd like for the constant inter-city war/raids to amount to something. Like, I'd love it in Lusty if you could destroy an enemy city's Nexus, or if Krondor could finally put Elvandar to the torch.


Then the city can go on some big old quest to rebuild, and people might take defending a bit more seriously.

Was there a quest to rebuild Krondor after the earthquake ?

Pro: Able to meet the demands of a lot of player needs.

Con: A lot of unregulated stuff can go on without the employer's knowledge.


Bigger is not always better, but smaller is not always the best method to deal with things either.


What he/she said

You raised some good points. Events are always wonderful and who didn't love spinning the wheel?

Updating bugs/filling out ideas are also something that players love. Unfortunately it is not the most interesting thing for the admin to do!

Focus on one or two games instead of six it's going to have.

I agree.

this would be cool

Great ideas, the promotions and new things are really what has brought me and kept me back playing achaea.

I would like to see a more active Divine Squad across the board. I remember when they used to come to socials inside the Cities.

While I wasn't around for that, I definately think things are a lot better when the gods are around more, you get more going on and it's much less likely to get 'stale'

The new promotions definitely make it easier for the newer players.

Not really the 5 things they need the most

i wish it was easier to get started playing, and then hooked.  Noobs need a better way of standing out so they get interested

Im a fan of less arties... or no arties... But Meh.

Also active gods would be nice...

sometimes things happen...

tripple post

I really enjoy the promotions.

I wish IRE would also update its pve content in the areas of mob AI and skill abilities that can be used against mobs. I know bashing is the not the main focus in IRE games, but player mob hunting to gain levels can be made quite a bit more involved than using the same alias over and over again to attack.

I'd support that idea.

I would love to see more events. The one I've ever gotten a chance to participate in was way too much fun.

Events are great, but too many too quickly is means people can't do anything else in the meantime!

That was an interesting read


More events please! Mini events are fine.


Mini events are fun!

I look forward in the new promotions each month, even though sometimes I just want groan or shout of for joy because it's that awesome.

no more bashing events please. Unless it is accompanied by PK events.

I love the weekly bashing events. Good stuff!

I do not really like hunting events, but the lessons per day or credits per day events are just awesome :P

I made a character because of the promotions. They're a good way of attracting new and old players back. The additional Lessons per day and Credits per day thing is also very attractive.


As for events, the hunting events aren't the greatest. They're better than nothing. I get motivation from being in the top 10, and I get tons of experience in the process but I still prefer world events like Foozles and Egghunts more than maintaining my spot in the weekly competition.


EDIT : Oh, and having 200 people in a city at one time would be awesome. There are still lots of people to interact with in Achaea right now, but having that many more people would just be fantastic. I hope you guys (IRE) will get more players so we can all have more fun.

I think being rewarded with more than just experience and gold.. is a great motivator.  And of course the free lessons for just being around is good!


Iron Realms has lots of great ideas that I've never seen in other games.


Definitely. There's still always room for something better, though!

seriously everyone should be telling their friends and posting on their facebooks about it

the weekly contests are pretty great promotions. It does generate more activity, at least from a bunch of people.

I agree that the promotions are great. What keeps a game like this alive is new stuff, be it skill changes, new areas, new events, etc. Promotions are a great way to keep people patient (and logging in) for that stuff.

This is by far the coolest illustration that was published recently, fantastic work!


More promotional goodies!

I love the idea of more promotions!

The Lord of Suffering returning would make Achaea a better place.

Go Celani then.

I don't see a need for any of these.


IRE games (Especially Achaea) would be a lot better with more Divine interaction. Please hire more please!

I think that divine interaction is very important in adding vaule to roleplaying. The artefacts cost way too much for my pockets, prices should be lowered somehow.

More active ones would be nice too!

If IRE games had a trade system that would be nice. More players is what we need, though. If only people would listen to recommendations :0

Think more Divine interaction would be nice for a change. All the denizens are so easy to kill and almost impossible to relate to.

The only things I would change it making credits a little cheaper, at least for the first couple thousand credits bought.  This would give us low incomers a little more opportunity to trans the critical skills and take a bigger part in combat.  I would also like to see a really in-depth involved war system.


I love the iron beard gifts.

Had him visit me two days ago. Pretty awesome.


none of those really seem all that great


"The only things I would change it making credits a little cheaper, at least for the first couple thousand credits bought.  This would give us low incomers a little more opportunity to trans the critical skills and take a bigger part in combat. " --Osmond of Aetolia


I cant say anything else except...YES ITS TRUE I AGREE.

Takes long to trans skills in Lusty!

Events! Events are fun and give you a break from the daily grind, or other things you're responsible for! Events!!

Promotions for sure!

I love everything mentioned here and would love to see all of them on MKO. I do have a feeling artifacts won't get cut though, as there is always someone who will pay for them and the initial auction to get feel for arti pricing more or less serve the purpose that you describe.

Thanks for the Achaea TV link. Didn't know about that :)

cool stuff there

I can't think where there could be more advertisement.

Yes, more events! It makes the games more amusing and draws people it. Have more of the Divine active... promotions... Oh. I've noticed that the IRE MUD rankings on www.topmudsites have dropped quite a bit. Maybe add an incentive for people to vote for whichever game?

topmudsites was bought out by one of IRE's competitors.  I know I've stopped trying to promote via that route because of it - I feel like its neutrality has been compromised and like I'm throwing money to an inferior product.

And more active RP immersion of the Divine, who can still maintain control of themselves to not overpower the rest of the RP for the mortals end.

I like the wheel of fate, it's a fun one. That should happen more.

I like it too. I typically have terrible luck for these things though.


I'd just like to see more encouragement for solid RP. I don't mean like tons of emotes or other such nonsense. I mean following the RP set for your city and chosen guild. Sometimes I just feel that a lot of players don't care about what their character is. They seem more interested in socializing or killing each other!

I do love promos... but I also really like events. I really feel like there should be more events. It sucks that I'm in a timezone that misses most of them though!

I'd love to be around for events more, too. But it seems that they always tend to really get underway once I log out :(


More diversity in the timing of events. I work at the same times every day roughly, and the events always seem to be at the same times, so if they are when I'm working... no events for me.

If doing promos, make them original. The stockings were awesome, the feather (for Lusternia) was mediocre... at least it made people log in and DO something.

More Divine interaction! I waaaaaant. Can we please have Jadice of Lusternia?

Promotions where at the same time that credits/dingbats (or whatever it is in your respective game) go on sale - artifacts have a % off.


Definitely more promos!

I agree. Artefact/Artifact credit sales would help too. Some people(like myself) don't always want to buy artifacts directly with real cash when there is a sale!

Honestly, the one thing I can think of that stands out above all other suggestions is: remove artefacts impact on combat entierly. As it stands having a big bank account (or having access to daddy's big bank account) can absolutely give you an edge in combat that has no relation to combat skill, and that is a constant frustration for those of us who have spent countless hours on a combat system only to get stomped by that guy who has several thousands of dollars invested into combat artefacts. 


Yes, I do realize that this is how IRE funds itself, but I'd venture to say that they'd still make a large sum of cash off of the sale of utility artefacts even if they didn't affect combat in the slightest.


It's a text based Mud people. You want graphics go play WOW or one of the other million graphic based games.


I would like to see more games introduced that were not ascii art.  In lusternia we resently got a hole slue of games  and some where really neat like vengeance and the slot game.  But, a lot of games there have ascii art that sound intresting but, with the ascii art I can't  play them.  most notable Bombard! and the fate game.  I'd love to play those. but can't



I really love IRE games the way they are, but there's always room for improvement. MKO could definitely use more new players, though we're slowly gaining.  I would love more events, for sure.

more events, promotions and cheaper arties would be great!

More events. And more events that actually take time to work out, not just one nighters. More consistency with keeping things exciting and going in an event too, especially in the aftermath. A lot of events are great but then just kinda get forgotten about 2 weeks later because stuff isn't done to continue them (especially when they involve global politics I think this has been a weak point that I'd love to see be a strong one instead).

More players

I'd like to see more world events and players. Sometimes a smaller community in Aetolia is nice, but there's a lot more to do in a larger game like Achaea when there's a bigger player base and more events.

Pretty please?

Random events are the best. I always end up telling my friends that -don't- play Achaea about them and that's what actually gets them really interested in playing the game. 

any news on the IRE shirts? Those would be great for advertising.

I want the credit and the crown and the lesson promotions to come baaack! They were the best... these XP tuesdays and fancy fridays just are not as exciting as the whole realm receiving free stuff.

Just came for the credit.

Love em, need em!

I've managed to collect every promotional artifact MKO does and still gathering more as they arrive!

a more advanced AI for denizens fighting and for questing.  But I have to agree that promotions are great and draw me back.  Also, credit!

Promotions! :D


Some more ways to gain lessons outside converting credits.

definitely more promos, and  artie pricecuts would certainly be nice. I also would love to see more denizen interaction.  I also wish they offered a larger variety of wares. Like portraits for your home,etc.

Nothing helps me enjoy a game more than better advertisements. Though sure, more players would be nice! :P

More promos

Promotions all the way

I wish there was more info on what being a Celani was like, 'cause I am totally interested in it, but I'm not sure if it's more or less fun than being a player, and it seems like a very daunting, permanent sort of decision to make. D:

this game needs a farming system.

more people would be nice

more people would be nice

Definitely the promotions, but even more so the Artefact price cuts on those that don't sell, and bring back those shop of wonders artefacts as normal credit artefacts instead! that'd make at least one rajamalan runewarden happy to obtain a bait bucket!!

The game needs better mini games, and MKO at least needs more Admin driven conflict.

Want Dragon so bad. Plenty got there way before me but I sitll love the hunting promos, like tiered xp gain. There are a lot of cool promos items like the vial, pipe, stocking, and the firefly but few ever really use it now that there are 'world'-wide tells/clan/city chats.

So many Divine are inactive for rl years with nothing happening in Orders and a lot of Houses tend to stagnate becaue there's no House-specific events that give it something beyond the more mundane RP. At least it helps to make things interesting. The Lotus had one, it was so hyped, but the moment we thought something would come of it, the Divine behind the whole event suggested that the 'moment passed' and there was nothing more to do. I guess [S]omeone had to go to wake up early. Lot of poor planning and lack of 'off the cuff' ability in some cases. That Moghedu thing was interesting though.

Cheaper artefacts is always good.

Remove veils!

More lare scale events



more people behind the Gods. It seems to me that the pantheon is pretty much dead. Makes things rather difficult.

more promotions that aren't just X% off creds. I can't afford them. Do something to make me enjoy the game more because I may just buy some creds at some point in the future again (or renew my Elite).

Yes, what happened to those times when daily logins would bring a nice reward?  I miss those extra daily lessons or credits.

make it 2 credits per comment?

No everyone does not like worldwide events. Some people don't mind the non-intrusive events, but few people like to wake up and get slammed, especially when your pack has decayed and you lose all gold.

The good IRE games don't have that feature.



More staff would be good, if they can afford it.