RPG Games: 5 Ways IRE Games Could be Worse

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There are a number of trends in websites and rpg games that tend to irk us, and thankfully Iron Realms does a good job of avoiding most annoyances and creating a fun experience for the rpg game players. In this article, we take a look at how Iron Realms role playing games could be incredibly worse, and hope IRE never implements any of these!


Social Marketing Credential Syndrome

You're most likely aware of the IRE Facebook game app and news feed. The IRE Facebook app rewards you for inviting friends, and the news feed is worth following to stay up to date on IRE stuff. This is all optional though! What would really suck is if you had to use your Facebook / Twitter / Digg / Other Social Networking account just to log into the rpg game. It's become the norm for websites to want to access your Facebook credentials,  just so you can read the news.


Load-Times Between Areas (With Ads!)

We're all familiar with them. The agonizingly slow loading bar, the same 5 hints displayed across your screen. You won't encounter a single loading screen between areas in Iron Realms rpg games, no matter what dungeon, house, city or ocean you enter. Even worse would be sponsor ads while you're out sailing; "This island brought to you by Pepsi!". Spare me please!


Are You Sure You'd Like to Do That?

Admittedly, this exists for things like deleting your rpg game character. But if it became a habit, I might go insane! Like trying to offer a mob corpse, and you get "Are you sure you'd like to offer this goblin? Type OK to continue.". So you type ok, and it responds "Are you really sure? You won't get it back!" GAHHHH! I might just respond with 'lkafkjldf'.


Save Points

What if you had to manually save your rpg game character at the end of the day? Or find a 'save' shrine? This was something you had to actually do in much older text games! You think bashing to level 99 is hard now, imagine losing hours of work to a power failure; and before you say "Oh, that's happened to me", it was your own fault! You didn't properly config your idle TIMEOUT! 


One Account Per User

This one would really take the cake! Only one rpg game character per computer, meaning you'd have to quit class whenever you wanted to try a new one! Sure, it'd nearly eliminate spy alts, but overall the rpg games would lose tons of revenue and you'd never get to try out different classes (unless you wanted to abandon your old one). 


List your ways Iron Realms rpg games could be better or worse in the comments, and stay tuned for the second part of this article series!


Natalie Womble is an RPG enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms.


I like this article, it's very true, especially the part about the save points.

I dunno...save points would be nice a lot of times too. And most the times that I "lose power" or get disconnected, isn't because of anything on my end. It's because the server lags out. But yea, good read.

I tested one like this recently, not much fun at all

Yes these are so true.

Don't give them ideas! (bad ones).

Bad idea, balancing a class around artifacts because two people decided to go undead with runes with a lvl 3 artifact. Thanks for obliterating one of the coolest classes in the game.

Good idea, reworking previous stated class up to a better standard without it losing much of it's core awesomeness. Good job.

Isn't everyone a runed undead with level 3 weapons?

That wouldn't be so bad. It might suck for some people, but really, the majority of people only switch class when something new and retardedly OP comes out. Though, to be fair, it'd be about as enforced as people getting in trouble for character sharing, so whatever.

Some muds used to have lockers you had to store your equipment before logging out or you'd lose it all, AND also save your character on top of that.  Good times!

Lockers?  I thought the old save before quit rigmarole was bad (especially when they didn't have any reminders), but walking to the nearest city just to quit?  No thanks!

on my god, and the games that had you rent the lockers. Don't go on vacation and forget to pay up! 

Never heard of this, sounds painful!

ugh. no thanks!

You forgot to mention pay to play, you cant access this content of the game unless you give us X amount of cash a month, or this class is only playable with afore mentioned prices. Very good article!

Pay to play! No thank you!! I am far too into it to be forced out! x_x



This comment is a winner. While most seasoned players have bought credits at some point to give themselves a leg up, all the FEATURES in the game are at least free to play.

One could, if one had the patience, play a heavily artefacted Dragon through sheer dint of play time and perseverence!

This, in my opinion, is one of the best things about IRE games. Most MMO's (particularly pay to play ones) only reward time spent in game, heavily disadvantaging people who work long hours and can't spend that much time in game. The fact that credits can be bought with RL cash, AND earned by working for them in game, means that people who work full time are on equal footing with the stereotypical unemployed gamer living in their parents basement.

Technically, the model we have is Pay for Perks, but the model we use is easily the best of those available. Champions Online and Free Worlds are examples of either a viable, but nasty P4P, and a horrible (and borderline insulting) P4P model respectively.

I am surprised "pay to play" wasn't mentioned in the article.

Would it be published if it were?

Probably not.

Bloodloch brought to you by Pepsi, Enorian is brought to you by Coca-Cola. Slightly amusing thought.


I don't get it.

Are you sure you wanted to write this article? Or did a starving Celani force you to do it?

No Celani were harmed in the making of this article.

These would drive me crazy, I agree with it completly.

I'd cry if any of those things got added.

All of these are horrible features. I'd likely not play these games if such things were implemented. Haha.

I agree


Just thought I'd add nothing to this conversation... 

Preeeetty much.

I thought that people could gain credits with something related to Facebook. I don't (and will probably never) use it, sounds bad that other people gain more credits than me !

*looks at the stats artifacts*

You get stats artifacts? I want those!

Not all they're cracked up to be IMO...

I use it.  It's amazing.  Don't knock it.  It's not the same as usual facebook spam, honestly.  You send out one invite, and that's it, forever.  It's harmless, and I abhor facebook spam.  But I still use it.


Free credits corrupt.

So they do, and lower the quality of the comments section.



Its true!

I'm corruptable then.

I'd like to see the second part of this article!

I wouldn't mind seeing one account per user per game. I already feel that the rules against people benefiting from their alts are widely ignored.

Although I occasionally transfer information that seems perfectly sensible for an alt to know (one alt hearing about another alt being disgraced on the city mindlink), I try to follow those rules. I think anyone who ignores those rules is asking for trouble, since a violation could mean deletion of both characters (which seems a little harsh). I like variety and so I have a mage, a rogue and a priest. In many ways I think my characters might benefit more from each other if they were NOT all mine.

I don't play an alt myself --don't have the time or the will to make an entirely new personality-- but without alts Achaea would be much less populated. A lot of people make new characters but would not do so if they had to completely delete their old one instead of letting it go dormant.

Not everyone's got the time needed to put in the RP and credits for class changing.

One character per person....lolalts gone, accountability for every person.


+Load-Times Between Areas (With Ads!)

Your fingers hurt from typing too much? Try Doctor Lewin's finger-magnetic-ultra-cyber Magmanu 2011 exp532 JK trololo 5000.

Maybe there ARE load screens but the load times are so short we never see them...

worse i don't see the point of this argument

alts don't really get in the way, but they help the game make money so it can be better.  No reason not to allow alts

Load times would be pushing it for a mud-game. One character is enough if you're spending credits... I can't imagine how others would have multiple characters.

Especially since the load times would be there for no reason other than displaying ads.

The aritcles nice, but is it just me or is the picture totally unrelated to the topic?


The picture makes all arguments in the comments invalid.

That's all I really have to say. Thank god none of these are here. <3

Oblivion could win.

Well, if IRE goes bankrupt, I totally expect this to be how Achaea ends.

Well well, so ire has a facebook app. Anything special about it? or is it just flash in fb?

It allows you to connect to your games from within facebook. It has achievements in there from thegames and it allows you to gain upto 10 free bound credits per character, per day for inviting people to add the app.


I reall hope ire never implements any of the things mentioned in this article.

I'd kill myself if I had to keep typing ok for things


holy no! that would be the worst thing for me I hate those things!

The Twilight Road.
A strange world of shifting shadows and grey smoke moves and flows all around you. Creatures of darkness walk through the world between the strange buildings, some familiar and others not. The entire world around you appears to be a mirror or illusion of different parts of Midkemia. From a bazaar in a far away Keshian city to a simple merchants home in Rillanon. The ground is almost transparent and below you see a vast void of nothingness beneath what is a transluscent cobbled road that leads towards a bright light in one direction and darker shadows in another.

With ears perked upright, a blue dun gelding stands here.   A can of coca-cola has been left here, a bead of condensation trickling alluringly down its sleek side.

... am I suddenly thirsty?

I'd like such ads.

How lucky we are.

The horror...the horror.

IRE games could be worse if they allowed OOC groups to be publicized in an IC manner. Like forcing novices to join your OOC clan so that you can provide them all sort of meta-info, like combat tips. Defeats the purpose of playing the game IMO.



If social market credential ever became mandetory I would rage quit... I have no friends :(


FB games like mafia wars are so much easier to play on your mobile where its a simple button you tap to, for example, send gifts, whereas on fb, its three-click process.

Hate it.


Yay for IRE

Save points are hell, I agree with this article.

I have the opposite w/ save games, I could then undo things that I would regret.  In Achaea, gotta live with what you do.

I'd just jump off the roof if I had to save my game on Achaea.

thank god there are no ads.

The best thing Achaea and other IRE games have going are the players themselves. A large majority are creative, intelligent and respectful. You really notice the difference in community compared to other online rpg's, especially the graphical and facebook one. You think lawlpk is bad in Achaea? hah.

Anyone who has played some of the other muds will remember 2 things that I am so glad we dont have here:


1) Perma death, imagine omni transing and you lag out and someone kills you. All your hard work is gone, hope you enjoyed it. Such games may give you perks in return for your work but in a place like IRE where your name has some establishment to it that would be devastating.


2) Inventory remains on corpse. In some other games you can TAKE <item> FROM <corpse> to steal all their equipment, indeed this is often the motivation for people attacking you.  This can be irritating and other than artifacts which would stay with you would mean start from square 1 on equipment.  Due to artifacts staying on you though, this would create a larger player gap too.

There are muds that make you die forever? That seems ridiculously punitive. Forget lagging out, what if you duel someone and just lose? That seems like it'd be just as bad. Or, of course, newbie killing. What better way to make someone never play than gank them after they've been playing for a few hours, and they lose their new character for good. Or they die to a baby rat. This seems like all kinds of bad idea.

Honestly, I think that Permadeath would encourage people to think about the consequences of their actions a bit more carefully.

I don't disagree with you Dysse, Permadeath would add an interesting twist to the worlds, but would it not also be boring? No one would want to fight or hunt anything for fear of losing what they have spent a very long time creating.

In Discworld MUD, there is Permadeath, but you have seven lives, and you can get some others (but it's excessively hard) in the game.

(However, I haven't tried to lose the seven lives to see what happens, I've already lost six, and I am more than scared.)

Isn't this just a little pessimistic? Generally I'd think it's better to focus on why you're good, and not how you could be worse.


Ads/sponsors in game sounds hilarious actually.

There are a lot more than 5 ways that IRE could be worse...


Oh man... please, no. Just no.

Very well could be worse!

Achaea is my favorite game for a big reason: people who don't buy credits can become just as good as people who do. As a person who doesn't buy credits (sorry IRE), this makes Achaea more enjoyable. Maybe to make more money, IRE can make players who don't pay be at a bigger disadvantage and cannot gain the benefits of paying characters. I'd quit but IRE might end up with more money.

Duiran Arena renamed Trojan Condom Arena.

If they made player actions not be able to have a major effect on the game world (like pretty much every MMORPG out there).


Also, Alizais, you're totally wrong about the second half of your post.  Even if you don't buy credits, you still support IRE, since when you buy credits on the credit market those credits have to come from somewhere, and where they come from is people who buy credits from IRE to sell on the market.  So really, every credit you spend (except those from promotionals) really is giving them money even if you're not spending it.  It's pretty brilliant, actually.

I loved the article, great read.

Save points are ridiculous for any sort of multiplayer online game. Why would anyone do that?

This already exists -.-

interesing read, i would hate so much for loading..i wouldn't be able to play at home :( 

agreed I would hate for loading to be in these... I love these games for their quick play abilities, and the sheer fun of what you read over them.

I like the way the IRE games work now. Their money-making methods aren't super explicit. I could see something like the voting reminders being implemented for other things, but it's pretty reasonable now.

Sorry... I'm a big fan of this one. Yeah it would suck for their money-making model but it would surely improve the RP in the game. No more worrying about whether the player you are adopting is really an alt out to get you and your family members...



I hope there will be a part 2 with more things that could make the game horrible, they are amusing thoughts

Near all of these were part of DR, it sucked..

wow I feel old now, ha!

Very true :D

Sounds amazing, considering the lolalts elaborated in the other thread, metagaming, trollalts, spies, votealting. 

Ads are evil!

If by evil you mean lovely well placed snippets of juicey information happily feeding your computer with electronic gifts. Then Sir, by all means give us more of that lovely EVIL you speak of!!! Remove your filters, antivirus app, firewalls and experience the Internet in its pure and lovely unadulterated flavor! Pop ups, pop unders, and drive by infections are just the internets way of spreading the loooove with you! Trying to sheathe yourself denies yourself of the pleasures... Go naked into that good interweb and get tangled in the electronic bits!

For business that would be TERRIBLE but for the environment of the game that'd be effin' amazing. It's one of those things that's up to the admins to enforce multiplaying rules (and be on top of people who have alts in opposite factions)

This article made me sad =(  I don't want to imagine any of those.

I spent years without an alt and could easily do so again. It sure would save on bitter people that do stupid things, blame others, then make an alt to either get back at them or  to just go back to where they left off with the other character before they did said stupid thing. The only two reasons I've made alts is to check out different classes (cause I refuse to waste creds changing classes on the same character a dozen times) and to learn about other orgs/cities.

I'm fine with eliminating all alts. I don't find it credible that people don't benefit unfairly or destroy their immersion by having characters in many cities.

With a bar of how many minutes you have to wait until you can enter the area. No thanks! Even without ads, just no.

I agree completely. I think they are great the way they are.

why would you even write an article about how it could be worse. I am gonna right one of how my life could be worse.. haha

I can totally picture text ads...

I would of hated the save points. I have to run afk at random times to do something with my daughter and I usually idle out if it's important. So if I had just did a lot of things and had to afk cause my daughter started crying I would probably never log back in. Glad IRE doesn't have that!

at the moment, I like how things are ran, they are easy to follow.  The load time  could be different but hey, it does work.

Someone could decide that these examples are actually good ideas.

more bashing events (more days = worse)

To be honest, I'm not sure how fooling players into spending cash (like IRE does now) is so much better than ad-driven game..

Nothing like an article telling us how you could be doing worse...

Hehe. Yeah but it was still a good one to read.

Funny read, cheers

Yeah, those are all valid


Just seeing p-t-p being mentioned makes me shudder...Please don't IRE...

#1 way to make IRE games worse:  keep making more of them.  For every new game the player base gets smaller, and the games become less staffed.

Having more games dilutes the people playing IRE ever further, I know on MKO we would love more people and many play other games. However, benefit is people move between games, so it helps replenish numbers leading to 40% new and 60% experience IRE. There is likely a limit to how many games would be tactful for well-supported games. I understand your concerns quite deeply though.

The only way Aetolia could get worse? If it was called World of Warcraft.


I swear if save points were introduced, I would quit IRE games

Loading times would drive me insane...

Hell yeah.


I love IRE, I can't seem to get into any other muds besides an IRE one.


P2p baaad. But maybe constant content that usually follows good?

Pay for play would ruin Achaea for me


Just introduce that to ALL IRE games, like Achaea, and no need to ever quit class ;)


Yeah! Peer pressure for the win!



Gotta say, the last one doesn't sound too bad. In terms of revenue it would probably suck. I personally believe that a character should be pretty well thought out and that it's extremely difficult to play more than one character at a time without losing the immersion I love from MUDs.

I sometimes think "What would Achaea be like where all players were concentrated on a single character?" but I realize sometimes organizations get to a point where it's no longer just a game, it's almost like a mini-buisness hobby. The overall benefit of being a useful member in an organization usually outweighs the negatives, but at times you find yourself no longer playing as an escape but a duty.

I know I probably overanalyzed the last topic, so I wanted to say I had a good laugh at the other four!   I think I've read a few other articles by Natalie Womble and she always makes for a good read!

Number one is the big one for me.  Tie-ins to FB and social media sites is pure annoyance, especially when you are granted some sort of bonus for "liking" the page or logging in via the service. 

What is the value of a "like" anyway?

You could charge two arms instead of one for a suitable amount of credits! hah

Thank god there none of them in IRE.

Hahaha, I remember these... No thanks...

Funny article and well written! I don't think I find anything wrong right now!

Having no load times is great!

if you couldnt change class

If I could share artifacts and/or skills easily across multiple characters or at least switch guilds without losing so much, that'd be an improvement!

I can think of would be raising the quality of the other IRE games to the level of Achaea. From everything I've seen, it is the flagship and everything else is just the half-forgotten step children. Aetolia would be so much better if they'd spend more time getting people in behind the gods that actually care, raise the standards of play to get rid of all the trolls (including the Divine ones!) and the people that don't really play but idle for hours and days at a time to the annoyance of those that actually want to or -need- to interact with them, and stop being so one-sided where all the good stuff goes to the 'good' side and Bloodloch gets the scraps, if even those. We're left to our own devices with almost no interaction with the gods... mostly because most of them aren't even active, not to mention bugs and issues that sit for incredibly long periods of time.

a bit misguided.

def agree with all that!


Load screens with text ads would be a nightmare

These are some of just the few things I come across when I try to play other games. It says something that I always come back to IRE

I think save points would be cool, but weird to hear about muds having them as it doesn't work out in multiplayer games think of duping the rune blade 100 times over!

They had that with tears of Polaris. I really had no clue why something like that would exist in a text game.

The title amuses me..

Did play a game where there were shrines to logout at. Although they had it set up so that it was better to leave from there than someone else experience-wise. Or in terms of keeping your skills at a good %. Actually I like MUDs where you have to use a skill to get it to 100%, and that if you don't use it, you lose it. But being Hashani.. we'd all be at a huge disadvantage. The MUD also had potions of recall with a huge cooldown that takes you back to a shrine in your city. Imagine the abuses of that here.

Could all be worse.

Interesting concept, but it would make the game less "on and off" basis friendly.




free credit



all of these things do really sound like terrible, terrible, awful ideas.

Their silly week long events could be two weeks, or even a month!

"it could be worse" is a fun game to play, as long as you're not seriously considering anything better.

Oh man...ads

i like the events