RPG Games: A Comparison of Facebook Games

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Oh, the endless hours of clicking, harvesting your farm and exclaiming "Sweet! I levelled!" out loud to anyone within earshot. If you're like us and can't stop playing those addicting browser games, you'll appreciate this look at the most popular Facebook games and alternatives that share similar features. You just might find your next favourite browser game! 


If you've played: Pirate Battles

Then try: Achaea

In Achaea you can gain the ability of seafaring; since Achaea has installed Ship Arenas players can battle one another with their ships, just as two active combatants can spar each other within arenas 


You don’t build a ship in Achaea; you purchase it. You can purchase it out front, or negotiate with another player to purchase the ship second-handed. In Pirate Battles you solely portray a pirate, unlike Achaea where you get a choice to role-play anything from a pirate, eager explorer, or merchant in the ship trade.


If you've played: Vampire Wars

Then try: Aetolia

Aetolia is a dark fantasy rpg featuring continuous battles between the Light and those who continue to feed the darkness. Aetolia also allows you to become an undead, with Vampires given the following skillsets:  Sangius, Corpus, and Mentis; which will enable the players to participate within combat as well as the upkeep with their vampire qualities. 


You aren’t automatically a vampire in Aetolia, you have to go through a series of requirements through your guild and show your dedication and commitment to the Guild as well as that you are worthy to become a full member of the guild as well as a full vampire. This may take some time to accomplish, but the role playing game atmosphere makes it worthwhile. 


If you've played: Cityville

Then try: Lusternia

Lusternia is the Iron Realms entertainment text-game with the roleplaying atmosphere that is centered around magical energies for one to use to accomplish their goals and commitments. It has been known to challenge the text-gamer to a new level. In Lusternia, everything revolves around nexuses of power, which are reserves of energy that exists within more than one plane. The one that is most like Cityville is the “City nexus of power”.  This city nexus of power is mortal made and used by doing rituals to protect one’s city. 


You are not actually building a city in Lusternia, you are merely protecting it. Would it be fun to actually create someone’s own city? Sure, but personally, I’d rather stick to a role-playing environment that is filled of more options then what corps I want to plant to feed those in my city. 


Noteworthy mentions: Midkemia Online, Imperian

Midkemia is unlike most Facebook games. For one thing, there is  a large division between all the cities and guilds. There are six races to select from, and each one has its own purpose for a city within the realms. You are able to choose a specific class such as soldier, magi, or priest. In Midkemia Online, as you finish jobs and gain experience, you have the ability in increase your statics. The same can be said for your character in Midkemia. Once you have leveled up you have the ability to add a static point to your strength, constitution, dexterity, willpower, and intelligence. 


Imperian can be likened to Farmville, where characters with harvesting abilities can gather plants, then brew them into potions or sell the raw plant material to other players. Obviously, you’re not just gathering plants from a farm in Imperian, but of all natural terrains. It is a much boarder astomphere as well as the possibility of roleplaying simply more than just a farmer. 


One thing to remember is that all the games we mentioned only share a few features, and are much deeper and complex than your average browser game.

Natalie Womble is an role playing game enthusiast who enjoys the best browser games from Iron Realms!


there are so many games I play that I liken to Achaea. Just the other day I was playing Titan Quest (a game similar to Diablo) and I said to my gf (who was playing with me) something about how using our achaea skills would be so much fun, and how we wish Achaea denizens would drop epic loot


That's what Ashtani are for!

I'm Ashtani, and I have no epic loot to drop!

Are cookies epic loot?


This was a fun way to look at the games, and maybe get some new people playing that normally might not.

I thought this was a clever and funny article idea.


yup I agree

Agreed it was indeed

I hope that we get some Newbies through this article!

don't  know if facebook gamers can deal with the complexity of an IRE game though.


A Million times over. I don't think they would be able to comprehend that you actually had to speak properly in Achaea.

Hah, too true. I know somebody who is just a lazy typer, and didn't make much of an effort on text games even. Nobody should expect people to be perfect. Maybe IRE games could auto-format their bad typing for them.

IRE games serve an important social function winnowing out those who can't type out a coherent scentence.


I concur 

Amusing, yes, but not very apt over all.

Perhaps some people will find this article looking for information about those other games, but the link to achaea is quite far-sought i think :p 

Imperian is like farmville? What about the combat? What about...well combat is about it. Either way I'm insulted.

Not that I spent a huge quantity of time playing Imperian, but I found that vaguely condescending.


And Lusternia is not really anything at all like cityville.

Desperate pandering to rope people who are googling farmville strategies.

I'm kind of ashamed to be associated with this, in all honesty.  I really hate to put it that way, but this article misdirects, deceives and in general offers no insight into what IRE games are actually like by making the absolute thinnest comparisons to games that have no depth and are based on pure addiction mechanics possible.

It's like comparing Anna Karenina to "A is for Apple" by saying "THEY BOTH HAVE WORDS, AND ONE TIME, ANNA TOTALLY PET A DOG LIKE WHAT D STANDS FOR."  Except she didn't.

this article does a good job of highlighting some features of IRE games that players of cheesy flash / browser games would enjoy. While experienced IRE players see it as thin comparison, I think this article does a sort of civic duty by offering IRE games as an alternative to those mindless facebook games. plus IRE has a facebook app

The types of connections which are being highlighted aren't anything like what Zynga's casual games based on very basic psychological addictors are like.  It's a disservice.

The obvious way to point this out is to draw the same kinds of connections between other things that people should try because they play Achaea.  Should I join the Navy because I enjoy sailing a ship in Achaea?  How about a UFC fighter because I have a monk (not aimed at you, Jumpy)? 

The incentives and rewards are incredibly different than what this article is portraying.

I've been playing Achaea forever now (8+ years) and I'll defend it's delicate sensibilities against most anything, but surely some of us have taken this article far too seriously if they're getting offended by it. Cheer up and go roast a novice for lunch, heh.

A civic duty...heh, I like that way of putting it.

To be fair there're plenty of addiction mechanics in the IRE games. And when you're just bashing, IRE games have no depth to speak of.

If Achaea is to stay solvent, then more people need to play. This is one way to get a wedge in a huge market. I thought it was pretty clever, really.


Lighten up, for goodness sake.

This is probably the first IRE article I found totally pointless.  The comparisons are mostly between one single small part of the game (Harvesting, Ships), which aren't always accessible to a lot of players either.  Ex. the Achaea comparison, considering the gold and lessons investment to be able to sail, people expecting to jump in fast will be disappointed. Then I thought it was a humor article, but...it wasn't funny.  Hope this is a one time deal!

I am inclined to agree with you. This article really is pushing the limits when it comes to comparing the different games. We all know that IRE games are nothing like browser games - They're far superior!



Couldn't agree more, this was more than disappointing.

Put in another agreement. I'm sure there are Facebook games that are closer to MUDs than things like Farmville


Usually, I don't read the articles. I do so only if the comments make me want to read it. I guess I won't read that one either :)

Not really impressed with the article, but to each their own.

Would have loved to see ToP get mentioned. :(

But it's not out yet!


Really nice picture. Who drew that?

its really nice drawing and im glad ire is using player artwork in articles

All I can say is, "..what?"

While the comparison is pretty weak, but it should be noted that Facebook games don't really have a storyline and the comparison is being made between gameplay aspects only. Although it's far from all-encompassing it's a decent comparison considering how very different the two types of games actually are. So; no I don't think they're alike either.

I like the premise of this article, but no facebook game can come close to the depth that any IRE game offers.  It really is a shame that most people are easily hooked to a game just because it has graphics with simple purposes.  But, Keeping it simple is a nice business platform to work off of.  IRE games are in a realm of their own, regardless if they have the numbers to prove otherwise.  It's gotta be frustrating for the admins to try and advertise out to the masses to help bolster revenue, but uniqueness comes with a price. 

nah, the comparison is actually being made with setting.. pirates->ships->Achaea

Facebook games are stupid.

Facebook is stupid.

There really is no comparing the two. IRE games are full of depth, conflict, and meaningful interactions with other players. I've never actually played FB games because I found them dull, mindless, and repetitive. It's like comparing a beautifully well-written novel to a comic book. It's misleading and a bit insulting to devoted players

I've watched people play both and I can see where there are similar addictions but I can't even really get into facebook, let alone the games



It's also a bit insulting to compare Facebook games being "dull, mindless, and repetitive" to comic books. Comic book series, just like a novel, can be extremely well-written, moving, and full of depth.


..I usually just use Facebook to get credits..

What about people who play Robot Unicorn Attack? :p



They just play Robot Unicorn Attack... there is no subsitution for a rainbow unicorn in flavored ANSI text?

I wrote this as a joke a few months ago, it recolours everything into rainbows:


You have to post it!



Aww, let us build ships.

Out of what, cactus weed?

I actually don't play any games on facebook.  Maybe I am the weird one.....


Cool comparison though, might get a lot of people interested in an IRE game.


is pretty bad.  Comparing simple facebook games to highly complex text games?  Saying harvesting in Imperian is like farmville?  Eesh...no bueno.

Well I guess if more people play Lusternia from this then what the hell...the ends justify the means, at least when all it is, is a game.

Some of these connections semm abit loose?


Yeah, they are loose connections but then again, what would you expect with such complex games...barely anything really compares 1:1.

I dissagree with most of this article. The comparisons are quite poor.

The things that make them alike are a bit distant.

Connecting Imperian to Farmville was a bit of a stretch...

I am easily addicted to the browser games, and when I started playing Aetolia, it didn't take long for me to become addicted to it..

I don't really play them that much :S Now Console RPGs >.>

Don't think it was a wise idea to compare MUDs to facebook games, people might get the wrong idea

Especially since facebook games can't hold my attention.  And thankfully with achaea I don't have to wait 24 hours before I get more turns.

Something notable was left out in this! One of the bigger Facebook games I've run across is Mafia Wars... which, taking my own experience in MKO into account, could be tied in three times over, if not more, compared to the correlations used in the article here... so, if you're looking for a place where loyalty to the Family comes before all else, lest one wishes a nighttime visit to the docks, drop by Midkemia Online. A simple favor, here or there, can go a long ways among the right people.

Heh, yeah

I suppose Farmville fans could try Druid or Sylvan class in Achaea. You get to compulsively harvest things to your heart's content, and your very own swarm of bees!

Hahaha. Nice.

Never played Farmville myself, but I do like harvesting...

Woooo, Farmville. >_>


Cityville......that came a little bit......unexpected.

Great article!!


I don't play Facebook games. I don't even have a Facebook account.

Imperian is like Farmville?


Only if the other farmers tried to kill you every fifteen minutes.

dear farmville:

please let me vivisect my neighbor

Vivsect that happy little smiling avatar?! 0_0

....I thought we'd just inferno the whole farm...

My wife plays facebook games so I looked into trying to find an RPG-themed one but most of them lack the depth and community a MUD can offer. There are a couple of OK ones I found but nothing that stuck. There may be something in the future though, who knows? The only games I play on there are Bejewled Blitz and Diamond Dash which are just quick arcade games.

I hate facebook games. I have to admit I've played a few and they are fun for a few days but they can not compare to IRE games.




I am simply too busy playing Aetolia to concern myself with browser games. The hell is facebook?


Interesting article, gives a good quick perspective of each one of the games.

I'm sorry, but IRE games are a heck of a lot more addictive than browser games! My neglected farm/city/cafe etc are testament to the fact!

But cafe world is so similiar to Lusternia...at least if you could slip poison into the food...-_-'

It's kind of funny seeing so many people get defensive about their games.


While the comparisons in the article do the games little justice, maybe it's just the kind of comparison facebook gamers need to consider trying something more in-depth. A Farmville enthusiast might be less persuaded by "Devote hours to developing a character in an in-depth multi-faceted fantasy world" than by "Ooh look, ships and vampires! Click!"

Ha! Imperian is like Farmville. I think the aim is to suggest a small similarity to get someone to try the game. Then when they try it they may like it and get hooked. No loss if they don'te.


You can visit several cities, but the game is always the same!

In Midkemia Online we actually HAVE 'the Family' that is the largest, most notable, crime syndicate in the known world... clearly, Mafia Wars is more fitting for us... and for any who would think to claim the alliances of convenience, underhanded dealings, infighting, and backstabbing that occurs on Mafia Wars isn't found in MKO... clearly hasn't seen much of MKO!

But we have an entire syndicate of assassins!

I don't play facebook games, so I can't say one way or another. What the heck is cityville?

But people keep inviting me to play the ones mentioned. And I keep inviting them to the Muds I play! Eye for an eye!

Interesting comparisons.

Yeah... interesting is the word I'd use, too!

All I will say is that I am glad I don't play Aetolia right about now.

If you've played anything, seriously, just play an IRE game...it'll change your game experience forever

I hope this brings more people to text games at least.

Haha, wow. Imperian got farmville? Try Mafia Wars. That's more like it.

Hopefully this will draw quality people from a pre-existing large playerbase.

I hope so!!!!

Interesting read.

Heh... Facebook games kinda of remind me of those old BBS games where you log in, and play out your day's adventure. Those were really the games that got me into MUDs later on...

IRE shouldn't just be labled as a MUD company that puts outs the games we play. MUDs never seem to compare to IRE games, they are in a league of their own.


Imagine the people who took Smaug and slowly added to that, creating all those circle/diku/lp muds. What do you think all those immortals from all those games ended up.... 


Probably somewhere in the IRE family.

I haven't played any of those Facebook games. I play Achaea, does that mean I'll like Pirate Battles?

not likely, I haven't played pirate battles but if its anthing like the other games on fb it isn't anything like achaea


facebook games? what the heck.



I don't spend enough time on face book to play any games there I'm on achaea too much haha

No one on farmville is going to backstab you for your carrots tho  :D


True, but you do sneak around the farms when they are not looking and secretly touch their stuff.

Cute. I've played a few of the facebook games but never quite got into them too much. The BIG selling point of MUDs over them is the increased human interaction, instead of just a few preprogrammed responses and troll comments.


I've got addicted to Sims Social. What IRE game would you recommend me?


Seriously, this article sucks.


Give me my credit for commenting. Thank you very much

can be applied to all the organizations. There are many more special themes behind each mud though. Imperian: Demonic Undead. Lusternia: Tainted Undead. Aetolia: Vamperic Undead. Those are one such example of Undead themes.

4 lyfe

I rarely go on facebook. It's an irritating website.

with the last guy


There should absolutely be no comparison between IRE's games and facebooks games. To do so is insulting to IRE. 


Facebook games just CAN'T compare to IRE games. With FB games you play alone, even though you have to invite your friends. You have to have Xnumber of friends or you can't do Y. You HAVE to spend money if you want to get certain objects. Where as with IRE you play with and can chat to people all over the world, you don't have to invite x number of people to be able to do Y & yes you can spend money to improve yourself but it's not necissary it just speeds up gameplay a little, I don't feel disadvantaged for not spending money in Achaea whereas I did in several FB games I played.

In facebook games you either have to go make friends with random weirdos or spend a fortune to get anywhere. In any of the IRE games you feel like you are uber powerful after 5 minutes in the game! :D


.....Until of course you go attack someones loyal or...insult the divine.....or piss off an older player...or walk into a random duel with area effects...-_-

I don't really like facebook games.


I must say, I hate facebook games with a passion...

This isn't directed exclusively to this particular pointless article, but to many of them appearing recently.

I'm too busy to play facebook games and I don't particularly like "text games". I love the World of Achaea though and I hate when this amazing and rich  world of breathtaking beauty is been reduced to the level of Facebook, text messaging, texting and iphone games.

I love to exit the mundane 'Real Life' of shopping malls, classrooms and that of 'earning a living' and enter my character's world and his dreams and through him experience the world in an entirely different way, discover unknown values and explore new beliefs and new faith.

It is a great disservice to being reminded constantly that I'm in fact being delusional and Achaea is after all just another page of mindless facebook and amazing people my character admires and worships are just some nerds sitting and 'texting' at their computers.

Even though my opinion has very little value, I would like to see more effort put into raising the players into the heights of Realms of Imagination rather than attempting over and over again to butcher the image of the game to feed the players in the lowest common denominator.

To be profitable, Achaea does not have to appeal to masses, but it needs to have its own beating heart that not only attracts but inspires and beacons us mortals to follow.  This is the 'stuff' that makes great games, great works of art, great people and greatness in general.


My name is not Ocher, and I am no longer addicted to Farmville.


Or millionaire, or vine..something, or farmtown, or sim city, or.. a bunch of other ones.. Oh, Zoo Keeper, that was my favorite, till it got a virus then .. Moment, I'm trying to find them on Facebook.






No, closing it. I dont need them anymore!!


I've played all those things, they're a total waste of life, time, and chocolate.  Really.  So I will point out why.

Farmville and the others are 'point and click' mindless rubbish. You dont need to learn anything, you dont even really need to think. Just click that, click there, harvest done. Yey!


Achaea you need to:

A.  Type. Alot.  Excellent way to learn to touchtype.

B.  Read. Alot.  Excellent way to work on language skills, and reading skills.

C.  Think. A fair amount.  You think about what city to join, how to do the tests, the history of your character, the city, guild, 'world' (Achaea, Aetolia, Midkemia, whatever). You think about how to PVP versus PVE, you think about relationships, family, friends. You even think about sex .. (Okay most people do, admit it or not)

D.  Learn. Alot.   As much as what you are learning may be some stupid online game crap of a world that Doesnt actually exist. You're keeping your mind active and working.  For some people, probably alot more then should be, they dont really do this much.  TV doesnt call for much thinking, till you lose the remote. WoW doesnt either, not really.  This is beneficial, believe it or not.   If you are the type of person (I know who you are) who rolls over in the morning, turns the PC/laptop on (or opens it, or turns the screen on, or if you're really depressing, doesnt need to do any of that), then opens your eyes to read whats going on in your chosen game... Till night, or the next morning.  If you are that type of person.. The learning that you do in the game actually is beneficial, because without it you'd just rot away into a very round large couch/bed potato that stared blankly into space and forgot how to take a shower.


That's my theory, anyway.



Those facebook games can be addicting, but get boring fast. IRE games are way better!

IRE games require much more attention than FB games. FB games are probably more like gaming junk when you don't have the time to eat a proper meal and just want a quick bite

Not to forget the FB games leave you comfortably within your limits but IRE games challenge you greatly.

Did this article really imply that Imperian is the only IRE game that has harvesting?  And FARMVILLE? I'm insulted.

The thing that really sucks with facebook game is it depends on your energy 99% of the time. And unless you put real life money into it you'll get bored of it easily. I've been playing Imperian since it opened and I'm still not "bored with it"

Always far more limited on what you could do.

Facebook games = boring. Imperian = Fun!

What should I play when I played Happy Aquarium? :>

Teradrim of Aetolia are undead too. Earth and Sand are their skillsets, together with Animation, which allows you to animate a golem.


All the IRE games I've played so far surpass ANY FB game by leaps and bounds...


Agreed. FB games are boring point and click thingies!

I see SOME of the comparisons, but they are only tiny parts of the game. Never having played Vampire Wars, I can't honestly say that this article is untrue, but the conflict in Aetolia goes far beyond Vampires and Undead vs. Living. 

IRE games are wayyy better than FB games

never played fb

Really? Its a social network

Haha, Imperian is Farmville

Some of these are rather weird.


What about us Pioneer Trail folk?

I find the monk xoran vs yudhi(?) pic rather unnerving.

Hmm THis makes me almost want to research facebook games

is it really this simple?

Good comparisons, however facebook games are a little more linear and boring.