RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale II

role playing game goddess

by Megan Elizabeth

In the first look at the story behind being a Divine in the text based game Imperian, I talked a little about what exactly goes into being a text game God/Goddess, such as what it is like to take over an existing role, and the benefits of having an already established Order. This time, I am going to look a little at the pros and cons of becoming a Divine in Imperian, although some of these can likely be shared across all IRE role playing games as well!

I want to begin by looking at one of the comments the Imperian God’s Tale received from Ada of Achaea: "Being a god must be a largely solitary experience." I am very sorry if I accidentally portrayed it as such! Sure, at first you start to get lonely from missing friends, but the big PRO here is that you not only get to make friends with all the other Divine, but you have the ability to indirectly interact with every and any character in the entire text game, regardless of their personal faction. All I have to do is take control of a mobile, and Poof! I can now role play with the worst enemy of my order or my order head. Now, the CON to this would be the occasional lack of solitary experiences. If I want to go visible to talk to my city, order or guild, I often find myself bombarded with tells from all sorts of people about all manner of things. Although I understand why they do it - I too have a mortal in another Iron Realms text game and often find myself doing similar things - it can be very distracting. Which leads me to my next point, interacting with players


Now as some of you may know, the Gods in Imperian tend to be a little more distant from the players than in other Iron Realms rpg games. Now, one obvious PRO to this is that it makes interacting with a God a little more special to some people. Those rare moments when that God or Goddess turns their attention to you, and you are the one in the spotlight for a little while, then even the negative interactions are special. The CON to this is of course choosing when to be distant, and when to approach someone. It can be a terribly hard choice to make. Do you go visible in the middle of your order having an impromptu meeting, or do you save it for something more official? Do you show yourself before your Order representative while they talk to a congregation member, or wait until they are alone? These may seem like minor choices, but to some Gods who like to make their impressions count, they can be huge.

Now moving along, many of you commented on the personality and behavior shifts. First, I want to talk about the PROs behind this. Sometimes there is not enough information on the God-role you have taken to establish exactly how their personality was. Either the previous incarnation did not leave notes, or did not interact enough to leave a solid impression. Contrary to the belief of some, there is not a "big book of how to act like God A" for us to reference. We often times have only order news, events posts and occasionally player logs on forums to go by. Why is this a pro? It allows us to have a little leeway in controlling the character we did not create. Why is this a con? Obviously, those who remember (or think they remember) how the previous or original God acted are going to be upset by the change. I remember a player once messaging me in those lovely ((ooc)) parenthesis that in previous instances of a particular happening, my God-role had always responded this way, and I was appearing to lean in the opposite. I was happy to receive that tidbit of information, as I had only been in the role for two days, was completely at a loss, and was about to do something that was a very big deal to my God-role. Not all Gods may appreciate something like this, however, and you should be careful if you consider doing it. You run the risk of offending someone on a personal level if it doesn’t work as planned.

In follow up to the previous topic, the pros and cons of how players react to a change in a God-role’s personality can be slight to extreme. The PROs to this are of course you may attract other players even if you chase away some. This keeps things moving within the order with teaching new people who bring new ideas and experiences. In like vein, some of your previous followers may even enjoy the changes you have made, and will add in their abilities to your ever changing order. The CONs to this are, of course, you may chase some players away from your order. Although this is a con for changing of a God-role’s personality, it is really a con that you have to deal with anyways. Players have change of hearts, their friends may change faction and leave them behind, and sometimes a player does not realize when it is time to move on. They may have been evolving their role for years now only to not realize that their newly evolved beliefs do not match with their previous Divine. Sometimes, these changes in God-role behavior can point this out to them, allowing them to find another order where they will have more fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this overview of some of the pros and cons of being a Divine in the text-based online game Imperian. In a future article, I will be addressing some of your other comments and questions by looking at some of the difficulties surrounding the transition from mortal to immortal, as well as some of my favorite memories from being a text game God.


Megan Elizabeth is a text game God on the best role playing games at Iron Realms!


Pretty interesting article. I always like to see more behind the scenes stuff with gods. I love interacting with Artemis in Achaea.

This was an outstanding read. Thank you.


Quite.  Thank you.

Yep! Thanks

Great read as always. Thank you

It is great to see many active gods in Achaea.

roleplaying a text game god sounds difficult but definitely rewarding because of all the creative opportunities you're given.

I agree

I like hearing about the experiences of people who were once players and now are God's on any of the Iron Realms games. I think that any game, but more so MUD's should allow their administrators and developers have more of an in-game role, if they do so choose it. Unless you are one of those individuals who are simply down-right happy about the fact that you are developing content for others to play, it is nice to have the rewarding of relaxing for a minute and playing the persona of another being.


I've never been a fan of Imperian, but it's always good to hear the perspective of other God's from the other games. Thanks!

Interesting, never played Imperian so was curious how the various games differed.

Yeah, this really showed me what Imperian was like.

I was wondering the same thing


I haven't played all that much, though I love how much it differs to Achaea and novice friendly it is. I couldn't get into it that much because of all the time I've invested into either Lusternia or Achaea. Definitely gonna give it another shot when I get a chance!

never played much, but heard good things about it, though I've also heard it suffers from one of the biggest things that hinders a great MUD- a low playerbase. All muds need a certain amount of players to make it fun and run like it should.

Don't mean to stomp on the MUD, but Imperian's low playerbase is partially because of a population of massively artifacted griefers who for a time stomped on every novice they could find with impunity. Unlike the other IRE games, Imperian has no real PvP protections, so it quickly got out of control... I know I wasn't the only one to leave that game because of it. It was a year ago when I quit though, so it may have changed by now.

Interesting article

I must stop reading long articles when I just wake up, I had to read it three times. But was worth it.

Hehe or when you've been up most of the night,

But yes, definately an interesting read.

Hmm, interesting read :D

This was a great articale and got me thinking about how I as a player would switch to the role of a god. I think it would be brillianr fun and yet .. I am not sure if I could.

Thanks for going into the pros and cons.


Would you ever tell us all the stuff Divine do behind the scenes? I have a sneaky feeling it's those volunteer Divine that do a lot of the dirty work we never see, besides dealing with the more difficult players. (Things like building, guides, and for Lusternia the Charites).

I'd like to know that as well.

I once had a friend who was one of those grunt divine and told me some stories to that effect. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever hear any of them in something as public as an article though, because of the non-disclosure agreement they all have to sign.

Do they get paid for this if at all? Just curious.

that only a tiny handful of people are actually on IRE payroll, which i think includes Matt, Jeremy, the producers (Tecton, Estarra etc get a % of credit sales for their games) and then the super secret staff that you never hear about but handle stuff like credit card fraud etc

These are the first corporate-backed text games I've played with people on any kind of payroll. All my previous ones were just hobbies for the people who ran them. Veteran players rose up to fill the needed ranks of admins. Maybe it's good for the genre if people can make money doing this. Oh, and I'm pretty sure they just outsource the financial stuff.

Definitely an interesting read, and food for thought

I never met any gods in imperian.



I'm sure the Imperian Gods are terrific, but I think we need a big shout out to Lord G!


It sounds like a lot of fun. The cons too, mostly sound like making good judgement in terms of RP. I've never personally interacted with any Divine but I look forward to one day! Thanks for the article!

I've been the OH in the Order of Sin for well over 200 years now (time flies when you're having fun), and it's not unusual for me to field questions about the activity/personality of my Lady.   Folks always seem to wonder if she's active (she is!) and if she's the same person she's always been (she is!), but this article has provided very valuable insight into the nature of Divine and what motivates them to keep a distance or make an appearance.


Like everyone else who craves a little divine interaction, I'm looking forward to more articles from you!  These little glimpses behind the curtain makes me feel like I'm part of the in crowd and who doesn't like that feeling? 

I was about to log out last night when Raezon appeared to give Viynain a truefavour for winning something or other. Still pretty epic

Great article


Great article, I kinda would love to become a divine but I would miss the gameplay.


I never thought of some of those.

My first encounter with a God was when I had first gotten track and I somehow managed to track right up to a very sweet God who had patience enough to let me look at him without zapping me for my insolence. These articles are neat but I like staying on the mortal side, keeps the fantasy for me! Only frustration is when a God appears as "Someone" and you have no idea how to thank them or who to thank. I know I've looked like an ass when I simply don't know who the person is giving me a hand...

My first encounter with a God was on one of my alts. I was discussing a research project with someone, and it was suggested I ask his favorite Divine. I said  that sounded like a good idea and then all of a sudden He was there wanting to know what I had to ask. Terrified me because even though He was friendly it was still a Divine I was NOT prepared and ended up stumbling out some ill formed questions. But even now I still get panicked at the thought of dealing with them. Silly.

While as fun as it sounds, the whole process is overly complicated, but I guess that comes with the title.

Haha, yeah - but somehow I feel that being a city leader is trickier since you can't wield the "OBEY ME OR BE ZAPPED" hammer. X_x

Once you get the hang of it though, I think it becomes more fun than complicated.

Is it more evidence of Imperian's glaring lack of players that all the recent Digg articles have been about Imperian? Perhaps to entice players of IRE's other games to give it a whirl?


Is it working?

It worked for me. Started a character on Imperian yesterday. It's looking ok so far, but I'm not sure I'm willing to commit to two character just yet, or give up on luenn

Nooo...the shofangi need you.


I'm sure the Shofangi would survive if I left, but to put your fears to rest it's not going to happen.


In my brief stay on Imperian, I noticed three very awesome things that aren't (at least as far as I've noticed) in the other IRE games:

1. Statistics are independent of race.

2. Rather than just going to a stable and buying a pet/mount, you run out into the world and capture them.

3. When you die, rather than just praying for salvation and hoping to get resurrected before your mana runs out, you get sent to the underworld where you have to do a simple quest to buy your way back to the land of the living.


Unfortunately, the most awesome thing about Lusternia will keep me from switching to the other games: Almost every single item in the game is made and designed by another player.

It's just a nice feeling to know that the Shofa I'm slaughtering the Krokani with wasn't made by Trader Bob, but by a fellow commune member: Aerys



I wish I had more time to try some of the other games iron realms has to offer.

I wish I had more time to try out all the others as well.


As always though, excellent read


This makes me want to maybe try imperian. I'll most likely be drawnn back to achaea though.

very enlightening, and you can't cure enlightenment

Its worth looking into, from what I hear, its supposed to be an easy learning curve, so good for beginners. 

I've always wondered why Imperian's playerbase was so small, considering how rich it's world seems. I really like the sound of their conflict system. But a three way faction battle seems kind of eh.

It's always interesting to read articles like this.

The 'text game goddess' pic caught my eye for the longest time.

Very interesting article, thanks. I don't think I would ever want to be a God, I enjoy my modest ambitions and relative obscurity, and wouldn't want to throw that away.

I don't know if more or less God interaction is better. It would depend on the God, I guess. I wonder how often they possess NPCs to interact in creative ways.


I think god interaction is great, but it's a bit limited I think. In most cases for the gods to interact with just about anyone is a bit odd, as they usually stick to interacting with members of their order, or the leaders of the organizations to which they are patron.

But when the gods possess NPCs, say with events (which I love watching unfold, even when I don't get directly involved) the people who get to interact and get involved are usually just whoever's closer at the time.

I think God interaction is too rare, at least in MKO. Ellaeren has literally never so much as heard a God speak. That could be due to my Australian time zone, though. Still, Gods, if you're ever tossing up whether to interact or not, please err on the side of interacting too much. We love the attention.


I have seen Astalon once, and a sprite of Silban since I began playing (around six months ago). I think that makes sense that the Gods don't bother too often with the mortals. I suppose that the interaction is greater within an order, but I haven't joined any in MKO and Imperian.

Right! :) I agree that ideally Gods in MkO should show themselves only in special circumstances and instead work through denizens. Although it is up to an individual divine to decide how much he or she wishes to reveal their avatars to mortals.

Joining an order does tend to allow more interaction with a divine but that is to be expected since you are devoting your character to him or her. Also remember that a lot of divine work behind the scenes constantly. 

Reply on the article: Nice read, thank you! Would you say that your time as a Divine in Imperian has been rewarding? :)


The current Illuminas was one of my favorite gods in my entire experience with IRE. Everything I did with the order and the Divinity was through middle-men and his npcs. If Illuminas was pleased with you, you'd get a nice fly-by from his bird. It's a damn shame that the role was so do-it-yourself that it was a turn off to a lot of players so the order never really had the membership clout for people to spread the word.

I'm actually impressed to hear that people are very forward about interacting with their Divine. I tend to be in the -try to avoid any communication but would really like to but don't know how situation-. And yes, depending on the city/Order, Divine interaction is difficult in Lusternia.

I definitely wouldn't interact in an OOC fashion (unless it dealt with something mechanic in-game).

I do like reading these behind-the-scenes interviews with Gods. More please!

God interactions in Aetolia seem kind of an inner circle thing, where the established players get the fun... had a new character in Imperian and was pleasantly surprised (and a bit shocked) that one of the divine interacted with me for abit, was great fun. I just don't think I can manage multiple MUDS.

Very interesting read, always interesting to hear how it is on the other side of the fence.

Have to say, I miss the old days where Gods were actually able to do things which had an impact... I can recall two instances. The first was when Zerin was just a Novice, and some raiders came to the guildhall. Baar spirited her away to safety (the raiders agreed not to kill her anyway, since hey, what can a novice do). The second was when Illuminas, God of Light, took away all the light from Antioch, casting it into darkness. While they're kind of small things, they were still fun at the time.


Also, it'd be nice if they could smite down people badmouthing them, or disrespecting them. Apparently you Gods aren't allowed to do this. :(

Would be really fun if Gods play NPCs more often. Happened to me only once, and it's still something I love to remember, even after so much time :)


i've seen quite a few Gods play npcs, even for little things sometimes.

Hrm... Always zeh Gods will be NPC's? I did not know that. Maybe have spoken to one before, liek, yesterday? :p Neat! lol

Never realized such little decisions could have such a big impact.

I see how difficult it would indeed be to roleplay a character that one did not create, especially when not enough information is given about playing the character in question. That's one reason why I didn't complain about some god characters shifting a little after returning from dormancy, but for people in Orders and others that interact more closely with Divine characters it could affect gameplay.


I wish more Gods in Achaea would interact OUTSIDE of their Orders.

Good food for thought over pursuing Celani or not...

Wow, well this is a good article and explains some things. I have to say some of the changes I have seen in Imperian since I first started playing....such as there now being the...hmm...avatars? (such as Corpse Eater for Calix, the Wolf for Lady Epiphany, etc) of the Gods in Imp...are pretty neat. Kinda of like a "hey we're still here even when we are not here" thing.


I will agree that the less interactions the Gods have with mortals does seem to make it a bit more special on those occasions you do hear something from them, directly or indirectly. I am not currently in an Order nor do I know if I will join one, considering the views I've given Sis but I'm sure I will always remember the scented breeze that kicked up after a hunt and offering telling Sistiri they were well recieved.

I thought this was a good article and it was very interesting to hear about what it was like to be a god. Thanks for making the article.

Aren't as active as they used to be. Hardly any interaction is had between ANY mortal and Divine characters, unless you're specificly in their order. Though, Matsumaha has been making more and more of an awesome presence in Achaea! Great to have that bit of interaction between staff and players.

humm...  I've got to play more to really experience this


Ahh.. Looks like Gods try to be sneaky

I find this intresting. I've not been in an order yet when the god is being been replaced by another person.  I too might find the experience difficult. Don't leave us Eventru!