RPG Games: An Imperian God's Tale III

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 by Megan Elizabeth


As many of you may imagine, there are quite a few adjustments to be made while transitioning from your mortal rpg game character to a Celani and eventually to an rpg game God. There are trials and hardships you have to work your way through, and temptations you have to overcome. I’m going to look at some of the bumps in the road I had to overcome, and some my fellow Gods have faced as well. Now, although I am sure some of these are similar to what other Divine in other Iron Realms role playing games go through, keep in mind my only experience with this is through the text-based role playing game Imperian.


Some of the biggest things we have chosen to give up to become the Divine of Iron Realms are time, credits, responsibilities and probably most importantly, friends. Beginning with time, the amount we have put into our mortal rpg game characters varies. Some of us have likely played since the game’s opening, while some of us are more recent additions. All of us, however, feel that we have placed somewhat excessive amounts of time into Imperian. I do not remember how many hours I have logged on my role playing game character, but I know it was a lot. I would return home, burn through any work I had to do there, and log in to spend the rest of my waking hours killing things and talking to people. Sometimes I would not wait to log in, and would instead stand idle, checking back now and again to see if anyone was talking to me. When I was at the computer fully, I would complete the tasks and chores my rpg game character had to do, and then find something else productive. Was it hard to forget all that effort and all that work that went into my rpg game character? Yes. But I believe that it was more than worth the time put into my role playing game character, as some of my accomplishments were in fact what got me noticed (positively) by the Garden, and ultimately had in impact on being accepted into the Celani program. Time lost was easily forgiven for the time and experiences I have since gained as a Divine.


Another loss linked to time was that of power and responsibilities. I know, you may be thinking, "But you’re a god! You have phenomenal cosmic power!" It’s not the same, really. Being one of the leaders in a mortal organization, you got to be hands on with everything, giving directions and taking advice. With the exception of our orders, we Gods usually only give advice when directly asked. While we can influence the organizations we Patron in some ways, ultimately the decisions as to how they function are entirely outside our control. Like with time, however, the responsibilities we have chosen to take on by becoming Divine make up for some of that which we have lost as mortals. We are able to have a larger impact on things by interacting with our orders, as well as creating and running large-scale events.


One of the biggest concerns many people have for becoming a Divine, and likely one of the largest logical reasons against it, is investment. I know when I first started playing I thought that only people who hadn’t bought credits would likely apply to be a role playing game Divine, who would want to give up a real world investment? Well, I got my answer. Me! That’s right, I have probably spent five times more on rpg game credits than I likely should have, and indeed I no longer have access to the ones I still have. It was a difficult choice to be sure, whether to give up the hundreds upon hundreds of my hard-earned dollars I had put into my rpg game character. In the end, I had to look at it like I did any other rpg game; I purchased a PlayStation 3 to play Facebook games, however it has become an overly expensive, glorified Blu-ray player. Likewise, Imperian has become repurposed for me; I no longer log in to play my rpg game character, but I log in to enhance the play of other people, hoping to positively improve their time within the role playing game. So, I feel as though my credit investment was not wasted, as I still get enjoyment out of the rpg game itself.


Finally, and probably most importantly, was the downside of losing touch with friends. It is not that I was not allowed to talk to my friends anymore, although it was strongly encouraged that we change our messengers, but that when my friends sent me messages and E-mails asking me where I was and whether I was coming back it wore on my resolve. I began to doubt that I wanted to stay, and I was becoming depressed and angry that I could not tell my friends why I was not come back. I tried to make up excuses, but they always seemed ready and able to refute them. Finally, I had to change my AIM and stop responding to their E-mails while I finished my Celani requirements. It hurt at first, but the break away from the made them realize I wasn’t coming back after all, so when I logged on my messenger almost a year later having finally gotten used to my God-role, they were happy to see me. They did not continue to try and make me log in, they were just happy that I had gotten in touch with them again. I still wish I could tell them why, to share with them what I consider to be my most awesome secret, but they do not ask me, and I do not offer. It is much easier this way.


These are not all the trials and tribulations we who choose to take the path of Ascension must face, but these are by far the ones that impacted me and a few of my fellow Imperian Divine the most. By supporting each other, we have been able to handle these challenges head on, and have made even more friendships because of it. These are, however, some of the things you should keep in mind should you be considering answering the call of the Celani. The benefits weigh even with, if not outweigh, the downfalls, and there are quite a few of us here to support you along your way.


Megan Elizabeth is a rpg game enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


Interesting read.  Neat.

This was a good read, indeed.



Same as the first


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Fun read anyways.

Is there a limit to the smallness? o.o
good, but long read 

Into the minisize! :o

It wouldn't be an easy decision to make, I think the chance to become a God would be cooler to deny than to actually take..

Guess that's why Celanihood has so many applicants.

Thanks for writing the article, it is a very interesting read. I look forward to future articles.

Very nice article. Thank you.

cool, I liked that.

I hadn't thought of that before, but I suppose that your character would just stop logging in, at least as far as everyone else was concerned. Which is really something, because the kind of player you'd prolly have to be to get noticed and become a Celani is prolly the kind that wouldn't just vanish one day and not return. And since you can't say anything about it to your old friends, ever, at all... that's kinda sad.

Makes you think just how much the Celani/Demi-Gods/Gods have given for the games to be enjoyable to us and these goes for all the games. So I'd like to say thank you.

I most definately agree!

I would not be able to leave my character to play an Immortal.

I admire those who are !

That must be a wrench, but without the few who give it up the games wouldn't be as good. So thank you all.

I've always wanted to become a celani (so I could hopefully fill Vastar's role since nobody seems to be doing it anytime soon /bitter), sounds like a lot of hard work and meeting deadlines. Mortal builder would be more fun for me

From the looks of it, if you're too social it's gonna be hard being a Celani. :(

I watched a girlfriend play a God, it's an incredibly frustrating thing in certain respects.

Did she know you were watching her?

Maybe she likes it when people watch.

I can imagine so, heh.

Interesting article, as were all the rest you wrote. I'm glad Imperian has dedicated people like you playing gods and I appreciate your efforts in improving the game for everyone.


Interesting article, as were all the rest you wrote. I'm glad Imperian has dedicated people like you playing gods and I appreciate your efforts in improving the game for everyone.


Thanks for posting, I really didn't think about how much the Gods have to give up in order to play. Such as friends on aim, credits invested, etc. 

Thanks for posting.



They must have very tough jobs and the ultimate rp. Many of us , I am sure thank you for making the realms a great place to be in even though you can no longer be there as you originally intended. Such secrets would be enbough to crush the strongest of people. Kudos!

Good Article


Though it would be fun to have that kind of influence over the realms, I would miss being immersed in the everyday world and striving for advancement.

I had no idea about the things that have to be given up to become a God.

Me neither. That's why I love these behind the scenes articles.


There are many hardships on the path to godship.

Probably could be applied to the other MUD games as well


it must be hard to give up having close contact with friends in game and any credits you have.

Yeah, that's gotta be the hardest thing, giving up the time and money you've invested in your character.

The time and money isn't something I see as quite as much of a dealbreaker as giving up contacts with your friends.

My Lusternia friends have kept me company during many a dark, lonely night, heh.

Good article! I do have a question about your last point: Do you ever check on your old friends (secretly, of course!) IG just to see how they are doing? I imagine I would be tempted to just to. :P

I think anyone can agree with this article. I enjoyed it and I can see where it would be a difficult choice. But us in Imperian are very happy to have someone who is enjoying their role as a Divine.

... for the perspective. You really don't know until you're there.

Good article. It does make one think about eventually taking the leap and becoming a Celani - though not for a good long while yet!

It must be take a lot of work to coordinate all this. Much respect to the celani and admins of IRE!


I never even considered the BAD things that would come of ascending, heh.





Good entertaining read.  I love articles like this.

Yeah, I enjoy considering things from a different perspective.


It seems like the sacrifices do pay themselves back eventually, anyway.


Why Godhood sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun, I doubt I could stay away from my friends. Quite the sacrifice. 

Indeed. Having to throw away all the relationships that one has built up over the years is the main reason that I could never become a God.

I think the hardest part would have to be the time dedicated into your character... I have several days of my life invested in almost every character I have and I can't imagine it all being for not. However, wrapping all of them up into one would probably make it worth it. Especially for the greater good of the realm.

Great reat, look forward to each of your articles

I now have a greater appreciation of why a number of divine tend to vanish shortly after announcing themselves.  I have a lot of respect for those of you who stick with it.

These are necessary hardships

I have alot of admiration and respect for those who do choose to move to being a divine, cutting losses, the clans they were in, all the friends.... It is a tough thing to do and I feel for them. It is nice to know they didn't just up and die on us though, that they are doing something that almost anyone that plays an IRE game would enjoy doing.

I really enjoy that the Divine rp and involvement in Imperian has picked up lately. Calix, Shallah, Vahin, Illuminas (oddly, all AM gods) deserve a nice head-nod/brofist/applause for the work they do. I really hope this keeps up,  as it makes things a lot more lively for everyone involved.

Honestly never thought being a Divine would be anywhere near that difficult. Always thought it would be extremely awesome and fun, but now... ehhhh... haha

A great read!


Yeah, it would be really tough for Mystere to lose all of his friends in Achaea. Luckily for him, I don't have hardly enough time to ascend into godhood.


Change messengers? Wow, didn't expect godhood isolation to be that drastic.

Very interesting read, I'm enjoying this line of articles.

Well, before I read this article I always wanted to be a Celani...


I can now honestly say that, whilst I'm slightly more clued up about how much fun it's going to be, I'm still feeling it =)


Great article.

Wonderful article, really enjoyed reading it!

I have always wondered, If you become a celani but struggle with the job and eventually drop out of the program or indeed become a full fledged divine and decide you no longer want to. Can you resume your old character or do you need to start over.


I'm tempted by immortality, of course, but the thought of giving up all my scripting/system is terrible. Because while I could of course keep writing my system, it would be hard to share it with mortals.

you can do it through IRE www.ironrealms.com/mud-scripts

It's nice to see this veil lifted now and again. Good know you admins are people too.

Isn't it better to just separate the game from the friends? Can't people just hang out without talking about an IRE game? You meet a group of people in game that you think would be cool to OOC hangout. Do it and find out other things that everyone has in common. The moment someone brings up the game whether on accident or on purpose you just put an end to it. I can... but then again I lead a pretty interesting life.

well it makes sense. If you're almighty...you're alone

Will there be part IV on that?

Hope so! Bring on the God's POV articles!

These are sacrafices I cannot bear, I am a social creature

Personally, I can't give up my character

Sounds like giving up a lot of the purpose of the game: interacting with friends, being a supplier in a diverse economy for so little gain in actual power. Good  article to give the extra insight.

I know I will never be able to become a God, It would be interesting to be asked, but I'm pretty sure it'll never happen. I know that I probably wouldn't take it though, I wouldnt want that type of title or name...I like being a little fish that no one really pays attention to. 

oh imperian

This process branches out to all Gods in every IRE Mud. Well, come to think of it... it also applies to many other muds I've played outside of IRE. If I were offered, I wouldn't take it. It's a huge sacrifice to time, and should something require me to take such an offer into consideration... I'd have to really really really love and cherish the Mud.

Interesting article. I don't think I could do it though..

I feel its a little weird people from achaea are being asked to digg stuff for the other MUDs, but ok. 

This encourages me to try out midkemia I'm not gonna lie.

I tried but Aetolia is my place. That is not to say midkemia is not good, I just perfer Aetolia.

I really don't think I could give it up...

Good read. I like hearing the gods perspective of the game.

Love this article. Keep it up.

IMO, it is crazy to give up so many credits and characters for Godhood, but I respect everyone who does it.

From reading this I see you all give up a lot and somtimes don't get back enough. Though I suppose it's just a different way of interacting with people.

PLEASE keep these coming! They are too awesome!