RPG Games: Do Personality Types Affect Role Play?

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by Natalie Womble

All of the role playing games provided by Iron Realms Entertainment offer the players an enriched world to role-play in. Players are able to live in these fantasy worlds living and role-playing out their fantasies and dreams. As a text game enthusiast I have observed and witness characters to excel and push themselves through ascending into dragon-hood, flourish in the combatant arts, and become fantastic leaders of one or more organizations!

On an out-of-character level, my observations of characters to have me contemplate and ask myself the following questions: Just how much does a player’s attitude affect his or her character? Is it possible for the player’s personality to subconsciously make role-playing decision for their characters? Are there any similarities between other players and their characters when it comes to the players’ personalities?  


Player’s Attitudes

The truth is your personal attitude can affect the way you currently play your character. Let’s be honest, there are times when your attitude is not positive whilst playing a text game. You could possibly be upset by means that are unrelated to the online role playing game.  During the course of the negative attitude is it possible for you to make rash decisions such as rage-quitting your organizations, or possibly ordering something ridiculous to occur, like a mass execution of some sort. 

Playing with a positive or content attitude is the best thing to do, and if it is a text game related situation. Take a break! There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from the text game. Iron Realms role playing games are to be fun and entertaining, not to make the players feel miserable. 


Player’s Personalities 

Not to long ago I began to research the possibilities of player personalities having some input in regards to their character(s)’s role-playing and decisions for their role-play. I also began to research if there were any similarities of the characters of the players with similar or the same personality types. In my research I chose to do a little survey by using the Myers-Briggs personality type quiz. For over sixty years the Myer-Briggs personality quiz has been used to assist in determining personality types in a psychological manner. 

The quiz itself consists of sixteen possible personality types. I took the time to ask twenty Iron Realms’ players to take the time and to complete this quiz and give me the results. To make it easier on myself I chose players only from Achaea. (Thank you so much to all of those who assisted me with this and took the quiz!)

At first I wanted to analyze to see if personality types were the same for all of those that I asked within the same cities and or other organizations. The truth? This is extremely false, my results were not all that I expected, granted there were a some cases where I did recognize that there are a few with the same personality types in the same organizations!


The Results

Once I finished my testing, and collecting the data from my tests the two most dominate personality results I had are INTP and INTJ. According to the Meyer-Briggs results INTP and INTJ are both dominate thinking personality types. Dominate thinking personality types are involved with order and organization and being able to use logic.  I analyzed each of the characters of the players received these results and all of them have been or are in some type of leadership position throughout the course of their play time; whether the position was a secretary position in a House or a Minister position in a City, or hey even high up in their Order.  Furthermore to increase my interest, I realized that the characters were somewhat wide-spread overall whenever it came to the organizations! 

The second highest result I noticed in my research is the ISEP personality type. The ISFP personality type is a dominate feeling personality. The feeling personality is based on values, beliefs, and moral foundations. Once more I analyzed the characters and realized that each of the characters’ have always been well-known to role-play their beliefs and values very well. 

The third highest results I found are the ISTJ and ISTP. The ISTJ is a dominate sensing personality, and the ISTP is a dominate thinking personality. The dominate sensing personality types use the five senses to understand the world around them, what is here and now, being aware of sensory movement, trusting one’s experiences to create a guideline for future action, and finally it is about remembering, cataloging, and recalling a variety of experiences and information. I took the time to analyze the characters of the players that received ISTJ and they each have been in some form of leadership position and were effective administrators, and they both were in the same organizations!

I took consideration into viewing the characters that received the ISTP result and my findings were the following both were in leadership positions of some degree they were also a member of similar classes, and were known as fairly gifted thinkers. As a final note, all but four players tested as introverts, which makes extroverted personalities a bit of a rarity in online text games. Hower, given the small testing pool, maybe the numbers will correct themselves in the comments?

Natalie Womble is a text game enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games at Iron Realms!


I tested as an ISFP and I do agree that some of the traits show in my character. 

Nice! Me too

I am an ENTJ, which is basically just a more social INTJ. I totally agree with everything said about INTJs, I see it a lot in myself.

me three :D

Classifications are so arbitrary. Useful, but also kinda hilarious to me.

Ehh the whole point of playing a game and immersing yourself in a different world is to enable a person to escape reality and assume a persona through which they live an alternate life and have a chance to carve a new personality for themselves. If how you're feeling IRL really reflects how your character is feeling (or vice versa) then something is very wrong and not really contributing to the ultimate goal of happiness and joy a game is meant to bring. I agree however, if your in-game character is feeling down for whatever reason please try and don't let it impact your RL self and vice versa. Take a break :>


Also, questioning only 20 people in 5 IRE games each with over 150+ people online at any given time is kinda real low for generalisation.


You pull it off well.

still figuring out which type I am...

I don't think you always have to be the same type - it's just different in every given situation i think.

Indeed. I RP someone completely different from myself, but I guess sometimes I bleed into the character and occasionally it bleeds back into me as well.

I can relate.

I roleplay to take on a different persona. I hope my characters and I would only coincidentally receive the same results on a personality test. Maybe I should confirm that, someday!

These personality quizzes are interesting, and it's always fun to see where you and your friends fall on the M-B type grid. One should keep in mind, though, that this kind of branding isn't necessarily predictive of behavior, and doesn't get a lot of attention among academic psychology programs. It's kind of like a horoscope: you can easily find areas of accord between your M-B personality profile and your day-to-day experience, but it's just as easy to dismiss the areas that don't describe you.

More recently the "big five" personality factors (extraversion, neuroticism, openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness) have come into favor as a reliable model for describing personality, but that's another article altogether.

That said, I'm pretty decidedly in the INTJ camp, and it doesn't surprise me at all that most of the participants in this little study were introverts!

That was my result and I'd have to agree with it for the most part. This article was interesting and a step away from the usual which is nice once in a while.

As a person outside of IRE I am very shy and, many years ago, had tested as an INTJ. Inside the game though, I have a drastically different personality type, one I'd probably label as ESTJ. While these are labelled differently they still have a lot of similarities between them.

This isn't to say that parts of your personality aren't always in some way imprinted on your character or you can't expand into other personality types as your character grows and learns. Though I tend to find that older characters are a lot more... cynical, to their surroundings!

If you are a prick in real life, it inevitably carries over.

I know some pricks in game who are awesome outside of the virtual world, and I know some people who are great in game who I would like to punch in the face if I were to ever meet them in person.

Everyone has their moments.

Thats generally true but there are those who do feel like rping a prick since they don't engage in prick-y behaviors outside.

Thats right - apples don't fall far from the tree

Lot of contradiction in this line. 

This carries SO MUCH truth...unfortunately...

I'm wondering if you have a specific person(s) in mind. I suspect you do :>

Granted there will be some traits that carry over, but generally just in your first character. Since playing a variety of iron realms games each character has been somewhat different to the last. Some completely different to eachother

I'm pretty consistantly an INTP on most Myers-Briggs tests, though I oftentimes wind up as an INFP. I do try to RP an ISTJ, but I've no clue how well that works out.

Same here, though I've never thought to do the Myers Briggs profile as my character. Would be interesting to see if it came out the same!

Ohhh, that IS an interesting idea. -ponder-

ENTP for myself, not sure if that comes across in character at all though.

I completely forgot to take this quiz after being messged it in game :(

This makes me wonder how many people rp as something diffrent from what there acctual result is.

scary, innit?

good article


I think it's impossible to completely detach your RL personality from any character you role-play. Even if you are making an effort to escape and behave differently, it's still you sitting there making the decisions, your current mood and all. A major difference between RL and in-game are the barriers that guide your decisions, so maybe you're shy IRL because you worry about what others might think of you, but you find confidence in the anonymity of your character.
I also see how your character can change you IRL. Although it's a game, you're still interacting with other people and learning things similarly to how you would IRL.

The shyness thing applies to me, Qistrel is far more confident than I am.

I know my different type of personalities come out with my different characters.

my brother is a social psyc and did thid test on me a while back. It is pretty near to what i am


I start out well, but slowly and surely, my characters take on my personality. It's a bit annoying. I have yet to play someone badass

I find myself almost always playing a fantasy version of my own personality. I'm easy going, slightly shy, on the artistic side and prefer to avoid conflict and confrontation. I do have respect for those who can portray something completely opposite of themselves for an extended period of time. That is good role-play. I'm just not able to do it.

Really good read and really interesting article.  I like these thought provoking articles sometimes in comparison to the funny ones (though I'd rather have more of the latter, heheh.)

Without question, players' personalities affect characters and their roleplay. That's why you never see introverted people with poor self-image playing leaders of organizations.

Or maybe not

I beg to differ.

I extremely agree, and often times it's very hard for some people to roleplayt against their natural personality. Others find it quite enjoyable, almost like taking a vacation from themselves *smiles*

I need to make a guy persona so I can play him again. But all the girls fall for him for some reason :\

i'm sure my personality shows with my character

I find that my favourite way of RPing a character is to take my normal personality, exaggerate it extremely, and then add a new element, such as religious zealotry. For me, this method makes it difficult to accidentally slip into my RL persona.


Faustine is far from my first character, but in many ways she is my Shadow-Self. A look at myself in the mirror with all of my personality attributes flipped. Playing her has been an interesting expiriment, to say the least.


If this is true, you do an incredible job keeping her consistent.  Kudos to you!  I think I'd have a rough time flipping things that drastically on a character, but who knows?

Interesting basis for RP.

One of the most difficult thing for me in roleplaying is to separate my own personality from the character I've created.


same here. I start off fine, but keep slipping back into myself.

The easiest why I've found to manage it is to have a number of key traits that are very different to your own personality, if they're too similar to start with things start to blend in your mind.  Having said that there are always moments when the facade can slip.

Got to disagree on that.

For me, it's really more like the character exists outside of me, I just do the typing to make them happen. So once I'm actually in the mindset, it's not a problem.

I tend to lack very much seperation from my character and my real self.


That's true for me, as well.

This makes a lot of sense, since people respond to situations based on what they know(i.e. real life). What we have to remember is that the ultimate goal of roleplaying is to have fun. If you have the most fun by playing a character similar to yourself, do it! As long as it doesn't damage the immersion of other players somehow, you're not hurting anybody.


Apparently I'm an INTJ.


Wikipedia describes the personalities mentioned in this article as among the rarer ones to be found... the results obtained here seem to speak a lot about what aspects of a text game are attractive to various people!

I think I am ENTP if that's how it works.

I'm so confused.. and yet so interested.

talking about

Sorry but 20 players is a pretty small sample.  It would have been cool to test the correlation between a character's and the player's view.

I know I tend to play versions of my own personality and find pretty much any other style difficult to maintain for more than about a week.

Based upon what I've been reading, I'm almost inclined to believe that I'm an INFP, but I've not taken any quizzes.  Anyway, I'm far too lazy to be proper ISFP (artist), and far too selfish to be an ENFJ (giver).

I've noticed a tendency of mine to play total hippies and/or grubby hobos.

I couldn't even begin to mesh together the correlation, because, well ... that would require effort.  So, ah.  Yep, that's it.

INFJ here

Many of my characters have fallen into the ENTP range of things. But I tend to enjoy playing the type. It is an interesting read for the other types though, I can pick a few of my friends in there.

I am not looking through this all the way to seeing my profile, sorry. I do show up in my character a bit, as far as I can tell.


Deffinately, as much as I try to roleplay something completely different I always see my own traits coming through.

The only personality trait that I allow my character to possess that is similar to my own is my need to be constantly organized or to constantly push for change. I definitely would want to work towards developing an ESTP personality for my character.

I agree with one of the above posters that only surveying 20 people is hardly an even sample - on top of which I imagine you just asked people you're friends with, and as such I would be surprised if they had starkly different personality types to you personally.


Nonetheless it's good to think about how our personalities affect our RP - I know I am a lot more outgoing via text than I've ever been in RL.


I don't however think it's a bad thing that our personalities often cross over with our own characters. Whilst it can be a fun challenge to RP someone totally different to yourself, there is the old adage of 'write what you know' :)

I'm not a big fan of the MBTI, but I think this article is spot on. I suspect that people of a personality class and temperment will be predisposed to play characters of a certain temperament. I suspect that while introverts will typically play introverts, and extroverts will typically play extroverts, but that all other aspects of personality likely map to different personalities. For example, in the MBTI's system, perhaps SJs would be predisposed to playing NTs, regardless of their status as a T or an F. I think these mappings could be found by asking enough players(though of course some temperaments would be much rarer than others.) I also thing such a study would be aided by switching to a better personality typology.

you just can't help it, because it's you playing, after all

Personality absolutely affects in game RP.  Since I was a child, people have been saying that I'm like a Troll Runewarden.  It was only natural that I play one in Achaea.


As far as a personality stamp, I'd have to say I'm a LVMEB.

I'm an INTP, and it definitely affected my roleplaying.  I can't -not- write well, it's painful to do so, so even though Santoro has problems with communicating verbally I figured out a workaround for any written work.  Somehow, that keeps things split well.

Still.  Big Five.  Much better.


Interesting article

I am an INTP, one of those personality types that would not only never act like Tel does but also would positively have a huge ROFL at how she reacts to everything. Finding it sometimes hard to actually feel for and interact with other people in real life, being such a person, I find playing as Tel, a horribly emotional character and perhaps one almost drastically different than myself(I think Tel's personality type would either be ESFP or ENFP) quite refreshing.


I think I have been successful in separating Tel from my own personality, although I can't resist being myself sometimes(much to the joy of Tel's friends, actually; even they know that Tel is too silly to keep company!). The challenge to my roleplay is rather that I find Tel's character a rather good way to experiment with emotions I am not so capable of handling.

Well, I didn't realize it but my character is a lot like me...not what I was going for.  I scored ESTP which, I already knew since ive done the Myers Briggs thing a few times and always score the same.

However, I did not realize that my character took on the same personality.  Guess that is one of the skills of somebody who is great at RP, to seperate their own personality from their character.

Cool article, made me think of ways to seperate my character from me. 

I'm definitely an introvert in real life. I think that's why I like playing Lusternia so much, because since people can't actually see me, it is easier for me to interact with them.

Sometimes I force myself to be the complete opposite of myself, when creating role-playing characters. I always tend to do so when I'm playing DnD, and the character I have in mind for Rivka is most likely going to turn out completely different than I am, as well. However, I have already notied that, while I want to be a bit more anti-social than I am in real-life (since I'm usually wanting to talk to EVERYONE, I'm fairly obnoxious), it's seemingly impossible to do that and have fun in Iron Realms games, so it's going to be something I  need to work on as far as integrating into my character.

I'm an ISTJ and I have noticed similarities between myself and my characters, however, Athylea is most like me on a complete personality basis, and to be honest it's not even something I planned to have happen. 


This article is a little bothersome to me.  As others have mentioned, it bases its opinion on a terribly small sample size.  I'm also a little concerned about it linking to a pay quiz like this on a ... frankly, very poorly constructed website.  I'm skeptical about the whole feel of this.

Yeah, with 16 different personality types, I'd definitely want to see ~50 or so before I felt any kind of confidence regarding trends (though I do expect I over E, for obvious reasons).

Not to mention there's no control of bias, as it looks like all those who took it knew the researcher personally...

My roleplaying personality doesn't actually tend to match my actual one, though I aknowledge that this may not be the norm.

My IC personality is more the emotional, random, spur of the moment kinda guy, whereas the RL me is much more logical, methodical, and 'safe' (ok, I'm lame), and I have a tendancy to rage when things aren't as such (apologies to everyone who has to listen to me on the mudlet clan).

But as mentioned before that was a REALLY small sample size. Too small to be of any real use categorizing the broad group of payers.

Yes, personality type does affect my character.

wish they expanded more on it...

I agree that it is impossible to detach your personality from your character. Even if you come up with, and act completely different, small things will remain the same. Due to the extended period of time you spend working on said character, the similarities will come through.

Athrax is very much not like me, but in other ways he's exactly like me.  By some miracle I manage to make Athrax very organized and outgoing, whereas I am not organized at all and a little shy.


But he definately shares my random mood swings, oddball sense of humour, and protectiveness of family and friends.  


I really don't see any way that you can completely separate your own personality from a character that you control.  Unless you've been assimilated by the borg. 

I've never really given much creditbility to these kinds of studies. However, this looks really fascinating.

It's only the most strict of roleplayers that can completely lock out outside influences. And even then, when tired or under stress, that may shine through. 

That just about says it all^^

I'm curious to know what personality type is drawn to playing text-based games.

Just did a test for myself:

Introverted (I) 80% Extroverted (E) 20%
Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50%
Thinking (T) 75% Feeling (F) 25%
Perceiving (P) 57.89% Judging (J) 42.11%

And then for Ellaeren:

Extroverted (E) 90% Introverted (I) 10%
Intuitive (N) 64.29% Sensing (S) 35.71%
Feeling (F) 79.41% Thinking (T) 20.59%
Perceiving (P) 90% Judging (J) 10%


Which is pretty well the opposite. I guess I play this game as an outlet, I don't want to be myself.


Of course, I don't know if I'm playing Ellaeren accurately, maybe anyone she talks to can immediately tell that I'm an ISTP.

No idea what I am as of yet

I'm going to have to go have a look myself.

As a generalisation, Introverts don't like hanging out in large crowds of people. Online gaming is an obvious comprimise to forfill social needs while not haning out in large froups of "real" people.


Disclaimer: Meyers-briggs is a generalisation, not valid in all cases, blah blah...


You're looking at Myers-Briggs type 1 test, not type 2 or type 3, which is a 72 question, yes or no test, so of course it will be a generalisation. Also, it's not that introverts don't like hanging out in crowds, it's that socializing takes energy, so an introvert may love to party, but they will be drained afterwards, and need time to recuperate before more social activity.


I agree with you, in that it's not valid in all cases, especially MBTI type 1, but it does act as a good guide for developing your character, and  interacting with others.


There is this thing called QUALITATIVE RESEARCH that is specifically for situations like this, where the sample size is small and the observed behaviors are too complex to objectify.


The author correctly abstains from making any causal link between the personality type and positions, noting that there are interesting similarities between the characters who share the same personality types.


You morons have been watching too many courtroom dramas. Sample size is inherently crucial, but only if you intend to test a null hypothesis.


Good article, Natalie!

If its qualitative research then don't put out %'s.  The work was done with quantifiable items.

Someone's panties are in a twist!

You stop it with that logic and education right now, Drazik.

Someone just finished A'Level Psychology?

Let's set a few things straight... Qualitative Research is NOT there specifically to deal with sampling error...  That's honestly the dumbest thing I ever heard.  It's there to measure different things and ask different questions, as opposed  to Quantitative Research.

Next up.  'Sample size is inherently crucial'... What the hell does that mean? Inherently crucial to what?

Anyway, that done, INFP. Not sure what Dysse is!

oh you crazy kids!

I think my character effected my personality.

I always find that at least a little part of me creeps into my character even when I don't want to. Most notably, my humor.

Interesting, but I didn't see any data on INFJs. I'm an INFJ personality type, and I've been in leadership roles in both my city and am an Orderhead. Just because you're an introspective personality type, doesn't mean you can't be in leadership positions.

Great article Natalie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the overall top results! ;) (INTJ haha)


I know a lot of my rl personality affects my game play and which organisations Ferrous is part of and interacts. I recently tried creating alternate characters in a few different IRE games with a different (more neutral) roleplay, but quickly ended up returning to the "good" side. I guess thats where I'm destined to be!

I'm sorry were we supposed to have a character? I though this was a free form psychiatric facility that supported freedom to express ourselves?? We have characters? Am i  winning?

Great article~ Definitely an interesting read!

I'm an ISFP as well, and I've really noticed that I focus on beliefs, loyalties, and values.

Whether or not I'm any good at embodying any of the above, well that's up to debate I suppose.

Fun article! It would be interesting to see if there were similarities not just across leaderships but across organizations ... especially for ones like Hallifax and Gaudiguch in Lusternia.


ENFJ for the mind control win. You shall all do my bidding muahaha... 

I think that it'd be very difficult to create a character that is completely unlike yourself in all ways. However you do it, your character is bound to reflect your own personality somehow.

I agree. I've noticed most people are capable of putting up a role that they would like to play, but as soon as things go a bit sour, their real personality comes out.

Nothing wrong with letting a bit of your RL personality bleed into your characters. Just be aware that you should learn how to stay distanced from your character. Remember, just because a city enemy insulted your character doesn't always mean that they hate YOU as a person.

My own character is very much like I am in real life. However, as it has been some time since I've taken this test, I think I want to go and retry to see just what my personality really is. I shall update shortly with the results.


EDIT: Seems I am an INTJ type, myself


Although the subject matter of this article is intriguing, I'm afraid I have to step in and be a bit of a persnickety cow. There are a number of fallacies in this article that bother me.

  1. "According to the Meyer-Briggs results INTP and INTJ are both dominate thinking personality types. Dominate thinking personality types are involved with order and organization and being able to use logic."

    First of all, INTJs are Ni-dom, or 'Introverted iNtuition dominant' in layman's terms. They have Extraverted Thinking as a secondary function, not a primary (dominant).

    Secondly, the function you're talking about is specifically Extraverted Thinking; that's to do with order: organising and categorising things. What INTPs have as a dominant function is Introverted Thinking, which is more to do with analysing information than it is to do with sorting it. Though it may tempt one who has not yet fully come to terms with his or her strengths, INTPs are not typically interested in or suited to administrative roles; they would much rather be the architects or 'the power behind the throne'.

  2. "The feeling personality is based on values, beliefs, and moral foundations. Once more I analyzed the characters and realized that each of the characters’ have always been well-known to role-play their beliefs and values very well."

    The feeling preference is more to do with following your heart instead of following your head. It is equally likely that a person with a thinking preference will choose to base their life on values, beliefs and moral foundations; they will simply go about it in a more cold, calculating manner and be more capable of making tough decisions for the greater good.

  3. "[...] the ISTP is a dominate thinking personality [...] I took consideration into viewing the characters that received the ISTP result and my findings were the following both were in leadership positions of some degree they were also a member of similar classes, and were known as fairly gifted thinkers."


Being a 'gifted thinker' has no more to do with 'having a thinking preference' than being 'sensible' has to do with 'having a sensing preference'. It is to do with having a preference for utilising logic as a decision making tool as opposed to utilising how you feel about something as a decision making tool. In fact, an INFP is far more likely to be a gifted thinker - defined by a higher than average IQ - than an ISTP. There is a strong inverse correlation between the sensing preference (the 'S' in 'ISTP') and the likelihood of being gifted; INTPs rank the highest, followed by INFPs (who have a FEELING funciton as their primary). Here's the layman's graph: http://fileupyours.com/files/251501/thegraph.bmp and here's the source:

  4. As many have pointed out, 20 is nowhere near a large enough sample to conduct this testing and draw conclusions. It makes sense that introverts dominate the text game population, but you don't have anywhere near enough data to state what the four most common personalities are, and you certainly don't have enough data to tell us which way those with specific personality types lean as far as org/race/class is concerned.

I also don't think RL personality type should directly affect the personality of your character in an experienced roleplayer. It may influence the personality types you would be interested in exploring, but I think that if your own personality is bleeding into a constructed personality you've written, you're doing it wrong. My RL personality type is iNtuitive, but I generally prefer to explore Sensing type characters.

I'm sorry for tearing into your article, but I think you need to do more research on MBTI. This gives food for thought, particularly for roleplayers who have trouble separating who they are OOC from how they act IC; please understand my comment was not written with the malicious intention of raining on your parade.

A Fe-inferior INTP 


Personally find that when my character's personality is somewhat similar to my own, my own tends to bleed through more, but that when it's not I don't have this issue as much other than in situations where I feel guilty for Trying to RP cruelty.

I find it's more enjoyable for everyone if you don't play a douchebag. 


I prefer the D&D alignment quizzes, personally.


Personally, in IRE, I'm a Chaotic Neutral~

It would be interesting to see research on the relationship between a player"s Myers-Briggs score and that of their character"s. For example, I tested as INTJ, while my character is definitely ENFP. And it would be interesting to see whether, if this player had multiple characters, they would have similar - or even identical - MB personalities. (I have found personally that this is not the case, but there are always outliers.) Thank you for such a thought-provoking idea, this article was a pleasure to read.

I am an IFNJ and it deffently shows in my Char. 

Computer games lend themselves to introverted personalities because it is safer and you can simply walk away if you want without being rude and leaving the party.

I agree with you.

I took the Myers-Briggs  a long time ago and got INFP and assume it's still the same today.  Anway I feel like my character is about the same as me.  I suppose I don't put that much effort into creatively RPing a new personality.

I think it would be rather interesting to see what sort of personality demographic the players of IRE games are. It seems I'm an: ENTJ; but I play as a very lazy ENTJ. Ha!

I'm an INFP, and it sure shines through. Haha.

personality affects their roleplay quite a bit.


My personality definitely shows up in my character


My cynism, I believe, does reflect in Shirszae. Though she is like that by design, too.


 I think it all depends on what you want to get out of the game.



I don't take character tests serious

They affect things to an extent, but they're by no means wholly determining.

I feel that as soon as you have an anonymous screen, most personality 'restrictions' disappear. It's much easier to express your thoughts. This isn't to say they don't affect it at all; after all everything that you do or that happens to you has an effect, no matter how small. Still, I think it's diminished when you can be anonymous.


Even if you create a separate personality, there will be holes in which your real personality will go through.

It will also manifest in the limits that you're willing to take your character. So, in any case, it will manifest one way or the other.


After all, it's easier to roleplay as you usually behave!


My charcter is almost the same as me

I had actually thought it would be intersting to see the personality types who play these games.  While this is certainly too small of a sample I think you might be onto something.


Disclaimer: I'm an INTJ

When roleplaying in a game that requires me to make real-time decisions, such as a MUD where I can't think about what my character would do and then get back to the DM a few moments later, I try to make certain aspects of my character's personality reflect my own. I'm kind of all over the place, so if I try to roleplay a character who's supposed to be on the ball all the time, for example, super-perceptive of every minute detail in his environment, then it's gonna be a joke. Also, being evil is hard for me. Like, even in Mass Effect, I feel really bad for being mean to the NPCs. This doesn't mean that there aren't aspects of my MUD characters, though, that don't reflect my own personality. And kudos to those who can go all out.


apparently I am an INFP but my character is an INTJ.


I suppose he has diverged a fair amount from my personality over the years.

sure how much I believe in those personality tests. People aren't always hard and fast in one of two categories...there are shades of grey.


I do agree our real life attitude can effect our characters attitude, but I think that is more the other way round. If we decide to play a fun and most loving character such as a bard from Cyrene, then we will most likely be in a fun, loving happy mood. If you play a mhaldorian character then you are bound to feel dark and dangerous about it and it really can change your mood. I think role play is based on how we wish to portray that specific character, not on our personalities typically.


I'm classified as INTJ but Wyst is more ISTJ — which I find interesting since I'm a Designer irl :/  

Either way I definitely RP a more peppy, social character (who does indeed value knowledge so there's the real me in there) compared to my true self. It is somewhat inevitable that people will allow traits of themselves into their characters, no matter how hard we try not to let it happen it'll naturally just seep in over time.


Then again this does get me thinking if people who RP degenerate knobs are actually, well, degenerate knobs in real life. Some people will make quite the effort to tr0ll and grief people in games just for kicks *shakes fists at knobs*

Determines what your character does in certain situations.

When I started my character, I wanted to be an introvert, but highly needing close, familial relations, but I'm finding the more I play Ojara, the more I am leaking into how he reacts to the world around him. My type was ESFJ and he is slowly, becoming more outgoing and involved.Great read!

how could they not?

I think it's inevitable for our own personalities to influence our role play sometimes.

interesting look at it through the MB testing.  Nice article.

Interesting that such a high percentage of the folks are introverts. It's true of me as well though!

I'm pretty sure that a lot (or at least some) of my personality leaks through when I RP, the same way sometimes my mood affects how I RP. I'm kind of seeing it as inevitable. 

I've scored ISFJ three times. I definitely see the similarities in myself.

I suppose I should not be playing this game. But Natalie is right I have much more fun when I step back from time to time and remember it is a game.


Mae is the closest to my own personality, but she's far more liberated.


I should totally test my 11 other characters sometime.  Heh.

Subu is the closest to my personality. Actually I can't see the fun in acting otherwise.

My character and I are quite different


dunno why, but the thinking man has always made me laugh

there's a level of personal projection onto all characters, whether it's your natural state in public, or how you are in private.

Or a projection of how you'd like to see yourself. 


I certainly admit to my own attitude ultimately affecting my character, though there are times when I know it doesn't -- oftentimes, I'm far more mellow than the character herself, and in certain situations (such as an individual saying she has a 'stupid name', which she does) her frustration actually adversely affects my own emotions. So it's a give and take both ways, I think.

I definitely think so

if you're a bastard, you will be one. If you're a immature, you'll be like one

i find it hard to actually RP a character completely, 100% of the reverse of who i am.

As someone with an EXTREME preference for Introversion per the MBTI, it's all I can do to make my character even remotely more aware of external factors and engage with others. It takes a great deal of energy.

could they not?

Most definitely. Even if often the characters are bit different than the people who role play them, the person's personality will still come through in some ways.

I think that as roleplay stems from your imagination...that in ITSELF IS a part of you.  Sure, you may roleplay a completely different personality, but it's still a character YOU created.

Thats the right way

And yes it does reflect.

They deeefinitely affect role play.

Yes, in most cases.

Is a bit different than me, but we're pretty much the same guy.

Do macro setups affect PK?

it does.

think yes

of course they do



Of course, it does.


To be honest, they were never clear on what it was that I was. The results were very confusing.

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