RPG Games: It Takes a Thief

text game thief

by Ryan Richardson

There you are, minding your own business, reading your text game messages while you idle away some time fishing or working on guild requirements. Suddenly he's there, the one everyone's warned you about since you left newbiehood: the thief. In an instant, whether it's from a spell or a snap or a blade at your throat, you find him ruthlessly liberating your hard earned possessions before vanishing without the slightest hint of remorse.

We've all been there, at one time or another. We've all seen the antitheft seminars, and had the term selfishness drilled into our heads. However, we tend to neglect the other side of things; roleplaying a good guy is easy, but how do you do a good job of roleplaying a thief?

In the world of online roleplaying games, thieves are considered the lowest of the low, the guys (and girls) who take what others have spent countless hours working for. But anyone who's played a thief will tell you that it's not always as easy as it looks from the receiving end. Aside from the obvious moral dilemma for the player, to which not everyone is as suited as others, there's the simple question all thieves must eventually answer: what kind of thief are you? It is in light of this that I am pleased to present the (not quite comprehensive) list of thief archetypes!


The Guy We Love to Hate

Every story needs a good villain, and some online RPG players have taken it upon themselves to see to it that all you good guys have one. These are those characters that everyone hates with a passion, the ones citymates even look at and think 'Why can't you just LEAVE so I can KILL you?' They're the ones that take what they can, and tend to lord it over you once they have it. Now, this isn't to say they're an unreasonable lot; a good guy we love to hate will listen to someone in distress, because none of us want to see people leaving the text game over being robbed, and often work out a deal for the return of important possessions. When asked why he steals, a guy we love to hate will probably answer, "Because it pisses people off."


The Good Guy Gone Wrong

Just like their players, every thief goes through a moral dilemma as well. While some ignore it through various means, these are the guys who take it the worst. Arguably the softest of the archetypes, the good guy gone wrong will often find himself returning stolen goods out of guilt, or finding other ways to make amends. These are the characters who will try to justify their thefts through any of several reasons, just trying to find a way to ease their conscience. When asked why he steals, a good guy gone wrong will probably mumble something inaudible and walk away. If you do get a straight answer out of him, though, it's likely something such as "We all need to make a living..."


The Robin Hood

On a few occasions, you'll find the thief who uses his abilities to help others. "Rob from the rich and give to the poor" is the philosophy for which this archetype is named, and it is the one these characters follow. They justify their thieving, and ease their own conscience, by taking the moral high road, at least in their own eyes. Many a Robin Hood is, in fact, a false Robin Hood in the eyes of his peers, but he feels he is doing right, and will have at least a few people on his side. When asked why he steals, a Robin Hood will probably tell you, "I'm helping people; he deserved what he got!"


The Dashing Rogue

Everyone has, at one point or another, wanted to be this guy. He has the looks, the moves, and the gold, and everyone loves him for it. His marks hand things over happily as often as not, and while "you really shouldn't have," he's more than happy to accept gifts, and if his fingers slip into a few pockets on the way, well, who's going to mind, really? When asked why he steals, a dashing rogue will probably just flash his award-winning smile and ask, "How am I stealing what people are willing to give?"


The Greedy Bastard

As much as it pains me to admit it, this guy exists. In fact, he might be the majority of thieves in online roleplaying games. To him, it's not about any moral standing, or significant need; this guy wants money and he wants it the easy way. The main difference between a greedy bastard and a guy we love to hate is that this archetype will rob you blind and leave you sitting naked in the forest, coming back for seconds if he thinks he might have missed something. While a valid roleplaying standpoint, this type of thief is more often simply the result of a player who doesn't care about the others who enjoy his text game, and wants nothing more than to stockpile all the gold and artifacts he can. When asked why he steals, a greedy bastard will smirk at you and say, "If you can't hold onto it, you don't deserve to," before snapping his fingers in your face.

The key to being a thief is that it's not for everyone. If it were, there'd be no reason to populate the rpg game with denizens to kill or quests to complete or items to make and sell in the first place. However, for anyone who's ever wanted to roleplay a thief, the best advice I can give is to try it! This is by no means the complete resource for all your thief roleplay needs; if you think you have something different in mind, play it out! No one likes being robbed, but sometimes a well written and thought-out character can make the experience worth it, and earn you respect as a player even if you do play a thieving bastard.

Ryan Richardson is a text game enthusiasts who plays online roleplaying games at Iron Realms!


one time I stole a health vial from someone in Azdun using mind command.

But sadly, mind command is quite useless for thievery :(

This would've been awesome to see.



Hah, that's pretty funny!

Would've loved to see that. Haha.




Kitarel has an attraction to thieves that cannot be denied by the individuals she has been engaged to.

I'd love to be a thief in Aetolia, but sadly most commands are disabled, so I can't command someone to vial me their gold or give me their pack mostly. But still it is a fun idea, I've played a thief in many other games. Sometimes it can go too far though and you simply just wait a few hours and then go into someone's home when they log off and steal everything... which is actually alot of fun, because who can you steal the things to to make your gold.. heh heh.. fun times.

I became a syssin to rob people pity that was a fail

Still we can hope thieft gets added as a skill one day soon.

Hahaha. I was thinking of doing something of the same. Wondering how possible it was.

Well written and true. Damn, I know who came to mind while I was reading it, too.

Congrats on getting an article up, too. Hope to see more from you!

Agreed here, lol.. And everyone one of them bought someone to mind.

Is it bad that one of them brought *me* to mind? Though I, too, had at least one name to attach to each... and, even, one name I think I'd attach to a few. MKO really does seem the most thief-friendly of the IREs I've played... makes it interesting.


Yeah. One in particular did make me think Kalidas. You have a pretty solid character.

Zylo is so much more 'spy' than 'thief'. :D

I do agree but I disagree because not all theving is hard

I'm pretty sure we're all thinking of the same guy.

Great article! Don't think I could play a thief, though, in IRE games. Takes too much effort for a poor person like me to get the abilities. Hehe.

I guess we aren't talking about the thief class in general.. a lot of us are thieves, but do basically no thieving. Of course..I have done thieving...who *doesn't* want to test out a skill called Pickpocket... <.< 

Hmm. True.

...all I can think of is Glint. >_>


He's definitely the greedy bastard type.


"Heart-stopping" greedy bastard you mean. I swear he would heartstop each time something went wrong..or if he was attacked.


I never had to deal with Glint but he certainly seems to have quite a reputation.

Haha. I almost forgot about this guy. Yea... he'd steal from everyone though, including new players. Was sorta junk, but humorous. 


I miss Glint...

Should I say it..? No. No, I'm not gonna say it.


Nice article.

I only recently began playing a thief on Achaea, and I actually find it quite entertaining. However, as the article says, its not quite as easy as it looks. More often than not, you will have no luck getting anything off your target, and when you do, its generally not very much. Plus, you have to deal with the many, many people who want your head and are constantly attacking you to get it. If you are a thief, you had better not care too much about death, because you will be spending a good deal of time as a soul, let me tell you!

I don't normally steal, but for alchemy, rather then metagame and ask a friend to make my demonic character some, I found some poor hapless afk person, and used soulmaster to make him give me his fancy water walking boots. Best thing I've ever stole.

Glint and Cain were the first people that came to mind. I remember when Nicia was young Cain went around terrorizing everyone with Moraine...and then giving it all back. I always thought that that was weird considering his fighting persona, but details...


Glint...is greedy...


But, honestly, now if someone tries to steal from me I watch them hit selfishness, flail around for a little while and then, usually, say something on CT. (Shortly thereafter they die)

In a fit of remourse (read: she just wanted to clear out her overfilled packs) Moraine gave her mother something close to 150 preserved letters, each one written by young Spirit Walkers attempting to rise in the ranks of their guild.   Over the years I've returned some of these letters to individuals still within the Spirit Walkers, the rest have just been sitting in my house.   Now that preserved letters can be exchanged for 1000 gold, Moraine's thieving is going to make me some pocket change! 

No matter how hard I try I can't help but hate all the thieves I meet, except for my Mocker who will pickpocket just about anyone. I would really love to learn a little thievery as Veda, he hs a skill which enables it but I guess he wold oly use it during combat with an enemy.

yes agreed

I hate thieves, but I love the option of being able to be a thief. I think it helps to keep people going AFK, which in turn helps roleplay. Overall though, I think Iron Realms has made it pretty hard to be a thief, since the victim has open PK on you for a while.


I love the picture for this article.

You are tempting me.

Really, if it weren't for the greedy bastards, I'd have some grudging respect for those who choose to RP a thief, but that's because I'm pretty keen on RP for any reason.

Zulah as a thief and Dubothe as his fence returning the target's "misplaced goods."

I remember when they stole all of Ourania's library.

Ahh, good ol' days of Mhaldor.

Remember Silvaria? Best thief!

Oh, the hateful things I've had said both to my face and behind my back for stealing people's packs...


Great thrill, though. And I'll generally be nice and give some stuff back if whoever I've robbed asks politely and flatters my thievery skills a little bit :P

There are more "Greedy Bastards" than anything else.

MUD's nº1 requirement: 65.7% of the playerbase has to be catalogued as "greedy bastards"

Might be fun to start out as a greedy bastard then move on to the other types, once you actually have the income to do so.

But you'll probably never lose the greedy bastard tag.  Better to start off classy and keep it that way.

Thievery ruined Achaea for me

Theft is only fun for the person doing the stealing.  Often times those stolen from feel defeated and as if all of their time/money/work went to someone else in a matter of seconds.

This. I remember depositing a bunch of gold into the bank and then someone (Peach? Pear? Citrus? w/e), stole the 5k I had kept on me without remorse, then laughed at me when I got angry.


Needless to say I learnt anti-theft an hour later. And hardly a few months later I quit altogether. Worrying so much about being robbed is one of the worst feelings ever. I realise some people may use that feeling and embrace it for roleplay, but all I saw was that there were jerks playing and the creators of the game were giving them leeway to continue being jerks.


This is a big reason why I love Lusternia; no theft. It happens every so often but it's not personaly theft, it's shop theft - and that's honestly 99.99% of the time the fault of the shop owner for not taking the very basic precautions to keep their wares safe. I can only remember two people who did any amount of theft in Lusternia and both of them have long since quit logging in (and good riddance for that!).

For me, the risk of theft is one of the draws to Achaea. I need to keep my wits about me or I'm vulnerable.

Indeed - it's rather amazing how people offer to return the shields you've dropped in enemy territory after a raid too.

Thievery is okay, it's quite fun and you can learn to defend against it. No big deal.

Who is a Robin Hood in Achaea? I don't think I have met one

Be a citymate with a few serpent thieves, and some will steal to help the novices. I forgot who it was, but when Antidas stole from me before I setup antitheft, they went and stole everything back for me, while another hired a mark.

Theft died for me when balance got added to soulmaster.

I miss Tenebrus

Tenebrus was probably the most prolific thief, if only because he constantly lit up the deathsights.

Gerat article. The Dashing Roque brought Tenebrus to mind from Achaea.

With a proper, or even just half decent anti-theft system though, theft becomes nearly impossible, unless you're AFK, even then it's hard for me to get stolen from.

ah, what are highways without highwaymen.

In a few(sadly too few) online games, I've seen thieving and piracy used as implements of war and intrigue. If Faction A angers Faction B, B can, instead of or in addition to war, hire privateer group C to steal from A and harass their shipping. The principle is the same when the targets are individuals. I think gaming is always struggling to add new dimensions to gameplay, and I love it when they get it right and do things like this. 

A name comes to mind for all types except for robin hood. I've yet to meet the robin hood type of theif.

In my many years of playing, I have yet to meet any as well.
Guess it's too much of a stereotype... -grunt-

Maybe it's time to become him!

...it'd be such a good character type for a Shallamese. Steal from the bad guys, redistribute it all to Shallamese novices.


I think there have been people who did that, but not often.

Despite the problems I have with theft in the game, I found this article to be a good read. It's sad that so few thieves these days are interested in roleplay.

Interesting article. I always viewed theft as more of a one-dimensional style of roleplay. However, this article has opened my eyes to the miriad of roleplay opportunities, if the theft is done right.



There are definately a decent amount of ways to take thievery, just the problem is most don't rp it, so they are just greedy and for gold. Far less exciting.


I've always thought thief rp would be interesting.

My forgetfulness and laziness recently lead to a thief getting away with most of my stuff..not the first time. I chalked it up as my mistake and try and move on. I'm not big on hiring other people for revenge. I find myself wishing Achaea offered an alternative thief class to Serpants. I realize other classes such as Occultists have thieving capabilities but I'm always attracted to playing the 'classic' thief archtype with a bit of 'dashing rogue.' Bard has the rogue type but not the stealthiness.

Well written, unfortunately I haven't seen any non-greedy bastards in Achaea for a long time. 

Thievery as a profession seems to be on the wane since the changes to Selfishness.

I would like to see more RP avenues explored than the "complete pain in the backside" persona that seems to be the norm for thieves, though.

I have not once seen a thief in Lusternia. which is a little odd given that there are abilities like leprechaun, which supposedly removes gold from your enemies inventory passively.

greedy bastard if i stole

We had a guild of thieves that successfully 'stole' some credits once. But that got slapped down in a hurry. Ain't no thieving in Aetolia, 'cept players' rights!

I don't know if I love to hate thieves. I just hate them. But like the article says, you need something to hate in RPG or where else is the fun?

I used to go afk a lot and lost some stuff. So I bought a ship and can now go afk at my leisure.

See, if I played Achaea I'd now go out looking for yr ship.

Well played. Nice article.

Honestly, the presence of theft is one of my favourite things about Achaea.  It's an axis of conflict I wish was a bit more prominent though, because right now it sort of feels like good thieves are few and far between.  Many of the more active ones are the heartstop variety, which don't add much to the atmosphere in my opinion.


Theft is part of the real world, and thus as a source of conflict I approve of it in these games.


Theft happens in the real world, but crime in general is a high risk/high reward style of income. From what I can tell, it wasn't nearly as high risk in Achaea, so they nerfed the reward to match, and a lot of people complained and were sad (but a lot of people also were sad that theft was so one-sided to begin with, and the admins had statistics to back their actions up!). D:

I've yet to see any of the other sorts, unless they are reeeeeally good with their roleplay in that sense of things. 

I don't know if I would be able to play a thief, though I've never tried. I tend to be pretty unadventurous when I RP. Maybe it's time to change that.

I'd like to see more Robin Hoods, I only see The Greedy Bastard more often

It's rare to find anyone thieving in Imperian.

I want to thieve, but it's too frowned upon.

...to steal stuff from people considering all the antitheft around :o

Theft used to be more prominent in Achaea.


But with the advent of supersystems, came the demise of the serpent class, and with it, the colourful (and occasionaly glorious) bastards who loved to take our goods.

I've never had a problem with thieves in Luternia. Do they exist?

I don't think they exist in Lusternia. Unless you want to count the essence that is lost from killing creatures on the Cosmic planes...

Think anything which might be deemed griefing even in the slightest is mechanically impossible in Lusternia. :P


The view that MKO has taken by not making thievery that difficult (even having a thievery skillset) is quite interesting.

Thieving is very possible on Lusternia, it's just that the playerbase doesn't really support it. Someone once posted a log of just how much damage someone *could* do with dreamweaving control on the forums, and it was... frightening.

All the abilities required to be a thief exist in the game, but nobody seems to be using them.

Of course the main omission in my opinion is in the stealth skillset. All those skills to hide your identity and see what other people are carrying but no skills to actually take anything. Even though only Magnagora and Glomdoring have access to this skillset (the supposedly "evil" organizations), I highly doubt that anyone would even use the skill to be a thief if it were part of the game.

Also, I always thought a good strategy for a telepath fighter would be to simply dominate your opponent into handing over all their healing vials, weapons or whatever. I've never seen or heard of it happening though.

I used to feel -really- guilty about stealing from folks back in the good ol' days in MKO.  You see, back then, as a Rogue, once you'd hostaged someone you could literally steal -everything- in their inventory given enough time.


I once got paid (IGly) to rob someone clean and then execute them... and I felt absolutely terrible about it o_o


Now that you can only steal one thing every ten minutes (and 99.9% of the time it's something practically worthless) I think that stealing just adds a nice bit of flavor to the tension/conflict of the game.


Great article, buddy!

holy. crap.

Never been much of a thief, even though it would fit my character very well. But then, theft in MKO is very limited anyway.

I seem to recall being hostaged (the prelude to being robbed) when I was a newbie, by the first human I ever met. He didn't actually steal from me, but he did kill me, and I've had a poor opinion of his city ever since.

Enza is not a citizen of Krondor. (he even might be an enemy of Krondor)

Indeed. There are a few non-Krondorian humans of the "evil" type. Enza, Zeph, and of course Ugralitan all come to mind.

While I personally have yet to experience thievery (thank heavens!), I have definitely heard the calls over CT of the many thieves residing in Achaea. Therefore, there is always a constant fear looming over me no matter where I go, especially when I need to be unselfish for just a little bit. This is probably the one aspect I am not pleased with in Achaea, but it does add a little fullness to the world, so I won't complain.

and I probably never will. Perhaps if Achaea's thievery were less petty burglary and mugging and more artful... That would take some fundmamental changes in abilities and allowences, though.

thieving is probably the most fun and frustrating task in achaea. you got to envy Tenebrus' skill at it

When I was a thief in Achaea I found it really hard to keep people's hard earned stuff.  I always ended up giving back the stuff for a different price, either making them get me a few easy to get items or having them do me a favor.  It's hard to take people's stuff, especially if twas a large amount of gold.

Ok so I've never played a theif...I think my first character on MKO was a theif but I was having a hard time figuring everything out...and then I had internet troubles. I think if I could pull it off well I would be the dashing roguess...or just the gal everyone loves to hate...perhaps the one who just cannot help it. Theivery, like wanderlust, is oft incurable once embarked upon!

One can only hope that thieves go through a moral dilemma.  I can't help but think there are a lot of thieves out there who just do it for the "lulz."

I wanna be a robin hood.

It can be hard to not feel OOCly angry about a theft. Afterall, your IG goods which you worked so hard for were just taken from you. Kudos to those that are able to look at theft as a chance to RP, although I have found that (most) of the thieves care little for RPing after a theft other than "Give me X amount of gold for your goods back."

I agree with Vanna. If there was an IC reason to do the theft beyond "I can" then it wouldn't be as irritating.

It sucks getting robbed but I agree there is a necessity for theives in a decent RPG.

Whilst it sounds like it might be fun for the thief, I don't think I'd have the heart to steal.

 I have been dealing with thieves for almost 3 years in Achaea. It's been interesting but I have found a sure fire way to keep thieves off of my main character within Achaea. I usually keep a pretty full inventory of aprox 1k items or more at all time. I actually once had a conversation  with a thief at one time asking me if it was worth his time to scan through my inventory and even try to rob me. I politely said no and I was promptly informed he almost died from appraising me to begin with. Yup funniest moment in Achaea for me as of yet when dealing with thieves. As far as roleplaying a thief, I have many times given much thought to creating a Robin Hood thief just for the fun of the roleplay of it in all honesty. It would be more complex trying to be that role than just a straight up greedy thief. You have to take on the morale to rob those who take what isn't rightfully theirs and still try to keep yourself "good" in the eyes of your peers as well. You're almost roleplaying two roles at once time. I think it'd be a challenge and fun all at the same time.


While stealing sounds fun, I think a lot of people will be unhappy about the theft system of Achaea due to the fact that by "stealing" the person almost always knows you stole something from them, because its done by forcing them to give stuff to you in some way, instead of sneakily comming in and taking from their inventory, which most people would expect from a thief.  

I pwn these thieves

They have to catch you with your pants down, and if you slack, you get busted. Want a less hardcore gaming experience, go play a less hardcore game. I don't fault thieves, even if they piss me off a little. I'm always thinking 'GG' in the rare event that someone gets something off of me.

When you are getting stolen from, hit your bashing macro!

Great article, I've never really considered the difficulty in thieft(Morality wise).


In my years of IR games(almost 8 years now) I've never seen someone that people looked at as a "Robin Hood", or even someone that claimed to be one. Which honestly just challenges me to rise up and give it a shot. See how uni goes in the next few months and might do so.

I only really take issue if they steal something irreplaceable, such as unique items, like letters or things from events or Divine, or those that aren't sold anymore - such as the non-decaying rings. Gold and everything else is fair game I reckon, since all it takes is a bit of time and effort to get it back.

Also, org theft is one of my pet hates in Imperian. That and 'borrowing' from orgs people run.

Shouldn't this end up in "here's your b....."
"Thanks! >.<"


aetolia needs thiefs badly. I heard a rumour that is why a new artifact purse was added to the game. Lets see if a skill gets added :D

I can fit every single person I know in Imperian into the above categories!

as soon as I finished reading this article my character got snapped by a thief. wasn't successful because of selfishness, but the timing was bizarre.

It's hard being a thief that people still like!

It's fun though

Wow, good article! You can tell because there are like 10000 comments! :P

Reminds me of the guy who stole Elmo's blankee.. Mine, Mine Mine!


I heart the thieves in Achaea.  They have managed to nick many of the things that I treasured... still don't know what happened to my newbie journal. Is it floating around out there somewhere? 


From Santar to Jarrel to Fen (love the Fenfen!)... the list goes on and on. 


I think that theft is an interesting dimension of the game, and yes, it ultimately FRUSTRATING when you lose the items that meant something to you..but it isn't the END of the world. I think that they have really sort of nerfed it because of all the complaints. Anti-theft isn't brain surgery, just takes some time and effort! 


I'm not sure that I agree with the list of archetypes...however. Robin Hood doesn't exist in anything besides fairy tales! 


I never much liked thieves at all. The presense of them keeps me on my toes and slightly obsessive about looking out for my items. I  respect the amount of guts that goes into playing one, expecially a good thief. They're mostly just a nuisance to me, though =X

Has always interested me. While I don't advocate stealing for profit, I do love the sport of it. And usually those who don't steal for profit but for fun... are the type of thieves from my experience that has always garnered the most begrudging respect from a mudding community.

Having been on both sides of the argument there is no good roleplay to be had from thieves.  From Silvaria to Dregaur to Sanai, they are all stupid and they are all more annoying and damaging to an environment than they will ever be interesting.


No one "good" or "experienced" will ever be robbed by a thief. This means that the only people that suffer are people without the lessons invested in skills and/or the true newbies.

I'm inclined to agree with this.

And more people can be added to the list ^^. Sadly, at least Silvaria and Dregaur did make the game more interesting when it comes to combat. This stupid behaviour drag them down :/

This reminds me of when aspy was snapped at Hashan's crossroads, and he lost a million gold. If I remember correctly, it was one of the events leading up to some sort of conflict between the Black Lotus and the Naga.


Aspy was a dragon, by the way

hehe nice article, many names came to my head :)

I am just entering the buisness of thievery and this article has given me helpful perspective on how not to make it to negative to my victims.

I had a thief steal my meatpie I had bought to eat while I hunted in Greatrock. He grinned, ate the pie, waved, and left.

At first I was like..... wtf. Then, I lol'd.

While I admit it would be enjoyable to play a sneaky thief, I'm glad Lusternia is relatively free of thieving. Makes me feel safer to buy things!

I agree. When I first started playing Lusternia, I had played Achaea for years so I was used to lots of thief-griefing. I was accustomed to having to be paranoid - make triggers, never leave your gold out, get selfishness right away and always keep it up, use aliases to get in and out of your stockroom quickly, don't linger in open places... People kept telling me I don't need to do all that, no major robbery has happened in RL years, it's almost impossible to steal from a stockroom, most people don't even know how to use selfishness, and anyone who did try to be a thief would be ostracized by the general playerbase and their life made hell until they got chased out of the game.

It took a long time to wrap my mind around this but it was great, I felt so much more relaxed and free to go about my normal play. One thing that helps is that there are so many fewer rogues in Lusternia, as opposed to Achaea where being a rogue was easy and there was were always plenty of people with no principles willing to supply you, so ostracizing and chasing out thieves doesn't work in Achaea. That's just one among many factors that make thieving less viable in Lusternia.

I never thought about it before, but I guess Lusternia doesn't have a thief class. To be honest, I can't say I miss it. Being a victim of theft can be frustrating in games where it takes a lot of actual time and effort to accumulate anything.

it'd be better if thieves tried to rp but most of them are all "lulz u got robbed u mad?". 

Always the main problem was there was no real way to get back at them and they didn't care if you killed them.

I"m afraid I laugh at thieves when they attempt to steal from me.


Just last week Fen tried stealing from my protege with whom I was hunting. He placed the top hat on the ground and snapped her... My antitheft jumped into play and grabbed the hat, removed all the contents, and then put it safely in my dragonskin pack. With help from Ada, I later filled the hat with junky fish bait and a copy of the Holy Codex. It made my day!

Ha! Fun read. Kinda makes me want to start a thief character now.... ;)

Bad bad stuff.

I've always wanted to be a thief, but never ended up getting around to it. :(

Thieves always frustrated me, since when they stole, they ruined usually hours and hours worth of effort in seconds.  At the same time, though, it's a part of the world, and you can't do anything other than prevent it.  Being scary helps.


A robin hood wouldn't be that bad.. lol

Ive been robbed 3 times sice joining MKO, twice by Malapardis (my designbook, once returned and once destroyed) and once by Michlictus (the scumbag stole my new warhammer). Since then all I keep in my pack and pouch are insulting letters for any future thieves who manage to get though my defences. Suck it you thieving .......

Malapardis is a pain in the keister to many, but he does make the game fun.

I've been robbed only once (Malapardis of course), as I was a novice. Being a thief is acceptable to me, but stealing from novices is bad, as they don't want to come again. I suppose that stealing from Sargothians novices is OK because it helps them training, but that's all.


It's always seemed to me you get what you want from interacting with Malapardis.  Given, I've seen him pull some pretty terrible tricks (camping the fishing spot come to mind), but on the other hand I've had some pretty fun cat and mouse chases with him, with me sadly being the mouse usually.


Honestly, I'd say the key to any good thief is not getting to caught up in the RP in an OOC sense.  Someone complains that you took so much that they can't make it back up with the time they can play?  Give it back, or just leave it somewhere they can pick it up.

The hard part is always remembering thee difference between the game and real life when this happens. You shouldn't get emotional IRL over something that happens in a game. It makes theft a lot easier to handle.

I have always found it challenge and rewarding playing the dashing rogue type of thief.

... I have considered doing a thief for quite some time... Although I do have some serious advice for any who are wishing to pursue this role-play.. You must level high, and transend all skills.. You must also have a "gang" of friends to help you... When you become a thief... You will become a very hated player.. Everyone will try to hunt you down.. You will spend most of your time online attempting to evade large groups of higher players attempting to locate and kill you to avenge someone that you have robbed... I have had a fantasy myself of being a thief, I was considering the wild wild west style thief as my character... The guy who goes out with his gang on some raids, then retreats to his hidout to bask in the spoils of his victory, getting drunk, smoking weed, and gambling with his fellow gang members.... Fun times... Although I do intend to make people a little pissed, I would feel very guilty if someone quit the game because of my actions.... I will be attempting to piss off, but not make people quit once I start this.... Any advice on this?

I've only ever met Greedy Bastards, but shame me for not being able to protect my stuff.

That IS the question!


I love thieves. When they fail, we always have wonderful conversations about how difficult being a thief is.



being a thief would be interesting. 

I'd like to become a thief when I am bigger

You have no thieves, so why not make a few, yes! But yeah, Achaea really ruined it for me. You just really have to be on your toes all the time, and I just saw it as people pissing other people off, yes.


That could be an interesting role play.

I've always liked playing rogues and assassin types. I'll rob an NPC or two if someone controlling them lets me, but I'm too much of a softy to ever steal from a player outside of plot reasons. Nothing enrages me more than someone simply taking gold from me without any sort of roleplay or trickery whatsoever.

Because of how little death matters, especially to most mid-level thieves in Achaea it really isn't a deterrent for theft. There should be a way to get items back from thieves if you (or the mark you hired) can kill them. As it is now you really never have the chance to recover your items.

Good idea

Wouldn't it be cool if there were a king of thieves who ran a worldwide guild.

No it wouldn't because he would want a share of my profit.

You don't share as a thief

The KoS could use some more gold, anyway, Tekla!

But yeah, I really couldn't stomach being a thief. If I knew that my actions caused people to quit Achaea, I think I might 1tear IRL.

Yes, I said that.

A type missing from that list. The person who snaps you, shrugs, and walks away empty-handed every time.

The Killjoy:


"Theft for this person is a mean towards his or her end -- your death! He or she wishes to do nothing but provoke you into retaliation. Once you 'fight back' you soon find yourself completely hindered, afflicted, etc. to the point that you are ripe for being cleaned out and/or slayed 'out of self-defense.'"

I enjoyed this article more than most written here. Theft in Achaea is most often the catalyst for people to learn to fight (back) as well as encouraging better anti-theft.



Out of all the archtypes I've only seen I suppose two, and the first really just stood out there with the greedy bastard...but I've only dealt with him once when Nars was really young but I've heard the stories which automatically made me think of Profit...since he's gotten so many "favours" with his god defying veil....that kinda pissed me off a little. but none the less, there was one other that got to me and after a long drawn out rp...finally got most of my stuff back which in turn made it easier to respect -some- thieves not all..but some (those few that actually rp) instead of just give you the middle finger and tell you to suck it up.


Playing a thief can be difficult, I've created a few "thieves" but quickly got bored with the concept while being thrilled a few times with some successful theft attempts, because when it gets down to it I love my main character too much to maintain an alt up to the standards and such I have for my main. But perhaps if I get bored enough I'll go back to it and get rid of some of the RP ideas that have been swimming around in my head.


Won't lie...i hate it.  I hate being chased down by someone just to macro commands to force me to give up everything I own.  When I first began in Achea I felt the same way....I went afk even for 5 minutes someone would be stealing everything on you; back when I first began people were more or less of my own plethora of intelligence to function in-world was still below average Derpitude...even the last 5 coins you have on person to the wedge of cheese you kept from going into starvation. 


It forced me to quit out of annoyance when I went idle, after a year I came back to try again....same thing kept happening, but this time I made discovery....I discovered the "selfishness" ability...immediately shoved 40$ down the drain for buying 100 credits and pouring every single credit to unlock it.  Since then, its not been much easier and relaxing, however now those pesky thieves chase me around even with it up, using their own artifact hats to try make me empty my gear for them to steal away at a simple command.


The depth of this creativity definately made me flustered but also taught me a lesson.  In achea it is not impossible to keep learning to be better in prevention, but also to protect myself better in world. 


I like the Robin Hood ones!

Am yet to meet Robin Hood types but "Lurker" should be added as well. Nothing more annoying than having a potential thief follow you around for over 30mins while you go about your day. Then again, nothing a solid blast of lightning can't fix to give time to burrow underground and run...

Do we even still have thieves in aetolia???

Nice article! One tried to rob me while I was bashing with a friend, I was out of balance, he snapped me and then flew away even before I got balance back.. Minding what category of thief this should be

not on the list, because they give stuff back, but even so...

did not mean to double-post


I'm just happy that Lusty doesn't have actual thieving. Stealing on an organizational level would be a massive headache. We can get by with just  pvp griefing.

Theft classes in Achaea steal from individuals. Anyone capable of withdrawing gold can be an organizational thief.

A little theft here and there is fun, and it helps keep people on their toes. The massive thefts (e.g., taking all contents of a shop stockroom or draining an org of all funds) are the demoralizing ones and simply selfish, desperate acts.

I like the idea of theft more than I like being robbed.


Obviously as a druid, i never have enough money to steal from me

I don't mind thieving or thieves, but it does irritate me when they steal from a near-newbie and then sit there baiting them to attack just so they can get an easy kill.


I find the idea of thieves interesting at times but only when it comes to smaller things. As others said before; nobody likes a person who screws an entire org over.


Great artical! I think I've encountered almost all of these types of thieves...but not all!



but damn, they make you suffer the same kind of loss that PK does in other games. Is not fun to be caught with your pants down.

Good times

Made me want to kill my own House/citymates more than I wanted to kill them. How often I heard this person or that person bellyaching because '(insanely large amount of gold), pack, etc was just stolen by ThiefX!!*weepcrywhine*' 'Were you daydreaming?' 'Yes.' 'Oh. You shouldn't do that.' made me want to stab them rather than the thief. In fact I've disfavoured for being stolen from for daydreaming because they usually lost a key to an office or something similar, and it's so easy to prevent even if you're daydreaming. If you keep up with anti-theft for all new items, etc, you can sit daydreaming and come back to them giving up and have a good laugh at them. Those that have literally quit Achaea over theft just couldn't be bothered to do what was necessary, and not really that hard, to keep it from happening. So I have little to no sympathy.

The last time I got stolen from took a bit of creativity: I was slipped about a dozen letters, one of which was shockingly made repopping so it acted the same as a tophat would, and a journal I had of someone's was put in. Sadly I missed putting it in the letter and away it went. I was a little upset about it, but at the same time I had to marvel at the fact that they spent credits to make a letter an artie, heh.

Oh, and yes, I think Aetolia could use a few real thieves. There's too damned many day-long daydreamers sitting around just waiting to be given a rude awakening.

thiefs should be limited to serpent class.. I would like to become a thiev for a period of my life, but as an occultist. I dont have the money/credits to change class to support this..

This seems more like justifications for being a thief rather then how to RP a thief. How to RP a thief shouldn't be why you steal, but how to steal and add to the game rather then just this is why I grief players.

Credit time

I've never been stolen from before, but I better start doing some of those anti-theft things!

I wanted to sing.  But that involved being a thief - or can we agree to call if Professional Adventurer?

The greedy bastards struck mko.


I love that picture!

Yeah seems so.

I honestly thought it was a fun dynamic, but I didn't get robbed often at all.

Thieves are almost non-exsistant in Lusternia.

Stealing this!



rip thief