RPG Games: Playing Without Power

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In the span of a single weekend, Hurricane Irene swept across the eastern coastline of the United States, leaving million of Americans without power or a stable cellular connection. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail can keep loyal gamers away from their favorite role playing games in times of disaster, even if just to keep others apprised! In the RPG game Imperian, the person behind Dranor, God of Imagination was one of these people. Despite lack of a reliable internet source, he managed to enter the realm long enough to create a news post informing others of his situation.


Less than a week before Irene’s unwelcome visit, an earthquake registering 5.8 on the Richter scale not only rocked the nation’s capital but also muddled cellphone reception and other manners of technological communication. More importantly, it left online rpg gamers within those areas without a convenient way to check in with their friends in Iron Realms rpg games via their cellphones. If a national disaster wipes out power in your area, could you survive without logging into your favorite Iron Realms Entertainment game to check messages, read organizational logs, or just catch up on the latest gossip? I know I sure couldn’t!



Thanks to the MUD Android app for Iron Realms role playing games, players who own these devices no longer require a computer and a full internet connection to log into their favorite RPG game. Other apps like Blowtorch for Android, PocketMUD for iPhone, and others also allow players to log into the rpg game. Depending on the type of app, you can get everything from basic game access to more complex aliases and triggers. If you can access the internet on your phone, try logging into the Iron Realms Entertainment website where you can stay up-to-date on messages and news boards without having to actually log into the games!



Whether it’s called a laptop, netbook, macbook, or any other trendy trademarked term, these devices can hold a battery charge lasting eight hours or better, and that’s plenty of gaming time! Thanks to coffee shops and fast food restaurants, depending on the size of the town where you live there could be a wifi hotspot on every corner. That’s especially useful if the establishment is running a generator or if it’s in a section of town that still has electricity. If this isn’t available to you and you’re really desperate, some smart phones now feature the ability to act as a mobile hotspot, allowing you to tap in for optimal RPG game access during times of trouble.



Power outages are the perfect times to evacuate your current residence and drop in on friends and family; especially ones forced to work long hours and leave their computer or wireless router unattended. If they really love you, they will want you to be safe, and happy, even if it means letting you leech wifi to play your favorite RPG games until it’s safe to return to your own home. If they act grouchy after watching you stare at your computer screen for a day or two, don’t worry. They’re just jealous of the solid connection you’ve formed with your online friends and virtual family.


There are a lot of technical terms associated with the internet and power outages, like infrastructure and smart grids, but who has time to learn about that? What truly matters is that you can connect to your favorite Iron Realms Entertainment RPG games! Hopefully the next time the lights go out, you can stay plugged into all the latest happenings. And if all else fails, sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper and write out some background about your role playing game character. When the power comes back, you’ll be completely refreshed, totally ready for a new and exciting roleplaying game adventure!


Penelope Swain is a text game enthusiast who enjoys the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


This is nice, I might have to try some of these ideas next time there is a big storm heh.

Me too!

That shi kray

Seems to have become relevant again.

yar great idea

Great article. For people with low end android phones, Andromud is also a very good app for connecting to your favorite game.  While it dosennt have the triggers like most others, it gets the job done for bashing and day to day upkeep.  Can' wait for the IRE app toget the bugs out so I can try it. 

Midkemia Online's #1 player when it comes to playing on a phone. I was wondering if you would be reading this topic! :)

For my part, I can't handle playing on anything other than a PC/laptop. I just can't. :(

you and me both

My notebook is the smallest I can go. I don't think I could play from a phone and enjoy it.

That's an awesome tip, thanks

We had some really bad winds that knocked power out for about 24 hours a few weeks ago. Luckily we had cellphones and car chargers along with the Android client. Never missed a beat heh.

+1! So trying some of these! :D


I have the original motorola droid..

andromud is HORRIBLE...


The Iron Realms app is great, if I use my slide out keyboard...

I can say this from experience: Trying to play Achaea on a virtual keyboard is hell itself.

I might look into this :)

I was worried I'd lose my IR :D glad it didn't hit too hard!

Wasn't even a hurricane, but Lusternia kept me safe.



Sometimes, it's healthy to take a short break from the games and focus on what's important!

That being said, I'd probably take the time off to make designs, plot character paths, story arcs, and write essays for various tasks, just to stay in touch with my character, especially if it ended up being an extended absence.


Seconded. Although a break should be a break without the game, even if for a little while...

I din't lose power here after Irene, but I felt the quake where I work. My boss thought the room rocking back and forth was her blood pressure meds.

Ice storm of 08 sucked, though. No power for 2 1/2 weeks. Never more grateful for a hot shower.


I loled at the friends and family section

I hope I don't lose power and need to deal with that.

Thanks for the article.

Another interesting thought

I gently rock back and forth and bite my nails until the power comes back on

I've been there!

I think I could spend a couple days without checking messages actually... haha I laughed after that point.

I was in a storm staurday night that knocked out power to the house I was in. I had to go 25 miles to find wi fi, and it was so bad it took 8 miniutes for just my homepage to load up.


Needless to say, I missed out that day.




And dream about Achaea instead

First, have your own datacenter with backup power handy and a fiber uplink to wherever you may need to connect to. You can never go wrong with a properly designed datacenter.


Second, the friends and family bit there... is priceless, but also true. Guilty of that, myself...

Why stop there? A personal satalite could also be useful for those times when the earthquake severs the optic cable.

Heh, nice.

"Hey sis, i know we havn't talked for years but...mind if i use your PC for my MUD?"


Sounds about right for a MUD addict! :)

Playing IRE games on an iphone?


And it's miserable..

I can't envision playing anything on a smartphone, either.

I hear some folks in the leadership use an iphone, a small white thing, to rule over their subjects :(

It gets you in, but I find the typing and small screen such a barrier. I haven't tried pocketmud's triggers, but that might make it a bit easier for basic things.

This is much better advice than curling up into the fetal position and sobbing quietly.

That I live in an area free of many natural disasters.

Same :) Worst we get are dust storms. Or minor floods. 

Wow, my laptop lasts 15 minutes on its 6 y.o. battery. I'd love to get 8 hrs! Not that I've ever heard of it in a new laptop given a standard 6-cell lithium. And 8 hrs is kind of the minimum in terms of how long I play on a day I don't work.

Right there with you on the low-life battery. And my dogs have a habit of pulling the cord from the back of the laptop to watch it hit the floor. Fifteen minutes later when the screen turns black, I'm glaring at them while they smile sweetly in return.

Thank God I don't live in a place with hurricanes. Asia FTW


They're much more meaner :o

We might be getting a little desperate, but entertaining. haha

Write a story or poem, or study cures and venoms from a paper notebook (did this while on a beach holiday).

I got used to the cures  / venoms from playing / making my own system. It's interesting to know that people brush up on them like that! :D

Really if you have no power, you should just stop playing for a bit.

I have a generator just for Achaea in case of power outages or the apocolypse.  Best investement ever.


Just wow. Glad I haven't suffered a power outage in a while. What has been my problem, at least while I was overseas, was the laaaaag.

And redundant internet solution? No power means no internet usually.

Stop playing? Doesn't that seem a bit excessive? I play Lusternia in my dreams, I'm not going to let a simple lack of power slow me down.

Glad I'm not the only one who dreams of mud.

me too

Breaks aren't bad but all the ways to connect can be very helpful just to let people know what happened to you.  Not everything is a hurricane or earthquake either, sometimes your computer just fries and you need an alternate way.

I agree with Stuart, take a break

My cell phone sucks so I can't do jack with it.

I play via phone. Sometimes. <_<

This sux, I ve been looking for ever for a Windows Phone 7(Mango) app to go mudding on.

I use pocketmud whrn im at work and feel the Achaea itch. It helps but deffinetly isnt all id like it to be.

I guess I could always bring my lap top to a free hot spot. I think the local library has one.

Didn't help that I didn't have power for days and roads were down but may work for some.

I've had to call my sister several times in the past to login using nexus and then "qq" for me. Luckily she has never minded taking five minutes to assist. Due to using a wireless connection - I usually lose internet during thunderstorms, and of course I'm always in the middle of hunting or doing something else important. The worst "RIP" I've had though was when I was summoned before Miramar's throne, and questioned befor joining her Order. She asked the first question, and I lost my connection for three days. I had to have a friend contact her and explain I was having difficulties. I felt so bad!!!

Owch. I've always feared that I would lag out during something important. :/

If I can get on the phone to log in I will. If not then I'll wait it out. 

I am addicted. But I don't think I'd be able to go to someone's house and do it. But finding other ways to log in would def go through my mind.

without power, there won't be any wifi.. Even using a cellphone, it won't be that great..

Awesome, was looking for a way to logon from iphone

spent three hours playing on my phone during a road trip last weekend

I remember one time in the middle of a huge RP the power want out, it didn't come back on for 48 hours. Nightmares.. huge nightmares

Hate power outtages

play without power :(

I write stories for the game


If you lose power maybe it's the universe telling you to take a break.

It's kinda sad reading about this kind of thing...it's more about the natural disasters affecting the people you play with than the "need new way to connect to the MUD"...


I also wished my laptop would grant me 8 hours of autonomy.

Need more power.


I certainly have had to use atypical means to connect during outages -- and usually it's to see how the outages are affecting friends! Mostly to see if they're safe, but sometimes also as friendly rivalry to see who can make it back the best.


The android app is actually pretty useful, though only if you're gunna sit somewhere safe and send tells/msgs etc.

Yeah was wondering how much reflexes you could set up.

I play quite a lot on my phone with AndroMUD though the IRE client is getting better. It's possible to do a round of the power quest on a short train journey (tunnels permitting), and tried to join in on a peaced village revolt whilst walking home. That was less successful.

I have to just got to sleep if my power goes out. :(

I think I'll try the IRE client.

Have to admit, I'd only risk logging in without any reflexes if I knew I was logged out somewhere extremely safe.  For those who lead particularly less dangerous lifestyles in their IRE games, however, I can see things like smartphone apps being really useful.


I would probably only play an alt or something, playing without reflexes would be so risky


I admit...sometimes I play using the phone app at work....mwahahahaha.


Yeah, guilty. :( I almost always hop on to see what's up during my break.

Yet another reason why Dranor is absolutely amazing.

If you told me when I first started playing Achaea that I would be able to play from my phone one day, I probably would've chopped you in the throat.

and saving to my phone.



luckily enough i haven't had to experence losing power since i started playing Aetolia. 

I am on the run a lot and being able to connect from my phone is just amazing. I find the BlowTorch app to be superior to the one IronRealms provides at the moment. The screen estate is better organized (which is very important on such small screens), it responds a little faster, and I can actually scroll up on previously sent commands and resend them. Except for scripting support and a mapper, you have everything you need, just perfect for, well, when you are on the run...

Power outages if short can make a nce break from achaea for a bit. I just try to study cures and such or think about a ritual or custom item description when I can't play.

I just catch up on the huge backlog of work that piles up

Pretty effing awesome.


Situations like this really open your eyes to how internet-addicted we are in general as a society. It's funny and strange to think that 15 or 20 years ago most people didn't have the internet at all. What did we do in terms of both entertainment and information? Me personally? I'd probably log on via my Blackberry even though they don't offer the greatest MUD apps. The keyboard is really helpful for quick typing though.

My state doesn't have adverse weather o.o

the mobile experience isn't that good actually, 


A solid UPS and a laptop with decent battery life have at the very least allowed me to log out in the case of the power failing while playing.

haha I rezzed someone who lost their net to Irene


I like to keep up to date in msgs but thats usually cause my phone messengers die so its a back up for friends. I would never try to "play" while on phone or now, while on vacation though LOL

Like the line up there says, good article. I'd most definitely make use of a smartphone app...if I had a smartphone to use. As it is, I'm stuck with a good ol' PC.

I have a 3g modem built-in to my laptop. It works, but the latency is hooorrrriiiible. Waiting 3 seconds for a command to go through gets old fast.

Power outages, the bane of our existence, what will we do when we lose power AND cellphone connections!

Power Shortage during mid-games is just awful. One second you're just killing Spawn happiily and the next, the power goes. When you come back, you've lost a level, your wives divorced you, and your son's been kicked out of his guild.


Err.. Maybe not. But you lose a level anyway. I think we should have shorter timeouts available.

It goes down as low as a minute on Achaea, I think (at most down to two minutes!). And you could use client-side scripts + GMCP to keep the connection alive, if you wanted to create the illusion of a longer timeout, but the security of a shorter one.

Unfortunately for me, the 3g available where I am is almost non existent during normal weather, even a little wind seems to reduce it to zero.

Not gonna lie. I like to play it on my phone. haha

Sadly if you've been MUDing for too long, your portable computer's battery drains to sod all and going to a wifi hotspot means half an hour's MUDing...

*laugh* so true!

Nice article


this might even be a reason to invest in a phone with a keyboard

I am really interested in seeing how tablets turn out in this context. I have tried the android app, but I really miss having the screen real estate to work with. Something like an iPad though would be really interesting to try. Has anyone spent much time running a MUD on a tablet?

Well, my phone I was using is now officially dead.

Next phone will be an Android, so looks like I'll get to try this out! Cool.

If the power dies, and I want to focus on playing, I tend to think about what I want to do when the power comes back.

can be good for your health.

We have a huge fire about 5 miles from my house right now, the fire department has us on standby, but if things go bad and we gotta book it, I hope I will be able to stay in touch through it.


 I had a dream i was in the middle of an amazing IG event and I was going to become a God.. then my power want out and my computer exploded and I forgot my password..

I can manaage without power.


for some reason all that came to mind when I saw this article was writing down emotes and such on a notepad, fiending to log on LOL!

Option number three just doens't make that much sense to me...


I guess I could take some time away from the RPG world to deal with the real world for a bit!

No - paper, pens, dice, friends, carbohydrate based snacks - thats how we used to do it

i tried BBssh for blackberry..Still struggling to get it connected

These are very clever! i suspect I would use loww of power as a break from these games if I felt overloaded from games, plus I need a smart phone :(.

Encouraging people to ignore real life friends and family for virtual people who barely know you is... low. And dumb. And sad. I think I've made my point.

I wouldn't have thought of that.

Many a night I have called the power company screaming to get the power back up while I was bashing something super difficult. Or in the middle of a raid where I was 'trying' to help, yes.

Give me an iPhone app, so I can login from anywhere.


Would haaaate to be without power...like after the hurricane right after I cleared the Graveyard...was gone the next two days.



I freak out without power :S

A hotspot that is 4G is great for when the power goes out. I've been using my iSpot for the last year+ and think it's great. That and a laptop with good battery life = complete package for the times when the power dies.

Makes me wish I could use some of these phone aps just to check messages/send messages and check news when I've got computer issues. I hope not again soon.

I've realized the convienince of using the website to keep up to date with the goings of the land, but don't really have an andriod or iphone. Oh well, great ideas, and ways to leach off others to keep in touch (and possibly avoid account deletion.) 

This is also what I do when I don't have a proper way of connecting available, and I need to check on news updates or if there's a raid >.>

in terms of totally no power, ie. not even battery-operated laptops and phones... back to paper-and-dice? 

If I can ever afford to get an android/iphone!

you can vote for ire on top mud sites from you phone too...new IP...new vote :-)

In the very beginning, I would get ripped out of realm and then have to go to work, so txt someone to make sure I wasn't getting my butt robbed or killed. That was the only need and that was a loooong time ago.

That also goes along with I haven't been able to get along with a droid yet. Recently tried and was ready to use the battery to just make a fire with it. (I watch way too many survival shows)

Love my blackberry BUT not the program I have attempted to look at game through.

Many people in game know I just recently took a class on solar power so power outages will not be in my future. BUT with the money I will eventually make back by running the meter backwards... probably more vacations.


Very interesting.

I've tried playing via a smartphone, and it just doesn't compare to the PC I typically use. I mean, it'll get you by in a fix, but I still think a PC is the way to go.

Definitely. Better triggers, less lag, easier to type. But phones are good for quick things like easy bashing, daily quests in safe areas and the like.

IRE and smartphones were never meant to go together.

I like logging in on my phone sometimes, but it's dangerous territory.

It's my custom to keep my handheld devices and laptop charged to the full just incase a storm takes out my internet/electricity (which they often do in my area). I can't usually Iron Realms connect at that point, but I can take a few hits of other RPGs that don't require the internet to get me through until the power returns.

To avoid rpg withdrawal.

been without internet..had to revert to *shudder* normal tv for intertainment

My phone's too crappy.

I like the change of pace a power outage provides. REminds me of what life was like in the good old days. I can't get online at all when i lose power. I simply dont' have options like those listed above.

I don't even bother with wireless connection and/or playing on phone. I'm too scared to lose anything to thieves and whatnot.

I'd cry if I couldn't access Achaea.

I'd cry Moar!

If there's a library nearby, you can also use their computers provided they have flash or java for nexus. 

I have a tablet, but I can't bring myself to use it to MUD.

Playing with a touch-screen would drive me mad.

This would be the death of you. I know. I tried. Kept hitting the wrong buttons.

Oh yeah, I have a friend that places on his cell phone only.

I'm totally ashamed to admit that I log into my phone..

We don't get these things in ye olde England.  It just rains.  and we are used to disappointingly slow internet speeds.


Sandy ruined my weekend

never tried from phone

I thought my husband was bad.
And now, we have people without power, without cell reception, and we're still finding ways to connect despite all that? Well, it's good to know we have all our priorities straight! :P

Yep, just remember to message your family first and tell them you won't be answering your phone since it'll interrupt your playing!

I also use mobile to check messages and posts when not at home.

I wonder if anyone plays by solar power.

i agree

wtb new phone


ire pls

I have many portable gaming consoles. I was fine.



My power went out during Sandy, but I had a PS Vita to entertain me for a while.

I write during power cuts

I've had to use my phone and pocket mud, it was difficult but better than nothing!

i like blowtorch client

Blowtoch and Andromud

don't own a cell.. :'(


fortunately have managed to not be in any areas during the times of any big storms, despite 5 total years in FL. But when the power's out, I'm screwed as far as playing goes, though I can check messages/news on my cell.

play is impossible when the power is out and my cell is too puny to do more than check msg/news.


I check in rarely enough that I would be fine

I might have bigger problems to deal with