RPG Games: The Endgame is Nigh

Achaea dragon rpg

There it is! Finally, after countless hours of mindlessly beating rpg game mobs into the ground, you've reached that great milestone. Many rpg game players have aspired to stand where you're standing, only a few have attained it. Now you get to show everyone else just how much work you've put in, as they bask in the glory of your newfound powers!

Not all of us have the patience, determination, and caffeine it requires to reach such a lofty goal, however. For the everyone else, this week we've rooted around and found out exactly what we're all aspiring toward!


Imperian Aspects

In Imperian, those rpg game players who hit level 100 are the ultimate in physical, spiritual, or magical ability, and as such have been granted the status of Aspect of one of Imperian's three moons. By drawing power from the monoliths around Aetherius, the Aspects attain greater text game abilities for each one they control. By choosing to be an Aspect of Life, Change, or Terror, a player can gain abilities that range from striking fear into their enemies, portals to useful places around the rpg game world, taking on the form of another race or player, or even the ability to return fallen comrades to life! Be warned, though, as monoliths are limited, and each Aspect must vie for control of them, that their moon's full potential can be unlocked!


Lusternian Demigods

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a God? For those hardworking rpg game players who achieve level 100 in Lusternia, it's something that can be attained! After level 100, rather than working for experience, you begin working to gain your demigod essence. That's right, essence, that substance which all rpg game Gods draw upon, and which Orders work constantly to bring them. This grants the demigod a large variety of powers, including the legendary and fearsome zap!


Midkemian Lords of the Planes

In the MMORPG Midkemia Online, players who reach level 100 are among the most powerful in the realm. Their endurance and perseverance have rewarded them with an amazing bonus to their statistics, and access to the legendary Hall of Worlds, whose silvery doors lie all over Triagia, putting them but a few steps away from the destination of their choice!


Aetolian Tekals

Upon reaching level 99 in the rpg game Aetolia, a player is gifted with the ability to become one of the Tekal, the mortals who have placed themselves fully outside the struggle between life and death, and as such have heightened their own power and physical prowess. At level 100, the Tekal may choose to take a side once more, and physically embody the powers of either life or death, granting them supreme endowments, such as the ability to innately heal random afflictions, or to protect them and their allies from damage. Additionally, each Azudim or Yeleni is different, and can take on aspects of the different races of Aetolia, as well. Also, upon reaching level 99, a player gains access to a small set of elite statpacks.


Achaean Dragons

Among the mightiest of adventurers, those mortals who reach level 99 in Achaea are granted the ultimate of abilities: the power to turn into one of the greater dragons of Sapience. In their dragon ceremony, they are given the choice of one of the six greater dragons: gold, silver, black, green, red, or blue. With each comes the powerful breath weapon of their color, as well as ancient magic and access to the extraplanar home of the dragons. And worry not about fitting through the door of your house, for those who choose to become a dragon may shed and regain the form at will!


There you have it, text game players! The secrets of the endgame, what it is that so many of us dream of! Use this knowledge wisely, and go out and take your own piece of this power!


Ryan Richardson is a text game enthusiast who plays the best role playing games from Iron Realms!


You are level 97 (First Among the Hosts) and 34.1% of the way to the next level. <-should be level 99 by Monday :)

Fortuitous time for a great hunt, eh?


Very Nice Aktillum - you're almost there!

Imagine one april fools they will say that chaos won and the world is destroyed.

Bah, endgame is about opening shops that sell fireworks!

I mean, an additional +20 stat cap is cool and all... but with scaling effects for higher stats, it doesn't change much... And well, the doors are cool and all... but I'm a mage, yo. :|

Good bonuses are available to a very, very limited few making it practically impossible to obtain them. For everything else, Demigod only appeals to those who like to customize things and that's about it. It also comes with very, very heavy xp death penalties.

Getting demigod has been made considerably easier with the introduction of "aetherhunts" so the XP Penalty isn't such a big deal if you go with those regularly.


I feel that Ascendancy is closer to 'end-game' than demigod in the context of Lusternia since that's when you get all the nifty stuff.

does appear to be the case

But there aren't many ascendants!

More now, I wonder how old these comments are.

Wasted on most people and far too exclusive. 

But there much more than 10 doors, no ?

I hate this limit on the number of rift locations ...

there are nine if recall correctly with one being a random exit and two leading to bashing grounds. The rest are city exits and do no good if you an enemy to those cities. The stat bonus was rather nice but I guess it just depends on your class.

I'm not even a mage... but the Hall of Worlds toy doesn't seem very worthwhile compared to days on end of bashing to get it... when I can smile, ask nicely, and have any of a number of wonderful mages throw a portal to just about anywhere as it is, and... since I've come to avoid PvP for the most part of late... stat bonuses would feel like a taunt after all that bashing's done with...

But I can think of few things more boring or time consuming than leveling to 100, so to me that's actually a huge plus to MKO. At level 70 you're already pretty powerful. Screw bashing.


Some more flavor stuff would be nice, though, I guess.

Heh too true


It doesn't look like it takes a lot of time for peple to get to the higher levels if alll they do is hunt.

At first, it seems that way. But once you hit the mid- to late-nineties you'll start feeling the strain. It's very rewarding though once you break through that 10-meter-thick wall and have new found powers. =D

From what I hear, it's extremely time consuming in the upper levels!

That's how it goes

Time, and effort.


Dedication too.

I must reach level 99.. I must do it.. I must.. I must.. I must..

I'm level 82 and I'm still in disbelief I'm not even half-way there... I hate hunting!

Aww poor kiddo, should take your grandfather and he might make it more fun!

I'm 82 and like 7% and I HATE bashing. I cannot believe I'm no where NEAR being Dragon because I want to be one so bad.

82 and still not half-way! That is a little daunting.

If 92 is only halfway, the grind needed is just mind-boggling. No idea how others can do it so quickly.

is a lie... well, no, it' s not, it's a novice portal room for 100+...  and 20 stat points.  Not that  willing to throw hours and hours  into trying to hit 100. 80 will be good enough for me ^_^ 

Level 80 and about 15%. Dragon is a loong way away. Grr. Want fire.

I'm slowly making my way to L99, but I've got to say that from an RP point of view, I think Lusternia's ascension is pretty cool. It'd make Order-based RP really interesting.


Ascendant is both a burden and a great honor. So many special snowflakes is not so good

Level 99 is far off.. lol

old dragons back!


being a priest dragon would've been awesome but i didnt bash as much back then as i do now :( but gah 25+ strength smites would have been SICK

They definitely need more cool/fun stuff, certain class/race combo's made Dragons way too powerful :(

It seems dragons weaker than other games endgames.


Endgame in IRE has become level 85 in WoW--only upon acquisition thereof does the true gameplay begin

Please don't compare MUDs to your almost-Halo game. Thanks.

I am level 32 and insanely far away from getting to 100. Scathain, my mage alt is level 63 but has stalled and seems unlikely to even reach 80.

definitely like new dragon system in achaea.  Doesn't piss people off as much that aren't dragons, but still has some perks

That is all :D

I can't add anything to this :)

It's neat to see the different forms in the different games. I just can't imagine putting that amount of time into it though.

There is no endgame, nor should there be in a MUD

Yeah, I agree with you.

Dragon is just one of many goals in Achaea: joining an order, starting a political career, winning the combat rankings, become a bounty hunter and many, many more.


Demigods in Lusternia get to zap? Dude, I'm playing the wrong game.

Midkemia's level 100 is not as flashy or beefed up as the other IREs, although Lore-wise being able to use the Hall of Worlds is a very esoteric ability!

True, lore wise.

But for all the hours I'm putting in, still wish that it'd get beefed up a little bit.

I'm in the process of getting level 100 in MKO, its a tedious process and still a while off. Not being a mage I figure the doors will have some sort of use.

I would gladly see to replacing Dragons with avatars of the divinity you follow in Achaea.

I was worried when I saw, "The Endgame is Nigh!" I got worried.

omg I want to be able to zap.

makes me very sad, compared to the rest. Yay...portals? I'm a magician, I already make portals o.o

I'm gonna be an odd demigod, the power I most want at the moment is Divine Fire so I can explore Astral safely...

I can't get through the glass ceiling of Level 80 in MKO :(  Though to be honest the reward we get in Midkemia isn't really exciting me as much as Dragon would.

Almost there! Only at level... 86..

I have always wanted to be an Aspect in Imperian but A) it's a lot of hunting and B) I don't know how I feel about having to fight off other Aspects for a monolith. :/

But I still haven't done much as dragon honestly. I love veildeliver and I am sad there isn't a gare exit to Shala-khulia. I wish veildeliver would work like through all dimensions though. it took two weeks before they were able to give me a ceremony and so it is rare my house even knows there is another dragon there lol. I am rarely in form because I am so used to being druid and because i heard you get less exp hunting as dragon so I don't bother usually. Yes I still hunt, just not when everyone else is. I been harvesting to make up wheat I went thtough

veildeliver and being able to gare sound great!

Of all the endgame bonuses, I have to say I like Lusternia's and Aetolia's concepts the best.

I like how each ire games has a differnt reward for reaching level 99 or 100. Helps to set them apart more.

pretty awesome

I wonder if there are people who've gotten to level 99/100 in multiple IRE games? o__o

Problem with aspects in Imperian is the vast disparity of powers. The first power for change is that you can freely mimic someone on the who list. The first power for life is halved willpower/endurance drain. There is no comparison  and the disparity goes on as you go up the list of powers, which you can't always have access too, you need people of your aspect type to hold a monolith, and however many holders you have, that is how many powers you have.


The  breakdown of aspect types reflect this power disparity. Numbers are approximations since I'm not logged in right now but are close. There are about 20 aspects of moradeim/change, 30-40 aspects of sukdehr/terror and 100+ of life/aryana. Futhermore, only two aspects of change are active, I'm one, and most historical change aspects would change to life if they came back and were given the choice.


Yeah, I always wanted to be an aspect of change. However, when there are fifty-million aspects of Aryana running around..




The dragons of Achaea has obviously become a very real thing, as there are over a hundred of them around. The only problem is that unless you hunt and do nothing but hunt, it's going to take quite a while to get there.


I am level forty-one and have yet to get out there and hunt anymore than I have. However, I plan to hunt for the majority of the Great Hunt, which is not too far off now. So...maybe level fifty here I come! And then I'm not even half way there!

I shall get there :S

I have to admit, I laughed at, 'For those hardworking rpg game players...[from] Lusternia.' Hard working? Yeah right. Most people who are Demigod nowadays just sat themselves in an aethership and chatted their way there.

What you don't mention is that it's easier to lose levels than it is to gain levels.  There is no endgame: levels 99-100 can be lost as soon as they're gained.

That's always been my concern, that you'd spend as much time fighting to keep what you've got.


Okay, no, that's never been a concern. That's just sour grapes, because I'm too lazy to bash and I don't aetherhunt.

You have reached the illustrious level of 135.

Bashing is so much fun.

While bashing does seem like a boring task, the end result is so amazing, regardless of what game you are in. Great Hunt!

In Achaea, I'm edging ever closer to level 97.  In Lusternia, I'm edging ever closer to 93.  

I'm a glutton.  

I'm more excited about the prospect of being a dragon (most folks seem genuinely surprised that I'm not yet) but I honestly haven't a clue about what color suits me.  

Demigod is sexy, no lie, but my character in Lusternia makes a point to blend in, so customizations of entrances and exits isn't really a perk I'm gunning for with ravenous intent. 

Overal, it's interesting to see the final goals available to players in the other games, not sure how you could beef up MKO's endgame while still staying true to the Lore, but more impossible things have happened in the past. 

Reaching Dragon took me forever, but nonetheless I'd say that I still hunt the same, if not even more occasionally since reaching 99

For those without much free time I like that in Lusternia at least Demigod isn't required, you can still be quite effective 20 levels below. It's nice to have the option.

Poor Midkemia :(

Oh Life Aspect, how I love thee. Aspect has been much easier to get since the achievement bonuses rolled in. Now we have around 100 aspects

91 and 41.5%.  And I'm not even at the halfway mark yet.  Le sigh.  I shall be a dragon one of these days, damnit.


one day Dragon, at 89 and 37%

Dragons make the Aspects of Imperian sound like wee little girly men, if it's that much of an advantage, I'd not like to have to go against a dragon

level 89 and 90.06% to the next level. I may not be as close as some, but my time is coming!

:( lvl 66 and I already can't get myself to go bashing anymore lol

I really wished I had the time I could just sit and bash or really find an unknown island littered with juicy mobs, but, one day...would be cool to see something new after dragon, just for RP flavour, like adding a little unique flare to your dragon color?

Bashing is extremely dull, and even with experience boosts it still seems farther away than I thought, heh.

I want a cooler endgame for Midkemia. Portal magic doesn't really interest me, considering I'll get an even better form of portal magic just from my magician skills, though the stats seem okay. But compared to the other games...yeah. Feels a little lame.

Is nowhere near nigh. Level 81, and stagnating... Then again, I'm not trying to level as hard right now. I'm just working on some House requirements, and earning gold. But still... the end... looks so far away :(


And hearing that something like 92 is the halfway point makes it worse haha

I don't know if I'll ever be Dragon. It's just so hard!

Things are slow, things are hard but slowly I will work my way up

though I've lost some of urge to bash, i still manage to level a bit off questing only now, as my char is in need of gold and such. The great hunt helps though...

Although the moon of change no longer lets you change into other races and the like.

Currently working on gaining aspect in Imperian. At 95 now!


I want to be a dragon

I have finally hit tekal today! :3

all intresting though I've never played any to end save lusternia really only ever played aetolia at all out of all the games.


Level 80 both so close and so far away from demigod. One of the reasons it's so hard to and alt-char

I find it silly how many text games seem to fixate on making it a grind required before you can really participate in everything. Some people just want to jump into the "endgame" stuff and its silly the amount of work that it can take to get there (esp. if you don't aetherhunt for instance). Bashing endlessly is a boring grind, but also required to some degree, maybe that'll be gotten rid of one of these days.

No comment

Level 42, long time until I get there.

Interesting. I kinda like the sound of Imperians.

lvl 87 in lusternia

It's been a while, but I remember the Lusternia endgame being a lot more complex than just having access to a zap?  Wasn't there a change to give demigods and ascendants access to domoth powers or some such?

I see you there, with your scales and wings.  I will maybe eventually someday get to you.


Cant wait to hit level 99 and make dragon, only thing is once you reach dragon ALL the other enemy dragons start hunting you on a regular basis and try to take it away so you better be good at combat, or just chill in your house so you dont lose it right away and have to get it back again, and again, and again

I had no idea the demi-gods of lusternia could zap, that's pretty neat!


takes dedication, even though there are many bonuses to help you get it you have to kill a whole lot

working on getting demigod

I think the lusternia endgame is my favourite.


You are 266 years old.

So that's nearly 9 years of playing.

Level: 4th Order of the Hyperphysical (92)

One day...

I just want Logosian. I act like I'm content with that so that I don't have to swoon when I think about trying to get Dragon.

Logosian is easy! Just hunt a lot on a double xp day, probably can get it then. Or just chip it in, it's not that bad at all.

been itching to reach aspect. damned real life responsibilities.

Lusternia's sounds really cool. Might have to try that MUD eventually. Currently working towards Achaean dragon, and then may go for Aetolian Azudim.

Still a pretty long grind after hitting demigod, so you can spend your few points and loads of essence to buy abilities you may not even really use. Going for ascendant status is a whole lot more work than demigod, and you'd better be willing to fight and lead.

88 and 95%! about maybe? 1/3 there :D

Dragon is one of my goals, I'm a little upset that I'm not able to be around as much as I used to be.
I miss hunting.

I can't believe it is such a climb. I doubt I will ever see it but it is nice that it is there to reach for.

is the least fun part of RPGs. We ought to put it behind us. Allocating skill points, roleplaying, strategically selecting abilities, sure... but grinding? Bleh. Normal MMOs are moving behind it, and so should MUDs. Only purpose it serves is to set apart those who've wasted the most time. Either that or make questing/bashing interesting.



oh. wrong site.

In Imperian, you're not really considered relevant unless you're Aspect, and with some of the new additions to  achievements and the ways they stack (Which... would have been a good warning about a day BEFORE those of us who accidentally set them off would have been able to do so.) Have made it far too easy for new characters to bash their way to Aspect without having anything else of worth to offer the world at large, making for a slew of idiot Aspects and a stilted number of valid players with less than stellar strength.

I am almost level 95 now, so 4 more lOOONG levels to go!

I may get there... Some century.

I'm rather against giving people TOO much when they reach level 100. They are too OP, shift the game balance and can possibly even be game breaking. I'm happy with what I got in Mko, nor do I think we need to get more.

Demigod sounds like a fun conflict

Credit comment.

could be better, not entirely terrible i guess

Sooo close.

Can't wait to be a dragon! 

I wonder if they're going to change how the end game works in Achaea with the latest events. Dragons aren't uncool or anything in principle, but suddenly having an alternative race/class is a bit less cool than the other games' end-game options.