RPG Text Games - 5 Warning Signs That You Are Addicted

MUD Game Addict
By Christopher K Davis

You won't notice it at first, but slowly yet surely you will find yourself caught up in exploring the most addicting games. While they don't feature the best graphics available, they allow something far greater; the evolution of your mind and the ability to get easily swept up in all the possibilities for your character.


Am I Playing Too Many Addicting Games?

The following are signs that maybe; just maybe, you're growing more addicted than you thought to your MUD (multi-user dungeon).


  1. Inspect items you own and construe a description in your head of said item.
  2. You find yourself entering commands like "SAY" and "SCORE" into your instant messenger.
  3. The emote of an action comes to mind before the actual action in real life.
  4. Begin to have your dreams in text.
  5. Gain a weird sense of accomplishment out of exploring a new area in your everyday life.

It's only normal to expect a well thought out and detailed description of each item you inspect, right? Well, that is the way it is in MUDs. As you discover the many advantages of playing you will find yourself growing so addicted that even you won't notice. Don't worry if you find yourself having so much fun that the hours just fly by, but make sure to keep up with your hygiene and peek at the sun every so often. It's easy to escape into a world of fantasy with how predictable everyday life can be. Everyone needs a means to entertain themselves and draw away from reality. Don't bother with other substances; you can get just as strong of a high without any of the downfalls when you slip into the addictive nature of games that are like novels.

A clear warning sign of your addiction is when you're entering commands you would enter in a MUD into an instant messenger window when talking to a friend. Thankfully you have a backspace button, how embarrassing would that be? If it happens that you send without thinking, like the typical user, you will be receiving the raised eyebrow from many friends and relatives. After logging off and trying to slip into a deep sleep there's the potential for dreams mimicking your dependence by being displayed in text.


How To Treat My Addicting Games..Addiction?

 Don't rush off to your local rehab expecting a quick fix. If you've been paying attention this entire time you will know how to recognize the early warning signs of addiction. In the early stages of your habit it won't even seem that you're spending all your time trying to find a new nook or cranny. Later down the line you can catch yourself and handle things more efficiently. Fun is the name of the game and if you give it a chance you can have experiences that pale in comparison to the linear ones of graphics games. Mystical worlds are able to be created through the use of your reading skills and ability to use your vast imagination.

Now that you're properly prepared you can realize the 5 warning signs that you're addicted to RPG text games.


Become properly addicted by trying out some great RPG text games.

Christopher K Davis is a text game enthusiast who plays the most addicting games from Iron Realms!

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Guilty as charged on all counts

Me too :(

I probably do the say one the most, I don't know how many times people were asking why is there an say in front of what your saying.

i do the say all the time, but the dreaming in text.... thats the scariest one to have.  try explaining to your friends that don't play your latest dream. you get the oddest looks.

Heh its stranger when you see it all IMHO.

I do all of those.. plus the random, stat, def(for defenses), and sel(for selfishness)...what a small world we live in down days.

I've done all of them except the first one. Well, and technically the second, but that's because I usually use ' instead of SAY. :P

I've done all 'cept dream in text. I find that really hard to imagine. People often ask me what "qsc", "ql" and "gwho" mean when I do accidentally type them out. >.<

I use the ' instead of SAY as well, which at least is less noticeable/conspicuous when chatting on IRC or such. I've also done all but the first one. :/

Omg.. well I have had them all happen except for 1. and 4. thank god ;-P. Can't really stick with any other game then Aetolia.

I feel slightly ripped off. :(

Addicted to Achaea came first! Hehe

I've absolutely done #2 so many times it's normal to my regular chatsie partners. They just write it off as my game-freak habit.

#1 applied to me before I even started Achaea--it must have been fate. I was born to live Achaea.

Jab used to mean elbowing someone to me. Now it means attacking someone with a rapier! Elbowing is now the only way I can think of elbowing. The conversion of emotes to my life is also complete.

I love poking into every nook and cranny like it's another room. That's ingrained so deep I don't know whether it's Achaea. XD

#4 is by far my favorite--it's a recent development and it's delightful! Achaea is rapidly becoming my life and soul. Amazing.

I started #4 after I met you, I hope you know. :l

Hahaha I've had dreams in text too, it was sooo weird. Also used to send SAY to my dad all the time on IM he would just repeat what I sent him.

Dang, I do 'SAY' on IMs all the time as well.

The first thing that pops into my head when ever someone does something stupid is literally PLAUGH.. and I actually do it now.. I will literally point at someone and laugh then go..uh.. never mind. Cause only my significant other plays MUDs. I'm with the said person above I use ' insteada say and I always type stat,score in my Y!M.. So I've known I've been addicted for a while. Trust me. Hahaha

I can't say that any of those things happen to me, although in instant messengers I do find myself putting an apostrophe before things out of habit. The apostrophe is the shorthand for say in Lusternia so I'll do that.. But otherwise.. Now see, D&D on the other hand gets me to do that stuff. Watching fantasy/action movies I try to determine what class the heroes and villans are.


EMOTE laughs her belly off.

Dreaming in text? That makes me a little sad, the best part of text is that you should be able to imagine how things look and picture them in your mind. I can see having dreams about the pictures you imagine but dreams about scrolling text on a screen sounds very dull. 

I don't know that I have ever been guilty of dreaming in text, but I definitely have had elements of text games coming into my dreams.

I find myself more often than not typing my messages in Yahoo starting with a ' . Luckily that's an easy to overlook mistake :D

I always try to pawn off my inadvertant prefacing of say in IMs as "say, do you ..." It works if the person doesn't mud heh

Yes, I admit to having had a dream in text before!


... And I did get an urge to explore more areas IRL thanks to exploring in IRE's >.>

I've done all except for dreaming in text. Hard to stop myself from putting say in a IM!

There have been so many times where I will end up using ' or say when I'm talking to people on Skype... who aren't even related to IRE games

I was playing midkemia during a meeting today..... totally guilty.

You find yourself entering commands like "SAY" and "SCORE" into your instant messenger.


Yup... oddly enough, I even try to check MAP in im's.


I didn't need to have this article to tell me that I'm addicted to achaea and it's taking over my life!

If there was a like button, i woulda just liked this. hahaha

Yeah... found myself doing a lot of those

"3.The emote of an action comes to mind before the actual action in real life."


I keep saying the word 'smile' in my head whenever something makes me want to smile.



2: I do one worse than that. I run multiple systems by command line only, and when I connect, I've a nasty habit of bw, rn and rm all before it comes back with its own variant of "wut?" As for IMs, yeah, they get hit with all of the above too. For a long time on Aet, most IMs were prepended with 'wt', and now with MKO, it's 'sct5' ... I *know* I'm talking OOC, so I adjust accordingly...


As for 3, well... I almost wish I could deny it. I *don't* actually *say* them though, unlike people I've known who tend towards shouting "lol" rather than actualy laughing. Teh interwebz are a scary place.


4: Gentoo claims credit for the little that's happened to me... I tend towards 'seeing' rather than 'reading' when I'm in game... and 5? well, that predates my first experience with MUDs by... very near two decades at least.


the majority of this is very true, though I'm not so sure about dreams in text. I've definitely dreamt about my characters as my imagination views them though.

Personally, I prefer to be addicted to a text game than a graphical one. When I step away from a MUD, I get the desire to pick up a good book and read it. When I log off from a graphical game, I just want to sit around and vegitate (contemplating what was the point of the point and click drug).

Dreaming in text is a bizarre experience. And I've done it.

I'm fortunate that most of the times I enter game commands into IM, it's to other people from Achaea. Though not always...


Yeah. I'm an addicte.

I know im addicted..it took almost two years for a friend of mine to start playing MUDs seriously. Finally I am playing and I love it.

You knoww when you work out, clean the house, get the laundry done or do something productive and you feel a sense of accomplishment?

Yeah, i do those thing to. However, i get the same sense of accomplishment when i join a 5 hour aetherhunt and gain levels, transcend another skill, join a new order, gain a guild level, figure out a complex mudlet scripting issue or simply remember where a location is.

I also know im addicted when i wont shell out fifty bucks to go out to dinner but will easily shell out seventyfive or more to transcend Night for that final skill.

On a regular basis when chatting with my boss on the office IM i tend to type reply and laugh at ...ive got him typing reply now to make fun of me l.

Im addicted and Mother Night still loves me. :P

I type 'say' into normal chat all the time. And occasionally 'qq'.


And the dreaming in text thing is also disturbingly common. Oh well, sanity is boring.

I have had Lusternia-themed dreams, and, yep ... some of them have had snippets of text come up in them (like getting indecipherable tells in their characteristic yellow, or briefly realizing that I'm at my desk looking at the screen with this intrinsic sense that the bold, jumbled, cyan letters represent very specific people standing around Mother).  Usually, though, when I dream about Lusternia, almost all of the important elements are visual.  I've dreamed parts of the Serenwilde, Avechna's Peak, manses I've been in, and even a rockeater once (it looked like a little gem-studded caiman made of stone)!

I have, on a few occasions, picked up my phone with the intention of sending someone a text message, but actually tried to send them a TELL and wondered why it isn't working.

Usually that's followed by a private resolution to stop replacing sleep with Achaea.

I huzzah so much in game that I have begin saying it in real life.

My problem is the distinct lack of FARSEE or MIND SENSE that instant messengers have. Gets me every time.

I walk up to my girlfriend and fondle her and I'll be all like "fondlefondlefondle!" out loud. because she plays achaea, she'll fondle me back and be like "gropegrope!"

Is looking for rats to kill and sell for extra money.

Back when I played Achaea more often, I had a couple embarassing IM convos where I kept typing "say" and I'm sure the person I was talking to had no clue what I was doing.  I also think "headshake" to myself at least a couple times a day when dealing with certain people..

>4. Begin to have your dreams in text.


This has happened a startling number of times. Another sign I've played too damn much is that, when a conversation via IM started to grow stale, I would, without thinking, input sc;stat;bw;ql. Happens in IRC sometimes, too.

many times I have been out partying or standing in a store... and I will randomly think QW lets see who is here... Also thinking if only I had my weapon I could defeat this person trying to block my way to the milk. GET OUTA MY WAY  THAT IS MY LOOT!!!

using 'say' in IMs way more often then I feel comfortable admitting

I've done number two a lot, but fortunately I've always realized before hitting enter, so no hard time explaining so far, heh.


And I like exploring, but that was there from a long time before, so nah.

The most frequent example is beginning comments in text chat with a '

I had a text dream once because of Achaea, but the rest just seem to be a little much. Well, I have done "say" in AIM a couple times, too.

I've definited typed MUD-speak into various instant messengers before... all courtesy of that stupid feature that switches windows  upon receiving new IMs.  

Yep, totally have dreamed about text. Very odd, because I am 90% sure ANSI was on. Yeah, my dream mind client is that advance. Had a pretty GUI too. Anyhow, I die a little every time I use 'look' or 'score' in Facebook chat. Always fun explaining why I just said score...

Something about the text format makes me more likely to have involved dreams about Achaea, say, rather than dreams in text. Sometimes I feel like my perception skips the interface a little.

qw on msn all time... hehe

I never dream in text, but sometimes I try to type a command (or write it in the air!) in a dream to do something. Also, whenever I'm trying to find something in my room (IRL) my first instinct is to look at IH. Unfortunately it never works! And I've found myself wishing for a teleport ability to get back home quickly when I'm somewhere far off... Yup I guess I'm addicted.

After a while you make friends ingame and talk to them both ingame and by using messenger, from time to time you mess up the windows and it's quite funny to see "tell indiana ..." on yahoo messenger.

I can admit it: I've been an addict for many years. I will even stay away for many months, but I always come back. I can't help it..

It's getting close, but I have yet to dream in text.

I'm addicted. No doubt. :)

setalias fckoff say well, it's been great talking to you but I have to get going...

Getting back to it

yesterday I killed a bunch of wasps in my apartment and tried to offer their corpses to Kalikai

I wish you could pay for IRL stuff with credits. I'd like to order a pizza and pay by credits, but they won't let me.

Working at a Computer with Terminal is often a pain... If I try to see which files are in my directory, I try to "ih"... damn Addiction...


I went a step further, and actually found myself saying... "say, how are you today?" People looked at my funny, but I was rolling on the inside? Soooo funny!

1, 2, 3, and 4...Ack!!


Maybe there's some hope for me yet, I haven't accomplished #5. It would probably help if I had the time to leave the house and explore new areas! I'm too busy playing MKO.

Because I do it on a daily basis! :)

Hello my name is Calleis, and I'm an addict.

for sure

Totally addicted. My quality of life dwindled because of Lusternia.

Addiction is a wonderful thing (:

If you notice yourself yawning all the time because you play the game last thing at night and first thing in the morning...

your write your friends or family a e-mail or letter and use Achaean emotes to express yourself.


so true!

I agree with everyone!


I actually stopped counting how many times I started entering an instant message with ' or SAY... The rest only happens to me rarely when I'm either very bored or tired.



'this is ridiculous!

Mostly I "say" before typing in IM..awwwkward. Haha

Not too addicted! I have tried using score outside of the game and other similar commands, but I've never actually sent them. This comes from a habit of requesting it a lot while actually playing. It gives my fingers something to do!

If only I did not allow the emotions on the game to affect the real me :(

About half of those are true. There is still hope for me!

The fifth one :(

I rarely have dreams in text, but I'm frequently guilty of all the rest. The sense of accomplishment attached to exploring new areas came long before I started playing Achaea, though.

friends comment about my overly proper punctuation when IMing

dreamt in text. Also often type NSTAT or QSC into my terminal prompt when I'm not logged in.  I may have aliased QL to do 'ls -a' as well.

I just enjoy playing