Are Microtransactions the MMO Item Mall Killers?


Virtual goods can be either a boon or a bane to an MMORPG. This article explores both sides of the coin when it comes to buying or selling intangible items using real world commodities, and the effects it has on an MMORPG.

Sci-fi MMORPG Tears of Polaris development put on hold, but not cancelled.

tears of polaris

Tears of Polaris, the sci-fi mmorpg to be the sixth game by Iron Realms, has been put on hold indefinitely. Read on to find out why, and how Iron Realms plans to move forward.

Gemadek from the Tears of Polaris MUD

The chiroptera Gemadek of Tears of Polaris

Straight from the sci-fi MMORPG world of Tears of Polaris, this Gemadek is one of the races you can choose to play from in the MUD.

Sci Fi Human from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi RPG Human

More game art from Chris Bourassa. This time an image of a human female from the sci-fi text game, Tears of Polaris.

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